You know what someone needs to do in order to make some money?

3D print accessories for old toys.

Think about it. You print up 50 Sword of Omens, sell them for five bucks a pop at a con. People lost those things all the time as kids, you can find Lion-O figures everywhere who don’t have his trusty sword, because it’s just gone…but suddenly, here’s this guy who has fifty identical replicas. No, they’re not the original collector’s items, but they’ll look great on display–and instead of having to shell out fifty bucks for a figure with his accessory, you can pay five for the sword and five-to-ten for the figure. Boom.

Lost the helmet for Battlecat? This guy’s printed up ten. Woody doesn’t have his hat? Now he does. Michaelangelo’s lost his nunchuks? Have a pair. 

I’m just saying, there’s a market for this at cons…


I’m sorry…but not sorry…I’m a little obsessed!