Okay, first thing’s first: I love how dynamic the first episode is in this series! There is so much written into these lines of dialogue, especially considering the stark contrast to the Thundercats of the 80s series…

The Sword of Omens was responsible for about 95% of the things that happened in the 80s series. The Sword could conceivably do anything in a pinch, and saved the day countless times through its own sheer existence. It helped build the Thundercats’ empire…except in the 80s series, they didn’t have an “empire”. They didn’t conquer anyone.

In the 2011 series, the Cats are portrayed as aristocrats who have built a huge city named Thundera on land that they, as “royals” and “pure bloodlines”, most likely acquired through conquest. Literally, by Sword. These Cats see themselves as a superior race, and - as most superior races do - task themselves with ruling over everyone else in their own endeavor to maintain what they call “peace” between “warring animals” (or, as the English conquerors of our world would have called them “uncivilized savages”). Peace by Sword.

That’s some pretty thick stuff right there, and it sets an incredible groundwork for this universe to explore racism and supremacist power structures…Thundercats ain’t kidding around anymore, folks!