I’m honestly so happy that I finally got good pictures of my Asuna cosplay, because me and my boyfriend made this costume from scratch and I am really proud of it. I’ve seen a lot of Asuna cosplays and I’ve noticed that most are very clearly bought online already made (which I 100% have no problem w/ at all!!!) but it’s because it’s a very intricate and difficult costume to make. And as someone who had never touched a sewing machine before this, I’m really just so proud of the outcome. I can’t wait to make more cosplays and dress up like more characters!! sorry 4 the constant self-promo but I do have a cosplay Instagram now @neverbeendeader where I’m going to try and post all my good cosplay pictures of you want to follow that!


We celebrated 6 years together on the 23rd and then enjoyed the weekend at Sakura-Con. Of course, we went cosplaying as one of the couples that we most relate to (seriously, the similarities are just coincidentally strange, haha) and we got some photos that I am rather proud of. :)

*I’m sorry for the watermarks. I’ve had too many photos stolen before.*