a new little moth piece I created, 4″ by 6″, watercolor, silver acrylic, and ballpoint pen on archival cold press watercolor paper. Two of Swords is in my shop today at www.caitlinhackett.storenvy.com

I often go to Heart and Dagger saloon here in Oakland to draw on their patio in the afternoons, if you ever spot me come say hi!

cards-needles-pens-swords asked:

Can you write a headcanon about the adultrio and trouble trio going to an amusement park together?



  • chrollo trying to look at a map to the place for a long time, trying to decide where to go, trying to decide… doesnt decide, everyone has to drag chrollo
  • they get on the little teacup rides first
  • phinks complains and says they should get on a rollercoaster next
  • they do
  • phinks is screaming, feitan looks like an angry cat, hisoka does that one scary face, illumi’s face remains the same, chrollo is covering face
  • they sit on benches afterwards for a bit, shalnark is having a good time
  • hisoka gets a balloon from a clown, ties it better than the clown in his face
  • illumi pops it in hisoka’s face with a needle
  • they walk for a little around to just observe and scope the park out
  • hisoka walks in front like hes the leader or something
  • phinks also walks in front and stomps around with a tough face on but he really likes the park’s design and is having fun
  • shalnark takes selfies with some animal costume people
  • shal has a balloon for w/e reason
  • feitan threatening a clown bc they were just standing in the way
  • chrollo stops them to watch a magic show and is really absorbed in it, and entertained
  • chrollo and shal clap after the trick
  • hisoka is like pft and tries to show off some magic too
  • everyone walks away while he does it


  • having some fried snacks together, chrollo eats a lot
  • chrollo and hisoka holding like 3 cotton candy things each
  • illumi taking a burger out his bag and eating it while on the scrambler
  • phinks feeling a little sick after but hes ok dont worry hes ok, he says, he says hes ok
  • feitan saying he can go way faster than the ride
  • phinks yelling from his seat that no one asked
  • everyone trying to talk while the ride is going
  • shal asking chrollo if his long sleeved shirt was ever found
  • kicking each other during the swing ride
  • fei is trying to kick hisoka and phinks on the ass
  • phinks yelling the whole time
  • illumi falling asleep on the ride with his eyes open
  • shal sitting in weird positions during
  • shalnark doing really too well at the throwing games and gives fei and chrollie so many stuffed animals
  • they try to do the hammer game but phinks goes first and he breaks it anyway they run away really fast
  • phinks: *sees basketball game* oh i got this bruh
  • have u ever seen illumi do whack-a-mole at 200% concentration
  • they arent allowed at any of the prize games after like 20 minutes
  • dont let hisoka do the dunking person into the water thing he will try to throw it at the water tank this is a bad
  • upside down instagram pics on the rollercoaster from your Favorite blond manipulator feat. your other fave blond screaming behind him
  • chrollo sees the cat and bunny mascot and takes so many pictures with them
  • [feitan voice] dont get too close if you value your hands


  • chilling near the dock with crepes
  • relaxing carnival ride while they check their phone and stuff and just lean back for a while
  • hisoka dont poledance
  • illu on his phone: “Yes, father. Yes. Father.  Yes. Ok.”
  • feitan laying backwards on the horse
  • chrollo and shalnark discussing the day
  • they get to ride the ferris wheel when its brightly lit and beautiful at night
  • the carriage phinks is on just like shook really bad
  • ofc shalnark takes pictures !! he also opens the door manually and goes to sit on top of the carriage
  • chrollo is tired and asleep
  • illumi ties his hair up and looks out the window quietly
  • feitan also crossing his arms and legs and resting with his eyes closed
  • hisoka fixing his hair and makeup and glancing every now and then at the view
The Sword & The Pen
  • The Sword & The Pen
  • Regina Spektor
  • Far

Kimse birbirine karşı dürüst değil aslında. Herkesin arkada bıraktığı ve sakladığı bir hikayesi var. İçinde kalan yaşanmamışlıklar, yarımlar var. Ben sen gidene kadar dürüstüm ama artık ben de kimseye karşı dürüst olamayacağım.


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You heard the chicken, folks! Your favorite (or not favorite, whatevs; I’m not judging) writing/nerd-stuff Podcast team is recording this weekend meaning that it is, once again, time for listener questions!

And this month’s podcast is a special one: 

The SinCast!

Yep, we’re tackling as much NSFW content as possible in this episode so feel free to send in whatever your little hearts desire (if you don’t want your name attached to your sin, that’s what the anonymous button is for).

Be sure to send your questions to either me or if I somewhow scare or intimidate you, you can send it to the cohosts @circustalia or @bearfrickker

We look forward to your input! Peace, love, and respect to everyone!


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Loot Crate Exclusive) Rathalos Sword-Pen Replica (Red Wing)

This arrived in the mail for us. Via Loot-Crate, Super awesome but feels super fragile. The sword itself is (the pen) is super light and the material feels thin but it comes in the same packaging design box like the MH4U Collector’s Box

Sharpen the Pen, But Mind the Sword
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It’s the debut of the podcast mascot, George~!

…Oh, there’s also some talk about ninjas, book-to-film adaptations, disappointments overall…

It’s going to be grea……..t.