sword lesbian

The first in a series I’m calling (loosely) The Orientation Armory! 

The colors for this piece come almost entirely from the lesbian flag, so now you TOO can become the sword lesbian of your dreams. 

I have many, many weapons planned (and a few finished) so stay tuned.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SWORD LESBIAN…by buying this design on a variety of items including RAD STICKERS at my Redbubble!


Someone in Some Future Time, completed for VCU’s comic anthology, Emanata.

I’m so proud to have completed this, and so honored to have made it into the final publication. Feel free to send me asks about this comic or these characters!

(commissions are open)


Here’s my secret project I was working on for the past month! I designed a bunch of Utena and Anthy themed patches and button pins for punky vests for flame con! I wore Utena and my friend wore Anthy~

The vests were denim jacket finds from good will that we absolutely destroyed and distressed and then studded by hand, and the patches were designed by me and made by my friend on a pro embroidery machine!

I had a fun fucking time coming up with badass Utena sayings, let me tell u

(I also wore my most enamel excellent pins from @shiroiroom and @zambicandy and @shelbywolf among others to fill it out)

I got an incredibly positive reaction from fellow Utena fans so I’m hoping to get these made for real so others can have them too (along with a few others we didn’t get to prototype ;) ) Thanks to the folks today who stopped me to tell me my vest was badass, I hope I made my fave sword gay proud ⚔️

ok we are at 13, you can still message me to get on a wait list. Some people might end up not being able to claim tiers in a year.

Free offer, I’m making up to 13 swords to give a way to sword lesbians*. I will start in June/July and complete approximately one per month with the first blades finishing as early as October. I still have to get my forge and shop setup.

S7 or o1 tool steel wool be used with blade length between 36in and 48in. Guards and pommels will be steel or bronze depending if I can find someone to cast bronze. Custom laser etching will be available for the blade and pommels submitted in svg vector format.
Handles will be wire or leather wrapped, with a vegan option.

Your first to pickup a blade in Elgin, TX will be zero, I’ll ship it to you in the US for a small cost. International will require you to make arrangements, DHL,FedEx, UPS, and US postal service are available. You will be responsible for any taxes, duties, import fees, etc. It’s also on you to make sure it’s legal. Shipments will be marked as a gift with a small minimal value.

2 slots are spoken for.
It’s been over twenty years since I’ve made a sword so I’m not promising much other than a funny looking wall hanger. (Not sure if that idiom translates out of English.) Inbox me if you have questions, need customization etc.

*Trans sword lesbians: this is open to anyone on the gender spectrum that feels they are sword lesbians. Non-binary bisexuals are included. Your appearance, birth gender, age, relationship status don’t matter. All that matters is you *are valid* (that is a statement not a question).

Lastly why? Trans women deserve nice things and you can be a strong valid warrior women and be trans. I acquired a culture of gift giving, and this is one way I can pay back.

This site Tumblr for all is faults is partly responsible for my transition at the age of 45. And I’m not going to give up my fun things simply to prove I’m feminine.

This is not a joke, is real send me a message, I’ll follow up with pictures of my old work as well as progress photos.
I’ll probably do a go fund me later for supplies to help with costs.
Open to suggestions and requests. Help from other blacksmiths, bladesmiths, and metal workers is welcome.

List is at 6. Please do two things send me a message/inbox . Make sure it’s legal to acquire​ where you live. Make sure it’s not getting me in trouble if you are under age. I know about laws in Texas and California, anywhere else I need you to check. Can help find out in the US it’s mostly state laws. Oversees I have no idea how. Canada and UK should be fine.