sword's cave


Five Stories of His House  /  Series Pt.5

4th Floor

The floor that he might tell you about but never show you is this floor. In this place, He dreams with his pen and thinks with a sword. He builds his ego and dives into contemplation. I know. non-sense. It’s just a man cave for his giant ego. Well, you should know how big your own ego is. 

This was my first attempt ever to make fanart. I started last summer, when I finally watched all Merlin episodes and I was overwhelmed with the feels for more than a week and make the most ridiculous ambitious plan of making whole series of fanart to cope with all those terrible feels (that finale!!). And here we are, only finshed this now, almost a year later. Well, better late than never!

(It’s supposed to be Kilgarrah and Excalibur in the Crystal cave)

And I really should learn to take pictures in proper quality