sword's cave

Travelling in a forest can be very dangerous...

Context: This is from very early on in our campain, there are three of us in the party me a Half Elf Paladin, a Fey-Corgi Articifer  and a Tiefling Wild Mage. We had been approaching a goblin cave and had one gobiln captive with us. We sent the Tiefling ahead to scout.

Paladin: What happens if the goblin runs ahead and tries to warn everyone that we are coming.

Articifer: Good point maybe we should tie him up.

Paladin: Don’t worry I got this. *I step forward and attempt to knock him out. I roll a nat20*

DM: Ok so you go up behind the Goblin and hit them with the butt of your sword, it caves in his skull. It falls to the floor very much dead.

Paladin: Oh Sh*t, er I didn’t mean too! I mean you saw him struggling right? Right?!

Articifer: You complete idiot Ian!

Tiefling comes back and sees the goblin at my feet: What happened here! I leave you alone for two minutes!

Paladin: Errr a really big tree branch landed on his head…

Articifer: Yeah a tree branch… lets go with that.

I somehow manage to bluff the Tiefling.

Tiefling: Oh ok well. I guess we just need to be more careful in future then…

Now whenever anything bad happens in our campaign its always blamed on a tree branch.

Troll-hole adventures (Thorin x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: “Hello! What about number 13 with Thorin or Fili ? :).”

Number 13 = “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

Thank you very much for the request, anon and I’m sorry that it took me a few days to write it! But I had to change a lot to improve it and I still don’t like it very much… I bet y’all would have prefered if I had done something like them being locked up in a room by Kili or something, but I wanted to try something new, and well… let’s just hope you’ll enjoy it :)

I chose Thorin, because I did Fili not long ago, I hope that’s okay xx .

Word count: 3216

Warnings: Fluff and let’s just pretend that you and Thorin never feel the urge to go to the toilet and you aren’t that hungry while being locked in there

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“What lives here?” “Doom.”

You know what I get from Jaime’s weirwood dream? It’s about shame. The real enemy isn’t a bear, or a lion, or any corporeal beast. It’s the voices of those dead men telling him he’s the one who fucked everything up, when in reality he was the only one of them who had a backbone. 

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Celtic Goddesses and Gods Part 6

Mabon (Also Mapon, Maponus)- A Celtic sun God of prophesy, he is associated with light and the wild chase or ritual hunt. As the son of Modron, he is the great son (sun) of the Great Mother. He is taken from her when he is three days old. Called “The Son of Light” or “The Divine Son”, he represents youthfulness, sex, love, and magick, and enjoys playing tricks. Associated with Myrddin and later Christ, his symbols are the boar, mineral springs, and the lyre. 

Macha- A powerful Irish threefold sun Goddess of war, fertility, and ritual games, she was wife of Nemed and consort of Nuada; called the “Sun Woman.” Ancestress of the Red Branch, Macha is a Queen of Ireland, daughter of Ernmas, and granddaughter of Net. Her body is that of an athlete, and her symbols are the horse, raven, and crow. 

Mebd (Also Maeve, Mab)- A Goddess of sovereignty, she is the good queen call The Warrior Queen. She is the Faery Queen and Queen of Connaught. She runs faster than a horse, while carrying animals and birds on her arms and shoulders. She also carries a spear and shield.

Mei (Also Mai, Meia)- An Earth and sun Goddess, similar to Rosemerta, she is the mother of Gwalchmei.

Modrona (Also Modron, Madrona, Matrona)- A Goddess associated with Coventina, Morgana, Vivian, and Dechtire, she is an aspect of the All Mother. The Great Goddess and Mother of Mabon or “Light”. 

Morgana- A Goddess of war, fertility, and magick, she is the Death Mother and Queen of Death. Born of the sea, she is the daughter of Llyr and Anuand, a powerful shapeshifter. She is beautiful and sensuous. Her symbols are trees along shorelines, especially cypress trees, seashells, ravens and crows.

Morrigan (Also Morrigana)- She is called the Great Queen, Sea Queen, and the Great Sea Mother. As a powerful Goddess of wisdom and the sea, she is associated with the queen’s rod of command, sand dollars, ocean vegetation, manta rays and whales.   

Morrigu- A Goddess of death, life, music, and magick, she is called the Dark Gray Lady. She protects sailors and the shores of Erin and plays a harp made of silver, shell and pearl.

Myrddin- A sun and Earth God, Fire of Earth, he is a God of the woodlands, nature, and mirth. A Sky-God associated with stones, caves, crystals, and magick, as well as herbs, natural mineral deposits, and pure water springs, his symbols are the wild rose and sweet water springs. He plays a flute whose sound makes you want to dance. 

Nantosuelta- A Goddess of abundance associated with Sucellos; she is a river Goddess. She holds a dove house on a pole in one hand, and carried a bakers paddle. 

Nemetona- A warrior Goddess of the oak grove, she is the great protectress of the sacred nematon. Also a patron of thermal springs, her symbols are oak groves, a ram, and a spear made of ash with a tip of silver. 

Nimue (Also Niniane, Niviene, Nymenche)- An Earth and Water Goddess and a young aspect of the Bright All Mother, she is a Goddess of lakes also known as the Lady of the Lake, maker and keeper of Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword. She is consort, student, and teacher to Myrddin. She created the river, Ninian, that originates in the Cotes-d’ Armor in Brittany. Her symbols are a white-silver sword, underwater caves, swans, swallows, and quartz and crystalline formations. 

Nodens- A God of sleep, dreams, and dream magick, he is a God of the Otherworld. 

Nwyvre- A God of the ether, stars, and space, he is also a God of celestial sciences, astronomy, and astrology. Consort to Arianrhod, his symbol is the nine-pointed star. 

(Source: Exploring Celtic Druidism by Sirona Knight) 

This was my first attempt ever to make fanart. I started last summer, when I finally watched all Merlin episodes and I was overwhelmed with the feels for more than a week and make the most ridiculous ambitious plan of making whole series of fanart to cope with all those terrible feels (that finale!!). And here we are, only finshed this now, almost a year later. Well, better late than never!

(It’s supposed to be Kilgarrah and Excalibur in the Crystal cave)

And I really should learn to take pictures in proper quality


Title: Niespodzianka 
Pairing: Lithuania/Poland
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mention of prostitution, sex mention, homophobic terminology
Word Count: 2,041
Notes: This is my first time having written - and published - anything in well over a year. Sorry if I’m a bit out of touch.

APH Rare Pair Week 2017 Day 5: Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology

Poland has a surprise for Lithuania. Takes place immediately following the events of The Legend of the Iron Wolf.

“Ahaha, ah—”

Lithuania returned from his half-rolling position into a sit. Poland’s backside fell flat on the grass, staring up at the sky.

“That was the most fun I’ve had in a while,” said Lithuania. After that conversation, the day brightened. The clouds dotting the sky seemed fluffy and light. Wawel castle did not seem so far away.

“You don’t have fun much,” said Poland pointedly. “You’re the most serious person I’ve met.”

“You don’t have to contend with Tartars and Muscovites!” Lithuania snapped. Realizing he had only met Poland for a few days, and he already yelled at him. “I-I’m sorry. That was unkind.”

“That’s alright.” Poland sat up, grass sticking to his tunic.

“I supposed I really am serious,” said Lithuania. He closed his mind and winced, thinking of his foreign affairs. “There’s a lot going on.”

“Tell you what.” Poland leapt to his feet. “I’ll show you a good time tonight. Meet me outside the castle gates before sunset.”

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What Lies Beyond The Shadow (Part 5)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Warnings: slight angst, major character death, mentions of (feeling like) suffocating, mentions of possible “symptoms” of a panic attack, bit of self-hate, description of violent fantasies and gore, illusion of being trapped and a bit of cleithrophobia, slight gore

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Notes: I couldn’t run this through any spelling check, so I apologise for any mistakes haha. Also, this is the final chapter of WLBTS, but I might still write an epilogue after this, I’ll have to see. Stay tuned for that maybe :)

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