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What qualities do the ElBoys like in girls?

Elsword likes a girl who can wield a sword well, but is also graceful and kind. One who can cook good dinners for him too.

Raven likes gentle and sweet girls who are still independent and strong, and can fight for themselves. Someone who loves unconditionally, and forgives and forgets past sins.

Add likes a girl that can do algebra and trigonometry with ease. Someone who’s intelligent, but is still graceful and loving, almost like his mother. Someone who can comfort him when he wakes up from a nightmare.

Chung likes strong women who are also just a bit of fluffballs. Someone he can be a pikachung with without being embarrassed.

Ciel likes short people. He secretly likes the feeling of power at being much taller than his lover. He likes a girl who’s cute but can fight well for herself.

Ain doesn’t really want a lover, in case it interferes with his mission. If all came to it though, he’d want an intelligent and strong lady at his side.


So we’re back to repeating Utena’s fairytale. Because I’m sort of convinced that’s what it is–a fairytale. This show has gone into a lot with the symbols and ideas of stories, and obviously Utena is casting herself as the princess, which, I ASSUME, she is not literally, but it is Utena so I’m willing to admit that I’m wrong here. 

But if Utena’s not really a princess, than what does it say about the prince? What does it say about this whole idea that she’s based her life around? If she was never really a princess could she ever really become a prince? And what did the prince really do for her anyway, get her into a fucking lot of trouble with a bunch of sword-wielding idiot teenagers? 

Is this whole concept of princliness that she has built up flawed? (spoiler alert: yes) Is she just as culpable in Anthy’s imprisonment as the other duelists? (Spoiler alert: yes) Is she just as useless and ACTIVELY UNHELPFUL to the girl she’s trying to save as she is to Anthy? (Spoiler alert: Yes) 

It’s interesting that we see this story repeated so many times, because every time i come back to it I have different feels about it, and I think that’s the point–you never read a book the same way twice. You always know things you didn’t know before. 

Reminder that I haven’t seen past this episode and please don’t spoil me

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[1] KAT! I had an IDEA! Okay, so I often like to guess the affinities the Naruto cast based on their personality and/or clan. So I thought about Ino and she has probably afire affinity bc, she can be calm and all but is also fierce. So I was like, what could be good with fire and BAM! PLEASE imagine sword wielding Ino!!! Like maybe Asuma has enough of her "Sasuke-kun" and shoves her off to Yuugao?? I dunno but I just love the idea of bamf fem charas is that too much to ask? qq also now I am

(There didn’t seem to be a second part, sorry!)

That would be awesome and I fully approve. :D

I love rito in BOTW, so i made one myself! She’s kinda a remake of a sheikah oc i had, hence the marking in her eyes. Her name is Cestra, she’s about 20 years apparent and the kind of person that doesn’t believe in heroes. She’s also one of the strongest rito, which allows her to wield swords.

She was found and grew up in Kakariko Village, so she doesn’t really know how to fly.


King Cadros of the Kingdom of Valla, husband to Queen Arete and father to Princess Azura.

Contemplative and regal, King Cadros retains an air of royalty while also carrying a genuine kindness within him. He is deeply sympathetic and has a calming presence - and is widely regarded as being a peacemaker during conflicts. He has an unwavering loyalty to only a specific few because of how slowly he warms up to people. Yet he holds much value to his kingdom and its people, and always has Valla’s best interests at heart.

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“There aren’t a lot of girls of color doing action movies. I was raised on magic and action and going to the Renaissance fair. I’d love to act in movies where I’m wielding a sword.” - Herizen Guardiola

Every Zelda ever: only the chosen one, destined to banish evil from our realm may wield the master sword

Ocarina of Time: you were too young to be the chosen hero and wield the sword, so you slept for several years before the sword chose you as its master.

Wind Waker: Yo so I know you’re not actually the chosen hero or anything and you only just turned ten, but we really need a hero so here’s the master sword lol go kill some things kid

I just… really like the idea of Zuko’s broadswords.

Better people than I have written essays on how Zuko’s use of dual swords reflects on his own duality of good and evil. But like on a character and canon level, the fact that Zuko uses swords is very important to me.

It’s implied throughout the series that benders are prioritized over non-benders (though I’ll admit the gap is much smaller than in other nations). I think it may have been a fanfic that stated that it was almost shameful for a firebender to use weapons, that it was a sign of weakness in the fact that their bending isn’t strong enough that they needed to rely on something else.

Zuko is a firebender and not just any firebender but a royal firebender from a long line of scary talented benders. From the start, he had a great many expectations put on him which he consistently failed to meet. Azula was the prodigy he was average at best and constantly made aware of his shortcomings. We see in Zuko Alone that he had a fascination with blades as a boy (Iroh’s knife). Wherever that interest came from, it was his. Something apart from his Father’s unrealistic expectations and something he could do on his own.

Because Zuko can see that he’s far behind Azula in terms of firebending and it must be so frustrating to be constantly trying and failing. And so maybe at that point he begins to develop his love of swords. Comics stated he trained with Piandao but I can see Zuko taking it beyond any mandatory royal training and just falling in love with the motion and balance of sword fighting. Because it’s something he finds he’s good at, something Azula can’t do. Shameful or not, he knows he’ll never be as good a bender as she is, but he can wield those swords. It makes me smile to think of pre-teen Zuko, in the years following his mother’s disappearance, practicing his swordplay in secret. Using that time to forget all the ways he’s messed up and focusing on something he’s good at. And considering how good Zuko is by the main series, he put a LOT of time and effort into training.

It gets deeper as we think of Zuko using those skills to free Aang as the Blue Spirit. He used sneaky tactics and skills he shouldn’t have to commit treason against the Fire Nation. A Firebender doesn’t fight with swords, but a Firebender also shouldn’t be freeing the Avatar. I feel like Zuko was disassociating heavily during that break-out in order to get the job done, trying to justify that the person doing these treasonous things wasn’t him… when in fact, the Blue Spirit was probably more in line with Zuko’s true personality: rough but with good, noble intentions, quiet not brash, non-confrontational; would rather sneak around than openly harm.

And when Zuko is turned into a fugitive in Book 2 and was forced to hide within the Earth Kingdom those swords, for the first time in his life, became more than a secret hobby, it became his chance for survival. He couldn’t out himself as a bender so he had to rely on his swords to get through the Earth Kingdom. I think it’s also telling he lost his fancy FN blade at the North Pole and had to resort to stolen Earth Kingdom blade. And imagine how he felt to be respected for his blade skills? Teaching Lee how to fight with swords in the middle of the night was so important for Zuko’s development. Patiently talking the eager boy through the stances and philosophy of dual swords, encouraging him. When Zuko offers Iroh’s blade to him, what may have initially started Zuko’s interest, he’s telling Lee it’s okay to pursue this, this is a good thing. Which… obviously didn’t work out but man that’s something big for Zuko.  

Then Zuko openly wearing his swords in Ba Sing Se and using them to defend himself against Jet could be seen as Zuko reconnecting with who he is, instead of hiding it. This metaphor of Zuko’s swords representing his true self continues if you think of how, when he returns to the Fire Nation, we never see his swords. At all. I can’t think of one episode where they appear when he’s living at the palace except, oh, that one time where Zuko faced his father and took back his loyal, his destiny and himself. The final half of season three, Zuko is hardly seen without his swords. They’re always at his back, ready to be used to supplement his firebending or whatever. Zuko has opened up to himself, accepted who he is, and wears his swords and his swordsmanship proudly

TL;DR- The fact that Zuko, a Firebender, trained himself is swords tells us about a childhood of being second best and his blades was something for him to enjoy on his own, one skill he could succeed at. It also becomes a symbol of his true self, of when he hides it and when he allows it to shine.


Morgan in Fire Emblem Heroes! As much as I want them in the game, I’m afraid that it’s wishful thinking (though not impossible)… So, I decided to give both M! and F!Morgan FE Heroes incarnations myself, as well as come up with a skill and quote list for both! I also tried to style everything as close to the game as possible so it looks really official!

As for their weapons/weapon types, F!Morgan has Goetia because she wields it in her official artwork (even though Tacticians can’t wield Dark Magic normally) and she’s a Red Tome user because all Dark Magic in Heroes falls under the Red Tome category. Being a special weapon, Goetia has a built-in Green Tomebreaker 2 effect.

In a similar vein, M!Morgan has a sword because he wields one in his official artwork. However, as the sword he wields is Alm’s Blade and Alm is in the game, I decided to give him a Levin Sword, based on Robin’s Smash Bros incarnation. Even though it doesn’t work as a ranged counter, the Levin Sword is unique in comparison to all other Swords currently in the game as it targets the foe’s Resistance instead of their Defense, essentially making it a Magic Weapon.

These took a while but were real fun to do! I’ll probably do some more characters in the future!