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I have so many Anduin feels

Clearly, if you couldn’t tell, and I wanted to write it down otherwise I feel like I might explode from emotions. This entire cinematic was beyond beautiful. Blizzard really went above and beyond in the artistic department - everything looked so damn -real-, which took my breath away. But the main thing that really struck with me is the fact that you can clearly see Anduin’s personality in this moment. So please excuse me, but there’s a lot of pics and a long opinion below the cut.

When we first see him, he’s got the lion helmet on, looking all badass. Even after he’s knocked off his feet, he gets back up and proceeds to go after the troll who tries to kill him, granting us this amazing image -

Looks like he’s channeling Varian to me. He’s standing all, big and trying to be imposing. And almost immediately after, they focus on his face, going from this -

- to this -

Look at him. Look at that face. This isn’t a life-long trained/skilled warrior. This isn’t a battle-hardened paladin who’s fought for years and years. This is a child, a teenager (WoWpedia says seventeen, and we all know how Blizzard is with lore, but it does sound about right), who has been shielded from the harshness of actual war for most of his life. War is brutal; war is dirty and cruel and this world has seen it constantly. And I don’t know how much time will have passed from Legion to this expansion, but regardless.

He looks so sad, almost out of place and worried, and just…-scared-. Like the sudden realization of what he’s in the middle of, of what he’s leading here - not Genn, not his father, him. He’s the one who’s leading the armies of the Alliance, thousands of soldiers against an army equally as powerful. Stormwind and the Alliance could fall in this moment and it would be his fault. And I think it all comes at him at once. This is what his father was talking about, it’s what he was trying to protect him from.

But this is Anduin we’re talking about. This isn’t a warmongering character, we all know how much he would prefer to solve things peacefully, and (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Blizzard doesn’t totally and completely butcher his character of course) it must have been something to drive him to this point. Look - His mother died when he was a baby, his father was gone most of his life and was only around for a few precious years before he was killed, his ‘aunt’ Jaina has been MIA until lately and Velen is who knows where. I’m hoping we’ll get an answer to that between then and now, but my point is this - Anduin, High King of the Alliance, leader that everyone looks to for guidance and support, really doesn’t have a support system himself. He doesn’t have anyone he can really depend on. The only one who’s been shown to constantly be around is Genn, and whether for good or ill, I suppose it’s something, but it’s not enough. He’s probably been struggling to keep things together for a while. I doubt he’s been eating or sleeping much.

And what does he do, surrounded by death and destruction of hundreds of lives? We see that looks around the battlefield in a moment of calm and is clearly distressed by it. 

It’s in this moment that I think he really shines, no pun intended. We know what his father would do in this situation, we know what other characters would do. But Anduin is different, it’s what makes him so special in this game. He looks at his father’s sword, a sword of legend no less - 

You can see the confusion, the uncertainty, the self-doubt even now. Shalamayne responded to him yes, but you can absolutely see him still coming to terms with it. He still feels like he isn’t worthy of it.  
“I cannot do this father. I can’t be the hero you were. I can’t be the king you were…”

And no, he isn’t. That’s what I love him. He’s his own man, finally able to step up and make his own imprint on history. Because of that, I think it’s important to note the imagery of him throwing the sword back down - 

Something about this really strikes me not only as beautiful but incredibly moving as well. There is some very deep in this shot. He’s beginning to accept the fact that no, he isn’t his father. No, he isn’t a warrior. That isn’t his path. What does he do instead, then, when surrounded by injured and dying soldiers? Do what he does best, of course - 

Heal. Resurrect. Anduin has had an affinity with the Light that few have had before, especially humans. We know this and it’s really beautiful to finally see it in such a wonderful cinematic. I think it’s really touching that if you look closely you can even see tears in his eyes -

We know from lore that Anduin has resurrected his father before, which is something that happens so rarely in canon. Casting such a spell for one person would be difficult enough, but an entire army? That’s practically impossible. We also know that for a character to channel such a spell for a long period of time takes a lot of stamina and strength. It’s exhausting. But he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop to take a breather. He stands tall with the rejuvenated army surrounding him once more.

“Stand as one!”

Which just hearkens back to previous cinematics, I think. 

“What am I supposed to do now?”
“What a king -must- do.”

“For the Alliance!”

What I find most interesting is that he doesn’t say ‘For Azeroth!’ like his father in the previous expansion, he says Alliance. Which makes me wonder just what has happened to cause all of this. 

The point of all this rambling is this - Anduin Llane Wrynn has been underestimated both by other characters as well as players for too long. Many people call him names for wanting to find a peaceful way to solve problems and for some reason that’s a bad thing? I don’t understand it, but I’m so happy and proud to see him standing alongside us on the battlefield. This boy does not get enough credit and I’m glad they finally have let him do something amazing. He is much stronger than I think even he realizes, and I would love it if people would finally give him the love and recognition he deserves. 

Anduin is too good for this world and we don’t deserve him.

So, for some context, this is the first time a friend of mine had ever played D&D, and they decided to play an Eldritch Knight (EK). I was playing a Druid who was quite fond of her wolf form. This is one of the first dungeons we had been in, and we had somehow managed to draw the wrath of 3 Bugbears. The big boss, and one more are on one side of the chasm, while the rest of the party is on the other.

DM: The bugbear comes running towards you, and tries to leap over the chasm to the other side.

*Rolls Nat 1*

DM: He ends up tripping over his own feet, and ends up falling into the chasm instead.

EK: Okay, I’m going to do something stupid. I jump into the chasm and try to hit him with my sword, before getting out of the chasm again. *Rolls a nat 20 to hit, then does 13 damage* *Proceeds to roll an 18 +3 dexterity check*

DM: You leap down, Legend of Zelda style, and cleave the bugbear in two. You then leap off his shoulders before he falls, landing on the other side right near the remaining bugbear. However, the wolf is in between you and the bugbear.

EK: Can I throw my sword at him?

DM: *Sighs* Roll to hit.

EK proceeds to roll a 17 to hit, then a 8 for damage.

DM: As the bugbear swings at the wolf, you whip your sword at him, hitting him square in the face and killing him instantly.

The entire party couldn’t stop talking about that amazing happening for several weeks after it actually occurred.

I love them


According to the translations these two brother-in-laws were bickering about fighting i mean what else can they talk about but then i read this:

Okita: Then let’s make it simple! YOUR SISTER IS UGLY.

Kamui: Back at you!


There are so many things I can say about this but I’m gonna make this brief

Okita: Then let’s make it simple! YOUR SISTER IS UGLY.

Sougo did not need to say that.. at all. Out of all alternatives he decided to mention this. Although there could be three things he could mean by “making it simple”.

1. He was trying to start a different argument

2. The whole thing was actually about Kagura

or 3. He’s really off topic

4. He always needs to get Kagura’s constant attention

He’s said things like this before but never so explicit

and in front of Kamui too. That’s what makes this 10x better

Kamui: Back at you!

When I read this the first thing that came in mind was Mitsuba so I was all “y o U d i   D   n O t   j uS t  G o  t hEr E ” but this is Kamui we’re talking about, he can say or do whatever he wants. Either this or he’s trying to affend her and Sougo saying they’re both ugly. Honestly I don’t think he’s aware that Mitsuba existed all fourth wall breaking aside.


Kagura is just so precious

Also I can’t tell if she’s telling Kamui to take back what he said or for Sougo to take back what he said, and from what I remember, I don’t think she ever told Sougo to take back something he’s said.

and what made this better is she hit them both with building debris as Gintoki studied them from afar

Wife: 1 Brother-in-laws: 0

Capricorn - Cosmic Carriage 

From the highest pillar palace in the land, a weary Saturn princess rests her pretty little head. Her view from the mountain top balcony is exquisite and she stands maternally, sympathetically, and lovingly guarding her commoners.
Her palace is filled with gold and silver rings, replicas of her battles and triumphs with Saturn. Saturn would call her his chosen one and marvel at her ability to overcome any landslide he directed to block her path. She could be like a Goddess, throwing invisible swords into wars that only she could see and conquer. Mars exalts in Capricorn and there is no lack of fight and fear strangling her bones. She was caged by the fire breathing dragon and forced to escape by herself, she was given no mother or father to direct her, she didn’t write about a Prince Charming coming to save her, she abolished luck for labour, and given no option for failure. She knew as a young child that she was destined for greatness and began her upward climb the moment she could set goals and replicate what the adults were doing. As a child she protested her own small size and lack of autonomy, and she couldn’t wait to finally be able to provide herself with everything she needed, because no one ever had before.

She relentlessly works on behalf of her palace and people, they are like her family. And she is the same with her little family. She wants to provide, create righteous law, support, and lead the way with expertise. As they look up at her as Queen, she inspires followers with resolve and admirable strength of character. She is a Queen that rules alone and can see the personal potential in each of her subjects, encouraging them toward a life of greatness and pride. From this high pillar in the land the lights can be blinding and striking. Her silver Saturn rings flicker like cosmic gems and everything she has worked so hard to build for herself illuminates around and within her. But it can also be dark around the palace, the Saturn shadow can brood, and intimidate, and she can glue grey clouds in the sky with her sad and despairing moods, causing acid rain to fall on her palace. This is her self destruction creeping in as she begins writing her success story, because she gets heavy waves of hopelessness, inadequacy, undeservingness, and feeling like it’s all too much for her. Of course it isn’t, she is not just a cosmic diplomat but she has fought wars for her people and built everything by hand. With her sweetly structured bones she may look delicate as she sleeps, but God rests while she does, filling her dreams with more visions.


art: Mark Ryden

If Ravus Was A Party Member... (Banter II)

Because a dear anon gave me all the more reason to finally act on my urge to write more banter. c:

Prompto: “Food time! Let’s go get some grub!”
Ravus: “Will there be cake where we are going? I have a strong craving for cake.”
Ignis: *scoffs* “Is my cake not good enough for you, Ravus?”
Ravus: “It is, Scientia. But desperate times call for desperate measures.


Gladiolus: “Another battle fought, another battle won.”
Ravus: “Only victors may utter such words, Amicitia.”
Gladiolus: “…Did you just call me a loser?”


Ravus: “Argentum.”
Prompto: “Y-Yes, sir?”
Ravus: “…Excellent work last fight. You have been improving.”
Prompto: *gasps* “You hear that guys? Rae just complimented me!”
Noctis: “Making progress there~”


Gladiolus: “Need a hand, Ravus?”
Ravus: “That better have not been a snide joke, Amicitia.”


Noctis: “So you and Ardyn used to work together or something? What was that even like?”
Ravus: “Imagine if Scientia harassed you every five minutes for you to eat your vegetables. That is what it was like to work with Chancellor Izunia.”
Noctis: “…God, that sounds awful.”


Prompto: “Man… I wonder what Cindy’s doing right now.”
Ravus: “Not thinking of you, I’m sure.”
Prompto: “You don’t know that, Ravus. You’re not a psychic.”
Noctis: “I doubt you need to be a psychic to know that, Prompto…”


Noctis: “Man… Getting sleepy…”
Ravus: “Ironic, considering you hail from a city named Insomnia.”
Noctis: “You’re not even a little bit tired, Ravus?”
Ravus: “No. Sleep is for the weak.”


Ignis: “Ravus, was that you humming Prompto’s chocobo song earlier?”
Ravus: “I do not know what you are uttering about, Scientia. I would never do such a thing.”
Noctis: “What’s that song anyways? ‘I want to ride my chocobo through the hay?’”
Ravus: “’All day,’ you uncultured heathen. ‘I want to ride my chocobo all day.’”
Ignis: *chuckles* “You are quite the terrible liar, Ravus.”


Prompto: “You know, Rae, you’re really photogenic. You ever consider modeling?”
Ravus: “Is Caelum not your typical model, Argentum? I would not wish to steal the Prince’s spotlight of attention.”
Noctis: “No, please do. I’m not complaining if you do.”
Ravus: “Then that would merely be giving you what you wish, Caelum. Good luck in your modeling endeavors for the next eternity.”
Noctis: “Ravus, please…”


Gladiolus: “How’d a beanpole like you get so good with a sword anyways?”
Ravus: “By throwing people like you into cars.”
Ignis: “Well, he certainly isn’t wrong about that.”
Gladiolus: “You won’t ever stop bringing that up, will you?”
Ravus: “Never.”

Sword Fighting For Fic Writers: Chapter 13

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Available Chapters:
1.Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6.It’s Like a Dance
7. The Measure of A Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10.You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11.Buckle Some Swash 12.Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword 

Your Body Everything is a Weapon
Punching, Throwing, and Other Things

Up until now you may have noticed that with one handed swords I draw the free hand tucked in behind the fighter’s back. That wasn’t just me trying to avoid drawing more hands. If you’re not using that arm in a fight, it’s better to keep it back and out of the way rather than making it another target. I’ve also seen it placed on the hip in case it becomes needed, or just waving around in the back. In this chapter we’ll talk about ways that free hand can help. We’ll also be covering throwing the opponent down, and using the pommel of the sword.

Using Your Free Hand:

Most of the time it’s going to be more practical and efficient to use the sword to make an attack. There will be times though when the defender’s sword is restrained and the attacker doesn’t want to kill their opponent that they may go for a punch. Or maybe they just see an opening and say to hell with it. For your narrative, do whatever feels badass. When defending against fist attacks with your own arm, you’re essentially doing the same thing as you do with your sword. Use the “true edge” of your arm to block then counter attack.

It may seem stupid to grab your opponent’s sword by the blade, but it’s a thing. Swords aren’t lightsabers. You can grab them. There are ways to safely do this without cutting yourself. Other times it’ll just be better to take a shallow cut on the hand to finish the fight. Typically grabs will be done against a blade that’s not in motion. You’re not going to catch a swinging blade. Gloves and gauntlets make grabbing even safer. The sword arm is another thing to grab to control their weapon. Grabs can be turned into disarms. More on that in “Got Your Sword!” (chapter coming soon)

Kicking: I myself have not encountered kicking in fights so take this with some salt. If it happens it probably happens mostly in grappling range. Kicking your foot out without the opponent’s sword controlled is sticking a big target out there. If you don’t throw them off balance enough with the move you’ll be vulnerable while you reset. But for narrative purposes, you can stick with the rule of cool: if it’s cool, go or it!

Using the Pommel: Using the pommel to strike is a good method of dealing a non-lethal blow. It’s most easily done after a yield (see “A Crossing of Blades”). Instead of continuing to spin the blade around, the blade stops it’s turn with the sword pointing down, then rams into the opponent’s face with the back end of the sword. There’s also a way to use the hilt to hook the opponent’s weapon into a disarm. More on that in “Got Your Sword”.

Throwing: To throw an opponent first you need to get close to them. Let’s assume that’s been done. Maybe you stepped in during an attack or defense and they didn’t step back. First break their structure to set them off balance by pushing into their face. Pushing up under the chin is especially helpful, lifting them up a bit as well as pushing them back. If you’re pushing with your right arm then your right leg steps behind them, pushing your hip into theirs. Now turn then beg the legs. Turning will push them back over your leg, tripping them. Even a small person can take out a bigger person like this. The key thing to remember is that if you’re set up to throw them, they can turn it around and throw you instead by getting their leg behind your’s. So be quick about unbalancing them.

Here’s just one version of a throw. Another version is done with the opponents facing each other. Another involves lifting the victim’s leg. Some throws involve using your weapon as leverage, pushing the hilt to break their structure. 

Cloaks and Capes: This is another area I’m not personally experienced in and would encourage you to look up if it appeals to you. But so that you know the option is available, capes were often used for defences with things like grabbing swords with the hand protected by the cape, or tangling the opponents sword. Sometimes it was used just as a decoy to cover movements like a matador. Look it up sometime if your fighter wears a cape. They don’t just look cool and keep you warm.

Literally Anything: Think Jackie Chan. Literally anything can be used as a weapon with a little creativity. Swing a bike at people, throw things, kick up dirt, bite, push over bookshelves. Take a look at the environment. Maybe throw a chair in your attacker’s path as you back away making them stumble. Maybe the hero opens the coral of an angry bull the moment they look to be cornered. There’s a low hanging branch to be pulled back and slapped forward. There’s a cliff to corner them on or a wall to push them up against. Carpets can be pulled out from under people’s feet. Hot tea! Pepper! Sink holes! Go nuts!

My favorite snarky lines in the RQ series

“You’re a special kind of stupid” -Farley to Shade in Cruel Crown

“You don’t get points for being dramatic” -Mare in Glass Sword (tied for my personal favorite)

“Worried we aren’t getting a work out? I promise we are” -Shade in Glass Sword

“How does it feel to be used Mare Barrow?” Cal in Red Queen (the other one tied for my personal favorite)


New Assassins Creed “leaked” info:
  • The leaks aren’t “accidents”. Controlled. Both pictures are real. The first one (where the MC stood in front of something) is very old. The second one is a picture from the Demo we’ll see at E3.
  • New scouting mechanic, the eagle. The eagle’s placeholder name for now is “Akhom”.
  • There are NO towers in the game. You will be using your eagle for side-activities and points of interest. There’s a limit to how far you can go away from the protagonist.
  • The characters all speak English like in Unity. That is because of the Animus 5.0, which has perfected any translation issues of the older versions. You will be sitting in it, not moving around like in the movie.
  • We have a new Modern Day protagonist, he’s male and mixed race. Already a trained Assassin and has a new team that helps him achieve his task, given by William himself. William, Rebecca, Shaun all make appearances.
  • MD is more like AC3’s MD with bigger areas and more character interaction. The MD does more to highlight the fact that Assassins and Templars still exist and are having a big impact on the world.
  • “Without giving too much away, a piece of Eden is used during the Exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea, playing into the whole overarching mission of the modern-day protagonist.” Not main focus of the story though.
  • He doesn’t exactly know when it’s set, but last he heard it was set between 1400 and 1200 BCE. It’s set during the Dynasties.
  • NO naval combat. It really is only just a sailing boat used for travel purposes. It’s like in The Witcher 3, just a tad more customizable. That’s it.
  • He states numerous times that the world is breathtakingly beautiful and that there is ambient stuff going on in the open seas. Better to sail than miss this stuff by fast-travelling.
  • You will be travelling the Eastern Mediterranean with your boat.
  • Ambient music is in the game. Hooray!
  • Devs have focused on story 100%. There is no multiplayer whatsoever, however, there are micro-transactions like in BF and Rogue. Multiplayer is still on the cards, might return at some point to the franchise.
  • A lot of work went into the immersion aspect.
  • Plenty of tropical areas. Mirages, oasis areas and various islands dotted around the sea are beautiful.
  • The main protag (in the past) is a quieter version of Altair, basically. Looks like him, slightly darker. Not black like Adé. Trilogy with him planned. Greece comes next and he’s in there. No idea about the third entry at all.
  • Main protag (past) is apparently Israelite.
  • Combat has been reworked. Enemies have different attack patterns and will actively try to flank you. Kinda like Witcher 3, but easier to get into.
  • Stealth is much more integrated into the world. You can hide on corners, in crowds, in buildings and in bushes/haystacks. Imagine Syndicate and Unity’s stealth, but much more well thought out and implemented. Social stealth is emphasized a lot in the game. You’ll be blending into crowds and with groups of slaves an awful lot.
  • Free running is the same as Syndicate/Unity, though it adds in some of the flair from Watch Dogs 2. It’s a lot smoother and more fluid.
  • Reason why AC doesn’t make its way to Japan is because the higher ups don’t see it being successful. They made China for Chronicles to “please the fans”. Whoop-de-doo.
  • Same thing for WW1 and WW2.
  • Engine is a reworked version of Syndicate’s. But looks drastically different to Syndicate/Unity.
  • They took Unity’s backlash very, very badly. They’ve been working on Origins so much to avoid another buggy situation. “Syndicate was about 60% complete when the backlash came to light, so Ubi shoved that one out of the door before we had the break.”
  • No Switch version, releases on PS4, Xbawks One and PC.
  • Coming out later this year.
  • Hidden Blade used in the game is a very early version. Requires losing a finger. There’s also a bow, a shield, various swords, spears and throwing knives.
  • Our protagonist (paaast) doesn’t have a name at the beginning. Later, other characters start calling him “Shed”, after the deity that represents salvation. A big part of the story revolves around saving your people from slavery.
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shed_(deity)
  • The idea of an Ancient Rome game was floating around the office. Ceasar wasn’t a Templar, but shared a lot of their ideologies. Senators that killed him were part of the Brotherhood. Status of this idea is unknown.
  • Skills are done in a talent tree. However, the differences between the skill trees are drastically different and you can only ever have a certain amount of skills active at one point. One tree is Combat, another Stealth and the final one is Movement.
  • Outfit-wise, there’s a few pre-determined outfits (as there has been in every AC game). However, there are different piece of equipment that you can buy that will go over the top of your ‘base’ appearance. Imagine Unity’s equipment variation/customization, but with less pointless fluff.
  • Character customization is more like Unity than Syndicate.
  • I forgot to add this, sorry people: You can put your hood on and off whenever you want!

    I don’t want the character to be quite…I love it when characters talk while your walking and doing stuff. Just like in Uncharted games…
    What do you guys think? 
voltron strength stats

headcanon addition! since the official stats aren’t canon anyway, here are mine lol. on a scale based on 10, which would be average human strength (since we don’t know what the average strength level for alteans/galrans/half-galrans are) of the particular age/gender demographic of the team member. 

  • allura : strongest member of team voltron. would wipe the floor with anyone. not only does she have altean alien strength (which is implied to be stronger than those of galra descent) that can lift a grown muscled men with ease, she said that the gladiator level that kicked everyone’s ass was fit with a child, implying she mastered that and has moved on to even higher difficulties. used a simple staff when fighting not only galra soldiers, but the druids as well (who are implied to be the most powerful, essential personnel for the galra). uses a lasso as her weapon, pulling her enemies five times her size and throwing them into the ground as assault tactics. 100/10
  • shiro : second strongest. before even having an enhanced galra tech arm, shiro survived a year in a galra prison, and not only that, but survived gladiator arena fights. he had to fight aliens that were way stronger or bigger than him, endured abuses from galra soldiers that were at least four heads taller than him, and received the title of champion all the while. his galra arm can match with a galra who has an even bigger, more enhanced version of his arm. 70/10
  • keith : third strongest. has an advantage with strength over being half galra although he plays on speed and agility more than strength. is able to carry a galra twice his size while running through a burning ship. was able to go on level 4 of the gladiator in the same season, only a few episodes after getting his ass kicked. primarily uses a melee weapon against short range and long range guns. one of his moves is literally throwing his sword like a spear from a distance with major speed that would require an impressive amount of strength to accomplish. even though he got his ass beat against the bom, he was one dude holding his own against dozens of part/full blooded galra and was successful at holding his own. 30/10
  • hunk : fourth strongest. have you seen his actual bayard?! the amount of strength it would take to lug that around on missions while running and not dropping it or getting tired is astounding. the force of which he fought lance when under the queen luxia’s control would have to be definitely at peak strength in order to throw lance underwater with enough force to cause cracks formations in the wall at those speeds would require an incredible amount of strength. 10/10
  • lance : fifth strongest. it’s difficult to tell because lance has rarely been in close combat fights, and if he has, he refused to put his all into it (i.e. with hunk), although he was able to handle his own with hunk and able to get him out the trance with minimal damage to hunk. he’s strong enough to drag galra drones on his own, and tug keith back from running off without much effort. also has enough core muscles and strength to do aerial dancing seemingly effortlessly. 8-8.5/10
  • pidge : sixth strongest. honestly, pidge is probably the weakest even if she wasn’t compared to those older than her and aliens or those with modifications. she gets the least amount of sleep, rarely seen to be exercising, and is mostly seen with her laptop or with more intellectual activities that don’t require a lot of strength. her weapon, which is almost essentially a weaponized grappling hook, does most of the damage for her with slicing through galra drones based on the direction of her swing, not the force of it. even when using her bayard, the bayard is the one pulling her up, with pidge’s main job being to hold on to the handle as she’s lifted and moved. 4/10

you know what makes me happy? lance is an incredible sharpshooter and keith, keith can fucking throw his sword across the room and hit his target dead centre– what i’m saying here is that they really do make a good team 😭