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“The elf had regained consciousness - sort of. He leaned against Blitz, giggling silently and making random signs like, Butterfly. Pop. Yippee. Blitzen clutched his stomach and stared into space as if he were thinking of interesting ways to die.”

(Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer, Chapter 53, Rick Riordan)

Rest Stop Part 3

The nest always felt so empty without Lance. 

Keith knew his wings flickered with the thought. The soft nest of blankets hidden in the corner of the common room was well rounded with seven out of eight of the team cuddled up inside, but without Lance, it felt like there was a desolate spot, a blank filled with grey longing and melancholy. Keith frowned. He wanted Lance to fill that space.  

The others did too. Pidge sat in Shiro’s lap, and Allura leaned against Coran like always, but this time everyone stared at the empty spot next to Keith. The spot Lance would fill.  It was normal, expected even, the cuddle a teammate or family member before they went off to do something dangerous by themselves, like Pidge was going to, but Lance still hadn’t come. Did he still feel unsafe with the team, distrustful and unsure, lacking trust in them to show his wings? He never let them out either. It wasn’t healthy, for Lance or for their relationships. Keith was so surprised when it hadn’t hindered them forming Voltron. Was it like the first time on repeat for Lance, all about survival and having to or die?  

Lance hadn’t come, even after Keith had caught him in the nest after he skipped a preening session. He always skipped, or was pulled away, or was sleeping. Keith was hoping he had reassured the other, at least enough for him to come and have his wings cleaned and cuddle a little. Apparently, he hadn’t. There was no way they weren’t filthy. Was Lance, who loved skincare and being clean, deliberately leaving his wings dirty so he wouldn’t have to show the team, show Keith? Was he really that suspicious and uncomfortable, did he have so little faith in them, even Hunk?  Keith wasn’t sure to be hurt or concerned. 

Deep down, he knew. He was both. 

“Lance, c'mon! we’re going to fly with Pidge before she leaves!" 

He sighs at Hunk’s call. Just how long until they know? 

He pokes his head in the doorway.  

"I want to, but Blue needs some re-wiring. I promised her I’d do it this morning.”

“You could ask Hunk to do it afterwards.” Shiro kept deliberate eye contact. “Blue probably wouldn’t mind an engineer like Hunk fixing her up so you could fly.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind either. Space ships were going to be my career anyway. It’s no trouble, Lance.” Hunk appealed. His arms were crossed reassuringly, and there was a cocktail of emotions on his face. Lance didn’t miss the fleeting glances out the open hangar doors.

“I would, but…” Lance trailed off, eyes sliding away.

Blue’s commanding roar echoed from her hanger.

Thank you.

“The lion has spoken.” He finished, slipping into the hallway, away from the team, away from Shiro’s disappointed-dad frown, Hunk’s sigh and sad eyes, Pidge’s frustrated huff and scuffling feet, from Keith’s melancholy stare and lonely apathy.

I’m sorry.

Holy hell.

Slicing through a sentry, Keith kicked it down to finish it, letting the others coming at him trample it. The rescue mission hadn’t gone as smoothly as hoped - they had had to clear the hallways and send the prisoners into escape pods through the PA system, instead of straight to the castle when the work camp surprised them with a small fleet of jets crowding around the castle. The prisoners had been ejected around the planet, some floating in the water and others on islands. It had been Lance’s idea, and it made something warm like pride tickle Keith’s chest. It was safe, it was sturdy, it was clever. Better than anything else they had come up with.

Now, they had to finish off the connected hangers filled with Galra robots and soliders.

A bright blue laser, a streak through the mundane purple ones, cut past Keith, knocking a solider to the ground. He kept hacking and slashing, sword pulling through cold metal bodies, but a small smile was hidden in his helmet at Lance covering him. The fluidity of them working together always brought Keith home from the battle, from the war he was fighting, from the war he wasn’t fighting alone. From the sharp knives and purple fur and screaming aliens.

Lance never left him alone.

Keith sends three hunks of metal crashing to the floor, wings arched high. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see a sentry lining a shot at his wings. He can see the hand pulling the trigger squeeze. He can see Lance jump over him.

He can see Lance get hit and fall to the floor hard enough to bounce, clutching his arm.

He can see the blood spilling on the floor, not purple blood, not purple, red, red, crimson, scarlet, red, paladin-

The half dozen robots in front of him are done away with a few swift movements, he’s screaming at Shiro and Coran through the coms, and he doesn’t recognize what they’re saying other than “bring him to medical”. Lance is staring in shock at his arm, and then Keith is picking him up. The others materialized from thin air and create an opening that Keith dashes through, and if there’s anything following him, he’s lost it in seconds. Lance is still in shock, but his good arm is gripping Keith. His wings knock the shit out of a sentry when they turn the corner, then the castle is in front of them, and he’s running up the ramp, giving Lance to Coran. He spares a moment to stare at Coran rushing Lance down the hallway, the bright red trail behind them worrying him.

Don’t leave me, Lance.

He spins on his heel, and heads back into battle.

Coran doesn’t waste time inputting the code for the pod to put Lance in the medical suit when he walks in. The pod rises from the floors, cool steam escaping into the room, and he sets the half-conscious paladin inside. Blood loss out in space without human donors is dangerous, Coran had figured that much day one, so he sets the pod to do a full scan and heal as fast as he can.

“Sleep well, Lance.” He nods, locking the pod closed on the boy he sees as a son. Wistfully, he stares at Lance’s sleeping face, before placing a hand on the glass. With a sigh, he pushes off and strides out into the corridor, heading back to help the princess destroy the Galra who hurt his grandchild.

can we talk about zoro saying “this one’s mine” upon sensing carrot in her first appearance.  can we talk about zoro instantly judging that carrot was so powerful he needed and wanted to personally fight her.  bc like that happened.

Day 28 aka day of one of the last sketches

If you look at the drawing you MUST listen to THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

The battle wages on as cruel as it can be
swords slashing on the shields make sparks that fill the air
no holds barred here I nearly lost my ring
my friends are on the ground itʼs time for me to hit

My arms get stronger and stronger
with every breath I take
I feel the power of this sword
through my veins


New Monster Hunter XX scans reveal a new rage mode for Massacre Demon Diablos, the return of Nerscylla and Gravios, all new Hunter Arts, and new Palico Skills!

Info from the Latest Famitsu Scans via BannedLagiacrus

Hidden Haze Malfestio
*This Malfestio is able to turn invisible, allowing it to sneak up on foes easily.
*Much like Chameleos and Gypceros, Hidden Haze Malfestio is well known for stealing items from hunters.
*It is said that it loves to steal healing items, such as Potions and Energy Drinks.

Massacre Demon Diablos
*Though it has a Rage Mode, Massacre Demon Diablos actually has a second Rage Mode.
*This state can be called the Massacre Charging State (Japanese 狂暴走状態).

Nerscylla and Gravios
*Nerscylla and Gravios are confirmed for MHXX! They aren’t much different from what we remembered in previous games.
*Basarios is likely back too since its icon appears on one of the cases for MHXX.

Hunter Arts
*Great Sword - Moon Breaker (Japanese ムーンブレイク): A powerful attack that sends the hunter spinning in the air with the Great Sword, in a moon crescent like shape, and performing a deadly slash.
*Long Sword - Devil’s Blade (Japanese 妖刀羅刹): The Long Sword gains an attack buff at the cost of a hunter’s health constantly decreasing. If the hunter hits a target, they’ll regain their health with each attack.
*Sword and Shield - Blade Oil Chaos (Japanese 混沌の刃薬): Puts all Blade Oil types on Sword and Shield at once. Even with this art, you can still add more blade oil on the weapon.
*Dual Blades - Rasenzan (Japanese ラセンザン): A special leaping strike combo that can deal more damage than usual if a hunter aims for the weakspot of a monster.
*Hammer - Impact’s Pulse (Japanese インパクトプルス): A special art that surrounds the hammer in a glow. This art increases the range of the hammers impact with each attack.
*Hunting Horn - High Animato (Japanese アニマートハイ): This art allows for the Hunting Horn to play songs by just evading attacks, even evading in the middle of melodies for buffs.
*Lance - Healing Guard (Japanese 治癒の盾): An AoE healing art. While guarding with the weapon, hunters will heal themselves and fellow teammates in an area as they do so.
*Gunlance - AA Flare (Japanese AAフレア): A Hunter Art that specializes in knocking monsters out of the air. Hunters will fire of their shots in the air before performing a powerful wyvernfire in the air.
*Switch Axe - Tempest Axe (Japanese テンペストアクス): This art strengthens the Switch Axe’s Axe Mode and makes the attacks in this mode quicker. This art also grants the Axe Mode some new attacks as well.
*Charge Blade - Chain Saucer (Japanese チェインソーサー): A Charge Blade art that fills up the phials for the weapon.
*Insect Glaive - Bug Senses Intensification (Japanese 覚蟲強化): The art increases the mobility of Kinsects, but also increases the amount of stamina they use.
*Bow - Strength of an Anchor (Japanese 身躱し射法): Allows for hunters to fire arrows at a monster as they evade backwards.
*Light Bowgun - Charge Shot (Japanese チャージショット): This hunter art allows for hunters to fire all LV1 shots in a powerful single shot.
*Heavy Bowgun - Heavy Slicing Shots (Japanese 射突型裂孔弾): These are more powerful versions of the Slicing Shots. These shots can cut off parts much more easily, compared to normal ones, due to their specially customized shells.

*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to use a Farcaster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to burrow underground and perform a surprise attack with their weapon.
*These cats can place down cannons and fire themselves from them in order to attack monsters.
*This gives them a chance to deal mounting damage to the monster.
*Prowlers have a new skill that allows them to roll objects at foes, dealing impact damage.
*Support Prowlers have a horn that activates the SP State for a skill now.
*Prowlers can now set a Healing Fountain down.
*These support cats have a special skill that grants fellow teammates many resistances to certain statuses, such as Stun.

♡ Preferences #3: How the guys react if you’ve died/been fatally injured - REQUESTED ♡

            ♡ How the GoT men react if you’ve died/been fatally injured ♡    



Jon Snow: Jon Snow would be completely distraught, refusing to accept that you’ve died/are dying. He would hold you close and cry in the crook of your neck, refusing to let you go. He ignores anyone saying things like “He/She’s in a better place now”, or “You have to let him/her go”. He can’t believe the love of his life is gone, and stays cooped up in his chambers for weeks on end, and ignores anybody who tries to speak with him, and often loses his temper very quickly, and shouts at anyone who pesters him. He never really lets go, or comes to the terms that you’re dead, and still often thinks about you, especially when he prays in the Godswood long after your death.

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Robb Stark: Robb Stark would be a complete wreck if you’re dead/dying. He holds your hand and cries, not caring of his bannermen see him being ‘weak’. He refuses to leave you alone while a maester is taking care of you, and once you’ve died he becomes a train wreck of emotions. He feels distraught that you’ve died under his care, and is angry at himself because he feels as if he wasn’t there to protect you when you needed him most. He shouts at everyone who tries to calm him, and tries to take his emotions by using his sword to slash trees, imaging the tree is the person/thing that caused your death. He blames himself for the longest time, and spends hours on end in the Godswood revising memories of the two of you, as it’s the only place he can cry freely without being interrupted/seen. He only lets his mother, Catelyn, and Grey Wind comfort him. As much as he tries, he is hardly motivated to carry on his duties as King in the North, and sends your body to be buried in the Winterfell crypts, despite the fact it’s only meant for Starks that have died.

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Jaime Lannister: Jaime Lannister is paralysed in shock. He can’t come to terms in the fact that you’re dead/dying. When he does overcome his initial shock, he’s a wreck, blaming himself for not being able to protect you, which he believes was his duty. He does not cry, but is instead angry at those around him, especially Cersei who constantly waves it off as nothing, saying things like “He/She wasn’t even worth your attention”, and Tywin who thinks it’s foolish and says it’s a display of weakness. The only people who he doesn’t lose his temper with is probably Tyrion and Brienne, who do their best to comfort him during his time of depression and alienation. As you’re dying, he holds your hand and kisses your forehead, telling you everything is going to be alright, still believing you can be saved, only to be crushed once you’re pronounced dead. He orders the High Septon that you’re to be buried in the Sept of Baelor, and refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that it’s not right.

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Khal Drogo: Khal Drogo is enraged as you’re dying. He drops to his knees and holds you to him, trying his best to be gentle to not hurt you even more, and constantly says things such as “It will be okay, moon of my life”, or “Just hold on, everything will be fine”, not caring if his bloodriders hear him. Whenever somebody tells him he looks weak to his khalasar, he rages on, and doesn’t care how important they are as he beats them senseless. After you’ve died, he refuses to take any woman into his bed, and refuses to seek help from anyone, and instead isolates himself from his bloodriders, and usually goes out to hunt as a way to try and cope with your death, and not look weak in front of his khalasar, fearing his bloodriders will attempt to kill him and declare themselves khal instead. After you’ve died, he burns your body in a large tomb, as it is Dothraki tradition, and considered terrible dishonour not to burn the dead. After your body is burned, however, he keeps your ashes, and when he is alone, he talks as if you’re there with him, refusing to let go the moon of his life.

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Petyr Baelish: Petyr is in shock. He has never really experienced real love prior to you, and you’re the only person who he hasn’t used for political gain, so he doesn’t know to react when he finds out that you’re dying. He’s so used to brushing asides one’s death, and he’s afraid to show others his weakness as he fears they’ll use it against him, but he doesn’t care, and instead refuses to any advisors telling him that your death is inevitable. He’s with you day and night as you’re dying, refusing the maester to give you milk of the poppy, as he can’t come to terms that you’ll die, and instead sits by your bed, whispering sweet nothings in your ear and talks about all the things you’ll do once you’re better. When you’re dead, he doesn’t physically cry, but instead ignores all his plans and doesn’t bother talking to anyone, and instead mopes around for weeks on end. He is hardly motivated to do anything, and ignores anybody mocking him about being depressed about your death. For the longest time, he doesn’t wear his smirk anymore, and doesn’t have his famous glint about his eyes. He instead has a weary, haunted look about his eyes, and visits your altar all the time, and thinks about all the pleasant memories he has with you.

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Tormund Giantsbane: Tormund is at loss for words when he finds out that you’re dying, and hugs you close to him, refusing to let you ago, even after you’ve died. He’s never cared for anybody like he has you, and holds on to you for as long as he can as you’re the only true love he’s ever known. After you’ve died, he blames himself for not being able to protect you, and is ever rarely as playful as he once was, and stops teasing the ones around him for a long time. He refuses to follow wildling tradition of burning their dead, and instead has you buried in the North’s ancient barrows, and every so often he brings flowers to your altar, and still talks to you. He especially likes to visit after battle, to remind you that he’s okay, and that he misses you being by his side.

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Sandor Clegane: Sandor Clegane is livid, mostly angry at himself for not being able to do his duty and protect you. He refuses to leave you as you’re dying, and threatens any maester who suggests giving you milk of the poppy, and he doesn’t care about a couple of angry tears rolling down his cheeks, as he doesn’t know any other way to react, as he’s never cared for anyone’s death beside his mother’s. He’s never had love in his life, and is even more upset when people talk after your death, and often takes his anger out on them, usually hitting or beating them when they try to insult you, as he doesn’t care when people mock him but refuses to let anyone insult you, as you were the light of his life. He often visits your tomb in the Sept of Baelor, and after your death he tries to numb his emotions by drinking, though it makes him even more depressed.

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Jorah Mormont: Jorah Mormont falls into a deep depression after your death. Once he finds out that you’re dying, he cries, and refuses to let you go, holding you close and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, constantly repeating “I love you, don’t leave me, please”. He doesn’t believe that you’ll die, even when you tell him it’s inevitable, and once you’ve passed, he’s an emotional wreck. He blames himself that he wasn’t there to protect you, and ignores all his duties, even to Daenerys, and goes into a numb trance, and feels completely alone and lost, despite having so many people around him, as you were the only one that made him feel loved, especially after his father exiled him and his family refused him. He refuses to throw out your things, and keeps your clothes, jewellry and possessions in a box as keepsake, ignoring anyone that tells him it’s a waste of time keeping it with him. He doesn’t let anyone burn your body, and instead has a tomb made for you, and visits all the time with flowers and small gifts to honour you.

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Zhang Yixing//Sovereign - Part 3

Summary: Two kingdoms are at war with another, and being the illegitimate warrior, wildcard princess, you’re appointed to the war council - along with the youngest prince of your allied country, Prince Yixing. He’s arrogant, believes he knows best no matter what - but you’re exactly the same. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8)
Scenario: Royalty!AU 
Word Count: 4,463 

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Kamen Rider Brave, Fantasy Gamer Level 50′s finishing move.

Taddle Critical Slash.

Also featured: Gashacon Sword and Gashacon Sparrow’s finishing move, Taddle Drago Knight Critical Finish.

From Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, episode 19.

Company of Fools

Characters – Fili x Reader

Summary – What if Fili had a tendency to go overboard when trying to impress you?

Word Count – 4,237

Warnings – None

A/N – My first Hobbit fic!  I’m so excited!  For @sdavid09’s What If Fanfic Challenge.  My prompt was “What if Fili had a tendency to go overboard when trying to impress you?”   Special thanks to @life-is-righteous for being my beta on this one!

Since this is my first time writing for a new fandom, I’m only tagging my forevers.  If you are on my forevers list and you only want tagged in Supernatural, just send me an ask or message and let me know, and I’ll move you to my new SPN tag.  If you want tagged in future stories - SPN, Hobbit, or both - just let me know!

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Your name: submit What is this?

Oh, no!  Not again!  You thought, as Fili jumped in front of you and slashed his sword at the warg you were getting ready to bring down.  You’d already started swinging your own sword, and you only narrowly missed hitting the future Crown Prince.  He glanced back at you for a split second after killing the beast before twisting around and killing the orc that had been riding the warg.

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myfandomtopia  asked:

malec + kiss in the rain

“Magnus, the mission’s gone sideways, we didn’t know, they’re everywhere, we’re outnumbered. Magnus, I lo-” Alec’s voice cut off and then all Magnus heard was static. His vision went red, and it was like time stilled around him.

He had portaled Alec and the others to an abandoned hospital in Massachusetts where there had been some reported demon activity. Nothing special or out of the blue, but still they needed to deal with it. Magnus had hung back at the Institute to discuss Valentine’s escape with Luke and Maryse, some of the only people alive who truly knew the extent of Valentine’s madness.

Magnus’ phone slipped from his hand as he raced to the front doors of the Institute, bounding down the steps and into the pouring rain. Water slashed at his face like shards of glass, but he hardly felt it, his skin buzzing with the familiar rage of his magic.

He raised his hands in front of him, summoning a portal, figuring that if demons came through with his Shadowhunters that it would be best to keep them out of the Institute. Magnus could hear the shouts of others through the rain, the names of Raphael and Michael and Gabriel sending light through the bitter darkness of the storm as seraph blades ignited.

The portal formed, the force of his own magic making Magnus sway on his feet. He braced himself for the onslaught of demons as lightning struck miles away and thunder shook the ground beneath him.

The first figures came through. Clary and Isabelle, leaning on each other, their seraph blades dangling idly by their sides. Magnus could see numerous cuts and slashes through their gear, small spots of blood soaking through. His throat closed up with fear and he steered his attention back to the portal, desperate to know if Alec was alright. A few other Shadowhunters ran to help them, making sure they were out of harm’s way.

A scream pierced the air as 3 grotesque shapes formed in front of them. They were demons but they looked like…hybrids? Magnus clenched his jaw, realizing that Valentine and the Circle must be behind this. His experiments were hard to look at, like they shouldn’t be there and it was against the laws of Nature that they were. Their skin was fleshy in some places, but rough and reptilian in others. There were human-like limbs sticking out from random places in their bodies, even through what Magnus assumed was one’s face.

Raj, Lindsay and Lydia rushed forward and slashed their swords into the creatures, a pungent smell mixing with the rain and making Magnus’ eyes sting. But he didn’t even blink, keeping his gaze fixed on the portal. He could feel his hair being plastered to his forehead, and entire body soaked to the bone, but he didn’t dare move. Not until Alec came through. He had to come through.

Another two figures jumped through, but this time it was Jace and Simon. Jace was practically hanging off of Simon, his head lolling forward. Simon limped forward, and when he looked up Magnus could see the ichor dripping from his chin and down his throat. He had torn those demons apart. Simon’s swayed unsteadily and Magnus saw his knees buckle before his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell limply to the ground, bringing Jace with him



Clary’s and Izzy’s voices rang clearly through the storm as they darted forward to grab the boys. They gripped them by their underarms and despite their wounds and exhaustion, dragged them to the steps of the Institute, behind the masses of warriors.

Magnus kept staring, his magic buzzing in his ears loudly.

Alexander, please.

“Bane, you have to close the portal before more of them come through!” He heard a hunter yell through the thunder and rain. “There could be hundreds of them!”

No!” Magnus said, his voice ripping from his throat. “Alec hasn’t come through yet!” His vision blurred and he was finding it harder to breathe as the seconds ticked by. Any moment now, any second Alec would walk through the portal and smile at him like he always did. Kiss him like he always did. Hug him like he always did.

“Magnus, now-” A Shadowhunter began to yell, but was cut off by two figures flying from the portal and landing on the ground with a thump. Through the sheets of rain Magnus saw the vile shape of a hybrid demon and assumed that two more had just come through to pursue Simon and Jace, but then he saw a pair of very human legs underneath it.

“Alexander!” Magnus yelled as Alec fought with the demon sitting on top of him, holding it as far away from himself as possible.

Magnus closed the portal and started forward but then, in one swift move, Alec had rolled them over and pinned the demon to the ground, unsheathing his dagger, and stabbed over and over until it was nothing but a puddle of ichor at his feet.

Alec dropped his knife and stayed kneeling, one hand on the ground to balance him as he gasped for breath.

The Shadowhunters began to disperse and look for cover against the rain, but Magnus raced forward, throwing himself down to the ground in front of Alec. He grabbed Alec’s face between his hands, his fingers curling around the soaking strands of Alec’s hair.

Alec looked at Magnus in surprise and Magnus’ vision was overwhelmed with hazel. After this very moment, it was Magnus’ new favorite color

“Don’t you ever do that again, Alexander. Do you hear me?” Magnus said, and then his lips were on Alec’s and he was kissing him harder than he had ever kissed anyone in his life. It was a kiss that shouted I love you! I love you, Alexander Gideon Lightwood! with every brush of his tongue, every touch of his hands running down Alec’s arms. Alec tasted of and salt and blood and rain water, and Magnus couldn’t get enough of it.

“You saved me,” Alec whispered, pulling back and resting his forehead against Magnus’. His hands were twisted tightly in the collar of Magnus’ coat.

“It’s not the first time and I bet you my entire wardrobe that it definitely won’t be the last,” Magnus said, running his hands down Alec’s chest, like he was unable to believe that Alec was okay. That he was here with Magnus in the pissing rain, kissing him with everything he had.

Alec laughed and the sound rang out through the storm, outshining the thunder and lightning and rain, overpowering its darkness, and replacing it with an overwhelming light.

send me a shadowhunters ship and a cliche trope !!!

Nightmares of mayhem

-ults. ults everywhere the eye can see. i would cry but my tears would be made of fucking ults

-do you have any idea how painful having a zarya constantly ulting is?? no?? try mayhem. you’ll get more succ than you ever wanted or knew was possible.

-fucking junkrats ulting everywhere and their concussion mines make me wanna eat a stick of live dynamite to get it over with

-if there’s a dva she’ll make you regret sliding out of the womb because she is ulting like a motherfucker

-tracer has so many blinks I wanna peel my eyelids off and never blink again

-mccree flashbang, get ready to get banged every three seconds oh my lord on high noon.


-AND if you manage to kill someone with their ridiculous health, then there’s probably a fucking Mercy about to REZ at least twenty times a game.

-you know who’s the REAL nightmare in mayhem though? GENJI. Let me tell you about this fucker:

• he’s got endless fucking DEFLECTS. nothing you can do about it, just put a gun to your own head and end it

•he’s constantly fucking flying everywhere with his sword slash bullshit. seriously you thought genjis were annoying before? Try this guy with a fast fucking deflect and the ability to slash whenever he’s not deflecting.

•when he’s ulting he’s fucking ULTING. he’s impossible to get near and he’s impossible to hit. I know I’m incompetent and I have bad aim but there’s just nothing to aim at.

-and general nightmares:

•everyone’s got so much fucking health.

•everyone’s abilities are constant hell. not only are we dealing with ults but we’re dealing with annoying shit we normally had to deal with every ten seconds.

•shit gets so chaotic I can’t see anything. I’m shooting blindly and being shot blindly at by the writhing masses of pixelated bodies undulating in spasms of pain. I live. I die. I live again.

Cobblestone Swords - a Jercy Oneshot

For: @pjolgbtnet‘s event 1 week one - aus | @elements1999 who I haven’t written jercy for in years

word count - 8,770

Percy had never been so bored in his life.

His father had, yet again, insisted that he join the family as they oversee the annual coliseum games - in which noblemen and lesser kings of the land bring their best fighter to die on the cobblestone and sandy floors of a coliseum, while only one man triumphs above all and crowned free from his sword-swinging grave.

Percy hated that ideology. That he had to sit and watch egotistical men swing metal toothpicks around for an audience and shown off like prized cattle. It was revolting that his father enjoyed such… calamities.

“Smile a little.” His sister, Rhode, hissed softly. Percy rolled his eyes, fixing the draping of his minimalist toga.

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