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Gekijo-ban Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale)       2016

Tomohiko Ito

Animation / Action / Adventure


Stars : 5/5

Huge fan of this saga and the movie was no disappointment. You do need to watch the anime to understand this and enjoy this to the fullest though. This time, our main characters are faced with a new threat, augmented reality. We get to see old and loved characters, but new villains and new friends. The animations is excellent, even better than the anime, full of detail, color, dynamic fights, interesting boss fights, etc. Exciting through and through with an epic battle and sweet ending. 


UHM HONESTLY THE BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN, i honestly forgot that Kirito was younger than Asuna shh…

ORDINAL SCALE I SWEAR they’ve done well to please us + combing all leaders of guilds and games fahh I couldn’t ask for more..

But can i just say having it somewhat surrounding Asuna again and having all the main characters of the Series itself is honestly so great like they knew we missed them!!

+ THERES ANOTHER MOVIE/SEASON IN THE MAKING LIKE WHAT?? (Note: I alr knew about the season coming but still that outro tho)

The ending credits are so cute but then that one screen *SAO WILL RETURN* is like WAIT WHAT??

Just watch it thanks it’s really worth it in the end!!

Sword Art Online

Oh boy here we go. I’m probably gonna get a lot of flak for this but I love Sword Art Online. All of it.  I’d like to first say that I have not read the light novels, and this may the reason why I love the anime so much, but I’m poor and I’m not really an avid reader.

Putting that aside, lets get down to business. The first arc is the classic Aincrad arc. Here we are introduced to the world of SAO and the “If you die in the game you die in real life thing” 

Aincrad is and always be my favorite arc. I’m so glad this arc was the first one in the series because without it I probably wouldn’t like the show as much as I do. I especially love the little bit of romance that accompanies the main story line. (Say what you will but Kirito x Asuna with the addition of Yui is too adorable to hate.) 

The next arc is the Fairy Dance arc. This is the arc that everyone hates, and while it’s not my favorite I have to say that I feel that it’s necessary. People say that the Fairy Dance arc ruins the “strong female character” aspect of Asuna but that is dealt with later in the series. What I really love about this arc is that it kind of puts the “SAO is a harem” ideas to rest. This arc shows just how much Kirito cares about Asuna, and how far he is willing to go in order to stay by her side. Say what you will, but I liked it. 

Next up is Gun Gale Online. This arc focuses less on the original cast, and more on Kirito as an individual, as well as a new character (one of my favorites) named Sinon. This arc explores how Kirito was impacted by the SAO incident, and kind of serves as the redemption arc. However, this isn’t the main focus of the arc, and it loses a few points for that. The arc focuses more on how victims of PTSD are impacted in general.

This arc introduces Sinon, the badass sniper of GGO who wields a sniper rifle the only she can control. I love Sinon, her character is so interesting with the way she copes, and overcomes her PTSD, and how she and Kirito become best bros. The only thing I’m gonna say is bad about Sinon is that she deserved better. (Watch the arc and you’ll understand.) 

Last but not least, is the Mother’s Rosario arc. Whereas the last arc was all about Kirito, this arc is all about Asuna. This is the arc that I was talking about when I said that the strong female character aspect of Asuna is dealt with later in the series. I mean just look at this and try to tell me Asuna is just Kirito’s girlfriend nothing else.

This arc also introduces the Sleeping knights, and their leader Yuuki. I won’t say much about what happens between them, but I will say it’s sad, almost too sad. This arc is the only one that tugged at the heart strings and that’s why I like it so much. 

Sword Art Online will always be one of my favorites no matter how much hate it gets. 10/10 would full-dive again. 


Sword Art Online!


I don’t do that click bait shit. I let you know from the get go that it’s the  Aincrad arc.

pt. 2 coming soon. 


Reading a Rick Riordan is always a fun ride. it’s fast paced, u can’t put it down and it’s sarcasm-based humor can always put a smile on your face. the huge amount of mythology research Rick puts into his books is really astonishing. Although it can be a bit a much a first. i kept telling myself that this is probably how i reacted when i started reading Percy Jackson :)

but seriously though i had moments when i was like

Norse Mythology is mind-bending af

I mean the story wants you to believe that the greatest threat to the world is Ragnarok but it’s actually that crazy squirrel on the world tree that’s to destroy the world by enraging a feud between an owl and a dragon who are also living on the world tree  (Vikings were ssooo high while inventing this shit)

Homeless is the new sexy
I like Magnus as a protagonist and idk why but i had sympathy for him from first chapters. He was homeless kid who lost his mother for reasons he didn’t get. He reminds me of Leo Valdez who really should have had his own spin-off series like 2 years ago or something.. He is the most down down-to-earth protagonist i seen in a long time. His development from homeless-kid to Valhalla’s hero is really good. he’s deep dependence on his friends is shown throughout the book. Hearth was my favorite, he made me fall in love with sign language i liked him so much, his amazing bromance with blitz is just heart-melting he’s really someone i would like to have as friend. And Jack the Sword was so cool Favorite quote: “A pen sword. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard” AW SNAP!!

Samirah Al-Abbas
was frickin’ awesome. i heard that there was muslim character in the book and i was afraid that Rick had just shoehorned her in the book for “diversity reasons” but she was genuine, strong character, She was bad-ass that wasn’t afraid to talk about her identity. She was very much like Loki (Which is something she would punch me for saying) clever, calculated moves doesn’t let her emotions cloud her actions. I loved her so much. She is so brave, Her backstory is really genuine has no exaggerated chosen-one theme to it. i just loved her much while reading the whole book <3

Loki was a very subtle villain. “The thing about fate, Magnus: even if we can’t change the big picture, our choices can alter the details.That’s how we rebel against destiny” Loki acts behind the scenes to hasten the gods And probably the world’s end but he doesn’t let his revenge drive him. His silver tongue makes him seem playing in the grey area, but he is very subtly is altering destiny to fit his plans. i like him as the behind the scenes main villain. He makes his movie version seem a bit dull, which is a huge accomplishment.. 

SAO: Ordinal Scale

First of all: Wagnaria!!!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to say, Kawahara Reki really likes to tackle heavy subjects, doesn’t he? Yet, he can’t really write heavy subjects.

The Aincrad arc of SAO was amazing. I loved it. The thought that you’re stuck in a game that’s not really a game anymore, where you’ll really die in real life if you die in-game–the emotional impact it had, the fights everyone underwent to free everyone from the death game… seriously, if they had developed it well into a 2-cour anime instead of using the second half as the ALO arc, it would’ve been amazing. Though… that is, if the writing was good. Because I decided to rewatch the series again (had only gotten to episode 5 or so) and I realize how the writing lacks so much in a lot of area–but the premise and concept was cool. 

I’m not going to talk about the series (I’ve probably forgotten about most of it. Heck, I don’t even remember what happened in the second season except for some of the major plot points). I’m going to talk about the movie Ordinal Scale

I’m not great at writing reviews, but here’s the thing–I loved Ordinal Scale’s premise. The thing that Eiji mentioned about people who didn’t fight not getting mentioned in the book? That’s exactly what history is. I mean, history only tells us about prominent figures and what these prominent figures did. Heck, sometimes people even distort history so it’ll tell people what they want people to know. That concept–I loved it! But the execution! It was just…okay. 

You don’t really need a great concept to make a great story, hence a great movie.  You can make a great movie out of a simple concept. Write it well, create deep and moving characters, and you’ll have your great story. But I think SAO has always been about great concepts without good writing so in the end, we’re given just a good series that could’ve been better.

Well, what did I expect? I entered the cinema with no expectation whatsoever but to have a good time watching the movie, especially since some reviews I read said the action and visuals were top-notch. In that aspect, the anime did not disappoint. 

Another part I loved about the anime: the music. I’ve loved Kajiura Yuki’s music for a while and I loved SAO’s music. Hearing the main theme right at the beginning just brought me goosebumps! haha. I seriously love her music! And I think I love every one of Yuna’s songs!

Things I don’t really like: the villains lack depth, some of the side characters were only there just for the sake of it. For some reason, the world doesn’t feel alive. the side characters were very 2-dimensional, though maybe you could argue that they were already given backstories in the series, but still… I don’t know… it just felt empty. 

And then the story. I like it, to some extent. SAO’s stories were already quite fun, though it can be cliche, cheesy, and cringe-worthy. Good thing though that Ordinal Scale didn’t dwell too long on the conflicts and instead move on to the fast-paced battles immediately. So it was good and fun and wasn’t boring at all. Not that the story itself is boring. I like the idea of the Augma. And I agree with someone who said that it’s like playing Pokemon Go but different. And there were some plot holes I found, which I didn’t really find annoying. And some fanservices that were a bit awkward to watch in the big screen with lots of people watching together hahaha. 

Oh! And the last battle at the end! I just wanted to say– What the hell??!! HAHAHAHA Does a sword like that really exist xDDDD The ultimate weapon!! xDDD And the last battle too! It just… wasn’t as exiting as the other battles. 

So all in all, Ordinal Scale was a fun movie to watch with beautiful music, despite its flaws and plotholes and other things I’m irritated about. It was cool and at least I like it better than the second season lol.

Arrow – This is Your Sword – Episode review

Everything in life is a matter of faith, of what we chose to believe in, of what we chose to fight for. Arrow is no different. It’s a matter of trust and a matter of faith. Not only towards Oliver… but towards the writers too. Do we decide to follow them or do you decide to ride on our own?

The entire season has been about identity. Weirdly enough I never remembered that almost 10 years ago, I spent a year studying identity in philosophy classes… It hit me tonight.  It takes a few components to create a full identity, but three of them are essential and they were all present in tonight’s episode. I’m not a literature or a philosophy person and surely I don’t pretend to write anything different than a review tonight but hopefully this will make a bit of sense.


This component is the natural evolution of human beings. Everything changes us, even so slightly. We sometimes don’t realize it but we do change, every day. The recent events have changed Oliver. First he decided to join the league, then the league made him someone else. It pushed the alterity to the point that Oliver’s own identity has been irrevocably altered to the eyes of his friends and entourage.

Diggle has lost a brother. Last week proved him that Oliver is no longer. The man who stood by his side at his wedding is gone, replaced by a weapon whose primary purpose is death. So yes Diggle is angry. He is angry at Oliver but I believe he is angry at himself too.

Nothing has changed. Diggle failed protecting his friend and brother but moreover he let Al Sah-Him approach his family and threatening everything Diggle has always fought for. Family. Al Sah-Him stained Diggle’s conception of friendship and trust, altering forever the memory of their common path.

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After watching the first season of “Sword Art Online,” the first thing I could think of was, Man, I would love to see the Steam reviews for Sword Art Online IRL would be like.


  • Cutting-edge graphics
  • Incredibly immersive gameplay
  • Innovative multiplayer dynamics that allow you to easily make friends and quest with them in a painstakingly detailed open world


  • It trapped my mind inside a virtual hell for several months in which I witnessed, and was occasionally directly responsible for, the brutal deaths of my closest friends and family. 

9/10 Would play again.

Stuff I Liked in Sword of Summer

Ok down below are some of the minor things I REALLY enjoyed about the Sword of Summer.

  • This book literally ruined everything I knew from Marvel. Just….I don’t know what to believe anymore.
  • The sword is called Jack. It seems to think being a pen is beneath it.
  • Now I need a separate book series in which a major showdown occurs between Riptide and Jack about who’s the better, more dignified sword and Annabeth is the referee cuz her cousin and boyfriend’s weapons are competing.
  • I lowkey ship Mallory and Halfborn which will turn into high key very fast if I am provoked because I can not help myself.
  • Magnus being treated like the baby brother by his shield siblings is awesome and I love it and I want more of it. 
  • I want bonding to happen people. Proper bonding between the characters. Give me all the bonding between all the characters please.
  • I lowkey want Mallory to meet Rachel Dare and they have a stare-down to see who’s the more awesome redhead.
  • Dwarves listen to Taylor Swift and she is (apparently) related to them somewhere along the line.
  • I like the Blitz and Hearth broship. Anyone wanna join me aboard ?
  • I’m also joining the bro/family ship for Magnus’ new family including his shield siblings.
  • I want more Magnus and Annabeth because I really like that.
  • I also want more mentions of the PJO/HOO series even if its very little like the chapter title with Jason.
  • I also can’t help but sense a foreshadowing of a crossover. Is that just me or anyone else sense it too ? This is gonna be good. 
  • Thor enjoys modern TV shows and Mjolnir can be used as an HD TV.
  • Odin enjoys trying out new things and obviously knows how to pick the most embarrassing pictures for his presentations.
  • The dining hall occupants ‘Oooooo’ing when Samirah’s picture came up during her part of the presentation (her blushing while Amir grinned at her) was very funny.
  • The titles were very fun and I really liked that they are BACK !

For a more serious review you can check out this link right here. And for my review on Samirah Al Abbas I will direct you to this link here.

I will now be taking requests for MCGA. I wont be great at first but I’ll do my best.


Stevenbomb 2.0 in a Nutshell (spoilers!)

Sworn to the Sword- Pearl’s martyrdom issues are no match for the Jam Buddies.

Rising Tides/Crashing Skies- I dread the day Ronaldo Fryman’s paranoia complex collapses upon itself in a black hole of self-absorbed nerd delusion.

Keeping It Together- Rape metaphors + the Gem equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster = traumatized Garnet. On a lighter note, Peridot is now apparently Inspector Gadget.

We Need to Talk- For those of you who think Greg and Rose hooking up in “Story for Steven” was too abrupt… well, it looks like the writers agree with you.

Chille Tid- It’s hard to say what’s more disturbing: Pearl’s first brush with nightmares, crazy!Jasper, or Lapis Lazuli adding yet another Gem with a martyr complex into Steven’s life.

So yes, this show is still a freaking emotional roller coaster.

Into The Dark: This Is Your Sword Arrow 3x22 Review

Sorry for the delay on the review. I was…a little drunk. No I am not kidding.  I thought it best to, ya know, sober up before thinkin’ my thoughts.

I feel like I’ve been in a game of chicken with Marc Guggenheim the last four weeks. I was determined not to swerve first, but after it was confirmed that Oliver & Nyssa get married…I swerved. I’ll admit it. I swerved right into a bar and drank my feelings all up. 

Well, first I let out a barrage of mildly humorous yet bitter tweets. Then I hit the bar. 

Anywho, I prepared myself for a necessary second viewing because I told my husband to make strong margaritas and he’s an over achiever. 

The only other episode I’ve watched twice before writing the review was The Canaries (shudder). I’ll admit…this was rough. But a rough Arrow episode is still 98% better than the other crap on television. I also realized during my second viewing there was no reason to swerve. All the spoilers, articles and Tiffany Vogt tweets (oh yeah Tiffany…you are so on my list)…were simply the very road signs I’d been warning against. 

Stephen Amell once commented that it’s always darkest before dawn. He was right. Arrow 3x22 was a difficult episode - painful, heart wrenching, devastating and downright enraging. We went into the dark in “This Is Your Sword”. So much dark it’s difficult to see what’s on the other side…

The dawn.

Let’s dig in…

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Arrow Review: This Is Your Sword

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write a review of an Arrow episode. But because of the nature of the content during, ‘This Is Your Sword’, I felt compelled to put my thoughts out there as a loyal Arrow fan.

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Arrow 3x22 - This Is Your Sword

I’ve always been good at debates. The reason for that, I think, is that I am what you might call a “devil’s advocate”. I can see situations from every conceivable angle, and can argue either side of the equation. I can make points for and against pretty much any given situation or thing. Most of the time, I do, which can prove challenging when a decision needs to be made. This isn’t me bragging about my unbiased nature: more often than not, this “ability” to see a situation from and understand every angle causes indecisiveness. Even simple decisions, like where to go for lunch, can take twice as long while my brain weighs out the potential pros and pitfalls of both decisions, concocting elaborate scenarios that will probably never occur, and basically making a mountain out of a molehill. And this happens Every. Single. Time. Which, as you can imagine, is immensely exhausting. While the ability to put yourself in a different set of shoes, or to view things from a bird’s-eye perspective, or even to view a situation from every angle and permutation is lauded as a skill…it does mean that my head is often overfull with thoughts and headcanons and ideas and arguments that I simply don’t need, and that just end up making a situation more complicated than it needs to be. My head is an exhausting place to live in, I promise you. You wouldn’t want it. 

The point of this diatribe, and the reason for this exploration into the workings of my brain, is this. In my head right now, I have two versions of this review already written. In Version A, I am annoyed at, frustrated by, and angry with Oliver for his actions in this episode, the way that he’s treated his teammates (and it’s not the actual act of drugging them, because we know that’s a fakeout). In Version B, I am much more sympathetic to him, understanding that he was backed in a corner, that he felt he had no choice, that he acted rashly, yes, but that he didn’t know what else to do. 

I could write either of these reviews right now. Follow Version A and write a ranty review about all the things wrong with this episode. That review would be harsh - very harsh - on Oliver, most likely unfairly so. He deserves some criticism but not as much as Version A would have me write. Follow Version B, and write a hugely sympathetic review that would skew everything in Oliver’s favour and probably be biased and unfair to the other characters and their valid reactions. 

In the end, as with all things in my life, the truth lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, and so this review will be an amalgamation of all of those viewpoints. 

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Oliver said it on the plane to Felicity…the thought that Ra’s would kill his sister to get to him never even occurred to him.  I think at that moment, staring at his sister on her deathbed, realising that he had failed to protect her….he understood.  He understood that Ra’s is a man who only deals in extremes…and only the most extreme measures must be taken to stop him.  

“There are people in the world who deal only in extremes, and it would be naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.  Sometimes bravery isn’t enough.  Sometimes the world requires us to be bold…whatever the personal cost.” (3x08 Brave and the Bold)… 

He is more dangerous than Slade in all his mirakuru craziness because Ra’s is strategic, he’s patient, he’s calculative and there is no limit to what he will do to achieve his endgame. The war with Ra’s is not a war of violence and who is the strongest.  It’s a mind game, a battle of strategy….basically it’s a chess game.


shipper-heart1207‘s “Thoughts on 3x22

It’s a really great read. This was my favorite part.