sword of stalingrad

The “Sword of Stalingrad” was offered as a gift from the United Kingdom to the Soviet Union. It served as a tribute to the victorious Soviets who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad. Soviet Embassy in Tehran, Iran - 29/11/43.


Not Potsdam, not Yalta: Tehran. At the end of November 1943, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, from left, welcomed his American and British counterparts, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Russian Embassy in Tehran. At the meeting, several key decisions were made, not the least of which was Roosevelt’s promise to Stalin to open a second front against the Nazis in France. There was also a dinner at which Churchill offered Stalin the “Sword of Stalingrad,” which, after kissing it, some reports said, Stalin handed to a Russian officer who promptly dropped it on his own foot. Photo: The New York Times