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  • Me Seeing Bloodborne 2 being mentioned but it's still uncertain due to FromSoft supposedly going on to 'making other games': Stop playing with me, like this! I still have much to do on the first game and I haven't even had it for a year, yet! xD
  • Also me if it is confirmed: I want a stat Respect option, better gun/bow range (like Dark Souls 1 bow) but without it being easy boss cheese and more Scythes! I want a Bloodtinge Scythe like Chikage (where you stab yourself in the guts like the Bloodletter to imbue it with blood) and an Arcane one like Holy Moonlight Sword because that would look sick for a Reaper build. Also, a long untied hair style and more character creation options.
  • Most importantly: If Doll is going to be the Hunter's wife again, make her kill any fool with a giant death ray from the Moon, if they dare to hit her or at least have a hug option for her! :D
  • Me not being realistic about game development ideas: Also wants Lady Maria's bloody version of the Rakuyo and if it were a prequel to the events of Bloodborne, a chance to talk to the beautiful lady herself and to have her as a mentor, giving me basic tutorials.
  • Me being realistic: I know I expect too much, but can't I simply dream? xD
  • Me being a disclaimer: Don't get overexcited from this post because I'm just having my usual rambles. :P I don't know what's going on with this, so I'm still going to remain a bit skeptical until the time comes.

Gods And Humans Living In The Dark Souls Universe: *invent complex lever-based mechanisms, rotating elevator platforms, a sword that is physical moonlight, a triple-shot masterpiece of a crossbow, an empire that decimated dragons and demons both*

Gods And Humans Living In The Dark Souls Universe: *completely and utterly unable to create a simple piece of headwear that provides hands-free light for dark areas, so they have to kill a dangerous mind-controlling parasite and wear its corpse as a hat if they want such a thing*

Favorite Little Things in Dark Souls:

  • The horse hoof clacking sounds the Pontiff Knights make when they walk
  • The strangely eerie yet endearing shape the Loyce Knight armor set suggests that Loycians had. All the more when you consider how heroic they were.
  • The Severed Dragon Ass in the Painted World of Ariamis never being patched, which means we can skip the Painted World in every single playthrough with the jump attack glitch.
  • The Preachers in The Ringed City dropping juicy, juicy bits of important lore info for various characters in the franchise that you thought you’d never hear of again.
  • From the above, the eventual fate of Alva the Wayfarer, turned The Seeker of the Spurned, and how he, much like the Ivory King, redeemed an aspect of Manus through love.
  • Ledo and the Judicator Giants being such good friends that their strong bond allows the Judicators to summon his soul to attack their enemies.
  • Prince Ricard running around naked with just a crown and a loincloth in Archdragon Peak.
  • Sister Friede paying homage to Nashandra’s surprise entrance to the boss arena, walking through the gate while caressing her scythe.
  • If you grab your Binoculars and stand before the chasm you must jump down into in order to fight the Demon From Below and the Demon In Pain, look directly to the left, and you can make out the entire Undead Settlement from Dark Souls 1.
  • Prowling Demons never appearing again after Dark Souls 1.
  • The Old Moonlight spell materializes the Moonlight Sword from King’s Field.
  • Straid of Olaphis being pretty much a gijinka of the 03-AALIYAH from Armored Core: For Answer, as well as being a play on the protagonist from that game’s name (”Strayed”).
  • During various parts of The Ringed City, if you pay attention to your surroundings, you can see Darkeater Midir perched nearby, looking at you harmlessly. Midir only ever attacks you where you can dodge or fight back. Because Midir is still sane, and is gauging if you are worthy enough to put him out of his misery before the abyss claims his mind. One could even say that Midir is testing you to see if you can really best him and lay him to rest at last.
Jacob Frye x Reader - The Fall

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[A/N: A series where the reader is trained by 40-year-old Jacob Frye–causing a romance to happen between them.

Rated: SFW]

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FOR RENT: Ludwig the Holy Dad Blade

Do you like horses? Do you like really shiny swords? Do you also like REALLY ANNOYING BOSSES? Well do I have the deal for you! For the sweet tiny deal of one (1) like && or reblog you too can get your hands on a GIANT MONSTROSITY that might also double as your Dad on a good day. COMES WITH FREE HOLY MOONLIGHT SWORD!* 

* DISCLAIMER: He’s really attached to it… you might have to ask nicely to borrow it.


I played my old game, just for this weapon and then I ended up killing a Cursed and Defiled Watchdog because I never did that Chalice on my first play… LOL!

I love this sword, but even the Arcane on this wasn’t enough. I didn’t have the best gems and my Arcane is only 40. Arcane is so demanding in this game, but it would be fun to go all out on that. I’m thinking of using this game for mostly weapons testing, seeming I have every requirement met on this.

40 Endurance on this one was also good to play with, again… Stamina can really be an issue for me, at 28 or even 30.


[CHARACTER] Prince Endymion.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: プリンス・エンディミオン
Romaji: Purinsu Endimion

Role: Recurring character
Type: Human
Family: Unnamed mother and father (past life parents), Mamoru’s unnamed mother (deceased), Mamoru’s unnamed father (deceased), Usagi Tsukino (Mamoru’s wife), Hina Kusaka (Mamoru’s former fiancée), Hina Kusaka’s father (Mamoru’s surrogate father)
Aliases: Mamoru Chiba,Tuxedo Mask, Metalia Endymion
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom, Earth Kingdom, Dark Kingdom (temporary)
First appearance: Act 25
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Jyoji Shibue


  • In Greek mythology, Endymion was the human that the moon goddess Selene fell in love with.
  • Like in other adaptations of the manga, Prince Endymion’s past life parentage is never clarified.
  • While his royal armor was classically black, the live-action Endymion wore a white uniform.
  • Not counting his union with Queen Metalia, Prince Endymion alone never became truly evil. He felt some influence from the Dark Kingdom and was manipulated by Queen Beryl’s tactics, but he mostly complied with their demands in order to protect Usagi and the Shitennou.
  • Mamoru could become Prince Endymion without any of the complications Usagi endured when she transformed into Princess Serenity or Princess Sailor Moon. This might explain why Endymion appeared more often than Princess Serenity.

( @moonlight-kaitou
continued )

Kuroba-kun. Kaito seemed to be vaguely conscious, meaning Goemon’s attempts to rouse him were not in vain. Good. Whatever happened, it had obviously left the young thief in terrible shape, and Goemon wasn’t sure that he would ever be able to forgive himself if Kaito hadn’t opened his eyes.

( He was plotting revenge already. )

It’s me. He figured no further introduction was necessary.  Can you open your eyes ? Can you tell me what happened ?