sword of desperation

An old dwarf once told me that the most powerful crafting materials are paradoxes.
—  Now what does that tell us about Hearth, an elf of Alfheim, a place made of air and light and Blitz, a dwarf from Nidavellir, a place of darkness? Nice foreshadowing, Rick

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Hi, quick question because I haven't read the books in a while. Did Ned encourage Arya's unladylike behaviour at all? I know he obviously let her keep Needle but apart from that I'm sure he wanted to make her a lady (the whole 'your sons will be knights... quote etc) but he and Cat just sort of gave up. I see people say because she remind him of Lyanna he encouraged it but I would've thought if she reminded him of Lyanna, he would discourage it, hoping she doesn't share the same fate

The short answer to your question, Nonnie, is NO. Ned did not “encourage” Arya in unladylike behavior. The Ned Stark who indulges his youngest daughter in every whim and thinks it’s charming if she’s rude to people is entirely a fandom creation. At least as far as the books go. Not having seen the show, I never pretend to speak to portrayals of the characters there. Honestly, this idea of Ned as the super progressive, indulgent father who would want all his children to live freely and marry for love and spend their lives doing whatever their little hearts desire if it weren’t for that horrible bitch he’s married to infuriates me as much on Ned’s behalf as it does on Catelyn’s!

As much as I love the guy, as much as he genuinely loves both his wife and children a great deal more than many other lords in ASOIAF seem to, as much as he absolutely values women as human beings capable of rational thought and worthy of respect in a way that far too few of the men in the series do, Lord Eddard Stark is a pretty traditional guy. He married for duty, became Lord of Winterfell for duty, lives his life with as much honor as he can–as he understands the concept. He expects no less of his children. He does not want them unhappy and would not willingly place them in harm’s way, but he expects Robb to fulfills his responsibilities as heir to Winterfell and one day its lord, to rule with honor and wed a woman who will make a good Lady of Winterfell. He expects Bran and Rickon to grow up and become bannermen of their elder brother, perhaps with their own holdfasts in the North, helping defend House Stark and the North and administer justice in their brother’s name. He expects Sansa AND Arya to make marriages which are advantageous to House Stark. Not because he thinks of his children as pawns, but because this is WHAT PEOPLE DO! This is how a good father secures his children’s future and how a good lord secures the future of his House.

So, OF COURSE, he doesn’t encourage Arya’s wild ways. Now, we don’t get to see any actual hands-on parenting by Ned of his daughters in Winterfell on the page. Catelyn is obviously in charge of them. Not because she’s controlling and he’s lenient–but because that is HER job. Arya sees her mother as the primary disciplinarian in her life simply because her mother, as the more hands-on parent in her daily life, is the one who’s telling her what to do and not to do on a far more regular basis. 

We DO see Ned interacting directly with Arya in King’s Landing, when Catelyn is far away and unavailable for the duty. He’s exhausted, he’s miserable away from his home and his wife, he’s frustrated with his seeming inability to make Robert act like a king or to make headway in the matter of Jon Arryn’s death or the attempt on Bran’s life, and he’s completely bamboozled on how to handle the open warfare between his daughters. And now Septa Mordane comes to him and tells him that after he left the Small Hall in frustration without finishing his dinner after yet another altercation between the two girls, Arya has made a scene and left the Hall without permission. He goes to her room, wondering how in hell to deal with her and finds her with a sword she informs him is his.

During their exchange, (which is from Arya’s POV), she notes more than once how tired her father looks. Upon realizing the sword was made by Mikken, he SIGHS. “My nine-year-old daughter is being armed from my own forge, and I know nothing of it. The Hand of the King is expected to rule the Seven Kingdoms, yet it seems I cannot even rule my own household.”

This is a dude at the end of his rope!

When Arya informs him that she hates Septa Mordane, his answer is given in a voice GRRM refers to as ‘curt and hard’. “That’s enough. The septa is doing no more than is her duty, though gods know you have made it a struggle for the poor woman. Your mother and I have charged her with the impossible task of making you a lady.”

YOUR MOTHER AND I, he says. Not just ‘your mother.’ Like Catelyn, Ned understands that Arya chafes against a lot of what is asked of her. Like Catelyn, he sees learning to do it anyway as necessary to her future.

Arya protests, of course, and gets the well-known speech from her father about having a wildness in her, or the wolf blood as his own father used to call it. And when he tells her she reminds him of his sister, even nine-year-old Arya hears the sadness in his voice. And when he tells her she looks like Lyanna, and she protests that Lyanna was beautiful he says, “She was. Beautiful, willful, and dead before her time.”

In this moment, Ned is remembering his sister with both great love and great fear for as much as he might love the echoes of her which he sees in Arya, he DOES NOT want her to follow Lyanna’s path or share her fate. Immediately after that is when he asks her what she thought to do with that sword. He’s trying desperately to figure out what to do with this daughter who is so unhappy, so determined to do what she wants, and eerily like the sister who followed her own will right into an early grave and triggered a terrible war. 

They go on to have quite a wonderful conversation in which he tries to understand her and make her understand him–talking of the pack and winter and honor, etc. Some things, she understands, and others not so much. He never mentions Lyanna again in the conversation. He tells her Septa Mordane is a good woman and emphasizes her sisterhood with Sansa, telling her that while they may be as different as the sun and the moon, the same blood flows through their hearts and they need each other. And he needs them both.

We’re in Arya’s head here–not Ned’s. But you can almost feel his desperation when he then tells her she has to STOP with the willfulness. “This is not Winterfell. We have enemies here who mean us ill. We cannot fight a war among ourselves. This willfulness of yours, the running off, the angry words, the disobedience … at home, these were only the summer games of a child. Here and now, with winter soon upon us, that is a different matter. It is time to begin growing up.”

Basically, he just told her to knock off all the things that so many in fandom feel he encouraged in her. While he may have been fairly lenient (NOT encouraging) of her shenanigans in Winterfell, they’re now in a dangerous place, and at the ripe old age of nine, he expects her to act more grown up!

Then, he lets her keep her sword and arranges lessons for her. Why does he do that? I think at least in part, it’s because he needs somebody to be happy about SOMETHING. He’s so guilty about Sansa’s wolf that he can barely speak with her, and he knows Arya hates King’s Landing, and he knows even better how much HE hates King’s Landing. Maybe if he gives her this one thing–he can keep his daughter from a full-on rebellion like that of his sister’s.

But even after that, some time later after word arrives that Bran has awakened, Arya asks Ned if he can still be a knight, and he tells her no, but that her brother may still someday be lord of a great holdfast and sit on the king’s castle or raise castles like Brandon the Builder or sail a ship across the Sunset Sea or enter their mother’s faith and become High Septon. Arya promptly asks if she can be king’s councillor and build castles and become High Septon, and Ned, of course, tells her no.

“You,” Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, “will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon.”

Arya wants none of that, of course, but my point here is that, sword lessons or not, this is the future Ned saw for Arya, the future he WANTED for Arya, not because he was a bad father, but because he loved his daughter. And to this traditional High Lord of Westeros, having his daughter become a Queen or a great Lady was the absolute most he could offer her.

So while he loved his daughter Arya dearly, and had loved his sister dearly as well, and probably did love that he could see a bit of Lyanna living on in Arya, he did not encourage her to be willful and wild any more than he had encouraged it in his sister.

Allies, listen up.

When a trans person writes a post about wanting more trans characters who have plotlines, character arcs and experiences that aren’t about being trans, don’t tag it “trans rights” and “politics”.

This post isn’t about our rights and it sure as fuck isn’t political. It’s about being treated in narrative and representation the same way cis folk take for granted. These tags demonstrate the spectacularly high degree of not getting it: you have literally turned an expression for normalisation, which is not inherently political at all, into something political by tagging it this way.

Wanting to be treated just like you isn’t political and it says something profoundly dangerous that too many societies do regard this as a political statement.

When an ace/aro/a-spec person writes a post about ace/aro/a-spec positivity, don’t tag it “discourse”.

Positivity isn’t discourse. We’ve literally reached a point on this site where anything that talks a-spec anything is treated as discourse, and given that the word “discourse” itself sanitises and excuses open hate, this is incredibly dangerous.

A-spec folk see discourse as either “hate for a part of my personhood” or “having to justify for the thousandth time why I’m part of my own damn community” and we don’t need that reminder of the precariousness of our identities here intruding into something that is literally meant to help us survive.

(Right now our identities have become discourse. Right now speaking about who we are means knowing that there’s a vocal community of people ready to negatively comment, harass or vaguepost in response, even if it’s simple positivity that has nothing to do with the broader issues supposedly being debated about - even though it’s clear by now that those broader issues are often the justification for hate. This is incredibly effective scapegoating - the act of hating on the subset of a broader community as a means of disguising and avoiding problems within the larger community space, creating an artificial sense of unity and connection via the bonds of hate - and, like scapegoating in general, it doesn’t require the participation of the majority of the community to work. That there is even the word “discourse” to describe this “debate” is frightening when you look at global history and the many ways hate has been reframed and labelled to justify it, especially when you look at where this hate always leads.)

When an ace/aro/a-spec person writes a discourse post in answer to the hate, don’t tag it “positivity”.

Justifying our identity and our presence in the community isn’t positivity. It’s more tiresome, exhausting work done for the new aces and aros and a-spec folk that come after us. There’s nothing positive about picking up a sword, just desperation and fear for a-spec folk, and people in the positivity tags are there because they want a break from the hate. A break that is a requirement to survive - the same needs had by any and every minority group. Someone in the positivity tags does not need to see a discourse post. They’re not there for that.

These are all things allies do and these are all things allies need to stop doing.

Bad girls don’t get to cum

Originally posted by davidxhaller

Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 4415
Warning: Smut

Notes: Hello everyone! I’ve been reading (stalking) everything about Vikings lately(well mostly Ivar because let’s face it I’m Ivar trash right now) and you guys made me want to write something of my own. So there it is! My first one-shot. English is not my native language so I’m sorry if there is any mistakes. This is my first smut as well so please bear with me! Feedback are always welcomed. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Becoming a skilled shieldmaiden was the only thing you ever dreamed of since you were a child. But your parents did not like the idea of you risking your life so they never wanted you to learn. They always said that you would become a farmer like them and take over the family’s farm, like they did. When you turned thirteen, you did not listen any longer and escaped every morning to go train all by yourself with a sword you found one day near the river. Without any experience, your training was not helpful at all; all you did was swinging your sword, desperately trying to gain some skills. One afternoon, while you were practicing, you heard laughs behind you. The Ragnarssons, princes of Kattegat, were watching you. Since that day, they helped you training and fast you became really good at this. Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd treated you like a close friend and you saw in them the brothers you never had. As for Ivar, it was deadly complicated. At the beginning, he did not like you at all, always mocking you, telling you how bad you were or how your body was not fitted to be a warrior. He was hurting your feeling but you had never showed it. One day, you had enough and challenged him. Unfortunately, you lost the fight but it was enough to show him that you were not just a poor girl trying desperately to become a fighter. Since that day, he was more careful with his words; he even helped you and showed you some tricks. With time, you both fell for each other.

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shifter-zarina  asked:

(Marco and Ace, where Ace is the cursed one) “I was cursed, and only True Love’s Kiss can save me, but I’m a hundred miles from civilization, and the only other person around is my nemesis: You.”

“What?” Marco asked staring at the raven hair man with narrowed eyes. He doesn’t trust him for a second. This could be a trick to lower his guard and get close enough to stab him.

Ace grimaces, hands still held in the air as a sign of peace but he seems unpleased with it.  “I got cursed. I need you to kiss me. So kiss me numb nuts.” 

The blond snorts, raising his sword with a sneer “You really think I’ll fall for that? What, do you need a True Love Kiss, and come to confess?”

The expression of the other man darkens, eyes almost bursting into flames as he glares back at him. Through clenched teeth, he hisses “If I didn’t live so far away from civilization I would go to my True Love but you’re the only one around. Now. Kiss me.”

Marco raises one eyebrow but smirks evilly when he realizes Ace is serious. “Or what? You turn into a frog? This is better for me anyway-”

Warm lips crash against his, and the blond stumbles back as a tongue laps over his chapped lips desperately, sword slipping from his shocked fingers.  There is hunger in the movements of the darker haired man, but it’s the good kind of hunger. 

It’s the same one that burns in the blond’s stomach. 

Marco’s back hits a tree, while a knee pushes his legs apart, so warm body can slam against his own.  There are hands in his hair pulling his head to better fit the shorter man and someone is moaning.

But who is it?

Marco can’t think straight at the moment to find out.

They last like that for a while both unaware and uncaring of anything else but the man in their arms. Marco is close to running out of breath but he doesn’ want this to end. 

Doesn’t want to stop. 

Ace pulls back when a bright light emerges from his body and together they watch as chains made of blue flames snap and break into pieces. Marco opens his mouth to ask what the hell the curse was, panting heavily,  but Ace kisses him again before he can.

The raven hair man is mumbling against his lips. “I’ wanted to do this for so long, you bastard. Start moaning again.” 

My fellow Malec stans


We literally got: Alec & Magnus both worrying if one another will be okay throughout the episode.

Alec literally broken when he saw that the soul sword was activated.

Alec looking desperately through a crowd to find his love.

Magnus grabbing Alec’s shoulder and turning him around.


Alec stumbling upon his words about how terrified he was of losing Magnus.

The desperation in Alec’s voice when he said, “I love you.”

The relief and overwhelming joy in Magnus’ voice when he said “I love you too.”


Another Malec hug that screams “We just did that.”


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Idk if u fought meredith but I just remembered the part where she grabs Fenris and says "how does it feel to know I hold your love's life, hawke?" AND FUCKIN DRIVES HER SWORD THROUGH HIS BELLY I SCREAMED ATM could you please write this prompt im dead

With their resident healer – (not now, no time, think about it later) – gone, their options were limited. Meredith’s sword pierced Fenris’s flesh, and desperate, terrified, (No, please, no, not this, not him!) Hawke was lobbing healing spells at him before he hit the ground.

There wasn’t time to go to him. No, Hawke’s heart felt like it had been crushed in his chest. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think – and he couldn’t go to him. It was chaos, it was a nightmare. Meredith’s laughter, the statues roaring to life around them, Fenris’s blood on the ground.

Fenris got up.

Fenris got up.

“I believe your magic hurt far worse than her blade,” Fenris told him, after, his voice soft and amused. The moment it was safe – the moment he could think again – Hawke had him pulled to the side, sitting on the Gallow’s steps. Hawke ripped Fenris’s tunic open, hands slick with the elf’s blood as he poked and prodded and searched for a wound that was no longer there.

Hawke’s face was wet, and Fenris was smiling.Maker that smile. He could have - it could have been gone, like that, an instant. Hawke pressed his hand more firmly to the elf’s flesh, and he didn’t breathe again until he reassured himself that he had been healed.

“Don’t make me laugh, Maker damn you,” Hawke growled, and sat back, hard. His hands were shaking. He pressed them to his face, heedless of the blood.

“We’ll having matching scars now,” Fenris told him.

“I don’t want to hear that.”

“Consider it repayment for the Arishok.”

“Don’t be a shit,” Hawke pushed up again, and Fenris was still smiling when he kissed him, and kissed him again, and kissed him again.

In the courtyard, the remaining templars and mages were working together with the city guard to clean up the scene of the battle. Together on the stairs, Hawke clung to Fenris, and tried to believe it was really over, they were really all right. The rest – the rest he would think about later. For now the only thing he wanted to exist was the elf in his arms, the taste of his lips, and the sure, steady beat of his heart.

I nearly died, and my own husband charged me 1,000 gold, and I’m going to go ahead and assume that he was the one who took my sword away (probably in a desperate attempt to keep me from idiotically going right back to the hell from whence I nearly died). 

God damn it, Harvey. That is some tough love.

Last night I encountered the most deadly enemy I’ve met so far playing Dragon’s Dogma

I’ve fought a packs of goblins, a giant ogre and a hydra but nothing compared to this

On my way to the Witchwood for my second or third quest, I saw him

Man with sword and shield

This man takes no damage. This man will kill you in three strikes of his longsword. Two of his friends who are exactly like him are waiting around the corner.

I assumed I must be doing something wrong. Sariel kept telling me ‘he’s vulnerable after he performs a grand strike!’ So I tried carefully dodging it and hitting him in the back. But to no avail. This man takes NO damage. He will never stop. He will hunt you down and kill you. With his sword.

In desperation I turned to the internet for advice. They had two pieces of advice for me:
- Grind a bunch of levels; or
- Run

This is top tier game design. I can’t even begin to understand the plane of existence Capcom exists on. Place an enemy that’s near impossible to kill … Just off the starting area. On your way to the second quest.


Awakening: An Elucien One-Shot

Setting: The Spring Court, after Chapter 50 of “A Court of War and Starlight,” my ACOTAR 3 fanfiction.

Summary: Lucien takes advantage of an opportunity to rescue Elain, but getting to his mate proves to be more of a challenge than he anticipated–requiring him to come into more powerful magic than he ever expected to wield.

Ship: Elucien

Rating: G

Word Count: 6,125

A/N: This fic is a companion to ACOWAS, and it directly addresses plot points from the fic. It may be very confusing if you have not read ACOWAS, but you’re very welcome to try with the context that Elain is being kept in an enchanted sleep in the Spring Court and Lucien is on his way to rescue her. 

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fandom: magi

pairing/dorks in lovesharryamu, yamuraiha/sharrkan

words: 466 | rating: k+

notes: this isnt even romance thESE ARE dORKS WHO CANT KISS this drabble swayed away from its topic pretty quickly, i’m sorry about that! this can be viewed platonically.

The first time they press their lips together, its a lot less romantic than either expected and a lot more god you’re a horrible kisser.

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Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "A Fear of You"

Title: A Fear of You
Characters: Kenny, Luke, Nick, Clem
Summary: Luke scolds Clementine for doing a dangerous act, and realizes he actually scared her.
Author’s Note: Some swears!
Requested By: Anonymous
“Where the hell is Clem?” Luke cried out to the rest of his group, his temple squished together in agony. “I can’t find her!”
“Last I heard she was going outside to help vanilla ice with something.” Kenny grumbled from his seat in front of the ski lodge’s fire. He had one arm thrown overtop of Sarita, and the other clutching a bottle of water.
“What?!” Luke gasped in horror, snagging some weird stares from other members of the cabin group. Nick was a broken man at this point, he wasn’t exactly capable of taking care of Clementine in his sad, depressed state. The two of them out alone and he couldn’t help but worry. “God, I gotta go find them.”
“Calm down, Luke. I’m sure they’re fine.” Carlos started, darting his eyes between the male and his daughter.
Luke raised an eyebrow at Carlos before giving an almost silent sigh and nodding. “You’re right! I’m just going to check to see if they need help with anything.” He claimed, putting on the ‘the world hasn’t gone to ruins yet’ show for his frightened daughter. Grumbling as he clicked the door shut, the male started towards the small patch of forest that surrounded the large lodge.
As he wandered through the trees, hacking tree branches off that were in his way with his sword, the man grumbled and desperately searched for the two people in his group he cared for most. In his opinion, it was rather foolish to let the two off alone again since the incident with Pete. Nick clearly wasn’t in a good condition to be out here with anyone, let alone a young girl.
“Ugh!” The tiny, determined grunt from a female’s voice snagged the male’s attention, causing him to straighten his posture.
“Clem?” He called, and without hearing a response, he darted towards the source of the noise. Pushing back some loose brush that stood between him and his destination, the leaves uncovered Nick, huddled off to the corner next to a large rock with Clementine attempted to rip her axe out of a walkers head.
Nick’s eyes glanced up, and locking onto the male he jumped to his feet. “Luke!” He yelled gleefully. “Thank god you’re here! I was worried, man.” Luke clamped his hand over the drunken male’s mouth.
“Dude, keep it down would ya?” Taking a sniff of the air he scowled. “Have you been drinking?” Glancing between the teen and the girl his glare grew. How could he be so foolish? Drinking in front of a child. Of course, Clementine had probably seen a lot worse by now.
Swatting Luke’s hand away from his mouth, Nick spoke once more in his depressed voice. “What does it matter to you?” As he slurred his words, he stumbled backwards and towards his previous seat. “I can drink if I god damn want to! I need a goddamn drink.” Taking a seat upon the rock this time, he took another swing from the bottle he had in his hand.
Clementine glanced between the two, occasionally catching Luke’s gaze. It was rather hard to believe that the only reason they were out here was because Clementine was the only one who saw the drunken fool leave the building, so she dashed after him to keep him safe and direct him back to their temporary home.
Clearly, it didn’t work.
A soft groan escaped the bushes behind Nick, a sudden a limp hand drew closer and closer to the male’s head. Clementine gasped quietly, however Luke was too busy, stomping the limp-walker on the ground’s heads in. He didn’t want it coming back after all.
“Nick, watch it!” Clementine gasped, finally deciding to take action before it was too late. Ripping the male away from his seat, Clem slammed her axe into the monsters head just before it latched onto her neck causing it to collapse against the rock as blood trailed down the once-grey stone. After yanking her axe out of his skull, she groaned and collapsed onto the ground in a pant. Hearing another soft breath, Clem stabbed the side of his head for good measure and stood, wiping her hands off on her shirt before ripping away her weapon.
“Clem…” Nick breathed in awe, he was just about to start towards and thank the girl for saving his life when Luke forced him back with a palm against his chest and kneeled before the child.
“Clem, what the hell were you thinking?”
“What do you mean?” She asked breathlessly, rubbing the back of her neck in confusion.
“You can’t just throw yourself into danger like that. You could have gotten bitten.”
“But Nick would have gotten bitten if I didn’t do something!”
Luke groaned, standing and smacking his hand against his forehead. “God damn, Clem. Look, I know you think you’re strong. But you’re just a little girl! Tone it down a notch or else you are going to get yourself or other people around you killed. I don think that’s what you want to happen!”
Silence enveloped the group like a blanket as the child’s golden eyes stared up at the male in horror.
His gaze down towards the girl was cold, one of frustration and pain. He was only trying to tell her to be more careful and less heroic, but it came out all wrong.
Quickly turning away, Clementine began to walk, then fast-walk, and then dash out of the forest.
“N-No! Clem, I—”
“She’s gone.” Nick grumbled, tossing his empty glass bottle against the newly-dead walker’s chest. With a glare towards his friend, Luke pushed Nick forwards and after the young girl.
The whole walk back to the cabin was in compete silence. Luke had a hand on Nick’s back to steady him, but there wasn’t any way Luke felt like talking. He had just scared away one of his favourite people. It killed him a little inside.
Clementine was so sweet and innocent despite everything she had gone through. She was the toughest girl he knew. And yet, his words hurt her so deeply. He was a monster.
Finally reaching the lodge, he pushed the drunken teen inside and started up the stairs entering into the living room. “Where is—”
“What the hell is you’re problem, bud?!” Kenny growled, stabbing Luke’s chest with his finger. “Clementine just ran upstairs and refuses to come back down. I bet it had something to do with you, or drunk-ass over here! I’d bet my life on it.”
“I’m going to talk to her.” He claimed, brushing past him.
“Oh, you sure as hell better!” He yelled up the stairs before Sarita placed one of her hands against one of his shoulders to calm him.
Reaching her door, Luke stared at it silently before speaking. He was partially listening for anything from the girl, but also grumbled as he listened to Kenny complain about him and his ‘irresponsibility.’ “Clem?”
“G-Go away!” The child called from inside her tiny room upon hearing the gentle knock against her door.
“Clem, please let me in.”
God, he must have really gotten to her bad.
Ignoring her requests, the male crackled open the door, and grunted upon seeing a chair attempting to lock it shut. He frowned even more when he realized that the young one was curled up in the corner of her bed, head in her knees.
“I said, go away.” She grumbled again, feeing her bed creek as the male took a seat beside her.
“Clem, look. I know I scared you, but I—” As he spoke, the male extended his hand out to touch the girl’s shoulder, but she flinched away before he could make contact.
“I care about you, Clem.” He continued. “I know I have stupid ways of showing it, but I do. I was worried something was going to happen to you while you two were out there and I couldn’t handle it. Seeing you risk your life to save Nick just made me realize how much I value you.”
Clementine’s golden eyes slowly peaked out of her legs and stared up at the male. “Really?”
“Yes, Clem. You’re one of my favourite people in the world. I don’t want you to leave me that quick.” He groaned, leaning over the bed and placing his head in his hands. “God, I said some terrible things. But it was only because I was afraid of loosing you. I don’t want to lose you, Clem.
Not yet. Not ever.”
Slowly and cautiously, still flinching from his touch from time to time, Clementine worked her way closer to the male and rested her head under his chin, wrapping her arms tightly around his body.
“I’m sorry, Clem. I just can’t stand to see you go.”
“I wouldn’t be able to stand it if you died either.”
Luke gave a warm smile, pressing a quick, soft, warm kiss to the top of her hat, squeezing her tightly in their embrace.
Little did they know, they wouldn’t have each other for as long as they had hoped for.
This wish, would soon be shattered.

In the raw manga, Ferid clearly say 

(Kimi wa kimi no taisetsuna ohime-sama o ubatte ki nasai yo)

…that I want it to be happened in the anime as well that Sakurai-san will clearly delivers the LINE.
Also not to mention, the scene Yuu being carried by Mika.
if not, I will slaughter all those people who in charge in owasera anime with my very own sword!!! (Although, I’m not that desperate for it. Let’s just hoping~ weheheee~~~)

Small opinion:
What I like when I read the raw one because Mika will always goes with ‘Yuu-chan’ rather than the eng translation they goes with ‘Yuu’ only. It’s not a big deal actually just if use ‘Yuu-chan’ it kinda cute tho.
But I do understand maybe it will adapt to English style more and make everything easy. LOL! Who cares about a small thing like that…duh!! 


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anonymous asked:

Hi, one little doubt: is Jaime on Arya's List? Bc the Hound is/was there for killing Mycah, right? But didn't Jaime killed Jory? Just gort a little confused over here

Jaime is not on Arya’s list, no. She definitely doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of him-

Arya screwed up her face in a scowl. “Jaime Lannister murdered Jory and Heward and Wyl, and the Hound murdered Mycah. Somebody should have beheaded them.” Sansa, AGoT

“Put down the stick, girl,” Ser Meryn told her. “I am a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard, the White Swords.”

“So was the Kingslayer when he killed the old king,” Arya said. “I don’t have to go with you if I don’t want.” Arya, AGoT

- but he’s not on her list. 

And to be honest, it makes perfect sense that he’s not. Not only does she not know he tried to kill Bran, but the people who make Arya’s list are a very specific type of person.

Mostly, they have killed people Arya cares about like Jaime, yes, but moreover, the people killed are people Arya felt responsible for and people Arya felt she failed to protect.

Of course Arya has Sandor on her list, she blames herself for Mycah’s death.

When the bar was down, Arya finally felt safe enough to cry.

She went to the window seat and sat there, sniffling, hating them all, and herself most of all. It was all her fault, everything bad that had happened. Sansa said so, and Jeyne too. 

She thought of Mycah again and her eyes filled with tears. Her fault, her fault, her fault. If she had never asked him to play at swords with her… 

Arya desperately wanted to explain, to make him see. “I was trying to learn, but…” Her eyes filled with tears. “I asked Mycah to practice with me.” The grief came on her all at once. She turned away, shaking. “I asked him,” she cried. “It was my fault, it was me…” Arya, AGoT

For Arya, her list functions as a coping mechanism. The list of people are injustices that she wants to make right somehow. The consist of names that are more or less a promise- she couldn’t do anything to help or save the people she cared about at the time, but the list reminds her that she won’t forget and can make it right one day when she’s stronger. 

Arya takes responsibility and blames herself for a lot of things that are out of her control. This trait of hers is only emphasized post-her life going to hell. The list reflects that. She wants to do right by people she feels responsible for (from Hot Pie/Gendry to Lommy to the villagers that she watched get tortured to death.)

If Arya actually placed every single horrible person who she met and abused her/others in her journey on her list, it’d be so long it’s not even funny. It’s not about revenge for what’s been done, it’s about justice for those Arya failed. Arya’s kind of functioning like a vigilante taking the law and justice in her own hands after finding the system to have failed over and over (such as Sandor winning his trial and the Trident and all her trauma.)

So while Wyl, Jory, and Heward mattered a lot to her and she is very clearly upset over their unjust deaths-

“Only the Kingslayer never knew Lord Tywin’s plan, and when he heard about his brother’s capture he attacked your father in the streets of King’s Landing.”

“I remember,” said Arya. “He killed Jory.” Jory had always smiled at her, when he wasn’t telling her to get from underfoot.

“He killed Jory,” Harwin agreed. Arya, ASoS

-when they died, they weren’t people Arya felt responsible for. She wasn’t around when they were killed, it was while Ned was still alive and she saw him as the ultimate protector of Northmen, and she had nothing to do with their deaths. In fact, she saw them as her protectors (especially Jory.) Mycah, to her, was under her protection and got caught up in politics because of her. Therefore, his death is- in her mind- on her. That means it’s her job to right that wrong.

It’s only later, after Ned’s death, that Arya starts to think of herself as responsible for Northerners in general and all the death around her. This is due to her trauma, her lack of any sort of support system, and the awful circumstances that have forced her to feel grown up and independent. 

In ASoS and AFFC with the caged Northerners and Dareon (but even before in ACoK with the captured Northmen and the NW recruits,) Arya exhibits a sense of responsibility for all of the North, seeing it as under her protection. However, during early AGoT, this was not the case. Arya was still very young and her father’s guard was her father’s. Now, in many respects, Arya believes she’s inherited her father’s responsibilities- especially post-Red Wedding.

That’s why Jaime’s not on her list though. She doesn’t see Jory, Wyl, and Heward as people she failed to protect and was responsible for.