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Monsieur Demure

I hate sunshine. I hate it! Give me darkness and stars where magic thrives. Give me the secrets revealed in the dead of night. Give me the secret to truly change, during the time when everything is strange. 

Monsieur Demure, son of Madame Mim, is perhaps one of the oldest of the Isle Born at twenty five, though he has no desire to advance in the ranks. He’s is Evie’s longest apprentice and her second in command, teaching advanced spell casting and rune writing to those willing enough to understand that magic is to be respected and feared for it’s abilities. Not tossed around like some pallor magic. 

He is not satisfied however. Shape shifting is as easy as breathing, but what good is simply changing one’s shape? He wants to truly change. To become. Striving deeper and deeper into he’s magical potential and the potential of magic itself, Demure has found a delicate balance of casting and shape shifting that just might do it. A way to truly become. However, Merlin can feel him across the ocean and the power that is slowly accumulating day by day. The truth that must never be revealed. The secret of being human and not. If Monsieur Demure ever escapes the Island, so help the world. 


This is my first attempt at animating an existing character. If you’re unfamiliar with Madame Mim, I recommend finding a copy of Sword in the Stone right away. She is the greatest.

For the audio I used a clip from “Terror Tales By The Old Sea Hag”, an old radio show starring Martha Wentworth, the original voice of Mim.