sword guards

Unlock the Truth~ Chapter 1

Pairing: JuminxMC

Your hair was falling loose from its bun, stray locks in a tangled mess, your dress, and body in shambles. The shackles around your hands were heavier than you first expected, but the weight was familiar now. It was dark and your cell door had been thrown open with a silence-shattering bang.

“Time to go, Princess,” the guard hissed. You stood dejectedly, knowing what was next. You would be sold as a slave or turned in for a reward from the government. You shuffled out after the guard. The salty sea air rushed your nose, the sounds of a creaking ship heard ahead. The area was suffocatingly dark. Suddenly in one last vain attempt to escape you yanked at the shackles and let out a cry if frustration and pain as you were whacked by the dull side of a sword.

“Stupid girl,” the guard muttered. You grit your teeth, fighting back tears that were constantly pushing to the surface. The ship emerged from the darkness onto the beach. The merchant you had been sold to was there, inspecting a lot of the guards as the ship passed. You looked down and glared. As you foot pressed into the last panel of the rough wood leading up to the boat, you leaped into the water. You pushed yourself into the sea, your body floating around the ship and out of sight. You heard yells as they noted your absence. You leaned back and smiled. If you died out here it was better than being sold away.

You closed your eyes as the waves carried your body, The sea was calm, and you felt yourself dozing off. Your dreams began to take over. Yo felt yourself lose consciousness as you kept floating. You were lulled into a peaceful sleep, letting your body aimlessly float- awaiting your death. You were abruptly woken when your body hit something hard. You opened your eyes slowly, the dim light of the sinking sun barely illuminating the waves. You were near a ladder rung of a ship, a rather large one at that. You saw the anagram R.F.A sprawled messily across the side.

Your hand shot out and grasped the wood of the lowest rung. The material was rough and moist from the constant dousing of the waves upon the sides. You painfully pulled your other hand up, your shackles still restraining your wrists. You struggled up the ladder but finally collapsed over the side. You immediately looked for a place to hide, avoiding the look-out. You crawled between to barrels and a corner and ignored your aching wrists as you leaned on the side of the rocking ship, exhausted. You saw your dress in more rags now- it hardly counted as clothing. You knew you looked like a mess, but that didn’t bother you. You just wanted to get away.

Your eyes fluttered open to voices and commotion around you. Then your eyes landed on a guy, crouched on his knees looking at you both quizzically and as if studying you. You stared at him wide eyed, terror filling your body: you weren’t prepared for pirates. This guy? He was very clearly a pirate, from the clothes to the odd tattoo on his right arm to the toning of his body. You were about to scream but sensing this, he reached forward and clapped a hand over your mouth.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he told you reassuringly. He gently held you still until you stopped squirming.

“Now, I’m going to take my hands away. Don’t scream, alright? I’m just going to take you inside so you can get out of the rain” He held sincerity in his voice. You nodded slowly. He carefully removed his hands and you pushed yourself farther back into the corner. He reached out and scooped you up.

That’s when you looked around realizing it was still dead of the night. He carried you to a small cabin on the upper deck. After opening the door he set you on a bed against the wall. You hid your eyes with your hair, not wanting him to get a good look at your face. He let out a sigh and sat in front of you trying to take a peek at your still shadow-cloaked face,

“Whats your name?” He asked with a strict tone. You bit your lip and turned your head from him. The second he found out who you were you would be sold off again, your freedom gone.

“M-my name is….MC..: You breathe. No need for last names. MC will be enough, right> You gripped your hands so hard your knuckles were beginning to go turn white and your skin was turning colors. The pirate before you sighed, and you looked up slightly to see his hair for the first time, and it was raven colored, black and mysterious just like him. He looked down for a moment before meeting your gaze with his.

“I’m Jumin, Jumin Han. And I’m the captain of this ship.” He stares with authority. Your eyes go wide. You quickly hide your face again. “Why are you on my ship? And how did you get on board” He bellowed.

You press your knees together nervously. “I-I can’t remember…I just woke up next to your ship and climbed aboard..” You lie.

“Well, do you know where you’re from? Where your home is? We can help you” He stands up and now is more comfortable with leaving you be.

“No, I don’t. I don’t have a home, I’m just a rouge,” You mutter coldly. You see him turn and glance at you wearily.

“Well MC, you look like you’ve got yourself in some trouble,” He points to your shackles. “How would you like to join my crew?” His question blindsided you.

“…” You don’t answer for a minute, fiddling with the chain of the shackles til holding tight to your wrists. Why would he want someone like you on his crew? Wouldn’t you bog them down? I mean. You had trained as a swordswoman as a princess but you hadn’t the slightest clue what life was like as a pirate, besides the fact that it was one the law didn’t quite like.

“Well, what’s your answer?” He turns back to you again, placing his hands on the chains of your shackles. Confused to why he was holding them, you reply hesitantly.

“Y-Yeah, I’ll join your crew…” You give a stiff nod. And with that, he pulled the chain apart with his bare hands. Shocked you yelped slightly in surprise,

“Welcome to the R.F.A MC, you’ve got a whole lot in store for you,” He grinned at your shocked reaction. You stared at the man who was now your captain with shock and awe. He turned and rummaged through a trunk and pulled out a shirt and a pair of pants, then he held them out to you.

“I’ll wait outside the door until you are done changing. I am sure you do not want to stay in the revealing clothing Miss” He gestures towards your clothes then opens the door before stepping out. You hesitantly look down to see your body hardly covered, You nearly screamed, this guy had seen more than most could ever imagine seeing. Your face went red as you quickly pulled off the ragged clothes ad slid your arms into the shirt that was clearly his: oversized on your body but it worked. You pulled on the pants and then quietly called to him.

You fiddled with the edge of the sleeves when he came in, and you pulled your hair from the bun it had been in, it was falling out anyway. Your brown hair spilled over your shoulders and you avoided meeting his eyes. You crossed your arms over your chest uncomfortably. Your heart was hammering as you leaned on the wall of the rocking ship. Jumin sat in his chair before the desk he had in his room and he began looking over maps and papers with scrawls of writing marks that were foreign to you. Ignoring your uncomfortable situation your bare feet padded on the floor as you walked over to him, leaning beside him as you looked at the papers.

“Whats all this?” You ask curiously. Jumin hardly sent a glance your way.

“Plans for our next docking. Since we are pirates we have to be careful, so we carry merchandise to cover our tracks. In the eyes of the government, we are just simple merchants. Jumin rattles off automatically. You nod and your eye catches a folded paper that was mostly buried under a stack of maps. You pull it out gently and begin to unfold it when Jumin’s hand shoots out and grabs your wrist.

“I wouldn’t read that if I were you,” he warns and you drop the paper immediately.

“W-Why not?” You ask quietly. He places it in a drawer and closes it.

“It holds a detailed report of our last Captain’s death. It’s not exactly light and fluffy material, MC” he looks at you and you swallow nervously and nod. Pirate life seemed a bit more interesting and dangerous than you thought. But at least you weren’t having your freedom stolen from you seeing as you could very well ditch the crew if it came to that. You stole another glance at Jumin and had to look away because of how attractive he looked.

This could be really bad….

skewed. skew. skewer. skewered.

Not like a needle, with its blunt one-eyed end; not like an umbrella, with its smooth curved hook, with its barbed tent. Not like a good argument, where only one side wins; not like a political debate where no one… dull dull dull for everyone listening, no matter where they stand. Not a sword with its cross-guard; not a dagger hilted.  Sure not a monk seated. 

Sometimes it is a dire struggle to come up with an example, with a metaphor apt or appropriate enough. Occasionally, there simply is no such thing, in some cases, that is fit to describe a connection this… mutually sharp and penetrating.

Maven in Glass Sword
  • in castle
  • Maven: I hate Mare so much that bit- *trips and hundreds of photos of Mare fall out*
  • Guard:
  • Maven: *trying to pick up photos frantically* no listen these are for evidence for mother she needs to know what mare looks like so thats why i have- *more pictures fall out* just listen *sweat dripping from forehead*
  • Guard: your highness maybe i shoul-
  • Maven: *slips on a picture and all the pictures scatter on the ground* LISTEN TO ME GODDAMNIT

“Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world.
Bury me alive.
‘Cause I won’t give up without a fight.
If you love me let me go.
‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars,
The fear of falling apart.
And truth be told I never was yours,
the fear, the fear of falling apart.”

- This is Gospel, Panic! at the Disco for musical inspiration <3

King’s Cage comes out soon and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been practicing more cartoonish styles from watching a lot of Danica Sills’ style. Hope you guys like it! <3

Spoiler Policy For King's Cage

I won’t be posting anything regarding King’s Cage until the tail end of March. So no worries to those who think I might spoil something. I’m always very tactful with these things anyway (at least I think I am- I didn’t post the shadekabab thing until like June last year.). Also, feel free to message me if you’re suffering from the complete emotional destruction brought on by this upcoming release. Love, M

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Midnight Sun

Midnight sun, please come alive
And set this world on fire;
In my heart will your light thrive
Brighter than my burning pyre.

Midnight sun, stay with me;
Hand in hand, we’ll face together
All the pain that we can’t see,
During cold and stormy weather.

Now night reigns upon the land,
Darkness caught me in a cage;
I won’t let this be my end,
For all I see is red and rage.

Midnight sun, I will not break,
Because my fight will last forever;
And in red dawn’s final wake
I will make every endeavour.

Midnight sun, I’ll keep you safe,
A promise for my final breath;
It’s colder here than in my grave,
And I am not afraid of death.

~A poem inspired by Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series (specifically the end of Glass Sword). It’s from Mare’s point of view. I hope you enjoy it.~

British Pattern 1788 Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword
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New acquisition! A 1788 pattern heavy cavalry officer’s sword regimentally marked to the 3rd or Prince of Wales’s Dragoon Guards. This type of sword was carried by the officers of all three antecedent regiments during the Flanders campaign, 1793-95. The 1788 pattern of sword was the first standardised pattern mandated by the British government to be carried by the heavy cavalry. Prior to this, the Commanding Officer of any particular regiment was given an allowance from the government and in following broad guidelines, had a duty to equip his men. This officer’s version of the 1788 pattern heavy cavalry sword differs in certain respects to that of the other ranks. The grip is made from shagreen or fish skin and the blade bears etched decoration. The overall quality of the sword’s construction will also be higher. The museum’s aim is to display the 1788 pattern sword in a future exhibition in addition to creating a blog post to be added to our website in the coming weeks. This post will further explore the story of the sword and the actions it may have been carried in. This acquisition was made possible thanks to the assistance of the National Fund for Acquisitions.


There’s something I kinda want to point out regarding Tangled The Series: the animation. And it’s not the only one that used it.

This involves a mix of cut out, vector puppet tweening of shapes and fluidity of the movement to look as good and maybe closer to the hand-drawn movement than just cheap tweening and use of less shapes like how early Flash based shows tend to be ridiculed on. Though sometimes it had its “Cheap tweening” moment of being a little lazy in the animation cycle but in certain scenes, it looked much professionally executed when it needs to be.

Of course this is done in Toon Boom Harmony, the same software used for recent animated shows that replicates what the Flash software can do on vector shape puppet animation, and even hand-drawn based projects when using the scanned drawings or drawing digitally over the frames before adding in color (as evident in The Princess and the Frog).

Most of these kinds of animation are done in Canada.

This isn’t the first time Tangled the Series used this kind of animation. Penn Zero: Part Time Hero, An original animated show by Sam Levine and Zootopia co-writer Jared Bush used the same animation style that may have been the first to test it out. It has some stylized designs and backgrounds that it holds similarities to Tangled The Series.

Then The Lion Guard used it, but went for the same aesthetics as the animated film.

Other ones like Niko and the Sword of Light for Amazon Studios has a little of the animation style by Titmouse.

There have been past animation styles for TV that range from hand-drawn to vector tweening (or Flash). But this kind of animation that is similar to vector tweening, but more vector puppet fluid animation is something new that no one has taken notice of it until Tangled The Series.