sword guards


characther aesthetics: Women of the Scarlet Guard - Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.“ HRC

Who needs bluff rolls with players like these?

GM: In addition to the other open seats in the arena, you notice covered seating along the edge. It’s clear this is where the more official persons sit.

Vigilante: Ooo, okay, i’m gonna head over there.

GM: Uh, alright, a young guard stands in the entrance to that area, and he glances at you as you walk over.

Guard: “Uh, i’m sorry miss, but i don’t”

Vigilante: (A male sylph) I cover my breasts “are you staring at my boobs?!”

Guard: “What? n-no, i didn’t mean-”

Vigilante: “Do you know who i am?- no, no god you look so green you must not know where the station is”

Guard: “N-no, i know, i-it’s over th-”

Vigilante: “Good, then you know where to go because you’re fired! Get out of here this instant”

Guard: “but, you can’t do that o-only my superior can-”

Vigilante: “look at me”

Guard: “Wha-”

Vigilante: “Look at my eyes. Does it look like i give a fuck?”

Guard: “N… No?”

Vigilante: “Good. Station, sword, badge, out, goodbye”

Guard: haha, he proceeds to leave, hanging his head.

Vigilante: And y'know what, just for that, i’m using my sleeves of many garments to put on a fancy dress. (still a dude).

Party and GM: Dying

And that’s how our vigilante snuck in and wound up sitting next to the lord of the city.

“Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world.
Bury me alive.
‘Cause I won’t give up without a fight.
If you love me let me go.
‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars,
The fear of falling apart.
And truth be told I never was yours,
the fear, the fear of falling apart.”

- This is Gospel, Panic! at the Disco for musical inspiration <3

King’s Cage comes out soon and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been practicing more cartoonish styles from watching a lot of Danica Sills’ style. Hope you guys like it! <3

Maven in Glass Sword
  • in castle
  • Maven: I hate Mare so much that bit- *trips and hundreds of photos of Mare fall out*
  • Guard:
  • Maven: *trying to pick up photos frantically* no listen these are for evidence for mother she needs to know what mare looks like so thats why i have- *more pictures fall out* just listen *sweat dripping from forehead*
  • Guard: your highness maybe i shoul-
  • Maven: *slips on a picture and all the pictures scatter on the ground* LISTEN TO ME GODDAMNIT
Spoiler Policy For King's Cage

I won’t be posting anything regarding King’s Cage until the tail end of March. So no worries to those who think I might spoil something. I’m always very tactful with these things anyway (at least I think I am- I didn’t post the shadekabab thing until like June last year.). Also, feel free to message me if you’re suffering from the complete emotional destruction brought on by this upcoming release. Love, M

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Three huge LARPs in three months!!

March - After The Fall: A post apocalyptic LARP
April - Swordcraft Quest
May - Blackpowder and Bloodlines

All three of these games were all so drastically different and I loved each one for their own reasons. With all the prep that goes into events like this, the turn around time was pretty insane but I would 100% do it all over again.

All 3 photos taken in game. ATF photo by @prohobby and BPBL photo by @larparoo