sword art online confessions

If we’d put all the characters of FT in the universe of SAO as simple ALO players, who were never involved in the incident, I could totally imagine them forming a guild with Laxus or Gildarts as commander and Sting as sub-commander. Rogue would be his bodyguard, Natsu and Gajeel would be the first damage dealers, Wendy would be the healer in battle etc. ect.
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Oh where should I start? I absolutely love this scene.. Asuna is being confident and taking a big step in their relationship and Kirito is blushing and making that lame statement *like a virgin touched for the very first time* GAAHH they are so cute. 

A Few of My Favourite Scenes in Anime 

(in no particular order)

The Genuine scene from OreGairu (S2 Ep8)

The Existence scene from KanColle (Ep 11)

Chitose’s Frustration scene from Gi(a)rlish Number (Ep 11)

The Summoning of Saber from Fate/Stay Night (2006) (Ep 2)

Lisbeth’s Confession from Sword Art Online (S1 Ep7)

The Umbrella scene from Nisekoi (S1 Ep13)