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I haven’t posted a sales on Tumblr in quite a while, but as you can see, I’m trying to sell off some of my older items, which I guess - would be new to you if you were interested.

Some friendly reminders:
- I ship to USA / Internationally
- Prices ALREADY INCLUDE SHIPPING + TRACKING for USA folks, please PM for international prices on shipping
- I accept Paypal
- I accept haggling, at this point, I’d really rather have these out
- It’s always okay to PM me with questions or more photos, but please be actually considering the items before you ask (:
- All items come with EVERYTHING they’re suppose to come with, so no worries about lost pieces 
- WORRY NOT! none of these are bootlegs, I’m a serious collector myself so I highly prohibit the encouragement of bootleg sales. 

With that being said, signal boosts are highly appreciated:
- JYP Delphox Plush – $30 Shipped OBO
- NEW Sylveon /Fairy type Necklace – $45 Shipped OBO (photos of it here)
- Damaged Homura Nendoroid Petit - $7 Shipped OBO 
- Ultimate Madoka nendoroid Petit - $10 shipped OBO
- Nyaruko Nendoroid - $30 Shipped OBO (OFFICIAL PHOTO)
- Hasegawa Kobato Nendoroid - $35 Shipped OBO (OFFICIAL PHOTO)
- SAO Yuuki Asuna Figma - $40 Shipped (OFFICIAL PHOTO

Thank you!