sword & planet

Know what the issue is with all the live action remakes? Half of them are of movies we already have in live action. Cinderella, Peter Pan, Snow White, I’ve seen these already give me something different.

If you feel the need to churn out the same story, at least make it something that has never been live action, like the sword in the stone, or Atlantis, or Lilo & Stitch. 

C’mon disney, you can do better

on a planet much like the one in ‘Shore Leave’, Jim thinks up a Sulu to come to the triumvirate’s rescue…

Star Trek vol 34 Aug ‘92

Animated INTPs

The Witch, Brave

Robert Callaghan, Big Hero 6

Hiccup, How To Train Your Dragon

Jim Hawkins, Treasure Planet

Merlin, The Sword in the Stone

Curdie, The Princess and the Goblin

Hiro Hamada, Big Hero 6

Alice, Alice in Wonderland

Dr. Finkelstein, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Maurice, Beauty and the Beast

Charlie Brown, Classic Peanuts

Milo, Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Haltmann executes the cast of various anime, including Sword Art Online, Re:Zero, Charlotte, Aikatsu, Berserk, and Monogatari.

He has also terminated the cast of Love Live as well.

The next cast of characters that are to be executed next are from Macross, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Kill la Kill.