sword & planet

So, Alex loses her hand in a fight a few years after leaving Earth. It either gets sliced off, or blown up, or something, either way, it’s gone.

(It’s her right hand, which is kinda bad, as it’s her shooting hand, she can use her left had for most things, but her shooting hand). 

The ship doesn’t actually have a doctor.  The only person of the original crew with medical training is, well, Alex, and the doctor they had picked up a year ago had only been aboard for a few months.  So, they have to go to an actual hospital.

The crew finds one on a nearby planet they haven’t been to yet.

Only, they are definitely wanted by this point, so they can’t give their actual names in case it pings something in some system.

The name a panicking crew member gives for Alex?


Because Alex, by this point, has a glowing alien sword, and just lost her hand, and he panicked, okay?

The hospital visit goes well.  Alex isn’t going to die from blood loss, or an infection.  She still doesn’t have a hand, but they manage to track down someone who makes biotic hands after a few months.

However, some authority that’s trying to find them tracks down the records of that visit and take Skywalker to be part her actual name.

Thus, Alex Skywalker is created, and the DEO has a great day when they get wind of that.

I find it absolutely beautiful when and anime character reveals his/her true form and/or powers in an anime. The feeling you get is incredibly addicting and I just can’t get enough of it. 

L. Sprague de Camp’s “Hand of Zei” is great stuff, think of it like a Sam Raimi Army of Darkness take on John Carter of Mars: simultaneously a parody of planet romances, and a great straight example of one as well. L. Sprague de Camp had a breezy sense of humor in these things, and applied plausible science to the John Carter-type swordfighting planet romance.

Definitely a recommendation.

@auxiliaire bc Mom holy fuck Darach just gave ‘running with scissors’ Barry a doublade

Barry, of course, was a bit annoyed at Darach’s insistent nagging. Of course he was paying attention! He was getting a Pokemon! He had to know everything he could about them before properly housing one.

The boy releases the Pokemon right away, eager to meet his new friend. His eyes bugged despite the shining light.

“I know what that is!” He cried, circling around the Doublade with a wide smile, “These are those soul stealing swords from Kalos!” Their final evolution was a force to be reckoned with! A sword who was possessed by a brave and loyal knight from times of old! Or a murderous mercenary with only an eye of gold…… Boy, he hoped it was the first one.

“Don’t worry, mister Darach! I watched a whole special on these guys on Pokemon Planet! They’re one of the most unstudied species out there, but what they do know is so cool! They retain the fighting styles of their human counterparts, and when they evolve they can communicate telepathically to coordinate attacks! And they used to predict who became king when they evolve! They were rated, like, number four on ‘World’s weirdest Pokemon’, but most ghost Pokemon get up that high.”

So he had to be like a king to get it’s respect, right? So he had to be respectful! He bowed to the Pokemon, smiling bright. “I’m gonna take real good care of you, I promise! Or, uh, I swear, on my honor! Scout’s honor!”

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