Monoyoshi Sadamune [物吉貞宗]

Wakizashi - length : 33.18 cm

from Kamakura period (1184-1336).

The lucky sword of Tokugawa Ieyasu. It was smithed by Sadamune Hikoshiro, the adoptive son of Masamune the swordsmith (note: not to be confused with Masamune Date). Its name, “Monoyoshi”, means ‘good thing’; due to whenever it was brought to battle, Ieyasu would always win. After Ieyasu’s death, one of his concubine, Kame, stole the sword and gave it to her son, Yoshinao, despite the sword originally should be handed down to Hidetada, Tokugawa’s third son.

The sword now resides in Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya.

Let it Link
Let it Link

I did a thing.
NOTE: I’M A GOD AWFUL SINGER and English is not my first language.. or whatever… But whatever. I was bored and it’s 3:00am.  TURN THE VOLUME A LITTLE BIT DOWN I YELL A LOT.

No one’s gonna listen but whatever, here’s the lyrics:

Hyrule grows dark in the fields tonight, not a mailman to be seen.

A kingdom of dark repression, and it looks like, Ganon’s king..

The wind is howling like there’s no waker in sight… 

Couldn’t keep sailing

King of red lions tried..

Don’t let the skullkid get you lost

in the forest, play saria’s song you must

The twilight’s high but I transform…

and now I howl…

Zelda’s gone. I’m alone

And I’m a deku scrub 

Zelda’s gone, I’m alone

That big moon is getting close..

I don’t care

about what navi says

Fi is pissing me off…

I never understood Midna anyway.

It’s scary how some triangles 

can make everything go wrong

And the power that controls them

couldn’t fall in hands more wrong..

It’s time to play the song of time

to the temple, i must run to find

the Master Sword

when I grab hold


I feel asleep, and i’ve grown

I’ve got much more power now

Childhood’s gone, still alone

Time to fix what i screwed up

I’ll get a horse, and we’ll run the way

Let the moon grow close…

My power courses through the triforce in my hand

I’m always waking up from dreams that tell me about my quest

the princess Zelda will soon be safe at last

I’m never backing down, the masks are in my hands

I’m the hero of time

I’m the goddess'es favorite knight

I’ll defeat, Majora

Ghirahim Vaati  Aghanim and Zant

Here I stand right on Ganon’s lair

let him taste my swooooord

He never even stood a chance anyways.