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All smiles and definitely no tears after the U.S. Women’s National Team come-from-behind victory over Brazil in the Tournament of Nations.

We really want to know what Crystal Dunn is saying that has Megan Rapinoe making that face and Ali Krieger clutching her pearls.

Our photographer was there to snap this photo as the trio headed to the locker room after the game.


One of my all time favourite songs … I listened to it today, and decided this nicely compliments the MerChirrut fic, A Fish By Any Other Name by @haku23. Especially the first verse…

Song To The Siren – by This Mortal Coil

Long afloat on shipless oceans

I did all my best to smile

‘Til your singing eyes and fingers

Drew me loving to your isle

And you sang

Sail to me

Sail to me

Let me enfold you

Here I am

Here I am

Waiting to hold you…

Bughead Anthem: Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

🎶I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window
There’s no turning back for us tonight🎶

Dorne has more in common with the distant North than either does with the realms that lie between them. One is hot and one is cold, yet these ancient kingdoms of sand and snow  are set apart from the rest of Westeros by history, culture, and tradition. Both are thinly peopled, compared to the lands betwixt. Both cling stubbornly to their own laws and their own traditions. Neither was ever truly conquered by the dragons. The King in the North accepted Aegon Targaryen as his overlord peaceably, whilst Dorne resisted the might of the Targaryens valiantly for almost two hundred years, before finally submitting to the Iron Throne through marriage. Dornishmen and Northmen alike are derided as savages by the ignorant of the five ‘civilized’ kingdoms, and celebrated for their valor by those who have crossed swords with them.

The World of Ice and Fire

Frat Parties

“oh shit he looks like one of those frat boys from college who actually cares about people’s feelings and his future sign me the fuck up“ - @tomskgard on twitter

Pairings: Frat Boy!Tom Holland x Reader

Warning(s)?: A lil PG-13, but nothing too crazy, and no smut (yet)


A/N: This story is actually based on this tweet (https://twitter.com/tomskgard/status/905611268760809473), and I could not stop thinking about how I wanted to write an imagine based on it. So here we go laid ease, grab your snacks cuz this is a long and fun one! Send in requests if have any btw :-)


You were greeted with the strong smell of liquor and your Vans sticking to the floor coated in some type of drink as you walked through the large doors of this frat house.

This was your first college frat party, needless to say you had never seen someone shotgun a beer as fast as the guy in front of you just did. And so many people were in each part of this house, it seemed like there was barely any more room for you and your friends.

“Hey ladies!” you hear and turn your head to the voice. It was a tall, slim boy wearing an Alpha Sigma Phi shirt, which was the frat house you were at today.

“Hey David, this party is lit!” your friend, Emma, says to him. She has to basically yell over the loud music blasting from the speakers. David simply laughs before motioning for you guys to walk into the party and wandering off.

Thankfully, you and your girls all pre-gamed so you weren’t walking into this party completely sober. Emma and Rayna decided to go to get some more drinks, while you and Jess went to the dance floor; you especially loved the song that was playing at the moment: Boogie Feet by Kesha.

You and Jess shimmy through the crowd holding hands so you don’t get lost. As you reach the center of the dance floor, you both waste no time before moving your bodies to the rhythm of the song, letting your limbs take control while your head is in the clouds.

By the time the song ended, you had made friends with the girls dancing next to you. You all would sing the lyrics with each other and laugh contagiously. Next song was Slippery by Migos ft Gucci Mane, and this one would get you hype; it was one of your favorites. And you were dancing to the song so carelessly, you bumped into a body quite hard unintentionally.

Turning around to face who it was, apologies start spilling out of your mouth, “Oh god, I am so so sorry-”

Looking up to the guy’s face, you realize he’s probably the most attractive guy you’ve ever seen. He’s wearing a blue and black flannel with the top two buttons unbuttoned and jeans, and his curly brown hair was covered with a cap.  Not to mention, his hands still rest on your waist to steady you from knocking into him.

Hey, don’t worry about it,” he says charmingly; his British accent and tone of voice could make you swoon. “I like this song, too.”

His comment makes you laugh, and he removes his hands from your waist. “I’m Y/N.”

“Tom,” he says with a smile, then takes a sip of whatever’s in the red cup he’s holding.

“So you’re part of Alpha Sig?” you bite your lip, trying to learn a little bit more about him before you fully pursue him. His looks are already a ten and from what you’ve seen, so is his personality.

“Yeah.. I love it. I’m a sophomore and these guys have treated me like nothing but their family since I’ve joined,” he tells you, seemingly really passionate about frat life. Most guys are only in it for the parties and the girls, but he seems like he really enjoys the brotherhood of it all.

“That’s really cool that you’re into it like that. Most guys only like it for.. other reasons,” you say, causing him to chuckle lightly. And that smile.. wow.

“That other stuff is just a plus,” he assures you.

Aye! My man, Tom!” you hear from behind Tom so you both turn around to see a group of guys making their way over to where you guys are. These guys all start hugging and high-fiving Tom and you realize he must be pretty popular. With a personality like that, you don’t see how he wouldn’t be.

As you watch Tom and his chums, you’re snapped out of your thoughts by one them asking Tom, “Ooh, who’s this?”

“Oh, guys, this is Y/N! Y/N, this is Kyle, Ronnie, Blake, Andrew, and Tyler.” He points and you smile at all of them, somewhat cowering behind Tom.

“Oh, cool! So you in a sorority?” Blake asks, and you shake your head.

“Nope,” you say simply.

“Really? You could totally pass as a Pi Beta Phi hottie!” Ronnie announces, causing all the boys to laugh in agreement.

Heat rises to your cheeks and you don’t really know what to say. Tom senses your silence as your hand fishes for Tom’s behind his back, and as if you guys were both thinking the same thing, your hand connects with his.

“Heyyy, now fellas,” Tom scolds playfully, “can’t some other girl receive the pleasure of your comments?”

Tom says this sarcastically, but it’s all it takes for the group of guys to scurry off to find some more poor girls.

“Damn, they really listen to you,” you note as he turns back around to face you.

He genuinely smiles at your comment before asking, “Hey love, do you wanna get some drinks?”

Tom leads you through the crowd to the drinks table, his hand still intertwined with yours.

“What would you like?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” you say, not having all that much experience with alcoholic drinks to know the variation.

He smiles lightly before fetching two colorful drinks in a Solo cup. It had fruits lying at the top, and you were pretty excited to try it.

“What is it?” you ask curiously as he hands it to you.

“Jungle Juice,” he raises his cup and you raise yours as well, meeting in the middle as you both say “Cheers!” and race to see who can finish it the fastest. Tom, obviously has you beat by a few seconds, this new drink feeling all too mysterious as it travels down your throat, stinging a bit. Tom wipes the corners of his mouth lazily, which you can’t help but admit is a little sexy to watch.

Your attention is quickly averted from Tom to clamor coming from the front of the house, the music coming to a pause.

“12!!!” they all shout before running off in opposite directions, as does everyone else in the crowd. It takes a minute for your brain to register that 12 is slang for the police, and by the time you figure it out, Tom’s grabbing your hand and taking you to the back of the house.

The sirens got louder as Tom and you practically ran throughout the house. Suddenly, he opened a door and closed it as soon as you two got inside. It was small like a closet, but there were no clothes in it. There were just some empty boxes.

“I can feel the alcohol in my stomach,” you tell him, trying to catch your breath as he laughs.

“Me too,” he agrees, as you realize his hand is still in yours, but neither of you make a move to change that. “Our neighbors probably filed a noise complaint again; our last party was the last strike.”

“And then what?”

“They threatened that the first people they saw would be arrested on sight.”

“So your parties are always this crazy?” you ask. “And you always meet girls like me?”

“Yeah, the parties are usually like this.. but, no, I’ve never met a girl like you.”

You try to ignore the rapid beating in your heart as you both just stare at each other.

Opening your mouth to reply, it’s closed shut when you hear the front doors get forcefully opened. Tom holds a finger to his lips as you hear loud boots stomp around the house’s wooden floors. And as they travel further down, you hear more students start swearing and the clamps of handcuffs.

You were saying a quick prayer in your head. If you got arrested, you’d lose your scholarship, not to mention, your parents would kill you. You even tried to quiet your breathing, saying a silent prayer when you hear boots stomp past where you and Tom were hiding.

30 minutes had passed now in the closet, and Tom and you were getting so restless, the alcohol settling in, you began to goofily whisper to each other as you sat on the floor.

“And then I have this bruise,” you moved the sleeve of your top down to show him a purple bruise on the tip of your shoulder. You’d gotten it at the gym bench pressing and long story short, the weight grazed your shoulder, but it hurt like shit.

Tom took this as the perfect moment to reach over and push down on the bruise, causing you to flinch. “Owww!” you whisper-yelled, quite like a baby as you pushed your bottom lip out. “That hurt.”

“You want me to kiss it?” he asks gently, inching closer to you.

Your heart rate speeds up, “That would make it better..”

And with no further coaxing needed, he reached up and left a kiss right on the site of the bruise. But he didn’t stop there, his lips began to travel up your shoulder, leaving open mouthed kisses along your neck. It was taking everything in you to not let out a moan, your breaths were already too heavy. He was evidently not as innocent as he seemed to be.

Your hands found their way to the back of his curly hair, threading your fingers through his locks when he reached your jawline, leaving one last kiss there before stopping. “Better?” he asked, looking up at you with swollen lips.

You were swooning at this point, his brown eyes looking up at you with admiration and a hint of lust would make any girl weak. You made the first move this time, putting your fingers on his chin to align his face with yours.

“Hey bro, we’re good, the cops just left.” Someone said opening the door, making both your head and Tom’s turn. It turned out being Kyle, and you expected him to apologize for interrupting, but he didn’t even realize what he’d barged in on as he left as fast as he’d come.

Tom flashes you a longing smirk before standing up, holding his hand out for you to grab onto. You do, standing up next to him and walking out of the closet with his hand resting on the small of your back.

The music started back on as normal, but at this point most people were deciding to call it a night.

Rayna, Emma, and Jess all immediately approached you.

“Hey, we’re gonna uber back to our dorms. You coming or what?”

“Yeah, just wait for me outside,” you tell them, turning to face Tom. “Let’s exchange numbers, I definitely want to see you again,” you say, not even beating around the bush like you normally would. He laughs, nodding before handing you his iPhone and you hand him yours.

After putting your numbers in each other’s phones, you hand them back, standing and just looking at each other with goofy grins on your face for a few seconds. Neither of you wanted to say goodbye just yet. So just deciding to go for it, you reach up and connect your lips to his. It takes no time for him to return the kiss, gripping your hips tightly with his hands as one of your hands is placed on the side of his jaw. His lips felt so nice on yours as his tongue grazed your bottom lip, seemingly asking you for entrance which you accept, opening your mouth just enough for him to slip his tongue inside. He was way too good of a kisser to be even a little bit inexperienced.

One of your friends cleared their throat loudly, causing you to detach your lips from Tom’s and turn your head to them, all of them waiting on you impatiently.

“Sorry to interrupt, but our Uber’s here.” Rayna interjects, trying not to giggle.

You and Tom give each other one final peck before you remove your arms from each other. You  catch up with your friends, and turn around to give Tom one last look before you walk out of the house. He’s already busy talking with his mates, and they seem to be excitedly hyping him up, probably over you. You knew it wouldn’t be long before you saw him again.

Part 2? Lmk


Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless

what’s the most interesting tag that shows up when you type in the names of VIXX members?

BTS Reaction to You Being Passionate About Social Issues

Request from @red-hood-love :BTS and Day6 reaction to you (gf) being really passionate about social issues (like racial issues and feminist things) and ranting alot?

I honestly don’t know if I did this correctly, but I promise the Day6 one will be better. If you want me to redo this. I’ll post another one. Also I’m sorry for posting this a week later than I intended (stupid physics!!). Enjoy!!

Taehyung: I can imagine you ranting on about social issues we have today and he would just smile at you as you kept ranting. If you’re sensitive about the subject, he would comfort you every time you see someone being degraded. He tries his best to support you, but he would have no idea what he’s doing. He would ultimately follow you and encourage to take action pursue your passions.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Suga: He wouldn’t say anything express it physically, but he would be so proud of you. I think that he would actually collaborate with you to write a song to spread the awareness of the social issues you talk to him about. I honestly feel like he would be that type of artist to spread awareness about the world’s issues in his songs. Just imagine you guys in his studio recording the song, and when he’s performing it live he calls you up to tell his fans you were the reason he wrote the song. (Swoon!)

Originally posted by syubtae

Namjoon: He would join you and help you in anyway he can to support you. I feel like he would use his popularity to help spread the word and tell the world that his girlfriend is an amazing person that cares about the world. He would just show you off. (This puppy of destruction would do anything for you :P)

Originally posted by yoongichii

Jin: He would go to events that highlights these issues with you, and maybe even get you an opportunity for you to host an event (Because he can get everything he wants from his good looks :P)

Originally posted by mochixhamster

Imagine you were Namjoon (don’t we all) and at an event. 

Jungkook: The minute you say you want to take action, he will join you. He will go with you to countries in need and volunteer with you. (This would be you guys’ dates) Just seeing you talking about your passions would make you more attractive to him. It will just make him fall more in love with you than he already is.

Originally posted by jeonify

This is him after a long day of volunteering to build schools in Africa. 

Jimin: He’s going to be a mix to Taehyung and Jungkook. He would love how passionate you are about what you believe and be inspired himself. He normally wouldn’t have given a second thought about these issues before you and I can see him being inspired by you. Everyday he would insist on you to talk to him about and try to come up with solutions. You guys would frequently visit countries in need and volunteer.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

The way he looks at you as he listens to you. 

Hobi: I think he’s a strong feminist himself (not that the other boys aren’t). He would support like all the other boys, but I think he would apply equality in gender more in your relationship. He would respect your boundaries as a person, but still somehow clingy and a puppy boyfriend. 

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Imagine you’re Taehyung


It pains me to see the lack of news about MBLAQ.

First of all, with J Tunes throwing away all the trophies they ever won had me very very suspicious as to why they did this. In addition, to J Tunes Camp not even caring about the guys. Like a fan found their trophies at a flea market. Really JTC? Really now ? The trophies they worked hard on and won to just be thrown away is straight up BS.

Second, when MADTOWN went to GNI Entertainment this made me even more suspicious like why ?? Because the only groups at J Tunes Camp were Madtown and MBLAQ(on hiatus)

Then, I went on Wikipedia (which isn’t the best reliable I know) and to confirm the only remaining group since Madtown left is MBLAQ. TWO X been gone to another company and I just thought what is J Tunes Camp doing ??

Now G.O says J. Tunes does not exist any more. Soo they went bankrupt? And him, Seungho, and Mir will still be MBLAQ hopefully …

No words can explain how sad I feel because MBLAQ literally had me in tears from laughing so hard and always had me hyped and swooning over their songs and when they felt a great sense of accomplishment. JTC messed up big time with all of their groups. I’m glad TWO X and Madtown got out while they can. Just so hurt that MBLAQ was basically neglected & then all their hard work is gone … just does not matter to JTC any more.

And I do not know if this is true and I really need a video or some legit + creditable news source but Bi Rain is planning or wants to make another boy group ? Maybe by the end of 2018 this will happen. I don’t know if this is true but .. I just do not know how I feel about this. To be honest I’m more sad + confused than happy if he really wants to do this.

But overall, MBLAQ still has my heart through and through. They deserve better.

  • yeah, so like, I really headcanon daichi to have like a really good singing voice that really works well with any genre, but he unintentionally blows people away when he’s just singing along with a guitar
  • because his voice is like deep and rumbly, and cool to the senses, but he’s got enough soul whenever he sings and people just like melts
  • so like, this is the VBC’s Ultimate Hidden Weapon™ , but daichi made them (third years) promise not to disclose this fact to any of the members so its also kinda like the hidden seventh wonder or something
  • somehow, they listened to him and respected his wishes so not one of the kouhais knew about it. literally no one.
  • until that particular school festival where the student council and the festival committee decided that its not enough for clubs to compete in different sporting events, they must also have representatives for the talent show
  • and while the reward of additional budget for the next year sounds very promising daichi isnt really that desperate and no matter how much sugawara tries to convince him, he’s pretty sure the girls team, with their idol inspired act would win it for all of them
  • that is until the captain of the basketball club taunted him that the additional budget would go to their club because its not like the volleyball club would need it anyway
  • needless to say sugawara just signed up daichi (and tanaka as the guitarist) names’ in angry bold letters after that meeting
  • (and since its not enough that they win the first place, they included hinata and nishinoya and by some stroke of luck managed to convince kiyoko and yachi to join michimiya and other girls making the idol group a combined effort of the whole volleyball club)
  • (turns out hinata was a natural, knows the song and dance by heart because natsu listens to these kinds of songs nowadays and they are pretty catchy and dance-y and well, he’s a big brother who is wrapped around his little sisters finger)
  • (so was nishinoya who wholeheartedly agreed once he learned that he’ll be dancing along with kiyoko, which tanaka bemoaned at his luck but also wholeheartedly supported his bro for taking one for the team)
  • (sugawara promised him popularity with the girls if he joined daichi with their chosen act, so its quite win win really)
  • although when they first practiced, tanaka wasnt sure about gaining those female fans anymore because he would most likely be just an accessory because hoLY CRAP CAN DAICHI-SAN SING, like is he really the same person who gets demon angry at them for being so stupid?! 
  • (yes, yes he is)
  • so yeah, somehow, by some stroke of luck nekoma heard about it (kenma from hinata who sent a picture of him wearing the wig he would use, and taketora from both noya and tanaka, who was alternately crying and screaming at wanting to see kiyoko-san and you lucky bastards)
  • so kuroo heard, because who wouldnt, taketora could probably be heard across the ocean, and was about to tell him to shut up, but taketora had to blurt that he also heard that their captain would be singing, and tanaka’s been saying nothing but praises and kuroo-san just cant lose like that!
  • and yeah, the whole nekoma team went to miyagi and karasuno’s school festival for science. 
  • (kuroo’s not dying to see and hear daichi sing, no hes not, thank you very much.)
  • (he is. he really is. he desperately is.)
  • sugawara and the rest were surprised to see them there but hey, more people to shock he supposes and suga lives for it when they shock people for the heck of it
  • so like, the girls came out first and it was cute and like hinata and noya really did blend in well, even flirtier than the real girls and were really upping the ante (tsukishima noticed the insane blush kageyama was sporting, and the way the other setter was looking all intense, and ugh, mohawk was steadily loosing water and blood and snot and ew, disgusting)
  • then it was daichi and tanaka’s turn, like the lights were off at the beginning until there’s a spotlight on the stage and when tanaka strummed the first note, everybody held their breaths 
  • kuroo was already at the edge of his seat and literally swooned, along with the rest of the gymnasium when daichi opened his mouth because good lord, it was such sweet music to his ear and bless his soul he could drop dead right this moment without any regrets.
  • suga looks smug at the stands, gloating at the basketball club captain because hah, jokes on you. were owning this.
  • suffice to say, the third years, shout out to daichi ey, will leave the club with another legacy and enough budget to keep the team afloat for the coming year.
  • and tanaka did get a number of female fans, but they were still too scared of him, just content at watching and admiring him from afar, omg poor you.
  • but it wasnt compared to the legion daichi gained overnight.
  • too bad a very persistent guy beat them at it. and how.
Chained The Monster Piano Ver
Christopher Escalante
Chained The Monster Piano Ver

“I heard the soft sound of a piano echo from the lobby, drawing me to enter the study, where my Grandfather’s large piano sat. At the bench was Erik, dancing his fingers over the old ivory keys and softly singing a tune I’ve only heard play briefly whenever someone called me.”

“The song was Chained The Monster by Phoenix, and was meant for a hard and rough rock piece… yet, when Erik began to sing… it sounded sensual and almost erotic… it was breath-taking…”

Vocals and Composition by Christopher Escalante
Lyrics: Michaela Laws

ah i have such a massive musical crush on salvador. his voice is so fucking pure and timeless and he’s such a darling i just want to give him a cuddle and i could listen to him sing for hours and hours. swoon*

Drag queen Daniel

Sir Phillip Michael Lester sat in the smoky lounge. Such a filthy place. Smoke cloaked the air with the scent of a cheap tobacco and whiskey. The musk of hundreds of sweaty, unwashed bodies, packed into a small club filled his nose, and revolted him slightly. He would have excused himself from the scandalous scene hours ago, but he was here for one reason and one reason only. A burlesque show was in town. He had never seen one, but his usual nightly theatre had become too stuffy for his liking. Plus he loved the taboo nature of the whole thing. A man dressed as a woman? He didn’t find it strange at all but he knew his “friends” would. Those snobbish bastards st the club would absolutely die if they knew he was at a burlesque show. How outrightly rougue he had gone in that awfully stiff world of ‘how do you do’ and 'you look stunning madame’. There was one queen in particular he had attended the show for. What was that name? He racked every shelf of his brain for the information. Who was h-she? It rhymed with something. Like…Spaniel Towell? Ugh. Mr. Lester knew that he would remember the name as soon as she stepped on stage, because apparently this woman was unforgettable. He had heard so many things abut her through cut chat in pubs and on the streets while he walked home late in the night. The apparent grace. The supposed beauty. The way she (possibly) moved so seamlessly. He simply could not wait. He had been building this up in his mind ever since he had heard about the show. He had never heard of something so unmentionably illusive. His thoughts were interrupted by the thick red curtain parting to either side of the old wooden stage, and a booming voice. A tall man in white face paint, a red suit jacket and pinstriped pants appeared on stage.
“Welcome one and all to the traveling burlesque stage show!!!” His voice easliy projected throught the small room, with no microphone.
The first queen stepped out. Clad in emerald from head to toe, wearing a bright red wig, and caked cosmetics. A comedian. She was very loud and got in people’s face. Most of the guests enjoyed the rowdy demeanor of the woman, but phil found it undignified. She noticed the subtle disdain on his face, and released a slew of slurs and swears. Phil merely behaved himself and took the insults with a grin. What a superb start to the evening. The next queen stepped on stage. She was short, and sported a little bo peep look. Bright pink lips, a bleached blonde wig, and electric blue eyeshadow. She was very quiet and didn’t really have a lot of sass. She was painfully boring to Phil. She was far too basic. She performed a breathy song, and swooned off stage. The next queen stepped up. Black long wig, black boots, smokey eyeshadow and an ill fitting black leather mini dress. The woman began swaggering about the small platform. She then proceeded to come into the audience and dance on the members. Phil found this to be a bit excessive and lacking in class. She stalked backstage, her dress full of bills. The announcer made an appearance on the stage
“And now, the moment many of you have been awaiting, welcome to the stage, the classiest and badassiest, of our queens tonight.” He paused for an overwhelming applause. Phil felt his hopes raise slightly. “Welcome DANIEL HOWELL!” That was the name he had tried to remember earlier in the evening. All the lights went out and the audience silenced. A melodic voice began singing a tune which swam through Mr lester ears, like musical honey. It was a song like no other.
“Its these substandard motels on the, lalalalala, corner of fourth and Fremont street” the voice cooed. A string quartet joined. This was more his speed. Then a large spotlight illuminated an angel in the center of the stage
“Appealing only because they’re just that unappealing, any practiced catholic would cross themselves upon entering”
This queen had inhuman beauty. He studied her in rapt fascination. He was enamored.
Not wearing a wig like the others. Natural chocolate curls sat atop her head. She rocked a short curly style with shaved sides. The fairly masculine style threw Phil off, but then he looked at her face. Her makeup was so light, but well done and natural. The magenta eye makeup complimented her mocha eyes in a splendor like no other. She rocked a red satin gown. He could not believe his eyes. There was no way in hell that this was a man. Phil felt himself falling back into questioning if he was fully straight.
“ the rooms have a hint of asbestos and just a dash of formaldehyde, and the habit of decomposing right before your very eyes”
Th music picked up slightly
“Along with the people inside! What a wonderful, charicature of intimacy”
She belted out the notes with the same beautiful tone she had earlier, but with more power as the music crescendoed. The song continued. Each note gave the noble a spark of euphoria. He was caught in a trance. She had him in a trance of sirens song and didnt plan to let him go. They locked eyes. She stepped off the stage and began sauntering towards him, avoiding the grubby, groping hands at any side. She maintained the eye contact as she stepped through the sea of filth to the diamond in the rough. The more she neared to the the noble, the more anxiety he felt in his chest. He was a bumbling fool in her presence. She kneeled slightly to get level with his eyes. She sang more passionately now than she had before. Placing a silk gloved hand on his freshly shaven cheek, she began moving closer. Phil was afraid that she would hear his heart racing. He did his best to keep still and play things cool. She slowly, and seemingly begrudgingly distanced herself from his face. She returned to the stage and bowed. The rest of the show passed by like seconds. He couldn’t get his mind to focus on anything but her. His eyes refused to pay attention to any other girl. After the show he left the venue slightly shell shocked. His eyes were a bit glazed over. He walked briskly home, as the time of night caused the streets to get dicey. He suddenly felt something pull his shoulder to turn him around. All he saw next was a fist getting larger and larger. He blacked out. He woke to see a feminine figure walking away. Before he could get his wits about him she was gone. He looked around. He was surrounded by beaten men. All that was left behind, other than limp bodies, was a bloody heel and bag. What happenned? Was all he could think. He hadn’t the energy to play Sherlock, so he simply picked himself up and continued walking back to his flat. The next morning he arose with a splitting headache. Getting himself dressed, he realized he was missing his wallet. He panicked, knowing that if he didnt find it those thugs or that woman had it. He looked through all his drawers. He turned the well furnished flat upside down looking for that stupid wallet. Then he remembered. His jacket. He ran to his front door where it was lying on the ground, crumpled. He must have forgotten to hang it up in his sleepy haze last night. He picked it up and began rifling through the pockets. AH! There it was, his precious wallet. But he felt something else in the pocket. A piece of paper? He didn’t remember putting this in his pocket. He pulled it out and read it.
“Daniel Howell 823-776-8902
You were the only tasteful gentleman in the crowd. Let’s meet up sometime. Ps: I saved your arse and broke a nail in the process. You owe me a drink. ”
Sir Lester simply couldn’t believe his luck

Might do a sequel if requested ;)

Also this isn’t meant to be disrespectful to dnp’s sexualities. Just made this for fun, pls don’t attack me or take this too seriously. Have a nice day lovelies

taehyungisbaesthings  asked:

Please do another Haikyuu Idols au but this time with all the setters 🙏

Haikyuu Setters Idol!AU

I’m sorry it took so long. I didn’t know that the setters would give me difficulty imagining them as an idol group. (Also because you said all… OTL.) BUT HERE IT IS!!!! ( I included members who are setters but haven’t been animated yet… so I guess this contains spoilers?)

Disclaimer: Once again, my references are from K-pop, than J-pop, since I know more about that. Concepts and songs were by groups I am familiar with. If the captain’s one had been done while I was crying about Boys24, this one is brought to you by PD101S2.

Note: No Oikawa or Moniwa. They’re over here with the other captains and other random things

The Group in General

-       What can I say, this group is just full of pretty people. ALL ULZZANGS I TELL YOU!

-       This group also consists of mostly people who project quiet, chic, and sassy image and they have been called the ‘Flower Boy-dols’, ‘Model-dols’, ‘Sassy-dols’ and all other variants that people can think off just to emphasize how beautiful (and sassy) they are.

-       A lot of buzz had already surrounded this group even before their debut, because some of them have experienced fame in different forms. Fangirls are easily baited. One look at the boys and they never looked back.

-       However, this was kind of a double edged sword, because most people thought that they’re all just pretty faces with no actual talent to back them up. (Haters do say the meanest things. They are most DEFINITELY WRONG of course.)

-       But that was all behind them now. Their fanbase is as strong as ever and they’re gaining more as they promote.

-       So like, I kind of visualize that their company introduced the members of the group by dropping little hints/’facts’ about the member all throughout the day, and will end with that member’s teaser video and picture that details his profile.

-       Then surprise, surprise! After that short teaser video, they actually have a short intro video, recorded with V-Live.

-       Imagine being a fangirl and doing this for 10 days, every other day, just to die and resurrect again for the rest of the members.

-       Then they update with the album highlights, and MV teasers up until their official debut.

-       When the MV had been released, and all of them have been introduced, they do a group v-live to formally introduce themselves as a group, inviting the support and love of the people.

The Members

Semi Eita – Eita is the Leader of the group. He also serves as the lead dancer and is mostly responsible for overlooking the member’s activities. Eita started his career as back up dancer to some solo female artists, but he didn’t hesitate to join the agency when they recruited him. He’s the kind of leader that doesn’t really step into the spotlight and is just content with letting the other member’s do their thing but knows when to put his foot down. Always thanks fans for their gifts and for watching their live performances.

He’s like EXO’s Suho mixed with Ikon’s Junhoe. (IDK why…)

Sugawara Koushi – Koushi is the actual eldest of the group and serves as the lead vocalist as well as the Face of the Group. Started as an ulzzang with an already good amount of followers, and he has the largest fanbase among all of them because of this. He was discovered when he heeded the request of a fan to sing even just a short line of a song. But since he likes to go the extra mile, he also played the guitar. Though he may look innocent, fans are well aware of how much sass this boy possess, apparent with his responses to fan questions over twitter and during fan meetings.

EXO’s Luhan is who comes to mind for idol!Suga

Echigo Sakae – Echigo completes the hyung line. He is the main vocals of the group because of his smooth RnB vibes. Echigo competed in a singing contest organized by the agency and he won 2nd place over all, but it was enough to secure him a spot as a trainee. He’s a man of few words, but do not mistake his quietness for he is a certified deadpan snarker, to his members as well as the fans. He also likes to tease the ‘middle children’ line, especially when their maknae does evil things to them.

Echigo is based off of MBLAQ’s G.O, mixed with Big Bang’s Taeyang.

Akaashi Keiji – Keiji is the main dancer of the group. Develops their group’s choreography with Shigeru, with Semi occasionally lending a hand. Has quite a following, especially when he made waves as the ‘boy who really danced well’ in one of the biggest dance studios dance class video. It took a while for agency reps to scout him since he doesn’t really want to become an idol and was content in dancing, but when he assisted one of the dance instructor for another idol group’s choreo, somehow changed his mind. The long suffering responsible brother, despite being the actual youngest in the middle children line.

I would liken Keiji to EXO’s Kai.

Kozume Kenma – Kenma is the shy and young, lauded by fans as ‘genius producer-dol’ of the group. He’s very skilled in song writing and composing, and most of the group’s songs are produced by him, with members lending their hand in the lyrics. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. The members collaborate with writing the lyrics, then Kenma makes a song out of it. Mostly works with a piano, but asks for Suga’s help for guitars and Shirabu’s help when it comes to percussions. If he had the choice, he would just stay inside the studio and make songs, but such is not the case, so he serves as a sub-vocal (only because he doesn’t want to be in the center of performances as much). He’s close to Keiji because he’s the only one who’s is warm but quiet among his same age peer.

The best reference I have for Kenma is EXO’s D.O

Yahaba Shigeru – Shigeru acts as the group’s dancer and their unofficial variety representative. Before this though, he was thought to be the second Koushi, because he exudes the soft grace, that isn’t far behind his hyung. All this was shattered when they guested at a variety show and became a complete fountain of laughter, because of his witty comments and clever comeback lines. Often ‘butt’s heads’ with Shirabu and created the Wise Guy to Shirabu’s Straight Man. And they have created memes fans call the “Shi-Shi’s” because of this. He is also game with cross-dressing, since he admits that its part of his charm.

SHINee’s KEY is my reference for Shigeru.

Shirabu Kenjiro – Shirabu comes from a family of actors, and was actually a child actor before he made the decision to train and become an idol instead, in his desire to create a name for his own. It wasn’t unexpected for him to be in the spotlight with the rest of his family, but people mostly expected him to follow his parents’ and brother’s footsteps. But since his history with acting is not forgotten, he’s often tapped to act in productions but he’s only accepted minor roles, since he wants to focus more on his idol activities. He blends in well with the group and lends his support as vocals.

Think of Infinite’s L, as the image he projects, but he actually has BTOB’s Sungjae’s playfulness in him.

Miya Atsumu – Miya is the main rapper of the group and the one that completes the middle children line. Has a love-hate relationship with fans because of his resting bitch face that he uses to tease them with. But his performance on stage is something they all love about him. Has a twin brother, who is his complete opposite and wants to be far away from the spotlight as possible. Ever since the fans learned about this, and how mature his brother is, they found a way to tease him back and called them “The Prince and Pauper”, with Atsumu being the pauper, much to his annoyance.

I think the resting bitch face is a clue enough that EXO’s Kris is my reference for Atsumu.

Koganegawa Kanji – Kogane serves as the second rapper of the group and is actually the older of the two members of the maknae line. He is the tallest among the group, earning him the nickname ‘Super-Sized Maknae’. He’s also painfully new in the idol industry, but his enthusiasm and willingness to learn, as well as his hyung’s support, helped him become more confident in his skills, as well as his presence in the group. Another variety representative, because of his naivety and simple mindedness. Considered a 4D member by the fans, but despite this, they all find him lovable because of his energy and determination.

Kogane reminds me of MBLAQ’s Mir.

Kageyama Tobio – Tobio is the other half of the maknae line, and is the actual maknae of the whole group. But fans often mistake Kogane to be this, because Tobio is often too serious, and doesn’t display maknae tendencies. Absolutely hates doing aegyo and claims that he doesn’t know how. Its cringe worthy whenever he tries (and he tries really hard), but when he’s not thinking about it though, it shows. Fans especially finds his squinting-pouty face adorable. The official visual of the group, and not to be confused with Koushi’s Face of the Group. They’re both considered visuals, but with different image/projection (Koushi is the warm to Tobio’s cold). He’s a dedicated all-rounder, although he usually plays more vocal parts.

Tobio’s reference is Nu’est’s Minhyun (and I swoon)

Concept/s and Songs

-       This group started out safely enough with songs that are influenced by jazz, like B.A.P’s Coffee Shop and Where are You, What are You Doing.

-       Then they delved into the more ‘pop’ side, with concepts centered-around chic style and synchronized dance. Like Infinite’s Dashi Dorawa; BEAST’s Fiction; EXO’s Call Me Baby.

-       The song that I seriously think fits them the most is C-Clown’s Shaking Heart. I don’t know why but it just does.

-       Other songs: Winner’s Really Really; VIXX’s Error; Super Junior’s Devil.

-       Of course, they couldn’t escape doing cute songs like SHINee’s Replay and Hello; Got7’s A; Astro’s Breathless; Seventeen’s Mansae; lighthearted songs like iKon’s #WYD; Super Junior’s No Other and Why I Like You

-       For feel fest songs they have: BTS’ Spring Day; Boys24’s Starlight; Infinite’s Paradise; Nu’est’s Hello and Good Bye Bye; Winner’s Fool; and VIXX’s Only You.

-       Yeah… I guess that sums it up. Also note that they’ve done plenty of share of covering girl group songs. Shigeru for some reasons were able to rope most of the group, especially Suga. Once Suga says they do it, they do it. They can’t refuse. It will be their end.

I guess this is it?