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It was decided by an unanimous vote that the gay kids should be drawn next. So you ask and I deliver.  

I tried to challenge myself a bit by drawing more background and making the point of view from different angles in stead of the typical 3/4th angle.

Since Kanna came over to Riko’s place to play, why not have Riko come over as well? Tohru would obviously have to watch over them, because who knows what Kanna will do to Riko if they’re left alone. Kanna couldn’t help but swoon over Riko’s mad vidja gaimus skillz though.

-What else should I do to make it up to you?-

He was so close that Shadow actually thought about kissing him. Captured by that thought, he lost the grip on his glass. He expected it to shatter on the floor in a million pieces… but the glass bounced once, then it stood on the floor: it was still intact. Not a single drop of ale had escaped the glass.

-This is really a dream- whispered Shadow, in shock.

-That’s what I was try…- trying to say, was probably the end of his sentence, but Shadow didn’t let him finish: he grabbed the leprechaun by the arm and he guided him towards the crowd of dancers.

-I’m going to die tomorrow, and none of this is happening for real, is that right? Good. I want to dance.-

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Get Lucky

RatingExplicit - Archive WarningNo Archive Warnings Apply - CategoryM/M

FandomAmerican Gods (TV) - RelationshipShadow Moon/Mad Sweeney

CharactersShadow Moon (American Gods)Mad Sweeney (American Gods)

Additional TagsMadmoonMissing MomentsCanon Divergencedream - FreeformMad Sweeney has more powers than he has in the showSet during ep 1x03rating is for sexual scenesbut there is no violence or gore or whateveractually it’s cheesier than I thought wow

Language: English


It was supposed to be a sketch but my love for Furiosa could not be satisfied with a sketch, and suddenly I needed to paint all those belts and that damn mechanical arm, and then part of the Rig wanted to be in there too. Also I’m all for goggles+scarf Furiosa. 

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Femslash Fridays with Izzy & A, Pt 9
Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7| Pt 8

Feat. Pansy and Ginny, here to prove once again that opposites attract 

Pansy: Ginny. Against my better judgement, I am rather fond of you.

Ginny: [looks down, bites lip] I just wish you were there. 

Pansy:  [rolls eyes] That face isn’t going to work, you know. 

[This is, of course, a better tactic.]

Ginny: I’ll take care of it. 

[Weasley shoots, she scores!] 


[OOC: Aaaaand we’re back! Apologies for the hiatus, but wouldja look at that, we still have queer witch content for you <3 Tune in next week for more, & keep sending in pairing requests–we swear we’ll get to them ASAP! Feat. the always extraordinary @youvegotenoughnerve, per usual]

the madness...

i just keep endlessly refreshing Tumblr and the internet over and over and over and over andover andoverandoveralkdndfgaolsgf;aljskf;l~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! GAAHHH~!!! ((@  {   }@)) praying for more Welcome to the Madness~!!! IT’S 4AM! WHAT AM I DOING?!?!? the madness is REEEAAALLLLLL~!!!! what am i expecting!?!? HALP!!! ((7.O  [     ]O.))7 i gotta go lay down and stop thinking about it… (((O  \/\/\/\/\/ O))) *vibrating with anticipation - or possibly from the five coke zero’s she drank* 

MONSTA X as baristas

Hey everyone! I’m super duper sorry that I’ve been MIA for a while, but I have a ton of requests to fill so I’m working on those currently so I can come back stronger than ever! To keep you all sated and satisfied while I’m clearing out my inbox, revamping the theme, and fixing my masterpost, here’s a short lil’ scenario ;))

SHOWNU: he does 300% of the work, yet never recognized as employee of the month. has broken mugs dancing behind the counter when he’s working late shifts. always gets the customers name right on the cup, no matter how crazy the spelling is or how much the customer mumbles. doesn’t make enough money for dealing with his coworkers. 

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KIHYUN: what a little shit. he sings ‘’absentmindedly’’ while he’s working, and claims he doesn’t even notice. but when he started noticing that his tips increased when he sang he did it ‘’accidentally’’ more often. constantly playing pranks on the other employees, but nobody suspects him.

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JOOHEON: only working there to pay for his soundcloud pro account bills, he’ll try to sell you his mixtape along with your coffee. no matter what you order, he makes an americano, and nobody ever teaches him how to make anything else. none of the customers seem to mind.

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MINHYUK: some people think he never stops working because no matter what time they come in to order, he’s behind the counter and his energy level is at 6000%. probably drinks more coffee than he sells. tried to adopt kihyun’s singing for tips trick, but the boss only yells at him and tells him to be quiet. he doesn’t listen. strangely knows personal information about every customer.

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HYUNGWON: sure, he’s been working there for just as long as everyone else, but he’s never completed a full shift. demoted to bus-boy after he fell asleep at the counter for two hours, so now he falls asleep at the dirty tables he’s supposed to clean. is constantly being hit on by customers. on the rare occasion that he’s allowed to work the counter, he draws memes on the cups.

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WONHO: if he is your barista, you will most definitely leave with his number. it’s just a reflex for him at this point to include his number on your receipt. makes absolute bank in tips because when he reaches up to the top shelf for mugs, his abs flash and customers swoon. is lowkey super mad that kihyun is constantly employee of the month. 

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I.M: who?? does he actually have a job here??? the answer is yes, but this boy has managed to avoid ever actually doing any work. he’s definitely never completed a shift before, yet it’s been years and he;s collected every paycheck. he probably doesn’t even know where the cafe is located. still goes to every meeting and always nominates jooheon as employee of the month. demands a raise, gets the raise, still doesn’t come to work.

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sims!d*s/ladybug camping trip

so my sims 4 screenshots have been piling up forever, so i’m just gonna drop the camping trip even tho it’s way off from where i last posted

also because these have been sitting on my hard drive since last year:

…and i’d like to get rid of them lmao.

Things to know:

  • Vix and Kou are married, and they have 3 kids: Nolan [teen] and Shiori [child, named for kou’s sis] who came with, and Olivia [nearly young adult] who stayed home cos there wasn’t room on the lot for her lmao. 
  • Adrien and Marinette are dating. They do not know about each other’s identities.
  • Adrien and Kou are best friends, and Shiori has a little girl crush on Adrien. [it was stupidly cute, she would seek him out anytime the fams hung out together lol]
  • Vix and Nino are work buddies [via their musical careers].
  • Nino and Alya are still only close friends but there’s UST 8D

anyway, prepare for action and adventure, drama and danger, love and betrayal lol…and just. lots and lots and lots of pictures under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Okay but sometimes when Whizzer gets mad at Marvin he doesn't let Marvin touch him or go near him. Of course Marvin always tries to anyway to make him swoon and stop being mad (usually worked). Eventually Whizzer starts doing a thing where whenever Marvin does touch him, he lets out a really loud, obnoxious, filthy porn-style moan in a diner FILLED w people and Marvin. just. eventually. Stops. (Cordelia is SO relieved when it finally ends.)

This happens, omg

Whizzer gets so mad at Marvin, that, at first, it’s just a “don’t touch me,” but it spirals into the huge moan thing, and Marvin gets so embarrassed, but Whizzer finds it so fucking funny.  

Get Lucky - veefromthesun - American Gods (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Get Lucky

Shadow Moon once mentioned that he had trouble sleeping. Mad Sweeney wants to know how weird his dreams are, exactly, so he appears inside one of Shadow’s dreams.
Spoiler: Shadow’s dreams are really weird. 

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply


Fandom: American Gods (TV)

RelationshipShadow Moon/Mad Sweeney

Characters: Shadow Moon (American Gods)Mad Sweeney (American Gods)

Additional TagsMadmoonMissing MomentsCanon Divergencedream - FreeformMad Sweeney has more powers than he has in the showSet during ep 1x03rating is for sexual scenesbut there is no violence or gore or whateveractually it’s cheesier than I thought wow

Language: English

Remus, already showered and changed to his pyjamas, asks, “Sirius, why do you keep a Sabrina under your bed?”

The pink-and-green magazine colours scream at his eyes, a teenage witch smiling up at him from under a wide-rimmed pointy hat. The title, how to kiss wizards well in 10 crucial steps bounces up and down in the left corner, and even amidst the other topics, he cannot fathom Remus hasn’t figured it out yet. He’s not even sure if good old Auntie Hilda’s advice helped in any way because he hasn’t even had a chance to try it.

“I stole it off Bellatrix,” Sirius says, the first thing off his tongue. “Just to piss her off, you know.”

Remus is quiet too long, and Sirius can feel himself start to redden—that, is when James looks up too from his quidditch mag and Peter follows suit.

Remus looks sceptic, and Sirius knows that it is because it dates back a year and a half. He hasn’t kept it that long, of course—just stumbled across it a few months ago, right before the Halloween ball, when it was left in the common room.

That one bouncy topic had caught his attention, though.

“Do you really care this much about snogging someone?” Remus asks.

Sirius doesn’t even have time to feel shit about it before James loudly groans, “For fuck’s sake, Sirius, again?”

“I can’t help it,” he mutters as he sits down on his bed. “It’s an issue, alright, just that you lads don’t know what it’s like doesn’t mean you can piss on me, alright?”

“But you care so much,” Remus says, “and you don’t have to.”

Sirius rolls his eyes. “Okay, yes, we’ve had this chat before, and even bloody Peter’s snogged someone before me—sorry Pete—and now I’m eighteen and I still haven’t.”

James just stares at him, and he doesn’t look like he cares at all but Sirius finds it hard to ignore when he cares. Remus’ look’s a little different, and Sirius is not sure if it’s a matter of different opinions, or different experiences.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Sirius finally gives in. He’s taken the but why approach before, he’s taken the I want to approach and the more-than-slightly bitter but you have so you have no say in this. “Tell me, mister I snogged the prettiest girl of Hogwarts age fifteen.”

Remus colours a little, but he isn’t too perturbed to answer. “First off, I don’t put as much value into a kiss and I never have, because my family aren’t dickheads who think I should marry before I’m twenty—“ and, ignoring James’ choking noise, “and secondly, as I have kissed people I can honestly tell you, Sirius, it wasn’t that big of a deal at all.”

James now laughs out loud. “Remus, you kissing people kind of is a big deal, you had Laura swooning over you like mad for three months after?”

Sirius knew about that, and he and James had laughed about it before, but Remus seems more shocked by that than by anything else any of them have said in—quite a while, honestly.

Finally he just mutters, “What the fuck?”

“Werewolf pheromones,” Peter says loudly, trying to break the awkward atmosphere in the room. “That’s my bet, anyway, since none of us can tip that.”

Sirius can’t help it—the atmosphere in the room, the awkwardness of the situation, laughter bubbles up as he repeats, “Tip.” He’s not entirely sure why it is funny, only that it is because it’s somehow sex related, and Remus rolls his eyes while James snorts. The anxiety is causing turmoil in his tummy, sharp and horrible and he wants it gone.

“I’m being serious here, Sirius,” Remus finally says when Sirius has calmed down a little. “What’s so bad about not having kissed anybody yet?”

“Well,” Sirius says, trying to breathe through it all. “I mean… What if I am bad at it? What if I’ll kiss someone and they run because they think it’s like snogging a flobberworm?”

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, Sirius,” Remus whines. “James and Peter, can you leave the room for a bit? I need to speak to Sirius in private.”

“Slap him ‘round his bollocks, you mean,” James mutters, but he gets up and leaves, with Peter following close behind.

“What the fuck,” Sirius says, with Remus already off his own bed and climbing onto Sirius’.

“Sirius,” Remus tells him, taking a deep breath, “I’ll kiss you. All right?”

The painful tension in Sirius’ belly gives immediately, replaced by a light flutter that is nowhere as harsh on his stomach. “What? Would you really?” he asks. Remus is already leaning closer, his breath hot on Sirius’ skin.

“If it will make you let me sleep, then yes,” he mumbles, before pressing his lips to Sirius’.

(He ends up making Remus moan, but Sirius is honestly not sure if that is due to his snogging skills, or a good handful of Remus’ bum in his hand.)