swoon factor


Okay, so

everyone knows that Alan Rickman was one of the most inexplicably attractive men to ever walk the earth. 

Many have tried to explain his enormous swoon-factor, and rather a lot of people have come to the conclusion that his voice (which, please don’t get me wrong, would probably melt panties worldwide even if it belonged to Shrek) was the deciding factor.

I disagree.

As evidence, I present this music video, where Alan Rickman is screen-meltingly hot and never says a word.



Jai Courtney just adding to the swoon factor. 

Something better than before

Prompt by Anon : Olicity and Baby Sara at QC - POV from an employee

It is really short and it could have been much better, sorry.

Enjoy anyway :)

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One of the things that Gerry loves most about his work at Queen Inc. (formerly Palmer Technologies) are the days when Oliver Queen comes to visit his wife at the office.

And yes, he knows he has a boyfriend, but hey, he’s still allowed to watch. And Oliver Queen is a very fine looking specimen. And today, the swooning factor is heightened by the fact that he’s carrying Sara Diggle in his arms. Gerry remembers that Felicity told him they were baby sitting the little girl for a few days while her parents were on a well-deserved vacation.

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