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BTS Reaction to their six year old son wanting to be a princess for Halloween

Jin: Jin and his son have been out all day running errand for the mom. he went to get he vaccines in the morning then a get well ice cream after worth, next they got new pants and churro’s to celebrate the new pants. Jin then brings up Halloween, he loved dressing up just as much as his son and asked what he wanted to be. “i want to be princesses jasmine” he was taken back at first, why not batman or a ghost or even Aladdin but his explanation was golden “i want to be jasmine cause she is rich and pretty and i want to me rich and pretty. with a pet tiger” Jin was legit impressed but his sons logic “oooohhhh i raised you right you right my boy, we’ll get you the costume after we finish our cake”  

Suga: He goes in to his sons room to see him dressing in a coloring book like normal and sees that hes drawing in a princess dress as best as his skills will allow him. When yoongi asks about it his son tells him “i wanna be a princess too, they are so pretty” yoongi has literally no response to this so he  just says okay and walks out the room all awkward and over to you in the living room “uh so your son want to be pretty, i think that your department sooooo” 

Namjoon: You and your son was in a great conversation about how being in a Disney movie would be so great. Your son brought up the point that you both wouldn’t have to lift a single finger cause you would get a butler. You entertain this idea by saying “your daddy can be our butler, he’ll take great care of us” good idea according to your son. As if on queue Namjoon came out of the room from a nap and was automatically bombarded with butler jokes and commands. him being so dazed he actually went to get you both some orange juice until he realized it. “ah? hahah whoa when did i become a butler?” “when me and our son agreed on being princess this year” good luck namjoon 

J-hope: Hoseok asked first of what he wanted his son to be and after a long debate on what would be a cool costume his son finally suggest he should be a princess. “okay if your a princess then i can be the king right?” “no your the my horse” now you have a sassy ass son, you dying in the background, and hoseok speechless from his own son throwing shade at him.  

Jimin: While watching over his son him and the other members talk about Halloween coming up. his son get into the conversation saying that he wants to dress-up with his daddy, everyone including Jimin found this so cute cause ‘aww his son wants to do a cute little matching thing with his dad’ but when it came to deciding what he wanted to be the son explained “you should be prince Eric and i can be Arial. mommy says you look like that prince all time so you should be that” this just completely threw Jimin off guard and felt him speechless as the other members encouraged the idea and teased Jimin on his apparent resemblance 

Taehyung: You and Taehyung were having a comfortable afternoon in the backyard. your son was having a play date with one of his female friends and they come running up to you both and propose they dress as pretty princess for Halloween year. When Taehyung suggested that his son be a prince but nope, according to your son “no princesses get to be cared for more than princes so i want to be a princess” to Taehyung his logic checked out “oh i see, well makes since, id want to be a princesses to if it meant breakfast in bed” so guess who got to be a princesses this Halloween? yep Taehyung’s son and Taehyung.

Jungkook: Jungkoook was getting his makeup don’t for the annual Halloween party that BTS has for the fan when it 6 year-old son comes to him and the makeup artist. “daddy can noona make me look like a princess?” the makeup artist swooned over the cuteness of the little boy and promised him to look like the cutest little princess he could ever be. his son jumps with glee and skipped off to do whatever he could get his hands in all without getting real permission from his father. not like he would object anyways, his son was always a stubborn one.

So I got some mail today… 

…and saw where it came from…

…and subsequently flipped my shit because @banhmiboy has me feeling like Christmas came early!

Thank you so much for the amazing bundle of Until Dawn/Climbing Class goodies. I am so smitten with everything! Ugh, the quality is so good (the printer you used is freakin’ on point), and as for the prints? Oh, my poor heart… One day you will end me with your work and I will come back and haunt you. Not a threat, a promise.

To summarise, go show this amazing guy some love because he’s always brightening (or darkening) my dash with his gorgeous art. Do eeeet.

takirathing11  asked:

I have to ask is it really wrong to find a skeleton hot and sexy no matter how the fans draw them to melt our brain's?

i don’t think so! if someone draws a skell to look very handsome, and you find yourself swooning, the artist did a good job in eliciting the correct response.

but maybe try not to smooch a skeleton in real life. that might get you some weird looks.