swoon art

i finally gave in and started a johnlock blog…. I was having a really bad day and thought doing some fanart would make me feel better. I have been suuuuuppperrrrr inspired by deebzy, anotherwellkeptsecret, and sheerlucked lately and thought I’d take a crack at drawing me some johnlock. O__O 

my favorite parts of fanfics are when there is heavy petting and rough makeouts. post heavy kissing. swoon. 

my line art needs so much work. 

#ChoicesCreates Round 11 Masterlist.

This week’s prompt was “The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and amplifies the good”, which is a Gabriel García Marquez quote. Thank you all so much for submitting your entries and for allowing the rest of us to admire your immense talent! Thank you to @hollyashton as well for allowing me to be the host for this week.

Here are the wonderfully written fics and the swoon-worthy art submitted:


  1. Thanks for the Memories” by @boyscoutmckenzie   Chris Powell x MC (romance, bromance), Zig x MC (romance), Chris Powell x James Ashton (bromance).
  2. Ficlet (no title) by @hartfeld​   James Ashton x MC.
  3. “We had our fair share of bikering but in the end we’ve been through so much together” by @lanapowellblog​  Kaitlyn x MC
  4. “Where it hurts” by @choiced  James Ashton x MC.
  5. “Kalopsia” by @peace-coast-island  MC.
  6. “Mémoire” by @punexpectedly
  7. “Moving On” by @texanhusker  Becca x MC.


  1. “Senses” by @endlessraj   Jake x MC, Sean x Michelle, Zahra x Craig, Grace x Aleister.
  2. “Burn” by @bubblegumbullshit  Craig & Sean’s friendship.
  3. “Old Lover’s Ballad” by @michellenguyens  Sean x Michelle.


  1. “This is Goodbye” by @nauticaldoughnuts​   Kenna Rhys.
  2. “Loyalty before anything” by @catsrtheboss  Kenna Rhys x Dom Hunter.


  1. “Making Up” NSFW by @pb-boeboe   Nerdy Twin x Audrey.


  1. “The quote man saves the day” by @superpotato824  Ben x MC