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this is why hiveswap excites me

When hussie actually fuckin gives it to us, all the big gamers will do lets plays and people will watch and want to go play and you cant fully understand the game and the references in it without reading homestuck first so those people will go and read homestuck. It will become popular again. there will be a whole new generation of fans. theyll go lurk on youtube and find all the broadway karkat songs and we’ll have hundreds of newbies screaming the lyrics to karkalicious at cons. theyll go make their own cosplays and maybe now we can have more than 50 homestuck cosplayers at con meetups. theyll all go through the bucket joke phase. theyll start saying gog and jegus. theyll all swoon and drool over karkat and have fights about whether gamzee and eridan were bad characters or not. theyll all go look for faygo and tab in their local stores. we’ll have a whole new generation of homestucks doing what we used to do and im so excited for the wave of nostalgia for the 2012 homestucks who went through the first wave of it

but what excites me the most is that there will be even more new homestuck artists, fansongs, cosplayers, inside jokes, and more. there will be MORE. ntm theres gonna be new stuff relating to hiveswap too, so twice the new content from fans!! idk this stuff just really excites me because i came in late, april 2015. i missed the time when homestuck was popular. now ill finally get to experience it and it makes me so happy

hiveswap will be the homestuck fandoms resurrection i can feel it. itll be alive and well again :D

  • jack: mrs. bittle, i wanted to thank you again for inviting me to your home for the fourth of july. my father recommended this wine label, said that it was a favorite of his
  • suzanne: jack, what have i said about calling me mrs. bittle? and that's just so sweet of you, thank you, sweetheart!
  • suzanne: what kind of wine did you say this was?
  • jack: it's a cabernet sauvignon
  • suzanne: say again?
  • jack: cabernet sauvignon
  • suzanne: *dreamily* again?
  • bitty: *facepalms*

supernatural-sister  asked:

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The Soundtrack

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Am I the only one who thinks Sportacus could be bi?

I mean, I’m all for a gay Sport. Gay Sport is great, but c'mon.

He just seems like such a ladies man to me, and I think that he would be the type of guy that all girls swoon over.

Like, I understand why everyone says he’s gay. Its for the whole Sportarobbie ship, and yeah, that ship is great. But I think a bi Sport would make a little more sense.

Just a thought

Signs that you are OBSESSED with SLBP

1. You will diligently log onto the game, everyday, every hour.
2. You compare real life men with the standards of our slbp men.
3. Tons of screens. Tons. Dialogues. Sprites. And especially them blushy faces.
4. You ship bromance.
5. Definitely interested in sex. With the lords or ninjas of slbp. And fantasize it from time to time.
6. Thinks that you can do much better as MC. Like, kitchen is not the only place I have my talents in, dammit.
7. Went crazy over slbp events. Must. Hit. The. Target. Ranking.
8. Collect every single thing with the best of your ability from events. Whatever you can get your hands on.
9. You flip through the epilogues from the events from time to time and swoon all over again.
10. “Oh f*** that guy talks like Lord Kojuro! OMFG!” 11. You throw insults like the characters. “Your intelligence so abstract that I doubt it is for human understanding.”

college yoongi

surprise it’s me kinda short cause apush hw but

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  • ahah nobody requested it but i am taking creative liberty cause everyone likes when i write for yoongi the best and also i like writing for him the best so!!
  • yoongi’s parents were super serious about him going to college and getting a good education, and they really wanted him to go overseas to the states, because there are so many opportunities over there and they thought he would lead a better life over here
  • so he started learning english in high school and he didn’t really have the knack for it and he struggled a lot with it and that really discouraged him from going to college overseas but alas his parents were forcing him
  • and they’re also like now yoongi,,, we know that your passion is your music and your pictures (he cringes at this) but we want you to major in something that will actually get you a job,,,
  • and so they basically decide his major for him as well, well they say it has to be something “stable” and something that he can “make money” with
  • so he decides on psychology cause that’s not something you necessarily have to deal with people with you know? not everyone ends up being a therapist? he loves to learn about how to the brain works too and he loves trying to figure out what happens when things go wrong and he seriously wants to try to make advancements in cures for depression and anxiety and so he declares his major as psych
  • like deep down he’s super passionate about it, especially like the psychology that revolves around mental health and since he was young he had his nose buried in psych books because he wanted to try and see if he could figure out what was going on with him and stuff like that and so he definitely doesn’t mind the major, and he’s super relieved when his parents accept it as a valid option
  • he does minor in photography though, he knows that it’s more reliable than music production, and he can at least try and use that to make some money while in college?
  • plus he really loves it
  • okay anyway he comes over and he’s trying not to be nervous but he’s panicking on the inside because it’s a new country, and he really didn’t dedicate himself to learning english as much as he should have
  • and he’s doing his best not to completely lose it while trying to find his dorm because he wants to make his parents proud and he doesn’t want to disappoint them by calling home in tears that he hates it already but he really doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s scared and nervous and he feels like he wants to faint and nobody is really helping him
  • but he finally makes it to his dorm right and he stumbles in and his face is red and he’s breathing heavy and he feels like he’s about to break down in tears and he’s not ready to socialize with whoever his dorm mate might be but then he looks at the kid and his eyes kinda widen
  • and the boy smiles and starts talking to him in very very very good english “oh hey, you must be yoongi?”
  • and yoongi hears his name and he’s like… “yes??”
  • the boy just gives him this dimply smile and then switches to korean “oh I’m namjoon nice to meet you”
  • and yoongi just about loses it because wow how did he get this lucky?? how did he get a roommate who speaks korean??
  • namjoon is only real friend for the first few weeks on campus like yoongi really doesn’t wanna join any clubs despite what namjoon tells him about clubs helping him to get to know new people
  • like the only thing he shows up for is namjoon’s academic team tournaments to cheer namjoon on and sometimes he’ll read the questions to help better his english what a cutie
  • like he really devotes himself to his studies because he doesn’t wanna let his parents down and he wants to be a kid that his parents can proudly point out and be like “that’s my son”
  • even though yoongi isn’t very social he gets usper popular on campus with the girls like he rocks the natural black hair and it hangs low in his eyes and he’s always bustled in his scarves and he wears ripped jeans and lots of doc martens and sometimes he’ll have those round rimmed glasses in his nose and he’s so cute and girls swoon over him all the time and he just doesn’t notice it poor bean child
  • most of the time he can be found in the library, nose buried in a book because he wants to improve his reading fluency and sometimes he’ll get stuck on something and he’ll sit there with his nose scrunched up and his eyes narrowed in determination and he’ll stick his tongue out and when he finally sounds it out and recognizes the word he’ll cheer to himself then continue to read to himself
  • you meet him in the library actually!
  • you’re trying to do your homework and your roommate has someone over and you seriously didn’t want to thrid wheel like you didn’t wanna be that awkward person who sits on the end of the couch alone while they watch all the lord of the rings or something dorky
  • and turns out, yoongi is also doing some homework!! he has a survey to complete on people’s opinions on a pretty controversial topic so the class could examine the factors that affect someone’s decision but the thing is yoongi is way too shy to go up and actually ask anyone, and he needs more participants than just namjoon
  • but he sees you sitting there, head bowed, earbuds in, and his breath hitches in his throat because you are the most stunning human he has seen on campus like you aren’t anything really out there or extravagant or flashy
  • you’re simple and you look so comfortable and soft and you look so plain but you look so genuine and the little things make you absolutely breathtaking and yoongi finds himself staring at you with wide eyes for like thirty minutes
  • meanwhile he’s texting namjoon, giving him your complete description and he’s like oh my god man, how do i approach them, they’re literally an angel or something
  • and namjoon kinda “ask for their opinion. for your survey? you know, that thing you have due in like a week??”
  • yoongi just facepalms because why didn’t he think of this??
  • he gives himself a mental pep talk before heading over and sitting across from you
  • you don’t notice him right away but then he kinda shuffles and you glance up and almost scream because who the heck is this?? and why is he so good looking?? and why is he at your table????
  • and you quickly yank your earbuds out and you smile sheepishly and he’s all red in the face and he doesn’t know what to say cause his english isn’t great and he doesn’t want you to laugh or anything and he kinda just stares at you
  • but then he’s like oh shit my project
  • “um… i’m yoongi…” he purses his lips and glances up at you and you seem so attentive and his heart flutters and he looks back down at his hands “I um, well… I have this thing, and i gotta ask how you think? your opinion, would you give me yours?”
  • he’s so cute and you nearly die cause he’s asking permission like what a sweetheart??
  • and so you do give it to him and after that you also give him your number because what a cutie and he just beams when you put your number into his phone (with some of his help cause his phone is set up in korean obv) okay but he puts lil hearts near your name to help set you apart and namjoon never lets it go ever
  • and you see his lockscreen and it’s him and friends home in daegu and you kinda “oh where’s this?”
  • “My hometown, im not from here… you probably can tell.”
  • and your eyes widen and you shake your head “oh your english? no it’s really good, you speak more proper than people who’ve lived here forever. you should show me some more pictures later!!”
  • but you have to go cause your next lecture starts and you demand that he texts you soon and he just smiles warmly and waves you off
  • he doesn’t text back the entire day and you start to worry that he didn’t really like you and you were maybe getting your hopes up but it’s because he doesn’t wanna bother you and a lot of time people who learn a second language can speak really great but writing is the hardest thing and so he’s waiting for namjoon to finish his class so he can get his help
  • but music
  • music on the other hand is a universal language am i right
  • whenever he finds a song he really like he sends it to you and he’s into the american hip hop for sure but i see him really into like indie music?? like super into the indie alternative stuff
  • every morning you receive a good morning text with a new song he wants you to listen to and that’s when you find out that he actually writes his own stuff and that he wanted to do something with music
  • slowly but surely you two begin to hang out more and you two really get close as friends first?? like you two don’t immediately end up head over heels like there’s the initial attraction sure but it’s not like you’re in love right away
  • yoongi suspects you have a thing for namjoon actually but
  • like you two always get coffee together except he gets tea every time
  • he’ll bring his laptop with him and you two will sit down together, shoulders brushing, sharing earbuds as he lets you hear what he’s currently working on
  • but one day, he goes up to get your drinks, and you snoop on his files because you wanna hear some more bops, and you actually click on his photography folder and it’s thousands of pictures of scenery upon scenery, like mountains and meadows and beaches and forests and they’re all so enchanting and you feel like you’re maybe living in a fantasy or something while looking at them because they don’t seem like they could come from this world
  • and yoongi comes back to find you gaping at his pics and his face gets all red and he’s all warm and fuzzy inside and he plops down beside you and just studies the look of pure bliss on your face and he decides he rather likes the view
  • “a lot of those are from back home” he kinda shrugs, not wanting to make a big deal about it
  • you turn and glare and he’s like great what did i do but then you giggle and his face gets more red “why didn’t you show me these before? god yoongi, you’re so good at everything you do, let me guess, you’re athletic too huh?”
  • and now he’s really blushing cause he’s a humble guy and you’re just praising him and he sips his drink then mumbles “I like basketball…?”
  • you practically screech at this because “yoongi basketball tryouts are in a few weeks, you should join!”
  • he doesn’t want to because he’s self conscious of his height and of his skills but the promise of you coming to every home game to cheer him on is really tempting and so he agrees, because “i guess i need to keep up my health right??”
  • okay yes yoongi does make the team and he plays point guard and every game you come to cheer him on with namjoon and yoongi just beams at you with his gummy smile and always waves to you when he’s warming up
  • he changes when he play like beast mode activated you’ve never seen someone so determined in his life he plays with such passion and fire and he never gives up and like he glistens with sweat and someone that doesn’t bother you at all
  • after games the three of you always go out for milk shakes at this local diner and namjoon always pays cause he has a job on campus and yoongi always gets all red when you praise his skills and namjoon always ends up having to leave for some reason or another now that you think about it…
  • okay but one night yoongi texts you and he’s kinda “hey wanna come hang with me, i have some shots for my class i need to take, and maybe you wanna come or something idk”
  • and you’re kinda surprised because that morning after he sent you his daily song he promptly said “ignore it” and then didn’t text you the rest of the day
  • but hey you love hanging with yoongi and you’ve never seen him in action before you already finished the majority of your homework so why not
  • yoongi is waiting outside your dorm, and he has a beanie on his head and a thick scarf around his neck and his camera in hand and he looks so stunning your heart kinda jumps into your throat
  • cause you can’t deny it anymore like there is no denying it, that you have helplessly, hopelessly fallen for min yoongi
  • whether it be during the times you helped him with his english, reading articles and stories and reports aloud to him, with his head on your lap as your fingers tangled in his hair
  • or the times, late at night, he would sneak out of the dorms to come throw rocks at your window to ask for you to pretty please come down and catch a midnight movie with him
  • or perhaps it was the times where you were burdened with work, exhausted and defeated and ready to give up everything, that yoongi took your hands in his and promised that you two would do it together, make it through college, through life, as the best of friends
  • friends
  • you assume that’s what it’ll ever be
  • yoongi has everyone on campus practically drooling over him why would he ever stop to have feelings for you?
  • you’ve cried to namjoon about it like a million times
  • like it seems impossible that yoongi would somehow love you of all people and it hurts and it hurts more that you can see and touch and feel the person who yoongi really is under his cold and unsociable exterior and you’re so close you can practically feel his lips on yours when he leans in close and whispers something about the psychology behind choices and why he makes them but then just as your eyelids flutter shut, he pulls away and your heart breaks
  • but here he stands now, smiling softly and motioning you along and you can’t help but follow even though you need you’re going to fall more and more in love if you let things like this continue to happen
  • he doesn’t really explain the assignment but he’s taking you towards the city, towards the bright lights and the loud noises and the fun and the passion that can’t always be found down on campus
  • you’re his silent assistant as he takes pictures of the mundane
  • of garbage cans, and sleeping alley cats, and doorframes and windows illuminated by the city lights
  • he takes pictures of the ramen you two order down at this little hole in the wall, and he takes a picture of the koi fish pond in the corner of the restaurant
  • he takes pictures of your shoes, pressed against the toes of his own, and he takes picture of taxi cabs and bicycles and cracks in the pavement
  • but then he brings you to this lil secluded area and it’s near one of the art galleries, but behind it, and it’s a park actually, with lots of weeping willows, and benches, and a pond in the middle
  • the moon is up in the sky and the stars are smiling down at the two of you and it would be so perfect if your i love you wasn’t burning the tip of your tongue and it’s becoming more and more difficult to swallow
  • yoongi points to one of the trees with the branches sagging low due to the snow white blossoms and he kinda “now stay there okay… and i want you to look down okay, and on the count of three, i’m gonna take your picture okay?”
  • obviously you’re kinda confused because yoongi rarely ever takes pics of people, and this project he hasn’t so far, and why you of all people, like if you knew he was taking your picture you would have dressed better??
  • but you do as he says and he counts down and then he gets to one
  • “I love you”
  • it’s just above a whisper and his voice is shaking a bit but you hear it and you cover your mouth with your hands and stare up at him with wide eyes and he takes the picture right at that moment
  • and he smiles so softly and you run into his arms and he sets the camera down on the nearby bench
  • and you wrap your arms around his neck and run your fingers through his hair and he pulls you close and he smiles through the kiss
  • and afterwards he buries his face in the crook of your neck and you both are laughing and smiling and he’s holding your hands and kissing your nose
  • you can’t help but ask what the assignment was though
  • and he kinda laughs and mumbles against your skin “well it was to make a portfolio of the things that make me feel alive”
  • after that yoongi is always taking your picture like you just woke up and have bed head well guess who has the camera ready to capture the moment oh wait yoongi
  • he takes pictures of you always, especially with his polaroid and he tapes them to the walls of his dorm
  • namjoon always tells him to stop being so sappy but yoongi just sticks another picture up
  • he’s not very touchy and showy and most people don’t even know you’re dating but he lets you wear his basketball jacket and that’s when people kinda start to suspect some things mm hmm
  • he also writes you music all the times and compiles some playlists for you of all your favorite songs and he makes study playlists and running playlists and probably some other types of playlists
  • he likes to have you over at his dorm always and lay there with you on his bed as he talks about the psychology behind attraction and affection and the likes
  • anyway he would be a really cute college boyfriend okay and you two would be the envy of all the couples on campus okay
the chamber of secrets

*Harry and Ron are caught by McGonagall in the corridors and Harry lies telling her they were on their were to see Hermione*

Lily: How very much like you, using his sick friend to get out of a tight spot.

James: What? I’m offended

Lily: Oh bite me. How many times you got out of trouble saying you were gonna go see Remus in the hospital wing.

James: It’s maybe like *counting on his fingers* 5– 6– no wait 7– oh that time with Sirius, so 8– aah the Easter prank, Merlin that was g– *Lily stares* Alright alright I get it. I’m a horrible person, are you happy Evans?

Lily: Not very much, but I was right so a little.

*Harry finds the crumpled paper in Hermione’s hand, they learn that the creature hidden in the Chamber of Secrets is a basilisk*

Lily: Oh it’s a basilisk, what a relief

James: Hermione is the Remus of their small gang, she solved the whole thing by herself.

Lily: What’s wrong now?

James: We’ll find out soon enough.

Lily: Isn’t it a bit dramatic to write on walls with blood?

James: *with disgust on his face* Slyhterins. Their minds work different, don’t ask me.

Lily: Oh god, it took someone

James: Not just someone Lils, it’s the red head. Ron’s sister.

Lily: *rubbing her eyes* He’s gonna go after it. I know it. He’s going to die for sure this time. Why did it have to be someone Harry knew?

James: Ugh, that git Lockhart, how do they even trust him with something as important? Do you remember how he used to swoon over Sirius all the time? Remus almost beat the shit out of him.

Lily: *shocked* He did WHAT?

James: I said almost, calm down. *grinning* Peter might have tripped him once but that’s all. No harm done.

*Harry and Ron go up to Lockhart’s class to tell him everything they know about the heir of Slytherin but he’s getting ready to go away*

James: That fucking prat. All those books, they are lies. I never understood why he was in Ravenclaw.

Lily: Well he always wanted fame and he got it. *Lockhart reaches for his wand to put a memory charm on Harry and RonHarry your wand! YES! That’s my baby.

*Lockhart, Harry and Ron go to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom*

James: Ah Myrtle.. she was a lovely ghost.

Lily: What do you mean lovely? She hated my guts and I was always nice to her.

James: She loved us, Sirius was her favourite. *oblivious* Was Sirius that good-looking to attract any type of creature and human in Hogwarts?

Lily: Umm.. Well, he was. I can’t lie. He’s very good-looking, I mean with the high cheekbones and the grey eyes and the whole I’m coo–

James: Alright, I get it. 

Lily: *rolling her eyes* You asked and I replied. Don’t tell me you are jealous of Sirius?

James: *offended* Of course not.

Lily: Good, because we have a problem, they are going to the Chamber of Secrets.

*They go down to Chamber of Secrets and Lockhart takes Ron’s wand and since it’s broken it malfunctions while he tries to do a memory charm on Ron*

James: That son of a bitch. They are children, he could have killed them.

Lily: Forget about Lockhart, Harry’s into the chamber, alone.

James: Why would Salazar Slytherin built a room designed to look like a torture chamber in a school?

Lily: He had his reasons but the basilisk is ridiculous.

James: Who’s that? That boy?

Lily: I have no clue.

James: I hate people who act all mysterious. Get to the point.

Lily: Oh god he has his wand. How can someone preserve himself in a diary for fifty years?

James: I have an idea but it’s too extreme. I saw it in one of the books from Restricted Section while looking for information on animagi.

Lily: How extreme?

James: I think that might be a horcrux.

Lily: A what, now?

James: Something you hide a piece of your soul in so you don’t die, very dark magic and very hard to do.

*Tom Riddle is explaining how he opened the Chamber of Secrets using Ginny. He tells Harry that he’s his new target*

Lily: James? Can that be Voldemort?

James: How can it be? He has a nose.

Lily: *madly* James! This is serious.

James: Technically, yes.

Lily: Well, isn’t that fucking great?

James: It might not be Lils, I’m just making assumptions.

Lily: It’s a very spot on one James, I hate the fact that you’re so smart sometimes.

James: Was that a compliment or an insult?

*Tom Riddle reveals that he’s in fact Voldemort’s sixteen year old version, Fawkes arrives and a while later Basilisk comes out*

James: How’s the sorting hat and a phoenix will help him battle a bloody basilisk and Voldemort?

Lily: Harry turn around!

James: Okay I take my words back that bird is bloody brilliant. It took that thing’s eyes out. Harry, what are you– now is not the time to try the Sorting Hat on buddy.

Lily: He’s trying to do something, wait a second is that– is that a sword?

*Harry fights the basilisk and kills it with the sword but gets a fang to his arm*


Lily: No he’s not.

James: He was bitten by a fucKING BASILISK. How are you so calm?

Lily: For heaven’s sake James, do you know anything about phoenixes?

James: Care of Magical Creatures was not a favourite subject of mine.

Lily: But you got an Outstanding regardless, right?

James: Of course I did.

Lily: Ugh, I hate you. Phoenix tears have healing powers you dumbass.

James: That’s why you are so calm.

Lily: *sarcastically* Well, yes.

James:  Let’s hope Tom Riddle doesn’t kill him now that we got over the basilisk.

Lily: *confused* Is he going to stab the diary?

James: No but that’s genius, assuming that’s a horcrux he can destroy it and kill Voldemort for good.

Lily: Look Ginny is waking up.

James: Harry James Potter saved the day again.

Lily: I don’t think my heart can handle any more of these heroisms.

James: It’s not like they are going to have a problem at Hogwarts each year. 

Lily: I hope you’re right.

Forming An Alliance Part 2- Bellamy Blake x Reader

Summary: After (Y/N)’s encounter with Isaac, Lewis and Brekk, she is still a little on edge. But what could have been a normal night ends up being a traumatic experience.

Characters: Bellamy Blake x Reader, Clarke Griffin x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Violence, almost rape, swearing, innapropriate touching, swearing, guns (not really a nice chapter)

Just as dinner was being served, I felt the coldness of the evening. Running back to my tent I went to grab my jacket. However upon entering the tent, I saw two bodies moving underneath the thin piece of material I used to keep myself warm at night.

“Oh my god!” I squealed backing out of the tent. Had I really just caught my friend having sex with some stranger?

“(Y/N), what the hell are doing here?!” Chris exclaimed, covering themselves up further.

Keeping my eyes averted, I said,“Well this is my tent too you know.”

       The girl scoffed, now with a decent amount of clothes on and stormed out of the tent, bumping shoulders with me as she passed by.

“No, Selena, it’s not like that!” Chris called after her.“You just totally cockblocked me.”

“What!? You think I did that on purpose? I just came to get my jacket.”

“It was all going so well too.”

“Oh stop whining. Once you explain I’m sure she’ll jump into bed with you again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I see some food with my name on it.”

Heading back towards the circle of people waiting for their food, I could already smell it. My stomach rumbled loudly at this begging for me to fill it. But the portions handed to us were only small as the food given to us had to serve the whole camp. Finally I was at the front and received the meat on the skewer. Meeting up with some of the girls, we all ate and appreciated the taste.

         As it got later, everyone started to disperse. I too began to feel tired and excused myself from the group. All they had been talking about was the incident that happened on earlier today and how lucky I was to be rescued by Bellamy. They all swooned over him as if he had saved me from death. Although I had to admit that he was attractive and most of the time caring towards me, I had accepted that it would never happen.

        Stumbling in the darkness,
I tried to find my way back to my tent, hoping that Chris hadn’t brought his ‘friend’ back. Suddenly two arms wrapped around me dragging me away from the camp. I tried screaming but it was muffled as soon as the person put their hand over my mouth. I panicked, what if it was a Grounder who somehow got into camp!? But when I heard the laughter, I knew who it was.

        We were on the outskirts of the camp making us vulnerable to whatever was out there in the night. The strong man pushed me up against the new fence, a rattling noise following. I could just make out the silhouettes of their faces but it wasn’t hard to guess who was doing this.

“You know (Y/N), I always thought you were a pretty one. Yeah, a little shy but I’d soon change that.” Isaac said stepping forward.

Lewis and Brekk held me against the wall.“Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t hurt me!”

“Anything? You hear that lads, she said anything.”

         I now regretted my choice of words as a hand covered my mouth once again and they pinned me to the floor. Thrashing about I tried to at least hand them in some way that would give me a chance of escape but it was no use. As they ripped off my jacket a tearing sound followed, echoing through my ears and the coldness of the night hit my torso. Isaac sat on my legs as Lewis and Brekk took a tight hold of my arms. I could barely move. Isaac was moving onto the buttons on my trousers, tugging at them slightly before they were stopped by yelling.

        All three were pushed off of me. The clicking of guns brought my attentions upwards seeing Chris, Bellamy, Jasper and Monty pointing them at the boys. My shaky sobs filled the silence.

“Grab them.” Bellamy said.

      They did as they were ordered restraining the struggling boys. I was still on the floor unable to move no matter how hard I tried. As they took Isaac and his henchmen, Bellamy approached me slowly so that I was not startled. Shivering I covered myself up as my top half was exposed. Belamy shrugged off his jacket putting it on me and zipping it up. Smiling reassuringly at me he lifted me to my feet.

        As we entered the camp everyone had formed a crowd, probably overhearing Bellamy shouting orders. They sent me pitiful stares as they parted, Bellamy’s arm wrapped around my shoulder, guiding me towards the dropship where Clarke was waiting. She sat me on the makeshift operating bed hugging me afterward.

“I’m so sorry.” she whispered.“I know you won’t want to do this but I need to assess you for wounds.”

        I glanced at Bellamy who turned away from us. After I was sure he couldn’t see me, I took off his jacket, left in only my jeans and bra. I caught a glimpse of my back in the smashed mirror. There were bruises all over me, some of them in the shape of fingers from where they had grabbed me. Clarke began inspecting me being very gentle and slow not wanting to make me more scared than I already was. Once she was done she handed me a t-shirt before calling Bellamy in.

“Make sure she gets to her tent and that someone is in there with her.” She ordered Bellamy before walking out of the drop ship.

      Bellamy walked back in just as I tugged at the bottom of the t shirt. As he walked up to me I held out his jacket to him though he refused. Slipping it back on I let Bellamy put his arm around me again. His jacket engulfed my body but I sort of felt protected, as if it was my shell which I could retract into.

      Apart from those on night patrol everyone else had gone back to their tents to sleep off the day. Chris was sat outside of ours arms crossed with one leg bobbing up and down. Once he saw us he rushed over and hugged me. I was a little startled but I embraced it, just wanting my friend near me.

“I heard what happened.” he said as he pulled back.“I’m going to beat the shit out of those bastards.”

“That won’t be necessary. We’ve got it under control.” Bellamy spoke up. He then began to walk away.

“Bellamy,” I called after him, causing him to turn around,“thank you.”

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H E Y could you possibly make a drama club au for your child? not a full fic, just a little snippet of one. I've been thinking about this for a long time and it'd be great if you could do one! (I have some hcs for the au I can send you also) ((also if this changes anything my b-day is in like a week))



Alex glared at the wall, script held in his hand. Stupid school. Stupid teacher. Stupid budget. 

John was sat by him, going through the parts there were in it, mumbling to himself. Lafayette was all but laying in Herc’s lap, not even bothering to go through the script. Even Jefferson seemed annoyed.

Which was odd. That Alex and him were agreeing in a way.

Mr. Adams came back in the room, face glowing like he had come up with the best thing since sliced bread. “So, I hope everyone’s excited to be doing this musical!”

“Um, Mr. Adams?” 

“Yes, Angelica?” He was all but swooning over her - as always, as all the men in the school did.

Alex had hoped college wouldn’t be as fulled with lust filled idiots as high school. Hot damn was he wrong.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful, sir, but this?” She waved her script around, “Is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever read in my life.”

His smile turned into a scowl, and Alex laughed a bit. “Excuse me?”

“I mean,” She flipped through her book, “This is basically just, what? Cinderella and Rapunzel had a child? We wanted something fun - we were supposed to get something interesting!”

“This is!” He grumbled to himself, “I spent three months writing it!”

Alex snorted quite loudly, causing Adams to turn to him. “You think you could write a better musical, Mr. Hamilton?”

“Um,” John sent him a warning look, “Yes. In fact I feel my dog could write better than you.”

Peggy snorted loudly, covering her face as Eliza hit her arm. “Well then,” He crossed his arms, “If you all dislike what I’ve written, I’ll give you a challenge. If Mr. Hamilton can write a better musical in two months, and you all agree, that can be what’s done at the end of the summer. If not, we go with mine.”

Alex smirked, and Thomas face palmed, James patting his arm. “Bring it.”

~     ~     ~

“Why did I agree to this?” Alex hadn’t slept in at least two weeks, running off of coffee solely. John was sat on the couch, Alex on the floor between his legs, laptop on his lap.

“You challenged him baby.” John rubbed his shoulders, “I would help but you haven’t even told me what it’s about.” Alex rolled his eyes.

He was shaking slightly, either from too much coffee or not enough sleep. Probably both. His head felt super fuzzy, and every few seconds his mind went blank, almost passing out right there.

“Okay, nope. That’s enough, you’re sleeping for at least three days and eating Herc’s weight through food.” He shut Alex’s laptop, throwing said boy over his shoulder.

“J-John! No! I need to - “

“Sleep? Yes, yes you do.”

“I hate you…” He grumbled angrily, voice laced with tiredness.

~     ~     ~

“Really, Hamilton? Out of everything you could have written about, this?”

“Shut up Jefferson! You haven’t even listened or read through it - it’s good! It’s emotional with humor! It - “

“It’s stupid!”

“You haven’t read it!”

“No one has!” Alex hit him with one of the song books, causing him to glare harder at the short boy.

“I’m not saying it’s perfect - but give it a God damn chance!” Lafayette, John and Herc were all stood behind him, unbeknownst to him, glaring heavily at Jefferson. He gulped, holding the song book before sighing shakily.

“Fine, fine. I’ll read your damn play…”

~     ~     ~

“Oh my God, Alex!” Eliza gasped, eyes filling with tears, “You wrote this beautifully…”

He beamed, not sure at what part she was at. “Where are - ?”

“Oh my God Jefferson are you crying?!”


~     ~     ~

Alex was breathing heavily, eyes shut as he counted in his head. Heart beating faster than what he can assume is healthy, he adjusted his costume. 

John entered from behind where he was, fixing his hair, Peggy following. “You ready baby?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He saw the lights flickering through the cracks, calling for everyone to take their seats. 

“Who knew so many people would come out to see a play about some founding father.” Alex rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, if Lin were still alive he’d be proud. His story’s being told, his story is going to live on.”

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

This was the shittiest thing I’ve ever written. My child I’m so sorry this is so so so so so so so bad I hate myself

I had a visual and ended up going waaaaay off track

Now that the 3rd anime season is over, I wanna talk about hands down, one of the best moments I’ve ever seen in any freakin sports manga/anime, I can’t even begin to explain how MUCH PRESSURE AND DESPERATION YOU CAN FEEL FROM THESE PANELS (which by the way were AMAZINGLY translated into animation, bless IG) and the symbolism is so in point I can’t help but swoon all over Furudate… what an amazing writer they are.

Shiratorizawa is a mad strong team and its foundation relies on the ace as a core, it doesn’t make the team less important, but it’s a dynamic centered around making Ushijima shine the most, which is of course totally valid and it’s the way they have been renowed as a powerhouse: to put it simple it freakin works; thus Ushijima is a force of nature that our team has to surpass (I could make a whole essay on why Karasuno winning isn’t an asspull as some people like to say but that’s for another day).

Then, what struck me most from this particular despiction of the last rally from Furudate is how neither Nishinoya nor Kageyama are there.

You can argument that Noya is on the sidelines right now, but I think it’s way more than that, because if that were the case Kageyama would be up there as well. Why this choice from Furudate? well I think it’s got to do with the narrative of the match, quoting Kei “the only one in Karasuno who can fight on equal terms with Ushijima is Nishinoya”, then we have Kageyama, whose performance earned commentary even from Oikawa. Ukai points out how Nishinoya and Kageyama are playing like always, not letting the pressure get into them “business as usual” you can’t expect less from them. So it only makes sense that they aren’t in the above panels, they are geniuses and stand on the same ground as Ushijima when it comes to talent, both as the setter and libero that they are. This battle though? the players have tried everything, they’ve blocked Ushijima, they narrowed his spike well enough that even Hinata could receive it, they set a freakin TRAP and the man still managed to surpass it!!! but not yet, not yet, they can’t give up yet…this last battle is mainly for the rest of the team, the regular players, the non geniuses, the Normal guys, it’s up to them to overcome their own limits together to have the slightest chance to surpass Ushijima’s overwhelming power. It all brings us to one fact from this match: Karasuno sure as hell can’t surpass Shiratorizawa with Kageyama and Nishinoya’s talent alone.

At the end talent wasn’t what brought Karasuno to victory, it was sweat, pain, game pressure, and an admirable will to prevail from the people despicted in this mental battle against Ushijima. I’m gonna say I’m damn proud of Furudate for not making Karasuno’s victory rely on Hinata finally becoming the little giant (heck he even left the minus tempo attack for the regular 1st tempo with everyone on the last play), nor Shiratorizawa faltering, no, Ushijima stood until the very end as the best player in that match, but it was Karasuno who became the best team in that moment, and all thanks to our regular players taking flight…isn’t that beautiful?

Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part Two (Jax Teller x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) is still on edge after meeting the Sons Of Anarchy as old memories resurface. She cannot see why the others do not see her stress. Bea, Frankie and Alex start to get annoyed with her, wondering why she is bringing up their past that they wanted to get away from. However, (Y/N)’s stress levels are rising and are pushing her over the edge.

Meanings: (Y/N): Your name

Warnings: Violence, drugs, alcohol, swearing, mentions of abuse and sexual nature (it’s Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

Jax was about to ask me more about what had happened in the past when my phone interrupted. I checked the ID, thankful that Frankie had stopped the conversation from going any further.

“Hi Frankie.” I answered

Jax drank his beer before inhaling his cigarette again.

“Hey, are you guys done with the furniture?” she asked.

“Yeah just finished.”

“Luann wants to meet you, we’re at Cara Cara.”

“Y-you mean, the porn studio?” I whispered a little.

Jax tried to surpress a laugh.

I ignored him as Frankie continued.“Like you’ve never watched porn before. Just get your ass down here.”

I ended the call before turning to Jax.“I’m needed down at Cara Cara. I don’t mean to kick you out. But thank you so much for helping me.”

“Anytime darlin’. I’ll give you a lift there.”

I quickly got changed into something more suitable before meeting Jax outside. He was leaning against his bike, the sun shining down on him. I stared at him as I locked the door, quickly looking away as his head turned to me. I reached my hand out to take the helmet but instead he put it on me and buckled it on. My cheeks burned red as he stopped and got on his bike, putting his own helmet on. He smirked, waiting for me. As I sat behind him I hesitantly wrapped my arms around his waist, trying to not seem comfortable in the position.

I knew that he was a flirt. Just by the way he entered the room you could tell that he knew the girls swooned all over him. He was attractive and charming, plus he had a lot of power as Vice President to a motorcycle gang. The fact that I had seen this sort of guy before made me nervous. What if we really weren’t away from our past? It seemed to be repeating itself.

We pulled into a parking lot of Cara Cara which was just a big warehouse. There were a few other bikes here and I recognised the girls’ instantly. Jax and I hopped off his bike before walking inside together. I really didn’t want to go in, who knew what we could walk in on?

Jax laughed.“You’re gonna have to get used to this, these are the people you’re working with.”

Sighing, I slowly followed him inside. Crossing my arms over my chest, I couldn’t help but scan the girls lounging around the entrance. They had hardly any clothes on, everything was practically on display, make up was slapped onto their faces and their hair was lifted to high heavens with a tonne of hair spray. As Jax walked past, clearly checking them out, they grinned at him whilst puffing out their chests.

I had to work with these girls.

Jax lead the way knowing where to go. Turning into another corridor, certain noises could be heard coming from one of the rooms. I started to cringe, immediately stopping in my tracks. Moaning turned into screaming with the occasional swear word. Jax didn’t seem phased, still walking ahead before stopping at the door.

“It’s just sex, they don’t mind you watching.” Jax raised an eyebrow.

“Well I mind. I’ll wait out here.”

“Suit yourself.”

I looked away as he stepped into the room, not wanting to risk seeing something I would regret. The girls wouldn’t be coming out, they would be perfectly happy staying out. Leaning onto one of the walls, I prayed that they would come out soon so I wouldn’t have to listen to any more….noises. Grimy men passed by, looking me up and down, not caring that I could see them doing it. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Pushing myself off the wall I started to wander around the place, trying to waste time.

Turning a corner I overheard an argument between two women. One had her back to me but the one I could see seemed much older than most of the women here. The younger one had bright red hair, obviously dyed, with a short dress on. The older woman seemed better dressed though still scandalous. I was about to turn around when my name was called out.


I spun back on my heel not believing the voice I just heard. The woman with her back to me was the one who shouted.

“Keira!?” I yelled in surprise before we both ran to each other screaming for joy.

Our arms wrapped around each other tightly, we started to away as we held on. Both of us babbled about how surprised we were before pulling away. Keira was a friend of mine back home, before I met the others. She was the one in the abusive relationship. She wanted to leave after that, said she couldn’t stand to be in the same town anymore. I knew how she felt.

Her appearance had totally changed though that was probably because she didn’t want to be recognised. Instead of her light brown hair, it was now a bright red; she had also lost a lot of weight and somehow got the money to get herself a new pair of breasts.

“What are you doing here?” she asked me.

“I’ve moved here with Frankie, Bea and Alex.” I said.


“It’s a long story.”

“Ah, so you’re (Y/N).” another person joined our conversation. It was the older woman.

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m Luann Delaney, you’re new business partner.” she stuck her hand out for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you.”

Keira’s eyes widened.“Wait, you’re running the new club? I’m going to be one of the dancers! It’ll be like the old times!”

“I hate to break this up but Keira needs to get back to work and we need to talk about the club.” Luann put her hands on her hips, raising an eyebrow at Keira.

Keira sighed.“Yes ma'am. I’ll get your address later and come round. We have so much to catch up on!”

We shared one last big before she strutted off in her heels. Luann crossed her arms over her chest as she sighed, watching her employee walk away. She turned back to me, trying to put on a smile.

“I didn’t know you were friends with Keira.” she said.

“Yeah, we go way back.”

“Sorry about that, she’s been slacking ever since she found out she was moving to the club. Let’s go into my office, the others should be out soon.”

We were on our way to her office, her heels clicking on the floor before we were interrupted again.

“Luann.” Her name was called out by a woman the same age as her.

“Gemma, I didn’t know you were swinging by.”

Gemma’s dark hair framed her face, the harsh black eyeliner made her look intimidating. I could see a tattoo peaking out of her top on one of her breasts. She looked me up and down whilst speaking to Luann.

“Have you seen Jax and Chibs? Clay needs them back at the clubhouse.” she explained, she seemed distressed.

“Yeah they’re just down the hall. Want me to send them back?”

“Yeah, please. I’ll see you later, we’re still on for drinks right?”

“Of course we are. Bye Gemma.”

Gemma smiled at me though it had no meaning to it as she walked away. What was she to Jax and Chibs? And who was Clay? Luann must have seen my confusion.

“You haven’t met Gemma yet, have you?”

“No. Who is she?”

“She’s the President’s wife, Jax’s mom.”

“I didn’t see her at the clubhouse the other day or the president.”

“She’s a bitch but if she likes you then she’ll sometimes be nice to you.”

We continued to make our way to her office, passing many more ‘porn stars’ and 'camera crew’ on the way. She obviously wasn’t bothered, this was her damn studio. Luann opened the door for me, letting me sit down in a chair across from her desk. She sat, I saw her relax a little. Just as she was about to speak the others joined us.

“(Y/N), why didn’t you join us? You really missed quite a show.” Alex beamed.

“I somehow think I won’t be upset about the whole thing. And oh my god, you’ll never guess who I just saw!” I exclaimed.

“Who?” Bea asked.


“No way! She works here now?”

“Yes, I hardly recognised her.”

“Jax, Chibs, you’re needed back at the club, Gemma just swung by.” Luann informed them.

“You know what it’s about?” Jax asked.

“No, she looked like she was in a rush.”

“Right ladies, it was lovely to see ya again, I’m afraid we got to go.” Chibs grinned as he and Jax exited the room. He quickly popped his he’s back in.“But I expect to see you all at the party tonight, especially you (Y/N).”

Luann waited until they had properly left before addressing us.“Let’s get down to business shall we?”

Luann started to go over how everything would work whilst we were partners. I didn’t really listen to the business side such as profits as I didn’t understand it. She grabbed my attention again when talking about what customers we should be bringing in and who would most likely show up. There would definitely be bikers, low lifes and business men secretly hoping to get paid because their ancient wives couldn’t satisfy them anymore. It was going to be a rough lot though if they had the money, who really cared?

She then went on to talk about the girls. She had selected specific girls who either had a history of 'dancing’ or were hard working and willing to swap their job. We were about to be introduced to them. Luann was smirking as she guided us down the halls again.

“I know you’re very passionate about your dance and we needed a place for the girls to practice; so I had this made.”

She opened the doors to a huge studio. Mirrors lined the walls in one side, props were stashed to one side and the girls were crowded in the middle. I let out a gasp. This was all mine.

“Ok girls, meet your new bosses.” Luann called out.

Although I was trying to remember all twenty girls’ names, I still couldn’t believe the size of the studio. It was perfect for the routines I had in mind. I just prayed that these girls would cooperate. Hopefully Keira would help or at least help to keep them in line.

“What are we going to do about the opening night? That’s only a few days away?” I stressed.

“It’s fine, the girls have each down their own piece. It may not be as professional as yours but it’ll keep the men entertained.” Luann calmed me down.

I was actually feeling happy. For once my nerves had disappeared, I was relaxed and thinking positively about this whole thing; maybe we were finally back on track. We left Cara Cara (thank god) with big smiles on our faces. As the girls huddled around their bikes, still talking about how much money we would be making, the rumbling of a motorcycle distracted me. I turned my head to just watch it zoom past the warehouse but what I saw made me freeze.

No, it couldn’t be…

“(Y/N), what’s wrong? What are you looking at?” Frankie put her hand on my shoulder but my eyes were still glued on the biker.

“Did you guys see that?” I whispered.

“See what?”

“The kutte…it was theirs, his, you know who I mean.”

“(Y/N), you’re probably seeing things. All of this is a lot to take in.” Bea sighed.

“I’m being serious! It was their kutte!”

“(Y/N), enough. We’ve already talked about this. Just forget about what happened and move on.” Alex and Bea were already mounted on their bikes before pulling away.

I looked to Frankie.“You believe me, right?”

“I’m not getting involved. Come on, let’s go.”

I had no idea where we were actually going but that wasn’t my main focus. That was definitely one of their members. You couldn’t forget their kutte. Had they followed us here? No. Maybe one of them was passing through? I hadn’t seen their face, it could be a prospect? They could have just been for a ride? However many excuses I made up, none of them were convincing. What were they doing in Charming? My thoughts were broken when we stopped at the TM, the Sons sitting outside on one of the picnic benches.

“Guys, wait, please just listen to me!” I tried to grab their attention but none of them were having it.

They continued to ignore me, getting closer to the sons.

“They’re back! I’m not joking, this is serious.”

Bea and Frankie were now sat with the others whereas Alex had stopped in her tracks. Everyone was watching, asking what the hell was going on.

“(Y/N), you’re getting on my last fucking nerve! Stop being so paranoid, they aren’t here! You’re mind is playing tricks on you.” She yelled.

I started to cry, my cheeks red from the embarrassment.“It was one of them, I swear on my life! I wouldn’t be so worked up about this if I knew I was seeing things.”

I couldn’t help the tears from falling though. I was genuinly petrified, my body had started to shake, what if they were back for me?

“You’re tired, (Y/N). Just go home and relax.” Bea snapped. Frankie looked uncomfortable as did the others.

“I’m not. Just-”

“Look, whatever is happening, I think it’s better if you all talk about this in a calmer matter. It’s clear that you’re all getting angry.” Tig tried to step in.

“No Tig, (Y/N) here can’t forget the little things in life!” Alex shouted.

“Alex.” Bea tried to warn her.

“Little things? LITTLE THINGS!? Are you being fucking serious!? I WAS ALMOST KILLED! YOU GUYS WEREN’T THERE FOR IT ALL!”

Jax stood up.“What is she on about?”

“It’s nothing-”

I scoffed.“Yeah, it’s nothing Jax. It doesn’t matter what had happened. Let’s just forget everything that ever happened to me.”

Frankie was quieter.“(Y/N), they can’t be back.”

“They are. And you’ll know that when you find my dead body dumped in the middle of no where.”


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JB x Reader 


Word count: 3658

Warning: Sensitive topic: please read with caution. Angst and Smut

Author: Admin Jay

“Where has the summer gone?” you groaned out loud. Jaebum looks over to you and smiles. “School won’t be so bad” he said optimistically. “Easy for you to say. I bet all the girls will be all over you the second they spot you” you retorted stuffing cotton candy in your mouth. You both walked alongside each other at the waterfront after a day at the amusement park.

“I doubt that, no one wants me” he said lowering his head slightly. Taken by his comment you nudged him on the arm with your elbow to snap him out of it. “Ow,” he said rubbing his arm. “ JB, you are not doing this again! But, I can’t believe we are seniors already, we were just freshmen not too long along” you said. “I know crazy” he said looking down again.

“Is there something bothering you Jaebum?” you asked worriedly. “No, nothing” Jaebum said quietly. “Well, It’s getting dark, I’m gonna go home” you said looking over at him. Jaebum followed you the whole way back. “Well here we are, thanks for making sure I was safe” you said putting your key into the door. “That’s what friends are for, I’ve always got your back” he said smiling. You smile back, you suddenly saw Jaebum scratching the back of his neck. He looked nervous. You looked at him amazed by the way he was acting and asked “What’s gotten into you?” folding your arms together. He looked up and said “Nothing, I’ll see tomorrow at school” and left in a hurry.

First day of classes started. You saw your best friend entered the classroom and sat next to you. You threw him a wink and a smile happy to see him. As class was about to start a group of girls collectively entered the room and spotted Jaebum speaking to you. One of the girls spoke and said “Hey” and gave him a wink. Jaebum said “Hi” and smiled back. Embarrassed he smiled to himself. You knew JB was handsome guy. He had devilishly intense eyes with dark hair. Yet, his soft smile made all the difference, it made your day.

After class finished, you and JB walked together, “Hey” you both heard. You turned around to see one of the girls approaching him. He stood still and said “Hey”. The girl continued “My friends and I were wondering if you are free for a party tonight to kickoff the new school year?” the girl asked smirking at him. JB answered “Yes, I’m free”. “Perfect, the party starts at 10. We’ll be passing out flyers around school. What’s your name?” she asked slyly looking up and down at you. “I’m Jaebum and this is my friend Y/N” he said while you forced a smile on your face. “Well Jaebum it was a pleasure meeting you. I’m Courtney by the way. I’ll see you then” she said walking away.

“Wow, I feel welcomed” you said sarcastically as you walked away from Jaebum. “What you’re not going to the party?” Jaebum asked as he followed you. “Nah, I’m fine, but you should go. I’ll catch you later” you said as you were headed to your next class.

The next morning came, you attended class with Jaebum. But something was different. Your seat was taken by Courtney but sitting in the same seat was Jaebum. All the guys and girls were swarming Jaebum. He was all smiles. As he walked down the hallway, girls swoon over him, all the guys wanted to be his friend. You were impressed by the sudden change, he wasn’t rejected by anyone.

At lunch, it was the same way. You wanted to talk to Jaebum but he was preoccupied with others. You sat by yourself, you would catch a few glimpses of him to see if he would notice you. He didn’t call, he didn’t text. You were happy for him. But you missed him. You felt your friendship with him was slipping.

“Jaebum” you said pass the crowd of people in your way. He was surrounded. “What do you want with him?” one of Courtney’s friends asked. “None of your damn business” you said sternly. “You’re not wanted here” she said crossing her arms. “I see that, I want to talk to him” you said again shoving them out your way. They stepped in and blocked your way. It was four girls against you. You didn’t want to cause a scene. “Whatever” you said as you rolled your eyes and left. Jaebum looked from the crowd and spotted you leaving.

As time went on, it seemed the more parties and more people Jaebum hanged around, he also became more distant. He was unreachable. The people he surrounded himself with didn’t want you near him. You didn’t know what do anymore. You gave up.

Jaebum’s birthday was coming up. You wanted to do something special for him. You knew just the thing.  As you set your books in a the locker, “Hey Y/N”. You look over to see Courtney standing next to you. You slammed the locker door shut and gazed at her. “What?” you said gathering your belongings to go home. “Jaebum’s birthday is coming up and I’m planning on throwing him a party, I know you’re friends with him. So I wanted to invite you to come celebrate” she explained handing you a flyer. You took a flyer and stared down at it, you were hoping this would give you an opportunity to see Jaebum. On a whim, you said “Yes, I’ll go”. “Perfect, It’ll be fun. You won’t regret this” Courtney said smiling happily and left.

Thursday night came, the night of Jaebum’s birthday party. You came to Courtney’s house to find almost all the seniors there. The air was thick and hot, bodies of people moved close to one another either from the music or intense makeout sessions. You pushed past people to find Jaebum but he was nowhere to be found. You decided you would patiently wait for him. You stood in a corner by yourself. You felt out of place. What am I doing here? You were approached by a guy with a beer in his hand, he spoke “Hi, I’m Chris” while extending his hand. “Hi” you said nervously shaking his hand. “What a girl like you doing at a party like this?” he asked curiously in your ear. “I’m here for Jaebum, I’m a close friend of his”.you said. “Oh really, I never seen you hanging around him” he said shockingly. “Well, we don’t talk anymore” you said sadly. He nodded his head and said “Well, he should be coming soon. Can I offer you a drink?” he asked pleasantly. “No, I’m fine thanks though” you smiled politely declining his offer.

Chris looked at you and asked “how long have you guys been friends?”. “We’ve been friends since middle school” you said. “Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is?” you asked in his ear. “Sure, I’ll show you the way follow me” Chris answered. You followed Chris to the bathroom, you knew you would get lost in Courtney’s house it was like a mansion.

“Here we are” Chris said pointing towards the door. “Thanks” you said entering the bathroom. Chris pushed you in causing you to fall to the bathroom tile floor. You turned around to find him locking the door behind him. You were terrified, as he began to unbuckle himself. You didn’t know what to do, you couldn’t move. “Please don’t do this” you said in whisper. He didn’t listen to you. He eyed you up and down wanting to take what you got. The evilest grin came across his face, you froze. You couldn’t process what was about to happen to you. He immediately climbed on top of you and spread your legs apart. He roughly fondled your breast pinning himself to keep you down. He stripped your shirt and jacket off and dug his hands into your pants, roughly groping your pussy. “Get off me. STOP IT! NO!” you shouted trying your hardest to fight back. But it wasn’t working. His hot drunken lips pressed against yours. The smell of alcohol reeked havoc on your nose. You needed to find a way out. “I’m about to show you a good time” he whispered in your ear as he attempted to pull your pants down. Down the hall, you heard everyone singing Jaebum Happy Birthday.

Chris continued to restrain you while struggling out of his pants, you could tell his erected dick wanted to take you, he heavily thrusted against your panties. You weren’t about to be a victim, you snapped. You kneed him in the dick and head butted him in the face. He fell back holding his cock his hand. You hurriedly pulled your pants up and collected your jacket and shirt to run out the door. As you made it to the door, Chris grabbed your leg and gripped your ankle, you couldn’t move. You took your leg and kicked him in the face twice. He fell back with a bloody nose. You ran away with Chris screaming behind you “SLUTTTTT!!!!” it echoed through the house that everyone froze and you tripped and fell to the ground in front of everyone who gathered around the cake including Jaebum. You were on the floor in your bra and pants with your shirt and jacket still in your hand. You looked up in horror and saw Jaebum.

Everyone gasped at the sight of you. The word “SLUTTT” echoed through the house again. Everyone stared at you. You felt ashamed, yet you did what you had to do. Jaebum got from his seat and came to comfort you. When Jaebum reached towards you, you swiped his hand away and gave him a disappointed look. Yet, he still stayed next you. 

You heard Courtney and her friends chuckle underneath their breaths. “Looks like someone didn’t have any fun. Did she?  Awww look, is Y/N going to cry?” Courtney said chuckling to herself as she saw you on the floor. 

You got up and balled your fist, you went over to her and punched her square in the face. She fell to the ground holding her nose. She shrieked as she saw blood rushing out and screamed “YOU BITCH”. She tried to get up and fight but you punched her again knocking her back down. The crowd gasped.

You turned your direction to Jaebum. You were forming tears as you approached him. You stood in front of him and pulled a small ribboned box from your jacket. You whispered “Happy Birthday, Jaebum” as you handed it to him and walked out putting the remainder of your clothes back on.

You went home to find your parents had to go out of town for a conference. It gave you enough privacy to cry yourself to sleep. You came to realize Jaebum was gone from your life for good.

You didn’t go to school Friday, you couldn’t face everyone. You woke up to a knock at the door and looked over at your alarm clock to see it was 3 in the afternoon. You got up to answer it and opened the door to find Jaebum waiting for you, his face had a couple bruises as if he’s been in a fight. He was angry to the point his chin protruded.

As soon as you saw him, you tried to slam the door in his face, but his foot got in the way. He pushed the door back forcing you to open it. “Y/N” he said softly. “Why are you here?” you asked sternly folding your arms across. You become stiff. “I’m sorry” Jaebum said entering the house closing the door behind him. You backed away and made your way to the living room. He tried to embrace you and you moved away. 

“You think sorry will cure everything.” you said. “What do you want me to do?” Jaebum asked. “Explain to me what happened to us?” you asked, “You were my best friend and then everything changed at school” you continued forming tears in your eyes. “I WAS ALONE JAEBUM, YOU LEFT ME” you shouted, “YOU WEREN’T THERE FOR ME”. “WHAT COULD I DO Y/N, I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT. I THOUGHT YOU WERE AVOIDING ME” Jaebum suddenly raised his voice also. “Aww, I see all you cared about was being popular wasn’t it?” you asked mocking him. “NO!” he shouted. “THEN WHY?” you asked almost to tears. “Because even when I was accepted by everyone, the only girl I was afraid of being rejected by was you….” he admitted sadly walking over to you. “I thought friends have each other’s back” you said.

“I WAS ALMOST RAPED BY CHRIS LAST NIGHT” you hollered angrily “You didn’t protect me Jaebum”. You broke down in tears. Jaebum swiftly came over to pull you in his arms. You sobbed on his chest and left streaks on his jacket.

He softly whispered “I know, I handled it. I got suspended for a week because of it also”. You looked at him amazed at what great lengths he went to avenge you. “You would do that for me?” you asked. He nodded and smirked at you. “I would do anything for you. When I found out today, I confronted Courtney about it. She admitted she planned it. I almost killed Chris. I beat him pretty bad. I’m so sorry baby girl” he said rubbing your back.  

You sniffed your nose while you were tried to calm yourself down. “I promise, I will never let anyone hurt you again” Jaebum said still holding you. He grabbed your chin with his fingers for you look him in his eyes. “Thank you, you said you were afraid of being rejected by me. What do you mean Jaebum?” you asked. 

“Because I have always cared about you Y/N and even as friends I only had eyes for you. But I didn’t want to confess to you because I didn’t think you would want me” he said softly.

You pushed him away slightly and seated yourself on the couch. He sat next you. “You were acting nervous around me during the summer” you said. “Yeah, I didn’t know what to say to you.” he said blushing. You smiled and looked over at his wrist, he was wearing the bracelet you gave him for his birthday. You touched his wrist, his name was carved into the bracelet. He wore it after all. You knew deep down you felt the same way towards him as well. “Jaebum…..I feel the same way” you finally spoke smiling, “Up until now, I guess I never wanted to admit it either” you continued.

His face brightened. You smiled. At that moment, words couldn’t express how you feel. Looking into your eyes, Jaebum dove in for a kiss. You gladly accepted his lips against yours. His hot breath sent shivers down your spine. You crawled on top of him without parting your lips from his. Your fingers ran through his dark hair craving him. He smacked your ass and grabbed a handful of it. You let out a moan. Your heated breath echoed in his ears, you started kissing and sucking his neck. He groaned loudly letting you have full advantage. He held onto you tightly. You felt his erect length growing underneath his jeans. You grind on him urgently needing him inside of you. He bite your bottom lip sucking on it. His dark eyes were filled with lust.

“Oh, baby girl” he whispered through his plump lips. He pulled you closer to him and kissed your neck swirling his tongue in circles. You leaned back enjoying every moment. “Oh Daddy” you said breathlessly. He stopped surprised to hear those words. You froze wondering if something was wrong. He smiled happily and remarked “That’s right, I am”.

He set you back on your feet and held his hand out. You grabbed it following him up the stairs to your room where you guys spent many nights hanging out together watching movies, eating pizza, playing video games, listening to music together and talk.

But now, your room was going to be a place where you and Jaebum now share the most intimate desires and feelings for each other.

He pulled you to him and continued to kiss you. His hands roamed every inch of your body and groped your ass. He took a handful and squeeze. You tugged at his pants to remove them. Jaebum slowly stripped your clothes off one by one. You were naked, your nipples grew hard under his touch as his fingertips circled around them. You were starting to have goosebumps.“Relax, baby girl. Daddy will take good care of you” he said planting you on your bed. He stood over you, he wanted to devour you as he licked his lips. He took his pants off and crawled on top. The heat from his body gave you comfort. He kissed your lips softly and began to kiss your neck and worked his way down to your breasts, your stomach, your womb. He placed your legs over his shoulders and breathed against your the crevasse of pussy lips and smoothed his tongue over it. You trembled. His tongue went deeper inside while lightly sucking on your clit. “Yes, Jaebum” you whined biting your bottom lip. He continued licking all over your pussy. He was happy to see you this way. 

He stopped and placed two fingers inside of you. You heaved as he motioned in and out. His fingers curved inside of your womb. He found the spot that made you cried. The spot that made your cum spill out all over his fingers. You cried out as your back arched from the bed. You came and he ate what was left of you.

He crawled back to you and planted sweet kisses on your juicy lips. Your tongue swirled around with his deepening the kiss. He laid on his back with his dick fully erect, you saw precum seeping out of his tip. You placed your warm mouth around his cock and sucked slowly. He groaned leaning his head back. You swirled your tongue around the tip causing Jaebum to buck himself upwards further into your mouth. “That’s my girl” he groaned loudly. You jacked him slowly while moving down the shaft. Your pace quickened as he grabbed some of your hair. “Oh shit, baby. You’re doing so well” he praised seductively.

As you continued you felt his dick getting harder, he came in your mouth. He tasted so good, you gladly swallowed his cum.

“Get on your hands and knees, baby” Jaebum commanded. You did as you were told. He placed himself behind you and he aligned himself and entered your pussy slowly. You arched your ass up for Jaebum to get a good view. Once you adjusted to his length, he slowly thrusted himself into you. You moaned in pleasure. His pace steadily picked up. He grabbed your hips as handles and continued to pump himself into you. He liked how you feel around his dick. You were wet. Your walls made him feel like he was comforted  by a warm blanket. 

“How does Daddy feel?” he questioned iin a husky voice in your ear. “You feel so good Daddy” you muffled as you and Jaebum passionately kiss each other.

He bend down over and grabbed a handful of your breast pulling you closer to feel his entire length penetrate the deepest reaches of your pussy. Jaebum  pinned you down, with your face against the pillows. Jaebum smacked your ass several times. He love the way it shook under his command. He growled in your ear as you felt him starting to sweat.

He stopped and turned you over on your back. He leaned down and placed his weight on top of you. He entered you, your legs were spread just for him and only him. He smiled and kissed you. 

“You’re so beautiful” he whispered. “All this time we’ve been friends, I wanted you,” he continued looking into your eye as he passionately plunged himself further into you using his thick thighs to hoist himself deeper. “Daddy…Jaebum” you whimpered loudly as he steadily kept going. Your pussy was soaking wet, your juices were music to his ears as skin smacked together in unison.

You were his and he was yours. He plummeted himself in you. You held onto him for dear life. You cried as waves of euphoria rippled through your body and tightness in your body was ready to release. Jaebum’s thrusts were becoming more sloppy, he was ready.

“I about to cum Jaebum” you cried out to him. He went faster. “You need to say the magic words, baby girl” he requested. “Daddy, please?!!!” you begged. “Yes, baby girl. Cum for Daddy” he groaned in your ear.

You came all over his dick. As you kept cumming, he kept going. You shouted as your juices continued to flow out, so much came out it seeped into your bedspread. He didn’t stop, he was finishing. “Ohhhh. Baby girl!” he orgasmed. 

He came inside your pussy, you felt a warm liquid shot into your womb. His length pulsed inside your pussy finishing what seed he had left to give . He stayed inside you for a couple minutes before he pulled out. His cum oozed out your pussy leaking into the bedspread with your cum stains.

He laid next to you and pulled you alongside him. He kissed your lips and said “You were amazing”. You blushed and said smartly “I guess I am”. You noticed Jaebum grew quiet and was becoming nervous. “Jaebum don’t lie to me, what’s wrong now?” you asked. He hesitantly asked “Will you be mine?”. He was finally confessing to you. “Yes. Jaebum, I’ll always be yours”.


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You guys are incredible. You’re the reason I get to do what I do every day and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks for always having my back and giving me the opportunity to do what I love :D appreciate it #cuties

Home Sweet Home? Part 2/5

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Warnings: Swearing 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/F/N - Your Full Name, Y/H/C - Your Hair Color

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5

Pietro had heard Y/N talking to Nat when we got to the house yesterday, talking about having a crush on one of the Avengers among other things. He figured it was Captain America because all of the girls swoon over him all the time. When he saw her though he wished it was him. She was beautiful. She had soft Y/H/C hair, an amazing body and the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, and coming from him that was saying something. Every time she would talk he would lose his concentration and Wanda would have to answer for him.

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