you guys have no idea how much i love swonaq i just. sW O NA Q. huffs happily

anyway i do actual semi-serious art with anatomy sometimes too guys. [well i mean this is quick and lazy and just flats but. art.] art of swone and onag and lq all holdin hands while swone turns into a tomato at cheek smooches.

god i love swonaq. its time for bed good night.

uhhh this is kinda old but w/e this was when i went over to gbs randomly i think during lunch on a day of?? and she was watching old didney movies aristocats so we watched… aristocats… and turned the 3 kittens into swonaq because why not, and then corv ended up as the mom cat and it was just, don’t ask okay (gb drew the swone kitty on the right)

also she has just posted a pic with swag with like messy/curly hair and i joked that it kinda looked like lqs, except swags is intentionally disheveled and lqs is just neglect and sadness.

backs into the darkness