Happiest moment in swom

Ok… So today os a special day and for some reason we are only doing 2000 yds, but we didn’t even do 800 bc we were chatting and stuff. The great thing is coach let us out and she KNOWS we didnt do 2000 yds. She let us out bc she also wanted to go home early. So yeah!(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝

Landscape | summer rain

Landscape | summer rain

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search Description From Photographer if Any: press H shot this on the tail end of a tropical summer storm …this cave is something of a secret …accesible only at low tide , or by swomming 8^) By DonKaysen Source: 500px.com

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On sunday I joined our hosts with some other guests to church. Almost every Samoan goes to church on Sunday morning. They extra dress nicely.. it’s a big thing. I also had to cover my knees & shoulders. So I wore a longsleeve and my lavalava :). To me the mass did take quite long. Lots of singing and predicts in a mixture of Samoan and English.
After the mass we were invited to the special sunday lunch with pork and fresh fish (and all the other food we usually got for dinner). Really tasty. So it happened to be a very relaxed sunday with delicous food and lovely people to talk to. Later in the day (while high tide) I went snorkeling.
And guess what happened… I saw two turtles, the first escaped after seeing me. The second didn’t seem to be fearful at all. I swom with her for a couple of minutes, she wasn’t even impressed when a second snorkeler joined ur swim session.
I decided this was the hightlight of my visit on Samoa. Like in a natural movie. Really clear water swimming with the turtle over the reef passing shoals of fish.