swollen wrists


Dean was sitting on the edge of the motel room’s single bed. Cas sat before him in the lone desk chair. His wrist was swollen and bruised. Dean tenderly examined it for any signs of a break. He decided it was just a nasty sprain and patched him up with a splint and an Ace wrap. He had made him an ice pack from the ice machine down the hall and a couple towels.

It was somehow intimate. Dean’s loving touch turned into caresses. The hand that cradled the bum wrist suddenly cradled Cas’ jaw. Instinct brought Cas forward to brush his lips against Dean’s and in the next moment he was in Dean’s lap on the bed.

He forgot all about Steve as he melted into Dean. He was touched and kissed and filled with Dean as pain turned to overwhelming pleasure. He let it build until he felt it energy would burst right out of him.

“Cas!” Dean sat up from his bunk. He was drenched in sweat and there was a noticeable wet spot in his prison jumpsuit. He’d been dreaming of their one night together when Cas was human. They never talked about it.


Miles away, buried under the comforter on Dean’s memory foam mattress, Cas startled from his self-imposed sleep period. His mind had drifted to that night so many times but this time, this time he felt Dean’s desire for him and he realized…he realized they both wanted it. He rolled to his side and clutched Dean’s pillow. “I’ll find you Dean. And when I do I’m never letting you go again.”


Dean cleaned himself up the best he could in the small metal sink. He looked at his hazy reflection in the polished metal plate anchored in the wall. “Cas, I ain’t hiding it anymore. When I get out of here, I wanna make a go of it. I’m sick of losing you, man. I love you. And fuck if it didn’t take me too damn long to realize it.”

The Mind Cage, Ch. 8

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
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A/N: This is probably the last chapter I’ll be able to write for this until the new year. So, uh, sorry for the semi-cliffhanger at the end.


The first, true stab of pain hit him shortly after he was done treating Fiddleford’s wrist.

His multiple PhDs had made Stanford a doctor, but not a doctor, so all he could do was bandaging it as well as he could so that he could go to the hospital without suffering any additional damage; not an easy task, considering how swollen the wrist already was after being left unattended through the night.

“You’re definitely going to need someone at the hospital to see this,” Ford said, trying to ignore the way his old friend’s eyes kep wandering across the room to avoid meeting his gaze. “I… well, I suppose you did not come here with your own car.”

Fiddleford’s eyes flickered towards Stan’s general direction, and his brother had the good grace to look embarrassed. “Well… no. He was on the backseat of your car.”

“I reckon I should be glad you didn’t put me in the trunk,” Fiddleford said drily.

Stan snorted. “Remind me again who tried to shot who with whose gun?”

“Tried to shoot whom, Stanley. Grammar,” Ford said, and his brother rolled his eyes.

“Okay, get this. Guess whose hands are going to be around your neck if–”

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Tonight on Becca Has Class but Also Carpal Tunnel

Woke up this morning with a very painful and swollen wrist, three fingers completely numb. Aleve only helped a little bit. I was going to work on replies while watching my nephew (meaning I was going to actually handwrite them and type them up later tonight). That didn’t happen because writing hurts. But I also have class tonight in which notes have to be taken. Plus I always come home and do extra notes from the book because my teacher goes too fast. Oh well. Drafts are going to be queued for tomorrow along with the rest of the memes in my inbox. I’ll make sure my replies go out first and are all posted tomorrow. The memes will slowly come out over the next few days.


‘‘Stop prodding at it.’‘

Leon approached her with an instant cold pack in his hand. He stopped in front of her and squeezed at the pack twice before gently applying it to her swollen wrist. Finally a small smile as he lets his eyes meet hers.

‘‘I am pretty relaxed,Jilly. So….what did you do to it?’’

She doesn’t listen, continuing to run her fingers along the bruised skin “I’m just trying to figure out if it’s broken. I’m pretty sure it is.” Jill laughs quietly, shaking her head at herself as she thinks about it.

She rests her hand against the pack, giving a quiet thanks as she flashes a grin. “Ah, nothing exciting unfortunately. Just got tangled up with that giant dog of mine. Four years old and he still gets excited like he’s still a puppy.”

what to expect

This will be the first part of an ongoing series that I have yet to title. But basic Captain Swan future fluff. 

She was sitting with her legs dangling over the edge of her hospital bed, a throbbing pain on the side of her head. She held her swollen wrist in her hand, which a nurse had wrapped up when she arrived two hours earlier. Emma called Killian, who at the time was taking over a shift at the station, when she claimed she hadn’t been feeling well the past few days.

Though, sitting at home with nothing to do was not quite as exciting as she was used to, so she had planned to meet him at the station anyway. Although, winter came early this year, and all of Storybrooke was covered in a white sheet of snow. She had never seen it this bad, it was a terrible mix of blizzard, ice, and fog, enhanced by wind and ten below temperature. What else was she to expect from a winter in Maine?

She decided to still leave though, despite her conscience telling her not to, but she hated being stuck inside alone all day. She remembered leaving the loft and almost slipping on her way out, and she drove her bug slowly through Storybrooke. Being stubborn and impatient in nature, she began to drive a bit quicker when she thought the snow had cleared up. She was only a few minutes away from the station anyway, and she was freezing. The idea of being warm inside with Killian clouded her judgement, and apparently so did the fog.

She remembers coming in slow contact what she thought was a pole, but she hit her head too quickly against the side of the car to care. She passed out on the spot, only for a few minutes, before waking up to arms encircling her and lifting her out of the car. She saw an ambulance, as well as one of the dwarves, Bashful she thinks, in the middle of the road. She regained her consciousness by the time she had arrived at the hospital.

She was awake completely when they tried to get her wrapped up in the bed, but she insisted she was fine, with the exception with her aching wrist. Dr. Whale said they need to at least do some blood tests, and an MRI, just to be safe. After she suffered through all of that, she called Killian. Now, she was just awaiting his dramatic entrance.


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I WILL // s. mardon

most days i remember you half-way, half a person, half a dream,

swollen wrists / scraped knees / that pit in my stomach holding your words,

most days you are something half-imagined, almost a nightmare, 
something a monster could call a lover,

curled lip / clever eyes / gentle fingers gripping vise-like /

most days you’re at the edge of my vision, half real, waiting for me to come home,

“Look out!” Dean yelled at you.

Currently you three were hunting the spirit of Jade Maceon. She had appeared behind you just before the boys were about to burn her bones. 

She went right in front of your face mumbling something in your ear, at the same time cracking your wrist. 

You whimpered in pain as she burst into flames. You put your pained wrist to your side and shrugged it off.

“Evil Bitch” you mumbled.

“(Y/n) you okay?” Dean yelled hurrying to your side along with sam.

“ peachy now lets get put of here the cemetery is giving me the creeps” you said fixing your jacket. Your face contorted with pain as you did so.

You crawled into the backseat of the impala covering your swollen wrist. Sam looked at you with a worried glance but didn’t say anything when you gave him a reassuring smile. Soon enough the impalas engine comes to a stop as you arrived at the bunker.

You crawled back out and hurried to your room, trying to bandage your broken wrist. You heard the flutter of wings in the living room, and cas asking about the hunt.

“You guys cleaned up injury wise” cas asked.

“Yeah why do you ask” sam asked curious.

“I sense great amounts of pain radiating off of(y/n)” cas said.

“Son of a bitch” dean muttered.

You heard footsteps hurrying to your room, it was too late to hide as they flung open door. cas walked over and healed you instantly.

“Thanks Cas” you mumbled.

“Damnmitt tell us when your injured next time okay kid you never know how serious it may be”

You nodded thankful the pain was gone

Maybe Love Isn’t Enough (Part 2)

Part 1

Her wrist was throbbing, the towel covering her head wound was full of blood, and her body was covered with bruises. Numerous red, black and blue shapes were scattered on her back and arms, making moving nearly unbearable. The car ride was silent, as was the walk into the ER. Meredith carried in a sleeping Olivia, Lucy and Chris hand in hand in between their aunt and mother. They walked in a back way, drawing as little attention as possible, sliding into one of the trauma rooms.

Meredith immediately pages Callie, knowing she would keep the situation under wraps. Amelia sat on the exam table, her two older children quietly sitting on the chairs against the wall. Neither of them said a word, fear struck on their faces. Amelia stared down at her swollen wrist, her mind running through the possibilities of what would’ve happened if it had been one of her children caught in the middle of this. Before she could let her emotions take over Callie entered the exam room, her jaw dropping at the sight in front of her. “Amelia what happened?” The orthopedic surgeon began examining Amelia’s wrist, waiting for a response.

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