“The Will”

#SitWitMe at Dracula’s Castle. DID YOU KNOW: “Dracula’s Castle” (although it is one among several locations linked to the Dracula legend, including Poienari Castle and Hunyad Castle), is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There is, however, no evidence that Stoker knew anything about this castle. #SWM #VerticalPanorama #Panorama #Pano #repost #life #adventure #explore #photography #ttot #nature #photo #vacation #huntgram #travelandlife #instagoodmyphoto #worldplaces #ig_udogs #worldtravelbook #lp #photooftheday #landscape #Transylvania #Europe #hostel #Romania #Travel (at Dracula’s Castle, Romania)

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i watched ep like 302-312 with my brother who is a straight white man, doesnt give a fuck about ships & was a fan of bellmy from the start the other day & he y e l l e d when they killed lexa he was so pissed off at what they did & now he hates bellmy. he watches a l o t of tv shows & hes super pissed at how they played all of that out, its not normal for people to be defending everything bellmy did. bob himself said he didnt think anyone would like bel after & people are still sucking his dick

But… even Bob sucks Bell’s dick

Taking a Life

Let’s look at the historical context under which “You should not kill” was given. This group of people heard a command that says it is unlawful to commit murder. There would have been a collective sigh of relief across the whole 3.5 million people, because for 480 years they were allowed to be murdered. If the Hebrews even simply looked at an Egyptian wrongly, murder could take place with no legal repercussions whatsoever. God said our new culture is not going to allow that.

God said we are going to create a nation that respects the humanity in every single person. Every individual is made in the image of God. In our new culture the world will look at each individual as a person of worth regardless of race, creed, color, intellect or socio-economic status. We are going to see the image of God in them and treat everybody with proper dignity. In the building of this nation He says “let’s not murder people. Let’s not do that.”

There are two words that are translated kill in the Hebrew language. The first word is ratsach, which means to take someone’s life for your own purpose. When you look through the Old Testament, you see this word translated in cases of murder. The other word used is harag, and that’s the word used when talking about war, accidents or self-defense. In Leviticus there are two separate laws. One law was applied when someone’s life was taken on purpose and the other if someone’s life was taken by accident and these two different words were used.

In order to kill someone for your own purpose you have to set yourself up above them. To take someone’s life you have to develop a belief system that you are better than they are, otherwise what right do you have to take their lives? On the other hand, when you’re talking about wars and self-defense, it’s a totally different thing. In this command, the word that is used is rasak, which means to take someone’s life for your own purpose; to use someone in an expendable way.

Obviously there is something deeper than that, because in researching statistics on this I discovered that the vast, vast majority of murders are not of the cold-blooded, axe murderer type. Only one percent of people are killed by psychopathic killers. So what’s true of the rest? Ninety-nine percent of all murders are committed by people who knew the victim, and the murders are traced by to some sort of anger issue with the person.

Where are we holding any anger against another?

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I LOved Awhile 🌝🌝🌝 I Can be your Biggest Fan I have read every Story you have posted And I have loved Each of them I know thT you will keep awhile A one shot i was just curious Will you start any new stories soon or are you going to focus on live life golden and stay with me ? ❤️👋🏼

I LOVED AWHILE TOO AND I LOVE HOW YOU LIKE THE IDEA OF IT BEING A ONE SHOT BECAUSE I LOVE THE ANGSTY CLIFF. and *whispering* i have a zombie au with my husband that will come out next after swm is done. <3