The Dance of the Brilliant Minds|| The Rani and the Nightmare Child

The Rani began riffling through the drawers in her time capsule. There were random things thrown in the drawers and to an untrained eye, it looked disorganized but to the Rani, it was perfectly organized. A frown appeared on her lips when she noticed something; she was getting low on supplies. A sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head. This wasn’t good, not at all.

Moving from her lab back to the console room of the TARDIS, she moved over to her console and stood in front of it, quickly locating the closet lab with supplies she’d need to finish building her….well, her latest project.  Quickly typing in the coordinates and sending her time capsule off to that location. 

Her head poked out and she looked around. A few more moments passed and she was climbing the stairs of the lab, going to climb up and look for supplies in the area. Nearing the top, she froze as a chill ran down her spine. A voice, the same voice from earlier. It was saying something different this time. ‘Move now' 

Before she even had time to think, the Rani quickly moved out of the way. 

The Rift Opens

It was very early in the morning. So early that the moon still hung low in the sky and the stars twinkled dully across the horizon. The neighborhood was sound asleep, still and silent. Darkness had settled over it like a thick fog, but a square of light slashed through the darkness, coming from a solitary window set in a house at the end of the street. The low hooting of an owl shattered the silence. 

Through this small beacon of light, Chuck Shurley can be seen, typing blearily away at his computer. An almost-empty bottle of beer sat next to him; an empty one had been knocked to the floor. He was so out of it that, at first, he hardly noticed when the all too familiar ache started in his temples. When the pain finally registered, he had to suck in a sharp breath to keep from crying out. His breathing became ragged as the vision overtook him, and he screwed his eyes shut, his palms pressed against his temples. Strange, dark images flashed behind his eyelids. It came in bits and pieces, nothing really made sense. This is what he saw:

Strange creatures melting into the shadows. Vampires disappearing, poltergeists hiding deep in the forests, wendigos hiding out underground and never coming back up, demons leaving the people they're possessing and literally fleeing into hell. Then there were creatures he couldn’t name, creatures he couldn’t even dream of, all going into hiding. 

Then the vision vanished, but another one quickly took it’s place. The was a man of average height with a stocky build and graying hair. Chuck had never seen him before, but a name was inserted into his mind. Gregory Lestrade. Lestrade was at a place in Whales called Cardiff, and he was visiting the ruins of some explosion site. He dug under the rubble until he came across a machine. It was softly humming, though it looked badly damaged. Another vision overlapped that one. It was Lestrade again, but he was attacking someone. He was attacking Sam! His knife glinted and the vision vanished as quickly as it came.

But still another vision took it’s place. It was Lucy, Lucy Saxon. But she wasn’t the nervous, stuttering girl who had appeared in his house. She stood tall, chin held high. brimming with confidence. She was in front of a podium speaking in front of a large crowd. All he heard her say was “My rise to power!” then the roaring of the crowd drowned out everything else. 

The crowd’s roar stayed in Chuck’s ears as that image faded, and another took it’s place. It was that machine. The Rift Machine. It was humming in the middle of the rubble. The humming grew louder, and louder still, until it started to shake. It exploded in a blinding flash of light, and Chuck’s world went dark. 

It was five in the morning and apparently he had cried out as the terrible visions burned in his brain, because he woke to a pounding at his door. The kind old lady who lived next door was worried about him. 

What you missed in Team Plunger To The Rescue:

Chuck and Theta get into Mortimus and Ushas’ house, where the demon Neoptolemus is beating on Morty. Chuck gets into a bedroom and puts down some demon’s traps, Theta throws a pebble at a window and breaks it by accident. They both get beat on, and eventually Neoptolemus is trapped and tied down. Morty takes Theta to the basement to hide, they had a moment, then he goes up to beat on Neoptolemis. Theta puts himself in a healing coma in the basement, where he awaits Morty with the all-clear. Chuck and Mortimus beat on Neoptolemus, who reveals that LUCIFER IS BACK, MOTHERFUCKERS. They exorcise Neoptolemus, and Koschei asks after Theta.

And that’s what you missed in the SWLIS Rift thread TPtoR.

Oh yeah, and Theta’s still in the basement.

The Rift

The Rani’s hands were on her hips, staring at the console of her TARDIS. The screen showed that she was inside, successfully infiltrated Torchwood Three. It was rumored that there was alien technology there. She thought it was perfect, a perfect place to slip in and get weapons and other materials that she needed for her scientific experiments.  (Of course it was also always handy to have a weapon or two on hand).

The time lady was thankful that no signs of life showed up on her monitor. She muttered something in Gallifreyan before making her way over to  the door of the time capsule and stepping out. It was empty, her shoes echoing on the ground as she walked.

The Torchwood base was interesting, interesting to her at least. The Time lady walked around, soon finding herself in front of something. Something that seemed to monitor the rift. Frowning, she reached out trying to touch the damaged piece. Who had been in there? What would they have gained from damaging the machine there?

The Rani shook her head and started to rummage through things, finding alien technology here and there, taking it so she could have to use for her own current experiment. As she turned to leave, heading back to where her time capsule was, a wind blew by, carrying a voice on them. ‘Come to us, come to us and come to the rift. You could use such power for a scientific opportunity, you know you want to.’

The brunette looked over her shoulder and wandered back over to the rift machine, smirking. Who was she to let such an opportunity to go by?