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So I won the Grand Prize in the Buffalo Young Writer’s Contest and got to see my play, Bright Shadows, last night!

It was my first full production so I’m still kind of freaking out.

Here’s me at the theater!

And just look at the program like THAT’S A REAL PROGRAM


Sorry the picture is so fuzzy but that IS a picture from the performance. The actors were amazing and had such great chemistry and contrast. I got to meet them afterward and we kind of just hugged and flailed at each other.

And yes, it was a head trip speaking to people who played people who have only ever existed in my head.

But anyway, yeah, it was amazing to watch and you could have heard a pin drop in that theater, except for the few times when people laughed uncomfortably (the uncomfortable laughter made my night, no one knew how to react and it was fabulous). They used the stage exactly how I pictured, and the lighting was awesome, and the actors embodied the characters so well…

It was just really amazing and I was shaking afterward, I didn’t even know what to say and just kept thanking people and I was like whoa this was awesome I want to do this always all the time I need to write more plays yeah.


It was awesome.


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Guys, I’m so proud that we’ve made it all the way to Part III. When I started this comic I was at the lowest point in my life: unemployed, disappointed in myself, scared and alone. Now 204 pages later I’m happy, confident, and gainfully employed at freaking Marvel Comics. I owe a lot of that to all of your support, encouragement and kindness. Thank you so much for taking this incredible journey with me, and I hope you stick around for many pages to come.




Here’s the Jacks clip! Sorry for the squiggly quality!! Enjoy!

First week at Marvel!

I survived my first week and it was awesome! I’m working with so many incredible people who are genuinely passionate about what they do and I’m learning so much. My name is going to be in Avengers: Ultron Forever 1 and Uncanny Avengers 3, so you should totally pick those up when they come out!

Also, I’ll be working on the current run of Silver Surfer, and if you haven’t read it holy crap you should. It’s so many things I never knew I wanted in a comic. Great poppy art, a sweet Doctor Who vibe, adorable odd couple antics…JUST READ IT OMG IT’S GREAT!

In case you’re wondering, my comic as in this comic will continue soon, I’m just giving myself some time to adjust to my big life change. But don’t worry! It will still be here!