Happy birthday Sara!!!!

Just A little something for  LMK*SWK  :D

No you don’t know me xD but I hope you had an amazing birthday! Im a really big fan of your work.  you are a very talented person asdfghjkl; i love you so much!! i wish i had the guts to talk to you once in a while but I’m to damn shy >.< i hope you don’t mind that i drew your character RJ i think he is really cute *~* i don’t even know what to say anymore just that i really hope you like it ^~^  (its a watercolor painting if you were wondering)

Ok so this is gonna sound crazy but I had a dream last night, where I was in a food truck.. I think??? And I was doodling on one of the napkins or whatever, and then we got really busy and my napkin was gone and then someone comes upand hands me a drawing that was incredible!! (I tried to imitate it but this drawing doesn’t even do it justice but it was on paper like this ok) and the person who handed it to me said “lumiukko says thanks for the drawing” and walked away and I was like what I gave her my doodle omg it wasn’t even good enough to deserve this incredible drawing!!! (it was a lot better than the one I took a pic of and a lot more detailed okay I just don’t have the skill or the memory of the exact thing or whatever) do anyways I was like no way Sara lives near me what!!! So I went through a school looking for… A… Person I have never seen? At a school I have never been in? And i didn’t know why it was this person I followed on da and tumblr because it should have been someone I know, right? But anyways I totally forgot my dream this morning until I got on tumblr and the first post I saw was A HAPPY BIRTHDAY POST TO LUMIUKKO AND I REMEMBERED EVERYTHING SUDDENLY AND WAS LIKE OMG WHY IS THIS THE FIRST POST AND WHY IS THAT THE SAME CHARACTER THAT WAS IN THE DRAWING I GOT FROM HER AND I CANT EVEN DID I GET THIS DREAM BECASE OF HER BIRTHDAY OR WHAT??? So anyways happy birthday sara and idek why you gave me this drawing of a demon in a track suit with your name because it is you birthday but I had to say it because it was bugging me al day that this happened! Dnxidjebrbdjdk ok long text post I’m done! Happy b day again!!!