My hopes:

Kenobi vs. Maul

Kenobi meets ANYONE from Star Wars: Rebels

Kenobi tells off Uncle Owen (I’m sorry he died horribly and all, but I always thought there was an awful lot of bad blood going on there and I want to know more)

Kenobi cracking jokes

Kenobi complaining about Anakin and then looking really sad


Smite headcanons

-swk is on the battleground to fuck with uptight gods, the gods either love him or hate him

-the reason camazotz bats hurt so much is because they’re in a frenzy from being exposed to daylight

-kaldr is a good boi, but he doesn’t let everyone touch him

-skadi is still single bc kaldr hardly approves of anyone, so far he only tolerates chaac and ullr

-jing wei loves the modern Era and is often seen on her phone or gaming while at home

-ne zha likes to join jing wei on multiplayer games, he has yet to beat her in any 1v1s

-ne zha has a crush on jing wei, he changed to a firelord outfit a couple times to see if being more manly would improve his odds

-jing wei finds him amusing but is utterly clueless

-swk is known for his puns and quips, the gods either hate him or love him for it

-swk is hardly ever serious, but when he is everyone has some base level of respect for him

-Ao kuang Hates eating certain gods, fur is annoying, ymir is too cold, and bacchus bac always makes him woozie