2P Ancients React To Other 2Ps

2P America

  • R: 2P america is quite annoying, but he does have good fashion tastes
  • G: I pity him, I mean, have you met his family?!

2P Canada

  • R: He’s too quiet for my tastes, his bears cool though
  • G: good kid, I like him

2P England

  • G: no, just no

2P France

  • R: great at choosing wine, terrible in everything else
  • G: he’s always bumming fags off of me

2P China

  • R: He made that cool wall, but he also is related to that Hun chick… I have conflicted feelings on him
  • G: As long as he keeps the Huns away I’m happy

2P Russia

  • R: I have no clue who he is
  • G: he’s very … sweet… but comes off scary

2P Belarus

  • R: why is she so happy!? Make her stop!!
  • G: She made me a flower crown…

2P Ukraine

  • R: great fuck, not so great person
  • G: what Rome said

2P Lithuania

  • R: how come he thinks he’s so strong? He can barely lift a gallon of milk
  • G: He made Klaus cry, he must be killed

2P Estonia

  • R: I can’t stop laughing at his name, I’m sorry. Egor von Bock! It’s hilarious
  • G: good child, if not boisterous

2P Latvia

  • R: he’s so small, like a puppy… I hate dogs
  • G: he reminds me of Lutz as a child, when he was angry

2P Italy

  • R: My perfect son
  • G: too… Stabby

2P Romano

  • R: I tried to make him a warrior, instead he became a policeman… A FASHION POLICE
  • G: He said I should do something with my hair

2P Spain

  • R: He’s fucking my eldest… If it will shut him up go for it
  • G: He makes good soups

2P Japan

  • R: his eyes creep me out
  • G: I like his tattoos, he actually gave me one

2P Germany

  • R: He makes Italy angry, I think… Italy is always angry so you can never tell
  • G: Where did I go wrong?

2P Prussia

  • R: I would say he is a cry baby but *looks at Germania, with Germany and Austria flanking him and Switzerland glaring from the background* I want to live
  • G: My little angel, deserves the world

2P Austria

  • R: I know I created Catholicism, but seriously… calm down satin
  • G: Roland was a hyper child, R: he ate a piano G: as I said, a hyper child

2P Switzerland

  • R: He makes good chocolate, or at least buys it
  • G: Why can’t he handle money responsibly? WHY!?!?1

2P Norway

  • R: isn’t Lokki the god of chaos? It fits him
  • G: He burned when he walked into a church, Even Austria doesn’t do that

2P Iceland

  • R: is his hair on fire?
  • G: HOW? *stares at the ocean which is now on fire*

2P Denmark

  • R: he’s so smart! he repeated one of my stories from memory!
  • G: Why couldn’t Germany or Austria be like that *slowly petting Klaus’s hair*

2P Sweden

  • R: He makes great muffins, but his husband is scary
  • G: I’m too scared of Lore to go near him

2P Finland

  • R: he shot me
  • G: *left*