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My Hetalia Ships Part 1

Here are all my ships of Hetalia so far

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America x Japan

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England x France

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Sweden x Finland

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Italy x Germany

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Prussia x Canada

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Russia x Lithuania

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Switzerland x Austria

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Belarus x Lichtenstein

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Italy x Holy Roman Empire

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Spain x Romano

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Norway x Denmark

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APH Characters as benders
  • Water benders: Japan, China, Russia, and France
  • Earth benders: Germany, England, Switzerland, and Egypt
  • Fire benders: America, Prussia, South Korea, and Hungary
  • Air benders: Austria, Canada, Liccmestan, and Greece
  • BONUS: Romano is the Avatar.

hetabook series: #4 
     france, prussia, and spain are a force to be reckoned with on facebook


I finally got around to finishing my Cardverse designs, so here’s the full set! I also did a few touchups to some of the old ones, mainly Germany. I’m probably going to do some designs for other characters next, but I wanted to get all of the canon ones finished first. 

nyotalia as memes
  • nyo!america: so i'm sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties
  • nyo!england: cheeky nandos
  • nyo!france: wine mom
  • nyo!russia: eat the flesh of the capitalists
  • nyo!china: doge
  • nyo!canada: mm whatcha say
  • nyo!italy: buy my silence permanently
  • nyo!romano: JOHN CENA
  • nyo!prussia: good shit 👌👌
  • nyo!germany: who is she
  • nyo!japan: oshiete yo
  • nyo!switzerland: ...gun
  • nyo!austria: mozart mashups
  • nyo!spain: iggy azalea freestyle
Real Family Quotes as Hetalia pt.3

America: it’s the sound of the police! wOOP WOOP.

Canada: Oh, my feelings.

Germany: Combat is a form of love

Italy: I’m going to sloath over you

Japan: Ow, my neck, I said cookies!

Russia: I’m just trying to eat your skin

Poland: stop or I’ll scream at the top of my lungs *screaming*

Prussia: Under Prussia! *singing under pressure intrumentals*

Hungary: *screaming the Wonder Woman theme, including all intruments*

Austria: Here’s my new original song *playing ukulele* it’s about my sister, just a rough draft *clears throat*
She sucks she sucks, she really sucks,
You suck more than you think other people suck, it’s hard to hold a ukulele like this, but you Suck. Okay please continue.

Romano: I tried to say shush but I said shit

Spain: *looking at own reflection* *whispers* You look really short in this mirror

Belgium: I found a piece of lint! That’s so interesting!

Greece: My hair is normal but then I have this one curl that’s like woooo…

Turkey: Cannibal~

Britain: I pulled a hair from each of their heads and used it as my eyebrows

France: Oh no! *whispers* defeat.

Lietchenstein: you’re never too old for frilly dresses

Switzerland: If your girl brings a boy home get your gun. If she brings a girl home…get your gun. And some cookies.


hetalia world ☆ stars icons part eight

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