switzerland 2007

St. Ursanne, Switzerland - Dragon Bridge, July 2007
This is from a Medieval Festival back in June-July 2007, held at the small medieval village of St. Ursanne in western Switzerland. There were several installations designed by John Howe, who was a set designer on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. This is the dragon attacking the bridge.

I remember when I went on a school trip to Switzerland in 2007 and we stopped to buy souvenirs. Our teacher said: “check the price and divide by two, that’s what you actually pay with the current exchange rate” and I bought cowbells for my whole family. 

Now the mere thought of going back to Switzerland makes money flowing out of my bank account.


Please tell me you all remember this diabolical Eurovision entry from Switzerland in 2007? I am wetting myself laughing. VAMPIRES ARE ALIVE!