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Same scene as before, but even cuter! :)
Switzerland votes to phase out nuclear power - BBC News
The referendum result allows the government to go ahead with plans to switch to renewable energy.

in all this political global madness I am SO GLAD this happened in my country. like LOOK AT THE PEOPLE VOTING AND CHANGING THEIR WORLD. I’m so excited what is going to happen next. PV boom? Wind parks in the rhine valley? CCS obligation for any plant with fossil fuel that might be build to bridge the period to 100% renewable? how about biomass combustion plants with CCS for negative emissions? net positive energy production of major state offices and buildings? 
This is going to be great!! 

So in whatever country you are and something major is about to be voted on GO VOTE! You CAN change things

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Name: Eléonore
Age: 16
Country: Switzerland

I’m Eléonore and I live in Switzerland. I’m a student and I like dance, and meet new people✨
I (try) to learn Russian 😁
I like reading and cooking.
I hope that someone will be interested !
Have a lovely day !✨

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