so awhile back, switchum did a small sculpting job for someone; usually the job would have run them $400, but they said they could cast, so he traded them sculpting work for casting credit

turns out they can’t actually cast


they are a nice person and they did their best, so we cannot fault them

but we’ll be getting our sculpts back and remolding the stuff with our typical guy - who tends not to give a fuck and take forever, too, but would never settle for fuckhuge gnarly seams on sculpted detail, giant air bubbles (rip ironwood’s earlobes), and significant distortions to the cast itself from too much pressure applied to too thin a silicone mold and say “yeah this looks fine to send to my client”

s i g h

depending on how bad these look in person, i’ll probably either trash them or, if they’re actually kinda sorta passable, give them away for free

the fucking distortion tho jesus christ, i could settle with the air bubbles in the ears and those gnarly seams if his face and nose didn’t seem cure on a distorted slant


i went in blind and it was fried super mild and sweet mac and cheese

It basically tasted like warm oven fresh cheesecake what the fuck

Side note: i cannot read or speak any japanese (at all, im in hell and i feel rude amd horrible) and switchum keeps accidentally englishing at people

happy birthday to my wonderful husband switchum, who is passed out on the couch from way too much birthday adventure

hooters and a strip club and 203945678 beers and a really damn good cheesecake with friends later

cute sleepy bab

You know, I don’t think I ever made a proper Tumblr post about it.

My dear sweet hubby Switchum takes sculpting commissions. shock

His standard sculpting rate is $200 an inch, but we offer a special flat rate of $400 for the sculpting of BJD heads.

He has worked for such illustrious companies as NECA and McFarlane Toys in the past - and if you own anything from them, there’s a good chance you own something that he’s sculpted.

Some examples of his past commissioned works include:

He can sculpt literally anything and everything, and can do so in an assortment of aesthetic styles, as hopefully illustrated in the above examples.

We also mold and cast our stuff in high-quality polyurethane resin locally (as in ‘a 5 minute drive from our house’ local), we don’t have minimum casting requirements, and we can match most any resin colors. (But we can’t cast in white, whoops.)

Our rates for molding and casting vary drastically depending on the sculpture, of course, but for BJD heads the price generally falls in the $400 range for the molding and 1 resin cast.

So drop us a line if you’re interested! We also welcome and encourage group orders. \o/