switching shirts

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i love shiro so much, and i really hope he’s having a nice birthday,,.. floating around in the astral plane,.. :/ hm.   .. pls bring him home and give him bday smooches; ♥

Honestly, I’m in need of more cute preg prompts/memes and so like they say: just do it yourself, ya lazyfart.

I know this is pretty small, but I only have so much attention span and I wanted a bit of a diverse variety of maternity clothes.

Basic Rules:

  • You don’t have to draw the outfit exactly as it is depicted here, any variations whether it’s colors or switching in a shirt for another is completely fine!
  • Characters do not have to have boobs.
  • You may repost this meme to other websites like twitter or instagram, but please, do not repost it onto Tumblr (just cause this one should suffice enough) And credit is not necessary, but it is appreciated!
  • Please do not draw over these, this is not base art.
  • Characters don’t necessarily need to be pregnant, if you just find these outfits cute/funny and want to draw them for kicks on characters, go ahead!

Anyways, feel free to go buckwild

I’m trying to lighten up my blog a bit so here’s the old playground!au:

  • first, picture everyone as tiny children
    • Riko is that one kid who takes being “king of the castle” too seriously and he’s always hogging the slides and being a general butt
    • Kevin and Jean go to day care with him, so they’re kinda just going along with it
    • all of the Foxes are pretty fed up with Riko but what can they do?? they get caught trying to beat his swarmy ass into the the sand and they’re grounded
    • of course Riko ends up throwing a tantrum anyways and pushes Kevin and Jean off the play structure
    • the good news is that kids bounce
    • the bad news is that Jean ended up bumping his head and Kevin twisted his wrist and now everyone has to go home and get yelled at for playing too rough
    • the next day Kevin joins the Foxes
    • Jean, perhaps for the best, wanders away and gets invited into the sand pit with the Trojans, who are 500% more civilized and are currently in the process of burying Alvarez
    • meanwhile, the Foxes are determined to take down Riko
    • Dan draws all of them into a huddle and gives probably the most dramatic speech to ever grace the playground:
    • “win because you don’t know how to lose. this king’s ruled long enough - it’s time to tear his castle down.”
    • except, y’know, it’s this tiny kindergartner saying it, surrounded by other tiny kindergartners, and basically they just all climb onto the playground structure and ignore Riko’s yelling
    • the final standoff is between Kevin and Riko as Kevin dramatically shoves Riko down the slide and refuses to let him back up
    • and honestly, the Foxes aren’t impressed with Kevin’s pushiness either (Andrew least of all), but whatever, they’re going home in an hour, it doesn’t really matter

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This is a post about ransom’s giant not so inconspicuous crush on nursey

the sequel to this

  • asking holster with alarming frequency if jack and bitty didn’t start dating til after grad because because it would be wrong for a captain to date a teammmate 
  • “would it bro?? would it be wrong? Fuck, it would be. But would it??’
  • more susceptible to text anxiety because he spends so much time in the library just watching nursey’s hands as he writes.
  •  super casually coming up behind nursey to see what beautiful words of poetry he’s writing and seeing him making an alignment chart with Arthur characters.
  • arguing about where Muffy should be, which is really just an excuse for Ransom to lean over him, until they get kicked out by an exasperated librarian.
  • going to annies for coffee and dumping his PSL all over himself when nursey takes off his cardigan
  • he was unprepared for those arms. it should be illegal.
  • rans telling nursey he should go back to the haus and switch shirts: “i should take this off.”
  • oh shit. 
  • nursey biting his lip and saying ‘yeah’ a little too enthusiastically.
  • after rushing back to his room with nursey, ransom does get his shirt off
  • he doesn’t put another one back on for a while. 

Green Day performances in 1990-1991: mainly Billie dancing or making honking noises into the microphone, mike probably isn’t wearing a shirt, Billie switched from honking noises to screeching, the crowd is yelling at them to play a goddamn song already but Billie won’t stop mumbling gibberish into the mic, lots of pacing, grainy quality and very dark, tre probably kisses Billie a few times, mike spends so much time head banging with hair in his face you forget he has eyes under that fucking mop

Black Shirt

Imagine that both Simon and Baz own a black shirt. The 2 shirts look the same really. Normal black shirt with short sleeves. Baz’s is probably pure cotton while Simon’s is polyester. Before the summer that was between Year 5 and Year 6, Baz (Mr. I-almost-really-killed-the-person-I-love) was dealing with guilt but mostly was bothered because he couldn’t lie to himself that he would miss Simon Snow.

He noticed that Simon had a black shirt that looks like a shirt that he owns. (Because the amount of things he owns is really limited.) As a last minute thing, he switched the two shirts. He regretted what he did straight away but Simon zipped up his bag and was gone before he could.

We know what happened with the shirt that Baz took, there is a good quote from the book: “When he wouldn’t give me a single moment of solace to sort through my feelings–or try to wank them away. (Which I eventually tried that summer. To no avail.)” Chapter 33. The unwashed shirt helped.

Simon realized the shirts were switched the second he opened his bag when he got to a new crappy room. He shrugged it away as thinking that he must have grabbed the wrong shirt by accident at some point. He didn’t think too much about how it could have happened. This new home was particularly shitty and the pillows were rubbish. He stole 2 extras and the 3 were barely the thickness of his 1 pillow in Watford. He had really bad home sickness in the first few weeks.

The pillows kept sliding around as they were stacked on top of each other. One night they all fell on the floor after kicking during a really bad nightmare. He reached into his suitcase and pulled out a shirt and used it as a pillow case for the 3 pillows. He realized what shirt it was when he stuck his nose into the pillows. It was silky and smooth. Smells like bergamot and cedar wood. It smells like home. It helped pull him through the first few days. He would sit alone in his room and cuddle with the pillows. Trying not to think of everything that made his list.

Baz was never on that list.

Simon and Baz wore the other’s shirt during the summer. On the first day back, Baz switched the shirts back. Initially they were upset that they had to let go of a shirt they got attached to, but it was all better as they again had a shirt that smelled like the other.

Baz didn’t try to steal his shirt for the summer break between Year 6 and 7.

But when Baz got home, he finds Simon’s black shirt instead of his own. Simon wanted his summer pillow case back.

Years later:

Simon sitting in the living room wearing a black shirt. Baz sneaks up on him and checks the tag.

“I knew you fucking stole my shirt!”

Simon realizes that he is really wearing the shirt he stole. Fucking fuck.

“I never stole it.” I purposely stole it. “I would have never stolen from you.” I went out of my way to steal that shirt from you.

“Why didn’t you give it back? Why did you keep it?”

He looks up at his pretending-to-be-mad boyfriend. “I used it as a pillow case because it smells like our room. Like you. It made me feel at home when I was away.” Baz melts through the floor as he thought of Simon smelling his shirt during the summer (as he did himself).

In the end: They kept each other’s shirt.

I was wearing my brown Scooby shirt this morning.

As a day of three photoshoots was beginning, I threw on a white dress shirt overtop.

I’m glad I looked in the mirror before I left.

Prolly not the best look to wear to medical publications shoots, all things considered.

As much as the Duke sim labs could use a little Scooby touch… methinks switching shirts was a good call.


Phil is not on fire

~So I have a huge writing test tomorrow and I’m trying to practice, so I thought I’d put together a little something based off the PINOFs~

~Genre- f l u f f y a s a c l o u d ~

~Word Count- 1018~

~*NOTE* I poke fun at a lot of theories that some people believe about things that were said or done in the PINOFs; I’m not saying that any of these things are true or false, it’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Ok thanks :) ~

~November 30, 2016~

Dan sat in his sofa crease on YouTube. He was taking a break, as he and Phil had just filmed and posted Phil is not on fire 8. He thought that since they had just posted the latest installment of the series, and since it was such a special occasion, he would rewatch all of the Phil is not on fires. 

Dan watched his younger self read all the questions to Phil, as he looked at Phil, seeming mesmerized. He smiled at “Fetus Dan” and his “heart eyes”. At the end of the video, Fetus Dan looked off into the distance, telling nothing but the truth. “This was the most fun I’ve ever had.” 

Dan’s younger self turned to look at the camera, but within a second he was tackled to the floor. There was a jump cut, but Dan remembered exactly what had happened next. 

Phil had smiled down at him, poking his tongue out of a gap in his teeth, the way Dan had seen him do through a screen, but never in person. Dan’s mind went blank. He didn’t know what to do. He’d never really thought much about his sexuality before, but he quite honestly enjoyed Phil’s lips pressed against his, and he kissed back. The younger Dan knew this would be the beginning of a relationship that could last a lifetime. 

Dan smiled, remembering his and Phil’s first kiss, especially after such a huge time in their lives together. He was finally confident that his younger counterpart was right. Their relationship would last forever. 

By the time Dan had finished his flashback, the video was over and the next one on the playlist he chose was beginning to play. Dan watched as his younger self heard Phil choose both Howell and Striker as his surname of choice. Of course, only one played on the screen, but both played in his head. He smiled as he and Phil reenacted Titanic, and as he created children-flavored ice cream. He reminisced as he read a comment saying he needed an abortion, and as Phil pulled a picture of Nick Jonas from his shirt. Those were good times. 

The setting changed in the next video from Phil’s old bedroom to their Manchester flat. Dan cringed at his horribly tanned skin and concerningly low pants. He did, however, get a laugh out of their helium bit. He watched himself shove an entire apple in his mouth. Tumblr enjoyed that one. 2011 was an interesting year. 

Dan was sad watching the next video. 2012 was nothing but a cringe year. He tried not to think about it. The only time he smiled throughout the whole video was the time when someone sent a question for him. “I feel special,” he had said.

“You are,” Phil had responded. He felt special then and now. Dan was in a good mood, so he continued on without taking too much time to think about 2012. 

Dan smiled at a much happier version of himself in Phil is not on fire 5. He couldn’t help but giggle as the slightly younger Dan visibly flung spit across Phil’s bedroom when filming a slow motion video. He then smiled softly at Phil crossing his eyes during his slow motion bit. Phil was such a spork. He even cringed a bit at the memory of Phil blowing on his neck. Dan still didn’t like people touching his neck. He watched the friend handshake he and Phil came up with, wishing he remembered that a few days ago when they were filming Phil is not on fire 8 and had to do it again. His favorite part, however, was watching Phil put on his horrible leather t-shirt and do the sexy end screen dance. Dan was laughing so loud that Phil looked at him quizzically as he passed Dan carrying a bowl of his cereal. Dan rolled his eyes at his housemate’s cereal-stealing habits, but went back to his trip down memory lane. 

He immediately remembered Phil is not on fire 6 as the one where they looked like they were kissing while Phil was drawing the cat whiskers on his face. Dan laughed at the Tumblr uproar that followed. He watched as he and Phil made jokes and laughed at each other with the same comfortable vibes they shared now. His favorite part was the lizards song. He had no clue at the time how extremely popular that would become. Well, he thought it was his favorite. Then he saw his bit with Timmy the Snake. He laughed so loud Phil came to check on him. Phil came in and sat down beside him. He noticed what Dan was watching and watched with him as the two switched shirts for the ending of Phil is not on fire 6. 

The two cuddled together as they watched the next video. They laughed together as they watched their chips and salsa fanfic, and they cringed together as they watched Phil’s stress mushroom explode all over them. The two enjoyed their trip down memory lane together, especially now that they associated the Phil is not on fires with such an important memory for the two of them. 

They then played the final video on the playlist: Phil is not on fire 8. They had only posted it a day ago, but it already had over a million views. All the memories were still fresh in Dan’s mind, so only one stuck out to him. 

He had been asked to rummage through Phil’s bedside drawer. At the time, he didn’t understand why Phil was so upset when Dan did this, but when he opened the drawer, there was a small, black box inside. Dan ignored the box and pulled out some lip balm. He filmed the rest of the video with his mind still on nothing but the box. After filming, Dan asked Phil about the box and Phil came clean. 

Finished with yet another flashback, Dan looked down at the ring on his finger. He cuddled up to his fiancee and said to him, “Thanks for 8 amazing years.” 

A Well Documented Debacle

Prompt: ReaderxBones where Kirk gets his toe stuck in the faucet of the bathtub and calls the Reader to help him, because he’s too embarrassed to call someone else, but in the end they need to get Scotty to free him and when they bring him to the medbay to let Bones look at his toe, Bones gets jealous, but it ends in fluff?

A/N: For some reason those gifs of Karl Urban sticking microphones in his mouth kept popping during my search this time, which is not only probably quite unsanitary, but also very telling of this story and my journey writing it. 

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