switching shirts

Black Shirt

Imagine that both Simon and Baz own a black shirt. The 2 shirts look the same really. Normal black shirt with short sleeves. Baz’s is probably pure cotton while Simon’s is polyester. Before the summer that was between Year 5 and Year 6, Baz (Mr. I-almost-really-killed-the-person-I-love) was dealing with guilt but mostly was bothered because he couldn’t lie to himself that he would miss Simon Snow.

He noticed that Simon had a black shirt that looks like a shirt that he owns. (Because the amount of things he owns is really limited.) As a last minute thing, he switched the two shirts. He regretted what he did straight away but Simon zipped up his bag and was gone before he could.

We know what happened with the shirt that Baz took, there is a good quote from the book: “When he wouldn’t give me a single moment of solace to sort through my feelings–or try to wank them away. (Which I eventually tried that summer. To no avail.)” Chapter 33. The unwashed shirt helped.

Simon realized the shirts were switched the second he opened his bag when he got to a new crappy room. He shrugged it away as thinking that he must have grabbed the wrong shirt by accident at some point. He didn’t think too much about how it could have happened. This new home was particularly shitty and the pillows were rubbish. He stole 2 extras and the 3 were barely the thickness of his 1 pillow in Watford. He had really bad home sickness in the first few weeks.

The pillows kept sliding around as they were stacked on top of each other. One night they all fell on the floor after kicking during a really bad nightmare. He reached into his suitcase and pulled out a shirt and used it as a pillow case for the 3 pillows. He realized what shirt it was when he stuck his nose into the pillows. It was silky and smooth. Smells like bergamot and cedar wood. It smells like home. It helped pull him through the first few days. He would sit alone in his room and cuddle with the pillows. Trying not to think of everything that made his list.

Baz was never on that list.

Simon and Baz wore the other’s shirt during the summer. On the first day back, Baz switched the shirts back. Initially they were upset that they had to let go of a shirt they got attached to, but it was all better as they again had a shirt that smelled like the other.

Baz didn’t try to steal his shirt for the summer break between Year 6 and 7.

But when Baz got home, he finds Simon’s black shirt instead of his own. Simon wanted his summer pillow case back.

Years later:

Simon sitting in the living room wearing a black shirt. Baz sneaks up on him and checks the tag.

“I knew you fucking stole my shirt!”

Simon realizes that he is really wearing the shirt he stole. Fucking fuck.

“I never stole it.” I purposely stole it. “I would have never stolen from you.” I went out of my way to steal that shirt from you.

“Why didn’t you give it back? Why did you keep it?”

He looks up at his pretending-to-be-mad boyfriend. “I used it as a pillow case because it smells like our room. Like you. It made me feel at home when I was away.” Baz melts through the floor as he thought of Simon smelling his shirt during the summer (as he did himself).

In the end: They kept each other’s shirt.

VSoul will fck you up if you touch his husbone.png

pffftf sorry I have these thoughts bout if VSoul and Soul were like seperated or somethin then there would be both these ships

I’d find that hilarious to watch xD

I love these two ships so much <3

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Panel 1


S: Ah Im late… 

Person: Yongsun~ Where did you go for lunch?

S: Oh!!! Uh… I ate with an underclassmen

Geez come on vest button go in

Panel 2:

She realizes that she’s wearing Moonbyul’s shirt

*Moon Byul-Yi*


LET’S CALM DOWN…. Because it’s a uniform it probably won’t show, right?

Panel 3:

S: Ah Byul wears her shirt bigger than mine.

It smells sweet.

This is Byul’s good scent.

Ah geez…

Panel 4:


I kind of am thinking of her

B: Why’re ya this cute Unnie?

S: I said that’s weird!


Moon Byul-Yi… I’m gonna kill ya.

Panel 5:

-After all classes are over-


-I’m waiting at the school gate <3

She’s changing in the restroom

S: Moonfart….

Panel 6:

M: Unnie~ I’m here!

Oh you’re wearing your gym clothes.

Ish cute Hehe

Panel 7:



*A situational reflex

M: W-why…?

S: Gimme my shirt

M: Sh-shirt?


Panel 8:

M: Oh… so under the gym clothes you’re only wearing your underclothes (bra and panties)?


M: ….

*Unzips the gym clothes all the way

Panel 9

M: It hurts…

She got hit

S: Hurry and gimme my shirt.

M: Okay but besides that you like my house, right?

S: What on earth are you… Because these shirts are different let’s change

M: What are you talking about? You have to take off the shirt on the bed of course.


Panel 10:

M: Or, should you take it off here?

S:… at the house.

M: Okay~ Let’s go~

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Callout Post: Arin Hanson
  • also tol but doesn’t get recognized for being tol
  • has been grump since the beginning

  • started a business

  • offered to give Dan a stupidly high amount of money

  • like he literally just offered to give it to him without expecting to be paid back i’m sorry that needs two bullet points

  • literally gave ~1,000 to his own charity stream

  • struggles with losing weight (relatable)

  • is so fucking funny that it makes everyone die laughing

  • does everything??? grumps, steam train, grumpcade, his own channel

  • he and Suzy are too pure ARREST THEM

  • likes only his own cats

  • is learning Japanese and wants to learn other languages

  • sucks at video games but plays anyway for our enjoyment

  • says that he agrees with people who say Dan is their favorite grump awh

  • was seen recently wishing on a dandelion for happiness

  • switched shirts with Dan on stage in front of millions of people wow that takes confidence my dudes

  • may have ripped Dan’s shirt awh

  • probably gives good hugs

  • often acts like he’s going to insult Dan but turns it into a compliment

  • just as pure and soft and sweet as Dan with less recognition
Things to enjoy in NCT SWITCH’ MV
  • NCT being all together
  • Mark’s hair being actually healthy and soft 
  • Johnny’s “Super Corn” shirt lol I love these shirts 
  • DANCE 
  • SWITCH MV let’s be honest we all wanted it I mean,, 
  • Jaemin being here and in good health?? if you dont miss him you’re lying
  • Jaehyun (and Mark) being in a freaking k-drama 
  • the c h o r e o 
  • natural hair ;-;
  • NCT ??? 

Switched Shirts
➸imagine Joe accidentally took your shirt instead of his from the wash

Joe lazily chucks on a random tshirt from the wash after realizing he hasnt filmed video for Sugg Sunday due to procrastination.

While filming he realizes the shirt doesnt smell like his regular but more so like you.

“This tshirt smells nice,” he sniffs the shirt.

You were passing by his bedroom when you realize he was wearing your shirt. You roll your eyes looking at him admiring the smell of your shirt.

“That’s my shirt you buffoon,"you giggle.

Joe was caught by surprise and instantly pulled the shirt down knowing it looked quite creepy how he was smelling your shirt.

"Oh sorry,"he pulled it off and tossed it towards you.

"Thanks then.."you walked away giggling lightly knowing the shirt now carried Joe’s scent.

Breath of the Wild shirt in February’s Loot Gaming! All my shirts will eventually turn into Legend of Zelda shirts. Just give it time.

EXO REACTION to them seeing you dancing one of their songs using only one of their t-shirts (Suho, Baekhyun, Xiumin, Sehun and Kris)

OK so I had some Kris stan feeling doing this (he was my bias), but I really like how it turned out! Sooooo I hope you enjoy it!



“Nice moves babe~” He’d be very satisfied with his vision, but wouldn’t contain some lame gramps jokes too..


He might get a bit too excited seeing you dance only in his shirt, then he’d put that damn transparent shirt of his and would start dancing with you. After that, he’d put a huge smirk on his face and ask you to switch shirts with him.


“What you’re doing?? It’s been such a long time since I last danced to that” he’d laugh with you, but wouldn’t show if he got bothered or not by you dancing to the old EXO’s songs, instead, he’d rather appreciate the view.


Cocky Baekhyun would show up instantly. He’d surely crack some jokes like “Hey this shirt is mine! How dare you?” but right after would start teasing non stop.


“Jagi!! You naughty!!” he’d mainly tease you about it, making you two laugh your lungs out.


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