One time I made strawberry waffles for the boy and me and he told me to give him the one I thought was better. I left for a minute to get us coffee and when I came back he’d switched our plates so I had the better one and I don’t know a whole lot but I think that’s love

My first ever tutorial! Yay :D

Supplies: light switch plate, glitter, liquid glue (will work best), paper plate or newspaper, plastic knife, clear finishing spray (optional)

Step 1: Pick any old light switch plate you want, I already had this one in my bedroom.

Step 2: Set up your working area by either laying out newspaper, or just grabbing a paper plate.

Step 3: Make sure the switch plate you are using is clean, and begin by spreading the glue all around it with the knife.

Step 4: Once the entire switch plate is covered in glue, start to slowly pour your choice glitter onto it, be careful not to pour too much, it’s a waste.

Step 5: Touch up any areas you might have missed, corners, edges, etc.

Step 6: Let it dry over night or at least 12 hours.

And now, you have an amazinggg light switch plate!

Step 8 (optional): If you want to make sure that the glitter does not flake or fall off, you can use a clear finishing spray that you can get at almost any craft store. Make sure you are in an outdoor area away from people and pets. Spray over the switch plate according to directions on can of spray. 

And finally, your switch plate will be perfect!