Confirmed: The Nintendo Switch will use cartridges 

It’s cool to see that Nintendo is once again incorporating physical game cartridges into its console design. Game carts, once a bastion of the home console world, have long since faded into relative obscurity (excluding the DS, of course). But playing Skyrim off a cartridge doesn’t exactly add up.

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Why grieve when you could be playing the Nintendo Switch?

Teamed up with The Xsplosive and Artist Slater for this one!

Lingering questions and theories about the Nintendo Switch

  • Will the transition from TV screen to portable screen be as smooth as it is in the trailer?
  • What games will be multiplayer? How complicated could they be if everyone has to use the Joy-Con controller?
  • How much is it going to cost? (That may have leaked)
  • What are the specs of this thing?
  • Will the games in the trailer actually be available?
  • Will it have a touchscreen like the WiiU?
  • Nintendo Switch game cartridges confirmed, but how much memory will they hold?
  • Here are our theories

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Vale, ya sabemos de dónde ha sacado Nintendo la idea para su “Switch”.

Los chinorris han pasado de copiarlo todo, a ser copiados. ¿Justicia poética? ¿karma? ¿algo de lo que sentirse orgullosos?