What Would You Do First?...Part 5

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Sitting your body down on the couch after a very silent ride back to Matthew’s house, you walk over to the kitchen, your long limbs banging on every corner as you start to figure out how to work the fancy coffee maker Matthew has in his house.

After 10 minutes and many curse words, you bring two mugs of coffee over along with some cream and sugar, setting it down on the coffee table as you sit down slowly beside Matthew, who had only just begun to move again.

“W-wh…what…the hell!?” he shrieks.

Wincing at how high pitched your voice can get, you shake your head as you feel Matthew’s hair descend into your face.

“Matthew…are you alright?” you ask, putting your long fingers onto your knee as you watch your body wince.

“I don’t…even know why I’m doing that,” Matthew breathes, his teary stare glazing over the coffee.

Watching as he slowly reaches for a mug, fixing it the way he wants before sinking back into the couch, you curl Matthew’s long legs under your body as you reach out for your legs, bringing them over your lap as you sip on your drink.

“I couldn’t-” Matthew starts.

Seeing the fear etched on your face made you physically ill.

“Who…?” Matthew asks.

Watching him furrow your tight brow as his eyes lob over to you, you take a deep breath as you clench down on your coffee mug.

“You remember the back pain you experienced in the tub, Matthew, when I washed you up?” you ask.

“Yeah,” he breathes, his essence heaving your chest up and down as he tries to catch his breath.

“That was the man that I dated that caused the injury,” you say lowly, dropping your gaze all the way down to your coffee cup as you watch Matthew’s long fingers that you were controlling trace the outside lip of your coffee mug.

“Wait…what!?” you hear Matthew squeal.

Sighing, you close your eyes as your own heart begins to race.

“I was in a bad relationship a few years ago.  Among other things, he pushed me down the stairs when he thought I was pregnant, when really it was just because I was gaining weight because of the depression I sank in to, and it caused a slipped disc issue that still gives me problems from time to time,” you ramble.

You felt this unnecessary anger bubble in your gut even as your own mind reminisced upon the horrors of your relationship.

“The fear for him…it uh…it must be so ingrained into my mind that it’s…it’s…”

“…automatic?” Matthew finishes.

It was so weird hearing your own voice say that.

But as you began to ponder the concept of that thought, it’s when you realized something.

You realized that Matthew’s anger, the tugging want to protect you and take care of you that happened at the bar, was deeply ingrained within him.


The thought made you smile through the tears dripping down your foreign nose.

“What are…what are you smiling at?” you hear your voice pierce your thoughts.

“Uh…nothing.  It’s just…by that logic, if my fear for that man is so ingrained that its automatic, despite our…predicament,” you emphasize, “…then it means the anger I’m currently feeling and the wild need to protect you in the bar is deeply ingrained into you.”

“Good,” you hear him say with your voice as he sniffles and wipes his nose, “because women should never be treated like that,” he states.

“I agree,” you muse.

Especially not ones as beautiful as you,” he murmurs.

“Wait, what?” you breathe, whipping your gaze up to his…yours?…?

“Let’s get real.  You’ve had to go to the bathroom, so you’ve seen my junk.  And while that doesn’t make me comfortable, there isn’t anything we can do about it.  And I’ve had to go to the bathroom, so I’ve seen your-”

“Stop!” you yelp, holding up your hand as you wince at his point.

“My point is,” he continues, physically shifting closer to you as you feel his…or rather, your…small hand settle onto his lanky knee, “that whether we like it or not, I’ve experienced a bit of your body.  And besides having a new-found respect for women who wear under-wire,” he groans, shifting his bra around, “I’ve been able to revel a bit in how beautiful you are in a way I’ve never experienced with another woman.”

You felt the color rise to your cheeks as you smirk, trying to bury your flattered smile as you hear Matthew snicker.

“So that’s what I look like blushing,” he murmurs.

And after an uncomfortable silence fills the room, you feel your small hand…powered by Matthew’s essence…slowly fall on top of yours as your lanky fingers turn upwards to interlock with your own.

You started to understand why men enjoyed the feeling of a woman’s hand within theirs.

“What that man did to you was wrong, Y/N,” Matthew states.

It was so weird hearing your own voice say that.

Strangely therapeutic.

“I know…” you trail off.

“No you don’t,” Matthew states, causing you to furrow your brow deep as you trail your gaze up to his, your stern eyes meeting your hesitant gaze as you swallow deep.

“…but in time, you will,” Matthew reassures you, squeezing your hand before letting go.

“And in the meantime?” he adds, ”We’ll stay here.  I don’t have any engagements for a couple of weeks, and I’m sure we can find a solution to our…issue…before then.”

And as you nodded in response, feeling a deep sigh escape between your lips as you take another sip of your coffee mug, you find yourself finally relaxing inside of your new body as you lean back into the couch, the cushions swallowing you whole as a realization hops into the forefront of your mind.

“You better hope so,” you murmur.

“Why’s that?” Matthew asks, bringing the coffee mug to his…your…lips.

“Because I start my period in a few days,” you state, your laughter filling the room as Matthew…in your body…begins to choke on his coffee.

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skateboardingrobot asked:

Hey, how's my little girl doin'? I brought you a little something from downtown! A cabbage! Hahah!~ Just pullin' your leg. Pizza's on the table. I actually found you this! *He pulls out a cute round pink piggy plush with wings and a halo* I think they call this a hippo, but it has a halo like you do! Isn't that rad?

I’m feeling a lot better today, thanks dad! Oh, you got some food too? That’s great, pizza’s the best, and…and– !!! *The little child couldn’t help but make a sudden gasp, then an excited squeal from the sight of the piggy plushie he had gotten for her. Her own halo started to beam a green aura and her eyes twinkled in joy.*  Eeeeee~ ! It’s actually a pig, but it’s sooo cute! It’s got lil’ wings and a halo..and..and it’s pink! ~  *She had the biggest smile on her face as she tiptoed and reached her hands up, wanting the toy.* I want it! Gimmie, gimmie!