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Fire Emblem Fates - Camilla | Buy-Now!

  • From the popular game Fire Emblem Fates comes a 1/7th scale figure of the beautiful princess of the Kingdom of Nohr, Camilla!
  • The figure captures Camilla’s persona with a noble, elegant appearance that still shows off her sexy side, with her hair making use of translucent parts to preserve its unique appearance.
  • The Silver Axe she has by her side has been based on the original designs from the game, and she comes complete with a special base made in the image of a marble pillar that brings out the atmosphere of the series.
  • This figure has been closely supervised by the game’s development team from the initial planning stages to the final paintwork to make it the ultimate official figure of Camilla!
  • Be sure to add her to your collection and enjoy Camilla’s amazing design right by your side!

Did you ever wish for something and got it but it was even better than what you expected?

I always was a bit unsatisfied with Naversas weapons, bc the only weapons that fitted into his black&white theme were the wolfborn and chaos weapon skins. The former I didn’t like the design much, the latter were unbelievably expensive until a few weeks before my GW2 pause when they came back to the BL vendors, but they were just white so not really what I was searching for.

So, I always wished for a nice b&w weapon skin.
And when I logged in yesterday for the first time in weeks I saw that GW2 delivered with these absolutely beautiful Equinox skins.

But not only are they b&w, they 100% fit Naversas stars and starry sky theme and it’s like these weapons were MADE just for him. 

Thank you, GW2. Thank you ArenaNet. This is all I ever wished for.