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Welcome back!! I love this blog so freaking much!!! I was wondering if you could rec any fics where Kyungie is super innocent or he is experienced and teaches jongin things while still being bottom. Thank you so much!! O(≧∇≦)O

HEY! Thanks a lot! I hope these work for ya, a lot of them were old but I didn’t know a lot of newer ones in this category. Also,  thanks to the wonderful wtfuckaisoo for helping with this list! Enjoy! 

Kyungsoo is experienced and teaches Jongin:

Rookie Boy:Complete 4 chapters. They are boyfriends and Kyungsoo wants Jongin to be more aggressive and teaches him to be more of what he wants

Fall: One shot. Jongin is a virgin and they are having sex for the first time together. Jongin is nervous.

Talkative Actions: One shot. Shy Jongin and Kyungsoo kind of talks him through it

First Times Are Always Awkward, Right?: Complete 2 chapters, more reassurance. best friends to lovers, they finally confess, but Jongin is nervous about being a virgin

Make Me Submissive: One shot. Kyungsoo is the master that wants to be the submissive so he has to help Jongin learn how to do it the way he likes

Burning Sun: One shot. Jongin is royalty that Kyungsoo visits and Jongin finds out Kyungsoo is gay and wants to learn more about it

White Love: Complete 10 chapters. they don’t have awkward sex until the tenth chapter. Kyungsoo is a prostitute that Jongin helps

The Good, The Bad and The Fluffy: Ongoing. They don’t have sex until like chapter 17 or so but Jongin is younger and Kyungsoo is older and rich and wants to take care of Jongin. This is more reassuring the other than teaching though.

the thin line (between sitting on dicks and baby sitting): one shot. Kyungsoo is an omega who helps alphas through their ruts, it’s Jongin’s first. 

Teach Me Complete 14 chapters, there is no way I could leave this off. Jongin gets Kyungsoo to teach him all about sex so he can go after the person he likes

Innocent Kyungsoo

Hopelessly Naive:One shot. Kyungsoo  is super innocent and meets Jongin and likes him but his friends worry about Jongin’s reputation

My Miracle; My Blessing: Complete 6 chapters * sorry forgot to add  this the first go round. Kyungsoo is a kitty hybrid and Jongin is a wolf that takes care of him

Where Did You Get That?: One shot. More Kyungsoo is innocent about sex. Jongin has found porn and Kyungsoo is kind of freaked out by it

My Alpha: Complete 3 chapters. Kyungsoo is an omega who puts up with a lot of shit from his current pack until Jongin comes to visit

Vulgar: Complete 3 chapters, mostly smut age switch Jongin lets Kyungsoo stay with him and Kyungsoo is super christian and gives in pretty easy

Call me hyung: One shot. Forgot this story the first round too. Not toooo innocent but age switch Kyungsoo is in high school and meets Jongin at a party and is a little over his head

Roommates with Benefits: One shot. Jongin is a player and Kyungsoo is his innocent roommate that doesn’t stand a chance

My Furry Destiny: complete 30 chapters.Cute and sweet Kyungsoo has a curse that makes him switch back and forth into dog form, and he ends up with Jongin.

Destiny: Complete 3 chapters. age switch. Kyungsoo writes love notes to a professor and tries hard to get his attention

Jongin says if he has to change bodies with a member for a day, he would switch with kyungsoo because soo has a very great voice and he’d want to be able to sing like soo with that voice.


Actually, don’t stop. I love what he’s doing since yesterday.

At the Elyxion concert day 3 in Fukouka Japan (171224) the boys are staying extremely energetic and cheerful through the concert in order to keep spirit high and positive.

During “Chill” Baekhyun and Kyungsoo held their faces close to each other, touching their foreheads together. Here.
In the switch between “Call Me Baby” (Where Chansoo sat together and did a little bit of finger wrestling while waiting for their turn to dance. Ref.) and “Chill” performances, Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol and Kyungsoo played rock paper scissors, and then Kyungsoo pretended to kick Chanyeol’s butt. (Ref.)

Kyungsoo sang his solo “For Life” english version with Chanyeol who played the piano for him, and at the end Baekhyun cheered really loud and made the audience cheer as well instead of clapping. Audio. (Ref.)

During the first talking ment of the day Jongin reassured everyone that he’s prepared for the “Boomerang” stage and that his pants wont tear. And even demonstrated by doing the dance move. (Ref. Ref. Ref.) Boomerang ended up being successful.

During CBX’s “Ka-ching” stage, Chanyeol picked up the fake money from the ground and gave it to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo kept the money and danced around with it until the end. Here. (Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref.)

Junmyeon was able to perform his “Playboy” solo successfully, and everyone cheered for him well. Here.
Chanyeol’s solo rap performance was also respected by the audience clapping.

During the 2nd talking ment Kyungsoo kept whispering something to Chanyeol for a while and they talked a little bit with each other. (Ref.)
The members spoke about Chanyeol’s solo, and Minseok asked if it’s possible to hold every member’s hand at the same time like in the lyrics of his rap, so all the members held their fingers together!! (Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref. Orig. Ref.)
Then Baekhyun suggested changing the lyrics so it’ll fit, and Chanyeol jokingly agreed and held Kyungsoo’s hand. (Ref.)

Junmyeon then mentioned how he was amazed from Kyungsoo’s vocals during his solo, and how he looks like a singing microphone (Ref. Ref. Ref.), so Chanyeol held the microphone next to Kyungsoo’s head to compare it (Ref.), and then pet his head gently. (Ref.)

Then they talked about Jongin’s solo stage and asked him about the many spins he does during the performance. He explained and left them in awe (Here.), then Chanyeol tried to do them as well but fall over. Here. Here.
At the end of the ment Kyungsoo shouted “Merry Christmas!” before they left the stage to change outfits. (Ref.)

They surprised everyone with a special holiday stage!!
The members came on the stage wearing special Christmas hats and performed the song “First snow” while waving at the audience. Here. Here. (Ref. Ref.)
(Jongin and Jongdae were the cutest together with matching hats! Here. Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref.)
Chanyeol was wearing a Rudolph hat. Here. Here. Here. (Ref. Ref. Ref.) and Kyungsoo was wearing a green santa hat. Here. Here. Here. (Ref. Ref. Ref.)
Kyungsoo sang the harmony to Chanyeol’s part of the song. Here.

In the last talking ment there was total chaos and a whole hat switcharoo all over the place between the members. (Ref.)
Chanyeol began his ment by asking “Am I the cutest?” to tease the fans, but Kyungsoo teased him back by replying “Nopeee!” haha. (Ref. Ref.)
When Kyungsoo began talking he already removed his green hat, so Chanyeol put his own Rudolph hat on Kyungsoo’s head (Ref.). It made the fans coo from cuteness but Kyungsoo removed it because he was hot from performing. (Ref. Ref. Ref. Ref.)
When they both finished their ments they continued laughing and talking with each other in their own little world. Here. (Ref.)

Then the chaos began. Everyone started teasing each other and switching hats.
Jongin noticed that Kyungsoo’s shoelaces were loose so he tried to help him tighten them, but Chanyeol noticed and loosened his own on purpose so Jongin will help him too. (Ref.)
But instead Jongin loosened Kyungsoo’s shoelaces back, and Kyungsoo hit him in response. (Ref.)
Then after teasing Kyungsoo like this, Chanyeol started petting his head and Jongin joined too. Here. Here. (Ref. Ref.) (Here near the end is a glimpse of it.)

Chanyeol and Jongin then continued talking with each other, so Kyungsoo switched his spot with Jongin and allowed them to play on their own instead. Here. Here. (Ref. Ref. Ref.)

At the very end they sang “Angel” together and bowed down to the audience, some of them threw their hats at the audience and some kept switching hats again. (Ref.)
Junmyeon did their finaly chant and the concert was over! (Ref.)

Note: As mentioned in the previous days, security is tight so pictures and videos are hard to come by. Some of the text sources aren’t entirely accurate which is why I fixed them while writing them here!

Source: The Elyxion concert day3 in Fukouka Japan 171224.

Las Vegas - Kyungsoo One-Shot

Request:  Hiiii can you pls write a Kyungsoo fluff one shot where he’s is an interview and Ksoo suddenly started talking about how beautiful Las Vegas is but turns out it’s because his secret girlfriend lives there. Thank you.

Kyungsoo was ushered into the small studio with the other 8 members by a small slightly frantic man whose name tag said Steve. He hurriedly informed them they were already starting the live interview late in English while the translator repeated. Sitting down next to Baekhyun and undoing his top shirt button due to the stuffy heat in Nevada he let his thoughts drift while the interview was setting itself up for airing. “So close, Y/n is just a few hours away. Just a few hours away from me.” Kyungsoo thought to himself as he fidgeted with his long sleeves, wishing this interview could start already just as the frantic Steve nodded at them and the MC took out her cue cards. 

He pushed those thoughts away and faced the camera shyly, his shyness never had quite disappeared since debut. Fixing them with a blinding smile the MC energetically asked “So! 2018 Exo returns to America, how does it feel to be back?” directing it at Junmyeon which made Kyungsoo smile to himself, perfectly happy with having the others speak up more than him. Junmyeon, probably thinking how he was finally being taken seriously as a leader, adjusted his mic and replied “It feels un..unbelievable, we love all our Exo-ls and we’re very happy to be back- next year our European Exo-ls can look forward to concerts too!” while Baekhyun giggled behind him, leaning forward to whine various English phrases in Junmyeon’s ear sending Yixing into hiccups of laughter. Kyungsoo smiled wide at their antics knowing Junmyeon would be “chatting” with Baekhyun after this.

The interview went on and if Kyungsoo was honest with himself he was having fun, the members’ high energy distracting him from thoughts of You. Each member was given a personalised question by the fans, Jongin getting “Whats your favourite stage to perform or dance” while Jongdae was asked about his favourite CBX song. One by one they all answered before Kyungsoo looked softly up the MC while Jongin leaned against his shoulder, knowing his turn was next. 

The MC turned her bright smile his way, asking  “Kyungsoo, now the fans want to know what city in America you want to visit most?” as the boys quickly hid their smirks and leaned forward to hear the answer they already knew was coming. Kyungsoo tried to ignore the rush of warmth that came with imagining the city you lived in and before he knew it he was speaking with fervor as he looked into the camera lens excitedly. 

“I uh, I would  love to visit Las Vegas, and no Chanyeol if you could stop sniggering, not for the…sketchier reasons but the city itself. Its bright lights and landmarks are just beautiful at night especially with the warm weather. The surrounding desert makes the city seem so much more alive don’t you think?“. Alive, Bright and Beautiful. The three words you brought to Kyungsoo’s mind when he thought of you. Sighing softly when the MC asked them all to say goodbye to their fans, the boys quickly gathered at the door after the camera switched off while Kyungsoo checked his phone.

Smiling at the texts from you that lit up his phone screen he read *Kyungsoo, You’re the one who captures those words silly. But get your butt on that plane, I can’t wait to see you in concert~*. Lips aching from his grin as he hurried onto the bus, sending you a selfie with a pinky promise.

*I’ll be there soon jagiya. Promise. Hold up my fan banner 😉* as the bus drove to the airport, bringing him closer to you.


Admin C here, I hope you enjoyed the One-Shot, honestly Kyungsoo is such a sweetheart. And I needed OT9 so that happened….also prayer for the European Exo-Ls, please SM bring Exo to us 😭 Please feel free to request anything else!

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hihi! yaaay its finally open :] do you have any innocent ksoo fics? i prefer those with fewer chapters but really im fine with anything! thank you :))

Hey!! I hope these work, this ask is always a little subjective to me. So you can check out the last time I did this ask here and as usual lots of thanks to @wtfuckaisoo 

Daddy Issues: One shot age switch. Kyungsoo has a bad relationship with his dad because of being gay and he sees Jongin who he knew as a kid in the grocery story and Jongin wants to help

Everything I wanted (And More): One shot. Kyungsoo has been waiting for his soulmate and has never done anything with anyone. He and Jongin hit it off pretty quickly

tap dat ass: One shot. Jongin slaps Kyungsoo’s butt in public and Kyungsoo panics

Baby Don’t Hide: One shot. They are kind of hybrids (they shift) and are roommates and Jongin’s jersey has gone missing

Soul On The Run: One shot- I think this counts because Kyungsoo is an alien (looking for his soulmate) and doesn’t know much about anything and Jongin has to teach him

Event Horizon: One shot. Jongin meets space nerd Kyungsoo when he started working at the planetarium and likes him  

dancing with flowers: One shot. Kyungsoo is a rare fairy that gets lost in the woods and meets Jongin, a panther hybrid that promises to help him find his way back

Help Me Live: One shot. Kyungsoo is disabled and Jongin becomes his tutor, but Kyungsoo’s sister makes things hard

Need You Now: One shot. Kyungsoo is ready to lose his virginity, but first they have to go through an embarrassing ordeal

Secret phone calls (Kaisoo chapter) Kyungsoo has a new teacher and they have mutual crushes. That night Kyungsoo calls a sex line (and gets Jongin who works there too) to learn how to masturbate

Dream of Reality: One shot. Kyungsoo gets a wish and it ends him up in celebrity Jongin’s apartment 

take our time (do whatever): One shot- this isn’t technically true but it counts in my book (virginity kink) pwp

Dumb Dumb: One shot. Kyungsoo turns red and flustered whenever he has to talk to Jongin, the pizza guy, but he keeps ordering pizzas

Thornfield Hall: ongoing (not short)- wolf Jane Eyre, Kyungsoo goes to work for Jongin and has no idea what is happening to him

Exo’s Reaction - Meeting Him At The Airport After A Long Distant Relationship

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *He wouldn’t let you go and would explain to you of how much he needed to see you and would treat you to coffee and food*

Lay - *He’d let a few tears fall when he first sees you and would tighten his grip of hugging you as you both laugh about how long it’s been*

Kai - *He’d be flustered when you wrap yourself around him and would giggle as he swings you about, telling you hoe much he loves you, more than chicken*

Suho - *He’d feel amazing and would spoil you rotten once you’ve calmed down a bit*

Kyungsoo - *He’d switch to squishysoo straight away*

Tao - *This little panda would be a little emotional and would cry into your shoulder with tears of joy, you doing the same*

Chen - *He’d make a little troll move at first and would tease you before taking you into his arms and not letting you go at all, telling you how much you mean to him*

Kris - *He’d try keep cool about it but would be fangirling fanboying inside*

Chanyeol - *He’d tackle you to the ground with his long arms around you after you jump on him, both of you laughing and saying how much you mean to each other*

Baekhyun - *He’d be a little shy about it all at first but would soon drop that feeling and wouldn’t be able to shut up*

Sehun - *He’d try to keep up being a brat but with you there in his arms, he couldn’t and would be really cute*

Luhan - *He’d be manly about it all and would let a single tear roll down his face as he pulls you close*


Mobile Masterlist (Reactions)
Mobile Masterlist (Scenarios)

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I'm happy to see you are taking request again. I'm requesting fics where one or both lose their virginity to the other. Thanks.

Heyyyyyy, so I wasn’t sure if you cared about whether the whole story is about the loss of virginity or if it can just be included…so here are some of both. From before here and here. Enjoy!

Just Out Of Reach: Complete 9 chapters, Jongin is a much desired virgin at school who is untouchable, and then Kyungsoo shows up as the new kid

Only With You: One shot, Kyungsoo is bullied by Jongin’s friends even though Jongin doesn’t, and then Jongin invites him to his party where things happen…

I Am Happy When I Am With You: One shot, Omega Kyungsoo asks alpha Jongin to help him through his first heat

Braces and Other Fetishes: One shot, popular Jongin nerd Kyungsoo, Jongin has a braces fetish, smut happens

Ever Since We Met (I Only Shoot Up with Your Perfume) : One shot, Jongin is ready to take the next stop

Thick and Thin: One shot , (actually first time gay sex but counts right?) they have mutual crushes and are oblivious

The Perfect Boy: One shot, they grow up together and share all of their firsts

Summer Heat: One shot, Kyungsoo is an omega who is about to go through his first heat and is afraid to tell his boyfriend

Got Your Toes: One shot, Kyungsoo is a merman who turns person and Jongin hides him in his room

Wild Control: One shot, kyungsoo goes to Australia to manage a mine, but one of the workers gives him a hard time, who also lives across the street and Kyungsoo can’t seem to stop paying attention to

put your venom in me: Complete 3 chapters, distopia where sex isn’t allowed, Kyungsoo shows Jongin another side of life

Your Words, My Song: One shot, Kyungsoo loses his virginity to a guy in a band he has a crush on, but more important he loses his notebook of poems/songs

Something With Benefits: Ongoing, Kyungsoo offers to help Jongin learn all about gay sex, leaving out that he doesn’t really know about it personally

Help Me Live: One shot, Kyungsoo has become disabled after an accident and Jongin is his tutor, Kyungsoo’s sister is making it hard for them to get closer

A deal written in blood: One shot, Baekhyun needed a virgin (Kyungsoo) in order to summon a sex demon

The Things I’d Do: One shot, Kyungsoo trades his virginity to his best friend for big bang concert tickets (do not try this at home)

Vulgar: Complete 3 chapters, mostly smut age switch Jongin lets Kyungsoo stay with him and Kyungsoo is super christian and gives in pretty easy

Timed Prompt (20 min)

  • Prompt: President Kyungsoo and his secretary (Jongin) have a little fun in the oval office.

The most influential man in Korea was 174 centimeters tall, sitting in the very chair in which all his predecessors sat before him. There was so much power within his hands, every move he made was documented and recorded for the world to see. He was the President of Korea, and he was also the man Jongin yearned for the most.

He’d been working for said man for two years now, and not once had Jongin moved on his sexual desires. The president oozed sex from his walk to his talk, to the subtle cologne he wore, to the air of confidence which surrounded him. He was a man everyone dreamed to have, and Jongin certainly knew how to dream. Being within close proximity to Kyungsoo for all hours of the day was taking a gradual toll on his impatience. He was a very strict man, never showing his profound lust for the president, but one day, he slipped up.

People are prone to mistakes, he mused. There was no human being who hadn’t done something they’ve regret. Jongin’s biggest moment of regret was that when the president stepped out of his office, he decided to sit in his chair and masturbate. Now, when the man said he’d be leaving for a meeting and that Jongin could stay behind in the oval office, the secretary was more than happy for the small break.

But the room itself reminded him of everything Kyungsoo, he couldn’t help himself from wanting to touch. He took a seat in the soft, leather office chair and leaned back. His eyes slowly descended and his fingers traveled down to his groin. It wasn’t very long before those same fingers wrapped around his member and he stroked himself to hardness.

He was regretful that he even started because it became impossible to stop. And when Kyungsoo walked in on him indulging himself, he knew that the gig was up, he’d been found out. What he didn’t expect was for Kyungsoo to sit on the couch and urge him to keep going. The masturbation continued with much vigor and the man Jongin wanted sat and watched with a fixated gaze. It was all too surreal. A distant dream coming to reality, and he’d be lying if he claimed to have been embarrassed. Regretful, but not embarrassed.

His eyes were brimming with lust, his moans spilled continuously, and the president finally felt the need to intervene in his solo exploration.

“I’ve known, Jongin.“ he said as he undid the button of his blazer, tossing it aside, “You’ve wanted me from the very first time we’ve met.” he peeled off his silk button up with ease, “I was waiting.” he unsnapped the button for his slacks, “Waiting for you to show me who you really are.” Jongin panted with hooded eyes that scanned the half-naked man walking toward him. “Will you deny me?” Kyungsoo stood before him running a hand aimlessly in Jongin’s hair. He brought his palm to the back of Jongin’s head and harshly pulled.

His breaths wavered, “No.”

“Are you prepared?” Kyungsoo’s voice was low, and it made Jongin’s body quiver.

They switched positions. Kyungsoo sat in his familiar seat and Jongin quickly removed his clothes. Fully naked, he shuddered from the cool air, but he soon felt the heat radiating from Kyungsoo’s stare. It was burning his very skin, making him tingle in elation, anticipating what was to come.

“I want you to ride me.” Kyungsoo’s eyes were hard, “Now.“ he demanded and Jongin wouldn’t dare defy his words. He hadn’t stretched himself but that didn’t matter. He wanted this, and he’d do anything, everything Kyungsoo told him to.

Jongin climbed onto Kyungsoo’s lap, his knees instantly sinking into the soft leather. Kyungsoo grasped his hips firmly, and he lowered himself. The sting elicited a rough moan, but he didn’t stop there. He lowered himself until he went mad from the girth of Kyungsoo’s member filling his tight hole. It felt so good, he unconsciously lolled his head back, sighing. He could finally feel Kyungsoo.

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hi!! i havent requested anything in a while, but i still love your blog ❤️❤️ do you have any pirate!au or like college/high school!au im obsessed with them. thank you!!

Hey, thanks for being so sweet and awesome 😻!  So the deal is all the kaisoo pirate fics are hidden somewhere I don’t know about, you can find past pirate fics here. Sorry, wish I could help you :(((
ALSO, I had a separate request this round for High school with smut, and I didn’t want to combine these and make the longest list that exists so I will just do collegeau (with smut and without smut) and high school with no smut and keep this somewhat manageable (So there will be a part 2 coming) Enjoy!

One more also: there was that Exo University Fic Fest where it was all collegeau you can find here

Hopelessly Naive: One shot They meet in college and Kyungsoo is like super innocent because he grew up all sheltered and he meets player Jongin who really likes him but his friends are all overprotective because he is so innocent

Seasons: one shot  Jongin is a college student and Kyungsoo is a professor and it’s basically them meeting and getting closer and it’s pretty perfect

Call me hyung: one shot, age switch, Kyungsoo is in high school and his older friend Chanyeol takes him to a party and he meets Jongin along the way who immediately wants some cute high school Kyungsoo

Mine Eyes Are Made The Fools: one shot, They are college roommates and Jongin has a crush that he tries to get over, but who can resist Kyungsoo?

This could be us: one shot, Kyungsoo works in the library and is really resistant to relationships after having a bad one but Jongin starts working there too isn’t deterred by his coldness

Some Assembly Required: Complete 2 chapters, Kyungsoo buys a bed from Jongin at IKEA and then Jongin helps him put it together and they get closer(I promise college is involved)

Senior Skip Day: one shot. Everyone knew about senior skip day but Kyungsoo, which gives junior Jongin and opportunity to finally hang out with him but Kyungsoo still pushes him away

You Make Me Feel Hot and Bothered: one shot, Jongin sweats a lot from dancing, but also when he is nervous and doesn’t want to make a bad impression with Kyungsoo sitting next to him in class

Perplex: Ongoing, Kyungsoo is new in college and catches football playing Jongin’s attention, but Jongin isn’t used to liking guys

Breathe your smoke into my lungs: one shot, They are in college together and are hooking up but Jongin is only doing it to hook up when he’s drunk and Kyungsoo really likes him, so he dodges him a lot

The One I’m Waiting For: one shot. They are in college and roommates and Jongin thinks Kyungsoo is still hung up over his last boyfriend and mopes and hooks up randomly and is dumb

Paint Me: one shot, Kyungsoo has an art assignment and wants to use Jongin dancing as his model, Jongin is a little standoffish at first

Broken: One shot, Kyungsoo is depressed in college and Jongin is his professor and they get close and Jongin helps him 

Symphony no. 5: one shot, People have noticed that Kyungsoo likes Jongin so in order to hide it and move on he tries to date someone else

Rain: one shot, Kyungsoo comes into the coffee shop Jongin works at a lot to do his school work, Jongin has a crush on Kyungsoo

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First I'd like to say I love your blog, you are my go to for fanfics🙂. Do you know fics where one of them likes their brothers friend? I hope that makes sense lol. 😀

Hey! I really appreciate it! So I went for likes their brother’s friend or their friend’s brother (and some extras) I hope these work, Enjoy!

Between Us: Ongoing, secret relationship, Jongin has a crush on his brother’s friend who starts giving him a lot of attention, hiding it is the problem

A long Story…(It’s going to be): One shot, Jongin has a crush on his brother’s best friend but is too scared to confess. Everyone gets sick of hearing about it and tries to help him out

Much A(Do) About Nothing: One shot, Jongin tries to confess to his best friend, but it goes a little wrong

Love the way: Complete 2 chapters, fake relationship, Kyungsoo gets dumped and his best friend’s brother offers to help him make the ex jealous

double trouble: one shot, Jongin has a crush on his best friend Sehun, who likes his brother Kai, but Sehun’s brother comes and takes his mind off of it

Meet me halfway: Complete 2 chapters, Jongin has a crush on his best friend’s brother, but then he gets sent away before he can confess

try: One shot, So not so much brother’s friend…but Jongin’s brother works for Kyungsoo and when he has to leave unexpectedly he asks Jongin to fill in for him

Beautiful Butterfly: Ongoing, age switch, Jongin is Kyungsoo’s brother’s (Minseok) friend and Kyungsoo likes him from the start, years later Minseok works for Jongin and Kyungsoo confesses and Jongin has a hard time with it

I’m a spark and you’re a boom: one shot, they are already together but Jongin had held a crush on his best friend’s bad boy brother, then smut happens

there’s nothing brief about boxers: Ongoing, age switch, Kyungsoo has a crush on his brother’s friend and boxing partner, who seems to like him back but Kyungsoo is completely oblivious

Blackboards and sweet things: Complete 2 chapters, very slightly counts, Kyungsoo is Jongin’s brother’s teacher and gets a crush on Jongin as soon as he meets him when he is picking his brother up

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I love this blog so much! I was wondering if you could recommend some new kid au!

Hey, thanks a lot! So from before here, here, and here. Enjoy!

But I Can’t Tell You If You Run Away: Ongoing (and recently updated), Kyungsoo finds homeless Jongin in the park and takes him home and hides him in his room 

Jongin Stares: one shot, Jongin is deaf and is always staring at Kyungsoo

My First Kiss (went a little like this): one shot fluff, Jongin doesn’t want to let go of his parents on the first day of school but gets incentive from Kyungsoo

little boy: one shot age switch kid Kyungsoo, preteen Jongin, this isn’t fluffy, Jongin doesn’t like his routine

Olaf: one shot, Jongin is obsessed with Olaf from Frozen and gets excited when he meets Kyungsoo, who he thinks looks like him

Stop and go: one shot, I’m sneaking this one in because they start as preteens and Jongin is obsessed with Kyungsoo

The Nightwatcher’s Wish: one shot, Kyungsoo plays with Jongin in his dreams

Look at me, 1,2,3: one shot, Kyungsoo is Jongin’s math tutor’s son who doesn’t talk to him

My Love From the Sea: one shot little prince Jongin catches merman Kyungsoo stealing his snacks

The Little Knight In Shining Armor: one shot, little Kyungsoo protects Jongin from bullying

Royals: one shot, they’re playing in the park and Jongin has to dress up like the queen

The Stench of Lost Children: drabble, they are orphans together during a war

Be (only) Mine: one shot, starts with them as kids, Jongin doesn’t want to share his birthday