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Three Bears | Part 4

Request from Anonymous: Hello. I love your Tumblr! May I request a mini-series where you and are taking care of your three children (2 girls, 1 son) in Superman Returns (a korean television series). Could you also add a part where Jay wants another boy to make it equal , may be a lil smut. Thank you.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

As always, any type of feedback is welcome :)

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Am I Wrong || Jungkook

Request/Challenge - HI! want to participate in a scenario challenge? This is where i determine what the title is as well as if it is fluffy or angst, and the member, but you can determine what happens within the story. understand the rules? SOO, READY? Title: Am I Wrong, Fluffy, Member: Jeon Jungkook, DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN! and dont forget to tag it as bts scenario so i can read it!:) AGAIN HAVE FUN! <3- ChallengeAnon            

Pairing - Jeon Jungkook

Genre - Fluff

Summary - Your best friend decides to confess his feelings for you in a spontaneous way.

You were in your room, with your earphones stuck in your ears and music on in full blown volume, making you oblivious to everything else. You had your books in front of you, your eyes scanning the sentences in a desperate attempt to study.

After around ten minutes of attempting, you slammed the book shut and took out your earphones, groaning loud in exasperation. You screeched your chair backwards and went downstairs to get a drink, and maybe a small break.

For one hour, you sat in front of the television, surfing through the same channels for about the twentieth time. Not being able to find anything, you switched the T.V off and began making your way to the stairs when the door bell rang.

You skipped your way to the door and opened it, your mouth immediately stretching into a grin when you saw your best friend standing there with a grin just like yours, a CD raised in the air.

‘Figured you might get bored from all that studying.’ He said before walking in.

‘Ah, Jeon Jungkook, you know me way too well.’ You replied, as you patted his back. He smiled at you, 'Isn’t that convenient?’

'Very much.’ You laughed and walked to the kitchen, telling him you’d get some popcorn. In about five minutes, you were back on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn for you both to binge on.

'What movie?’ You asked as he walked back to the couch, with an exceptionally smug look on his face.

'Let’s see how well you take a horror movie.’ He smirked at you; you were very bad with horror, yet you dared to say, 'Is that a challenge?’

'Only if you want to take it as one… Wuss.’ He pretended to cough as he called you that, making it barely understandable, but you knew his antics.

'I am not, a wuss.’ You stuck your tongue out at him and he just winked at you, a fluttery feeling arousing in your gut.

'NO NO NO! SWITCH IT OFF! SWITCH IT OFF, YOU ASSHOLE!’ You yelled as you kept smacking his arm, while he almost fell off the couch laughing. You had the undeniable itch of smacking him across the face. His face went bright red by the time he came up to look at you after he was done laughing. He was stifling a laugh, and he failed so miserably that he almost spat at you.

'Really?’ You managed to compose yourself when you finally got to pause the movie. You glared at him, wanting him to drop dead right then and there.

'I-I’m s-s-sorry.’ He laughed in between as he apologized, not helping the situation. You smacked his chest and he drew in a long breath before finally looking normal.

'Okay, seriously though, sorry.’ He smiled apologetically at you, his eyes shining. The puppy eyes; you cursed at yourself for giving into them.

'Come here,’ He stretched two arms and motioned for you to come to him. You raised a curious eyebrow, making him click his tongue and ushering you to him again. You closed the gap between you both and he resumed the movie.

For the rest of the movie, you literally had your head hid in his chest while he would simply run his hands up and down your arm in a soothing manner. You would at times feel the vibrations of his laughter as you rested your head on his chest, making you smile unintentionally.

'Y/N?’ His hand came to your head and caressed it, making you hum.

'The movie’s done. You can look now.’ A smile formed on his lips as he looked at you peeping at the T.V before looking up at him, your chin propped up against his chest. Although it slightly tickled him, you looked way too adorable for him to ask you to move.

'You’re so beautiful, Y/N.’ He mumbled and you had only heard the first two words. You asked him what he had said and instead of repeating his words, he looked at you with a look you hadn’t seen before, making you feel an urge to lean in to him.

But before you could, he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. You kept your eyes open in partial surprise before closing them and moving your lips against his. He cupped your cheek while you had your arms around his waist. He pulled back, your lips still touching his as he spoke, 'Is it wrong that I have feelings for my best friend?’

You chuckled, a blush coursing through the apples of your cheeks before answering him, 'I guess not, because I have feelings for my best friend too.’ You confessed and his upper lip curled, disappearing, as his lips stretched into one of the brightest smiles you had ever seen of his.

'I knew it.’ He replied smugly, before pecking your nose.

'What? No, I never even..’ You got flustered easily.

'Hey, I am the golden maknae after all. I am never wrong.’ His hand went to the back of your head and massaged it, as he watched you smile in content.

'Just shut up and kiss me.’


That really was challenging! Great idea though! Thank you for that request anon! :)

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