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Wet Bodies

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warning: Cocky-Scott, shower sex, cursing. 18+

A/n: I’m working on a new Stiles series, and I got this idea but it didn’t fit in with the story so I decided why not just write it as a one-shot for Scotty. FYI, you have absolutely no permission to take this story and post it elsewhere. None. Nada. Nope. Don’t do it.


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I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it’s true.

And I don’t want to spend my whole life, just waiting for you.

Now I don’t want you back for the weekend.

Not back for a day–

The water fell over your body like an angel dancing in the rain, it was hot and everything you needed after a hard day at work. Squirting the shampoo into your hand, you scrubbed it into your scalp as the song playing off your phone was blaring through your bathroom. Your legs did a little dance but you also focused on not slipping.

Just as the chorus was about to start, everything switched off. Your heart pounded, you stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your body as you looked around in darkness. You cried out when the shampoo got into your eyes, “Just my luck.”

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sugar ❖ sehun (2)

The color red remembered you that your body craved for him, no matter how old and how related to your best friend he was.

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (in later parts), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

Jump in❞ Sehun told you when you followed him out of the house and into the back garage. Outside the dark sky was already taking over everything, the lampposts outside Mina’s house were slowly switching on and your heart was beating way too fast.

Mr Oh looked heavenly while he sat in his grey 612 Scaglietti, meanwhile you salivated just watching the car. Of course you’ve seen sport cars, but this - this was you sitting inside of it, this was out of anything you dreamed about.

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Malec Appreciation Week Day 5 - A Scene That Broke Your Heart

How do you know these things? 

Here with You

REQUEST. Would you be willing to write a song-fic? If so could you maybe write a Tony Stark x Reader based off the song Malibu by Miley Cyrus? The reader can be gender-neutral. Thank you very much! From anon.

SUMMARY. Takes place after the Avengers and after Iron Man 3. Watching Tony nearly die was difficult. But you never thought letting him go was even more so.

WARNINGS. Feels, HEAVY ANGST. Tony Stark x Reader. Past Pepperony. (Nothing against Pepper, though, no worries.) Death. Tony Stark’s PTSD issues. Avengers and Iron Man 3 spoilers.

WORD COUNT. Approximately 3k.

AUTHOR’S NOTES. My first ever request! Sorry, this took a while. I had to do a lot of research on Tony Stark (that poor baby huhuhu), and the story behind Miley Cyrus’ Malibu song, and I’ve discovered that the song was mostly about the relief of being with someone you lost once – lost during the time when both of you were just not at the right period of your lives, something like that. I hope you like my interpretation of the song, dear Anon! And thank you so much for your request!

Your name: submit What is this?

TONY STARK: ENTERING WORMHOLE IN SKY. The headline popped out of the TV screen, freezing you in your seat in the private plane as you watched the love of your life zoom across the sky, a brilliant, red and gold figurine against the bright, blue expanse, and head straight into a gaping hole leading to –

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Mine / Chapter 7

When you came to your head was pounding in pain as your eyes strained to open. It wasn’t any use, darkness completely clouding your vision as you blinked your eyes rapidly and breathed heavily. It was no use trying to stay calm, fear was in your heart as soon as you woke up and you whimpered out at the aches finally making themselves known in your body.

“Wakey wakey~”

You instantly recognized the voice, your body reacting as you moved to get away from the direction it came from but it only served to put more strain on your limbs as your wrists screamed out in pain. “Please…don’t hurt me.”

You heard him coo to you, his hard voice next to your ear as it made you quiver down to your toes. “It only hurts when you resist.” Jinyoung whispered before chuckling darkly. “It feels especially good when your body is sexually aroused.”

“Just ask Sora.”

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We’ll Meet Again Pt 6 (A Collins Fic)

Just a short chapter, Collins was not co-operating with me when I was writing this.

Basically just tooth rotting fluffy moments because these two deserve some happy.

I used the gif for a reason ;)

Part 5

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Word Count: 2,299

Author’s Note: This is my entry for @yourtropegirl‘s Ballerina!Reader challenge featuring, you guessed it, Jim Kirk. I had a lot of fun writing this; although I love watching ballet, due to my health issues I’ve never been able to consider taking lessons. It was fun getting to learn about it. That being said, I have had this beta’d (thanks @kilismaiden!) for accuracy, so I think everything I’ve said rings true. Please enjoy, my dears!

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Love, Bed and Breakfast - 1

You dropped your bags by the door with a heavy sigh. Finally you’d arrived. The flight had been too long, the plane food inedible and the traffic getting here incredibly annoying. But now you were here and your vacation could officially start.

First you took a little tour around the house you had rented via Airbnb. It looked exactly like in the pictures. In the kitchen you found a letter on the counter which included instructions on how to turn on the lights, the hot tub, lift the pool cover and informed you about few little quirks the house had.

With a smile you went back to the entrance hall, grabbed your bags and put them in the master bedroom. After a quick look into the fridge, you grabbed your bag and left the house to get some supplies.

You were glad, once you walked into the supermarket, that you had decided on an English speaking country. At least you knew most of the products they were selling. One thing caught your attention though, that you had never heard of. A huge, yellow, green and red display advertising something called “Vegemite”. Curious, you bought a tub. The cashier advised you to spread it thinly, after hearing your American accent.

As you got home you found the door unlocked. You frowned. You were quite certain you had locked it before leaving. You checked the alarm system and it had been switched off as well. Your heart started beating faster.

‘Fight or flight, fight or flight.’, you thought, panicking.

You grabbed the best weapon you could find, which was an umbrella, and headed into the house. There were noises coming from the master bedroom. You gripped the umbrella firmly, holding it over your shoulder and stepped into the room. The door to the adjacent bathroom stood open, light filtering onto the soft, beige carpet. You could hear water running and someone moving about.

What kind of thief/burglar would break in to take a shower?, you wondered, but before you could think further, that someone stepped out of the bathroom.

The umbrella clattered to the floor. Wide green eyes met yours. A towel fell to the ground and part of your brain registered the fact that the person across from you was stark naked. An even smaller part notice that they were quite well equipped. The rest managed to form words and pushed them out of your mouth.

“Who the hell are you?”

“What the fuck?”, the naked stranger asked at the same time.

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BTS reaction to you (gf) being afraid of the dark

I did the reactions as if this was your first night sleeping over at their dorm and you were admitting to them that you feared the dark. I hope you like it :) 

Sorry it is so long. If you would like a shorter one next time please feel free to tell me in the request. I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: It had been an amazing evening with your boyfriend. He had asked you to come over and try a new dish he made. You were all too happy to go over. You loved hanging out at the BTS dorm. Not only did you get to see Jin, but you also got to hang out with the other amazing members.

The night was drawing to a close and you didn’t even realize how late it was until Rapmon was saying good night to everyone. You glanced at the clock and noticedd it was aready midnight. Jin insisted that it was too late for you to walk home. You agreed to just sleep over, but you were a bit nervous.

“Um, Jin, I have to tell you something.” You said in a quiet voice as the two of you got ready for bed. He was standing near the light switch and your heart was already racing. “I’m afraid of the dark.” You confessed while looking down. Jin simply gave you a gentle smile and sat beside you on the bed. He was holding his Jin monster doll out to you. “Here, that way I can always protect you from the dark.” 

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Suga: The two of you sat in his room listening to a new song he was working on. You had spent the whole day in his room listening to composition after composition. Suga was so excited to get your opinion that he couldn’t help but play every song for you at least five times each. 

It was already pretty late and you could feel your eyes about to close. Suga noticed how tired you were and got up to turn off the light so you guys could sleep. As he switched off the light you let out a yelp and he was quick to turn it back on. “What’s wrong, jagi?” He asked in fear that something happened.

“I’m sorry Yoongi, I-I’m just afraid of the dark.” You felt silly telling him, but you knew it would be hard for you to sleep in the pitch blackness of his room. He chuckled a little. “Don’t be silly baby, I won’t let anything hurt you.” He gave you a quick kiss on the forehead before turning off the light and quickly cuddling up close to you.

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J-Hope: J-hope was sitting with you watching a movie when you noticed the time. “Oh, wow, I should start heading home.” You said as you looked out the window. Not only was it dark out, but it had just started to pour down pretty hard. “No, there is no way I am going to let my jagi go out in the rain like that.” He said and pulled you closer to him. 

As the movie came to an end, the screen turned black and the two of you were left in the dark. You were beginning to feel uneasy, but there was a dim light coming from the light in the hall. You could barely see J-hope’s face. “What’s wrong sweetie?” He asked as he sensed your uneasiness. “I just don’t like the dark.” You say quickly. J-hope finds this a little funny and decides to fall over, pretending to be afraid of the dark as well. 

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After he notices how serious you were, he quickly turns on the light and goes to hug you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I will hold you forever and never let the darkness get you.” You roll your eyes and push him away playfully. 

(Yes, you are Jimin in this gif)

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Rapmon: He was seated beside you as you played Wii Mario Carts against V and Jimin. He couldn’t help but smile at how competitive you were against the 95 liners. You finished your last lap, taking first place and cheering in excited because you finally managed to beat V. 

“Well, that was fun, but it is getting pretty late.” Jimin said as he started turning off the Wii console. You looked at your phone. It was almost one in the morning. You were way to tired to drive home, so you took up your boyfriend on his offer for you to sleep over.

When you got comfortable in bed, you could start feeling your stomach twist at the thought of the darkness that was waiting. Back at your apartment, you usually had some sort of light source, but Rapmon had nothing like that in his room. “Namjoon, I-I’m kind of afraid of the dark.” You tell him as your face started turning red from embarrassment. “Aw, (Y/N), there is nothing to fear in the dark. I promise I can scare anything away.” He says with an almost seductive wink before joining you in bed.

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Jimin: You were just finishing up cleaning the dishes with Jin when you heard Jimin yelling in the other room. He had invited you over for dinner with the other boys but left you to do the cleaning with the eldest as he played video games with V. You rolled your eyes. You didn’t mind though, as long as you got to spend time with your busy boyfriend.

“(Y/N), it is getting pretty late. Maybe you should just sleep over.” Jimin suggested as you joined him and V. You shrugged your shoulders, figuring it wouldn’t be that bad. You hadn’t really been scared of the dark for a while. Maybe you finally grew out of it. 

As Jimin turned off the light, you could feel your chest tightening and you knew the fear was still there. “Jimin, do you think we could leave the door open or something?” You asked as you tugged on his shirt. He looked down at you. “Are you afraid of the dark?” He asked jokingly. When you didn’t answer he just smiled at how adorable you were and opened the door, letting the hall light wash over you. He returned to bed and started giving you kisses. “My jagi is so cute!” 

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V: You could barely breath as Taehyung continued to tickle you. You begged him to stop. It felt as though he had been tickling you for hours without end. You would sometimes manage to overpower him and get your revenge, but he would always end up back on top. He finally stopped, laughing beside you on the bed. 

He pulled you in a tight hug as drowsiness began to wash over you. You let out a yawn and your boyfriend smiled brightly at you. “Why don’t you spend the night here? You look too tired to walk home.” You nodded your head, already starting to fall asleep. You felt him move from beside you and the lights suddenly turned off.

“Tae!” You yelled out in panic as you shot up in the bed. He quickly turned the lights back on and stared at you in shock. “I’m sorry. I’m just a little afraid of the dark.” You start explaining. Without another word, V went to his desk and turned on the desk lamp. He turned the main light back off and grabbed a stuffed animal off his shelf. “Here, you can borrow him for tonight, but I will need him back in the morning.” He said with a smile as he pulled you closer to him. 

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Jungkook: It was already pretty late when you came over. Jungkook called and insisted that you come over and see the new choreography he was working on to show J-Hope. You knew it would take a while, but you loved seeing the happiness on your boyfriend’s face when he put together a dance on his own. 

You were right about how long it would take. It was really late when Jungkook was finished perfecting the dance, spending the last hour begging you to join him so he could teach you. You reluctantly agreed and now your whole body was begging to reunite with your bed. 

“It’s too late to walk home jagi, just sleep over.” Jungkook said as he collapsed on the bed. You collapsed beside him. He looked at the light switch and you could tell he was about to get up to turn it off. “Kookie, do you think we could leave the lights on?” You asked shyly. He looked at you with a smile. He could see the slight fear in your eyes, but didn’t ask any questions. He left the light on and stayed up talking with you until you both finally fell asleep.

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Summary: Y/N has the ability to heal and preserve life. On the last mission she and Pietro were on she was fatally injured. All she needs for her powers to save her is a little boost…

A/N: Might make a fanfic around this. Short story, stuff happens fast but hey, just let your imagination run wild.

Warnings: Like one swear word. 

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The Princess and the Smuggler - Ch. 6

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Summary: Discovering his ‘princesses’ have been kidnapped by the First Order, Ben pleads with his wife’s former kingdom to help him bring her and their daughter home. The First Order continues to interrogate his princess, hoping she’ll crack with some information on the Resistance.

A/N: Ahh I’m sorry this took a while to get done! Hopefully you guys like it! It’s a bit of a filler, but its still got some moving plot points. 

The court was stunned silent. The sound of peoples breathing was now audible, the sympathy and tension evident in all the attendee’s. Surely they had all heard about you running away with this smuggler, but they were more than stunned to actually see him in the flesh. To hear you now had a child and were in custody of the most ruthless organization in this galaxy, was shocking and no doubt sudden.

The king shifted in his throne as he looked at Ben, his brown eyes teary and pleading, pitifully on his knees in front of everyone, almost hunching over. Truly he had never seen your husband this close, he really only see him walk past you swiftly as you talked to them on your holopad. Part of him was relieved to see how imploringly desperate Ben was to find you and (Y/D/N). It let him know he at least cared enough about you to not leave you there or have too much pride to admit he needed help. The other part however resented him. This was the man who swooped you away, married you without asking for your hand, then apparently got you pregnant even before the wedding (he was still unaware that was a lie). This was the man who took his only child and sweet daughter away from him.

Next to him the queen sat entirely still; in shock from what Ben had just announced in front of the court. She too had conflicting feelings about Ben, but in this moment this didn’t matter, you mattered. What was the First Order going to do to you? To your daughter? If Ben was asking them for help surely it was a big deal and something not to be taken lightly. She couldn’t help but also draw her emotions from the look on Ben’s face. On his knees in front of the court, eyes glimmering with the start of tears, his bottom lip almost quivering, his posture hunched and vulnerable. This man was desperate.

Though she wasn’t going to readily admit it, she surely grew more of a soft spot for him in this moment. This man obviously loved you. He was devoted to you. By the way he was breaking in front of them it was also obvious he more than loved her granddaughter. Despite their lack of acceptance of him, Ben still knew they were the ones to turn to for help.  

Clearing his throat the king finally spoke.

“How exactly do you..?”

“Ben Solo.”

“Ben Solo expect to rescue the two from the First Order? We cannot simply barge onto Starkiller base.”

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Exo Scenario: Missing You ~

Hi! I’d like to request a Chanyeol smut scenario. Can you make it something like you’re both idols and haven’t seen each other for a while due to a busy schedule so when he finally sneaks over to your apartment he misses you so much and makes love to the OC on the living room couch? I see that you don’t do hardcore ish so I toned it down. Can you please just make it romantic with lots of caressing or something? Please and thank you so much!

Sorry that this is so late, I had a lot of other regular requests to get through first. But hope that you like this scenario and please let me know what you think of it :)

~Admin Ali 

You hadn’t expected to see him show up at your apartment, but you were glad that for once your other members were out for the day. You were the only one without a schedule for the next few days, mostly because you had just gotten through with your most recent drama and were waiting until it released to the public.

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[NSFW] Aomine/Reader

ch.: aomine

kinks: daddy/mommy, dirty talk

reader: female

for the lovely fluffy-knb-scenarios. also I decided that I’d do asks in order of the ones I’m “feeling” the most, instead of which ones I’ve received first - this way, I reckon my efficiency would increase. also, aomine sucks at biology. hope you like it!

You were on the bed, reading a magazine when Aomine came into the room, yawning. Immediately, you covered half your face with the magazine you were reading, though Aomine couldn’t see anything anyway since he turned his back on you to face the wardrobe.

From a third person’s point of view, you might seem a bit creepy, staring and scrutinizing his back muscles despite being Aomine’s wife, but truth be told you were actually recalling the day’s earlier incident.

It was one of your weekly dates—movie, grocery shopping, and then the park. Everything had been going smoothly until you reached the last stage of your date—and a child of around four had approached you, crying out for his mommy. Immediately the both of you panicked, because one, you didn’t know who the child was, and two, what you knew was that he was lost and looking for his mommy and you were definitely not her.

Surprisingly Aomine—after calming down himself—picked the boy up and settled him on his shoulders, exclaiming, ‘Yosh! Now you can see everything in the park—so let’s go look for you parents, yeah?’ The matching grins on both the boys’ faces as the toddler choked out a weak but energetic ‘yeah!’ were enough to flip a switch in your heart.

After all, you’ve never given much thought to having a child; you were pretty content with your life—and especially content with your sex life—and neither of you were very traditional in that respect, so the topic never came up.

You were about to voice out your thoughts when Aomine, having changed to just his boxers, walked over to the bed and said, ‘Hey, ever thought about having a kid?’

You blinked. Once. Twice. ‘W-What?! Seriously?!’

Aomine frowned. ‘What? You don’t want one? I thought girls were all about this baby thing—at least Satsuki is.’

‘Of course I want a child! It’s just…’ You mumbled your next words, and not catching them, Aomine scooted closer to you in bed, cupping his ears. ‘I said I thought you weren’t the type!’

Now it was his turn to look surprised. ‘Daheck? Where’d you get that idea from?’ When you just gave him a sheepish grin, he wrapped his arms around you and tugged you closer. ‘Geez, you’re troublesome.’ You didn’t say anything, and instead smiled and snuggled closer into his arms. ‘So… you want a kid or not?’ he asked again, so offhandedly that you were wondering if your eardrums were having a functional breakdown.

‘Yeah, sounds nice,’ you replied almost dreamily.

‘Cool, wanna make a baby now?’

‘Sure—wait, now?’ You tried pulling away, knowing his plan, but when his arm was locked around you and the other arm was slithering down to pull your nightgown up, you knew you were trapped in his game. ‘D-Daiki, maybe not tonight—’

‘And why not?’ he whispered in your ears, voice deep and sultry. You whimpered as he grabbed your breast while stroking you through your panties. You tried to keep your legs closed, but every drag of his middle finger against your clothed clit made your thighs inch apart, wanting to alleviate the growing flames of lust.

‘We just did it last night,’ you whined, but didn’t protest when he tugged your panties to the side. You could feel his calloused fingers dragging against your growingly wet pussy lips, and when he simultaneously pinched your nipple and clit, you arched your back, gasping.

‘So? I can still fuck you as good.’ He lapped at your neck, sending shivers through your heated body.

When he pulled away to sit up, you followed silently, crawling into his lap. Wrapping your arms around his neck, your tongue came out to trace his lips. ‘Perv’ was the last thing you said before his lips claimed yours. You rocked your hips against his, the slight friction between your clothed crotches enough to make you want moremoremore.

You couldn’t take it—you broke away from the kiss and proceeded to strip until you were in nothing but your underwear. Hissing at the sight, Aomine leaned forward to lick the strip of skin between your breasts, hands coming up to knead your mounds. His fingers stroked your nipples into hard pebbles, before taking one into his mouth.

You gasped at the wet suction, hand coming up to grasp his hair. You swayed against him, encouraging him to take more. His tongue circled your areola, and when he sucked your nipple into his mouth, you could feel the stroke of velvet against your sensitive skin. You moaned, ‘Mmm, daddy.’

In response, Aomine nipped hard at your nub, making you gasp and giggle. His hand travelled down to give your crotch a playful slap, and you jerked instinctively before grinding down against his pressing fingers. ‘Looks like mommy’s pretty soaked.’ You bit your lip at the nickname, growing hornier by the second. Impatient, you quickly shifted away to pull your panties off, revealing your glistening cunt to your husband.

Licking his lips at the sight, Aomine did the same, getting out of his boxers. He pulled you back onto his lap, and the touch of his hard dick against your slippery opening made you chew your lip in anticipation. Aomine’s hands roamed your thighs, though never nearing your twitching cunt. Frustrated, you took his hand and brought it to your sex, moaning gratefully when he finally sunk two fingers in. He smirked. ‘Is this what mommy wants?’ he cooed, curling and rotating his digits around.

Yes,’ you gasped when he curled his fingers against your G-spot. He rubbed incessantly at it, making your thighs tremble. ‘But,’ your hand reached for his cock, stroking it, ‘I want something else.’

Aomine grinned, pulling his fingers out and instead twisting your nipple and coating it in your juices. ‘Oh? Tell me.’

You smiled sweetly as you shifted upwards, aligning the tip of his cock against your entrance. ‘Why don’t I show you instead?’

Before he could say anything, a moan was ripped out of Aomine’s throat as you sunk down on his dick. The feeling of your hot, wet walls engulfing his member made him instinctively thrust up, burying every inch into you. You could do nothing but hold onto his shoulders and moan as he started moving his hips up and down.

Suddenly, he came to a standstill, smirking when you whined in protest. ‘I thought you were going to show me something,’ he said through small pants.

You pouted, but didn’t say anything. Instead you gripped onto his shoulders and started bouncing on his cock. A moan clawed out of your throat with every drag of Aomine’s cock against your walls. Placing a hand behind his head, you nudged him towards your chest, and taking the hint, he latched onto a lively nipple, sucking it hard into his mouth. You groaned and threw your head back as your husband’s sucking transmitted a spike of pleasure to your crotch, making you tighten further around Aomine. Your pants were becoming heavier, and your arousal only grew when you looked down to see Aomine closing his eyes and savoring your breast. ‘Daddy has to drink up all of mommy’s milk alright?’ Only when your own words reach your ears did you blush at how dirty they were. You thought Aomine was going to burst out in laughter, but instead he growled and snapped his hips up hard as you came down, and the sudden force against your G-spot made you freeze and turned your moans into a sudden scream.

Knowing that he’d hit your spot, Aomine’s hands gripped your hips in no time, keeping your pelves together as he slid you back and forth. Your hands flew to grab at his, but were too weak to still them as the pressure on your sweet spot kept growing and growing, and you could feel your climax approaching and fuckfuckfuck—

‘NO!’ you screamed, tears pooling in your eyes when Aomine suddenly stopped moving. You shook your head, sniffing. ‘Please, oh please—’

‘I’m gonna make you come like you’ve never come before, babe, but I need your help.’ When you nodded desperately, he kissed your neck. ‘Rub your clit for me.’ You bit your lip—without touching you could feel that it was sensitive and throbbing, but Aomine wouldn’t take no for an answer. ‘I want you to rub it as fast as I fuck you and you can’t stop until you’re screaming and coming on my dick, alright?’ When you still looked reluctant, he said the magic words. ‘Or trust me, you won’t be coming at all tonight.’

Whimpering at the promised threat, you brought a hand in between your bodies and began stroking your clit. ‘That’s it, nice and slow first,’ Aomine cooed. He started to move as well, dragging your hips against his. The dual attack on your clit and G-spot made your toes curl and body arch, but you didn’t stop.

Gradually, he began to pick up the pace, and by then your hand was moving on its own accord. Your muscles were strained, but you dismissed it as your fingers rubbed your pleasure nub to match Aomine’s speed, abusing the nerves in your crotch and sending sparks throughout your body. Seeing your euphoric state, Aomine said, ‘That’s it, mommy. If you come nice and hard, our baby’ll pop out strong too.’

By then, you were too far gone to even correct Aomine’s biology. All you could do was roll your eyes to the back of your head as waves after waves of white, hot climax crashed down onto you, sending you into overdrive. Your lips parted but no sounds filled the room—only Aomine’s grunts as he thrust into you for one last time before releasing into you.

You shivered as he filled you, only coming down from your high when Aomine pulled out of you and pulled you down onto your bed. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he nuzzled his face into the valley of your breasts. He was mumbling something, and not catching it, you asked, ‘What?’

He looked up, and with the most serious look in his eyes, Aomine asked, ‘I asked if I could drink your milk after you give birth.’

You snatched your magazine from the bedside table and hit him hard on the head.


Basics, Part Two 

Castiel x Reader

Words: 2,053


Another week passed by seamlessly. You had bought Castiel a speaker and iPod, teaching him how to use it. Proudly he played the music you downloaded for him; he especially loved ‘Making Love Out Of Nothing At All’ from the car ride days ago. You had to admit, the song left your heart tingling.
“Now just turn the dial” you guided Castiel’s hand on the dryer, and proudly beamed at him once he finished.
“It was simple” Cas said, smiling back at you. He picked up the empty basket and placed it on the washing machine. You continued cleaning up the room, and folding the laundry you had taken out to allow him to clean his own.
He watched you carefully fold each one, taking extra care with the brothers FBI suits. Cas couldn’t help but smile when you began humming to yourself, seemingly forgetting he was there.
“I’m going to go find Dean” Cas’s voice broke through the silence.
“What?” you stood up, hands on your hips. “Oh, alright”.
Castiel forced his feet to move, and he awkwardly shoved his hands in the pockets of the new sweat-shirt you bought him. A dark blue with red strings hanging from the hood. He still couldn’t understand what their purpose was. But he loved the sweat-shirt. At first you bought it, and forgot to give it to him since he was making a food run with Sam. So you stuffed it into your drawer, and now it smelled like you.
Sometimes he wanted to figure out what you smelled like; Dean said that girls always smell amazing. But he couldn’t figure it out. As an angel he had been around flowers that have ceased to exist. He squeezed his eyes shut tight, trying to remember anything from his angelic past that remind him of you. But nothing came to mind, it was as if you were a brand new being, something his father made on a whim. No algorithms could possibly solve what you were, even your soul was more beautiful than any other humans was. He remembered what it looked like when he first met you. A faint blue, with a few small gashes. He guessed they were from the damage hunting does to someone psychologically, but eventually they got deeper and wider, and he had to bite back his tongue from saying anything. Dean and Sam’s souls were even worse, practically littered in marks and gashes.
“Hey buddy, what’s up?” Dean’s voice drew him out of his thoughts and he nodded, taking a seat.
“Could I ask you something?” Cas leaned awkwardly in his seat.
“Shoot” Dean poured himself another glass of whiskey, and Cas watched the liquid fill the glass with a certain deadly grace.
“I know you have been with copious amounts of women” Cas started and Dean choked on his drink, raising a brow at the former angel.
“Your point?”
“Well have you ever felt differently about one of them?” Cas asked.
“What’s this about?” Dean asked, leaning forward and staring at Castiel. Footsteps echoed in the library and Castiel moved his eyes to follow your figure walk through the room. Dean sighed and smirked.
“Ah” he pointed, “Got it”.
Castiel began biting at his lip, “I don’t k-“
“Just tell her” Dean said, “Y/N is great, you guys would be great together” Dean smiled at the thought.
“How do I know if she returns these feelings?” Cas asked, a certain hope in his eyes.
“You don’t. That’s why you tell her first” Dean said and took another swig of his drink. Castiel nodded and began walking up the metal stairs, wanting to breath the night air.
“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” you shouted accusingly at Dean. “He’s gone?! Just like that?” you screamed, gripping the glass in your fingers tighter.
“We’ll find him, calm down first!” Dean shouted back, grabbing the keys to the Impala. Angrily you sat in the backseat, praying to any deity out there for Castiel’s safety.
The Impala rode hard against the pouring rain, and Dean turned on the radio where you and Castiel left off the day before. Playing that same old tune.
‘I can make all your demons be gone’ it played, and you pressed your head against the window, shutting your eyes tight.
‘but i’m never gonna make it without you, do you really wanna see me crawl?and I’m never gonna make it like you do, making love out of nothing all’.
The words washed over you like a security blanket, as if Castiel was still sitting in the seat next to you.
The search was a bust, and after shouting at Dean and Sam for ages, you retired to your bedroom for another sleepless night. It wasn’t until nearly a month later when a strong knock came at the bunkers door at nearly three in the morning.
You grabbed the gun from under your pillow, carefully stalking towards the war room. The knocking sounded again and you blinked a few times to adjust to the darkness before flicking the light switch on.
Your heart began thumping in your chest as you placed your hand on the handle, suddenly regretting not waking Sam or Dean up.
You opened the door a crack and heard thunder rumble in the distance. Rain poured down heavily and looking carefully you saw a soaked through blue sweatshirt, and beautiful blue eyes to match it. You exhaled, and let the soaking wet man into the bunker.
“Damn you” you whispered, and he smiled, shaking his hair out on the floor like a puppy. “How are you back?” you asked, looking at him. You felt a buzz in the air, practically hearing it.
“You’re an-“
“Angel. This grace is not mine, I do not know how much longer it will hold me” he said while following you towards the hallway.
“We’ll figure it out in the morning alright? Just get some rest” you opened the door to his room, and everything lay like he left it. You placed a hand on his arm, squeezing it. This time though, he felt it like he did when he was human. Touch still meant just as much.
“Y/N, I have to tell you-“
“Tomorrow, Castiel. Get some rest” you smiled and shut his door behind you, making your way back under the covers.
Castiel buried himself under the sheets, a human habit he realized was absolutely pointless now. You must have forgotten he no longer needs to sleep. Still he lay in the bed, on the same sheets he accidentally dyed green in the wash when he didn’t separate his colors. He balled the material in his fist, realizing then that you made him human. Not the loss of grace, nor the habits - it was all you.
It was when he swung the bunkers door open in his dirty jacket, and your eyes melted over his. It was when your hair fell so beautifully over your shoulders that he realized he should pay more attention to it.
It was when you teased him about staring at the sun for too long, and then he thought he shouldn’t stare at you for too long either because you were brighter than it.
It was when you linked your warm fingers with his, oh so humanly alive, and left the bar laughing.
It was when you picked out a lamp for him, that you later told him matched his eyes.
It was when he listened to that song with you, every word registering so perfectly in his head to connect back to you. That whole song was about you. So quietly, he got up and turned the iPod on. It had 34% battery left, and he smiled softly at it, pressing play.
‘And I’m never gonna tell you everything I’ve got to tell you, but I know I’ve got to give it a try” played over the entire room, giving Castiel that sigh of relief he was waiting for.
Morning came and Castiel practically jumped out of bed, eagerly knocking at your door like a child.
“Son of a bitch” Dean muttered, walking up to Cas and hugging him. “When’d you get back?”
“Last night, Y/N opened the door. I was going to say hello, but you saw me first” Castiel said.
“Sammy!” Dean shouted, banging loudly at his brothers door. Cas furrowed his brows, but then saw Sam’s relieved face, and hugged the moose right back.
“Yeah?” you swung the door open, and Castiel dropped his eyes to your pajamas, and old white t-shirt of his. He cleared his throat and you looked past him and Dean and Sam.
“Look who’s back!” you exclaimed and both brothers exhaled a laugh. “I’ll be right out to make breakfast, hope you still like waffles, Cas” you said.
“I don’t eat any-“ but he door swung shut, and Cas stood there, staring at the old wood.
Eventually he joined the brothers in the kitchen, telling them everything that had happened.
“So how much longer will this grace last?” Sam asked, putting his apple down. Castiel shrugged and Dean sighed.
“We’ll figure it out” he reassured and Cas nodded.
Days passed by, eventually the rise and setting of the sun happened so often that Castiel realized two weeks had flown by. He sat right outside the bunker, on the cement steps. This time being careful of staring at the sun. He thought about the consequences of telling you how he felt. Long after you died, he’d still be walking the earth, eternally grieving. He thought about how you’d react, most importantly how you wouldn’t. Whether you’d purse your lips, or smile in return was the difference between heartbreak and pure happiness for him.
Then Dean’s voice penetrated his mind, telling him to just tell you.
“Hey” you greeted behind him, ripping him from his thoughts.
“Hello” Castiel said, and you sat in the same place you did nearly two months ago.
“It’s beautiful out” you mentioned, placing your bare toes in the grass still soaked from dew of the morning.
“Yes, the sky is clear” he said and you smiled, watching his eyes jump from different areas of the sky to the next.
“What did you have to tell me?”
“What?” Cas asked, looking down at your figure beside him.
“I completely forgot” you brought your knees up to your chest, “When you came back, you tried telling me something that night but I was so hung up on you resting that I forgot to ask what you wanted to say” you rambled for a moment, and Castiel exhaled.
“What? What is it?” you asked again, looking at his face. His eyes changed instantly, almost like a fear. “Did something happen while you were gone?”
“No” he suddenly smiled, “It was a little before that” he said.
“I don’t understand” you furrowed your brows.
“Y/N. While I was human, it was you who taught me how to be human. How to laugh, cry, smile, and sigh. And while I was without grace, the feelings that I suppressed as an angel, had the ability to surface. I realized that I may hold feelings for you more intense than friendship. If I’m expressing this correctly, I have fallen in love with you as a human, and still do love you” he said and your lips fell apart. You made an inaudible sound before turning to face him completely.
The sun shone so brightly behind him, the rays struck your eyes painfully. You could see his eyes, waiting for an answer, for a motion, - for anything. So you gave him that. Gingerly you placed a hand on the back of his neck, moving him close enough for him to feel your breath on his lips. You felt him stiffen, and bit back a smile before pressing your lips to his.
All the words you wanted to say disappeared into this, into his lips, tongue, and teeth.
“I may have too” you said, wondering if that was even proper english, but too ecstatic to care.
Castiel wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you tight against his chest. You rested your head on his shoulder and continued to watch the birds fly through the sky. And everything was alright, everything finally made sense.

You Make Me Wanna (Joe Sugg Imagine)

‘I’m going to grab drinks then I’ll be ready’ Oli stated before heading out of Joe’s room and up the stairs.

'Hurry up or I’ll have to get Y/N to take your place!’ Joe remarked. You looked at him stunned before realising that he was joking.

Joe had always been your best friend, but you were never one for the spotlight and always avoided being in his videos. You’d never even made it onto his vlogging channel. Joe was adjusting the height of his tri-pod when a familiar song came over his sound system.

 ‘You make me wanna call you in the middle of the night.
You make me wanna hold you till the morning light.
You make me wanna love, you make me wanna fall.
You make me wanna surrender my soul.’

 'Remember this song?’ You asked Joe. He came over and sat on the bed beside you.

'Remember it? Y/N I have this song on a playlist because of you singing it to me repeatedly when we were 10!’

'It’s a good song’ you defended singing along to it at the top of your voice.
'I know this is a feeling that I just can’t fight.
You’re the first and last thing on my mind.’  

Joe looked at you in amazement before joining in.

'Well I know that these feelings won’t end no, no.
They’ll just get stronger if I see you again.
Baby I’m tired of being friends.
I wanna know if you feel the same’

His eyes met yours and remained there whilst he sang. You couldn’t help but feel like there was some meaning behind the lyrics he’d been singing. You didn’t realise until Oli re-emerged in the doorway that Joe’s hand had crept into yours. He quickly snatched it away and switched off the music. Your heart sunk a little as Joe immersed himself into filming with Oli again.

You’d always had a soft spot for Joe, but recently you’d started to think that maybe he felt the same. You kept having these little moments, but you were too scared to ask him if he’d noticed them too. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself if he hadn’t realised and you definitely didn’t want to throw away years worth of friendship.

Oli and Joe began filming their Q&A video, they were about half way through when Joe asked 'what do you find most annoying about each other?’

Oli sat in thought for a while trying to think of an answer.

'This should be easy, I prank you all the time, surely that’s annoying?’  Joe prompted.

'Yeah but you know what’s more annoying? The amount that you talk to me about Y/N yet you still haven’t asked her out’

You froze as the words left Oli’s mouth, you looked at Joe who’s expression was mirroring yours. You wondered if this was the moment you had been waiting for, was Joe finally going to tell you he felt the same way as you did?

'No, we’re just friends’ Joe dismissed Oli’s comment and you nodded in agreement from behind the camera. They continued on through the rest of the video, yet you still couldn’t shake the disappointment that Joe had said you were just friends, maybe he didn’t feel the same after all.

Later on you were sat watching TV with Joe, Oli had gone home and neither of you had said anything more about his earlier comment. You sat with your knees drawn to your chest and Joe to your side.

'How come you’re so quiet tonight’ Joe asked.

'No reason’ you shrugged in a half hearted attempt at lying.

'Y/N I’ve known you for as long as I can remember, do you really think I’m going to believe that something’s not bothering you?’

'Fine’ you sighed realising he wouldn’t let it slide otherwise. 'I was thinking about what Oli said earlier’

'He was just teasing’ he tried to assure you.

'No I know but… never mind’  you shook your head.

'No go on’ his brow furrowed and he reached for the remote, switching the TV to mute. 'You can tell me anything you know that right?’ he rested his hand on the top of your thigh, you knew he meant it comfortingly, but in reality it ignited fireworks across your skin.

You looked down into your lap, not wanting to make eye contact as you spoke. 'When you said that we’re just friends… well I don’t want to be just friends anymore’

Both of you sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. Joe eventually lifted your chin so he could look into your eyes. You searched his face for even a hint of emotion but he looked just as lost as you felt. You weren’t sure if he was leaning in or if you were but the next thing you knew you were kissing. You and Joe. The gentle touch of his lips caused an eruption of butterflies inside of you. You were scared and excited at the same time.

Joe eventually pulled away smiling at you.

'Baby I’m tired of just being friends’ he whispered the same lyrics he’d sang to you earlier in the day, only this time you knew that he meant them.

A/N: This is my first imagine, I hope it’s okay! I love reading other peoples so I thought I’d have a go at writing them. I have a few more drafted and ready to post, but I’m also willing to take requests or suggestions. 

Blooming alone

A/N: So this is a fic I wrote while I was alone one day something just compelled me to write something about what happens when you leave your friends and move on with your life. I started to think about what it would be like to look back to your past years later and see your friends. As many of you know the poem ‘Tis the last rose of summer’ is a favorite of mine so it’s based on that. Without giving too much away I’ll leave you guys to my short fic about loss.

Written by: Redlittlefox 

Master list 

Dean x Reader, Sam X Reader, Cas X reader

Word count:1230

Sum: The reader comes back to see Sam and Dean after years of being away from them. 

Warnings: None. 

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The bunker seemed empty without you somehow. You hadn’t always been there. Far from it. You had only been a part of the history for a few short years. Years that you wanted so desperately to get back seemed so far away now. The laughter, anger, and sadness that had filled the halls were something you never thought that you would miss.

Your boys, on the other hand, you knew you would.

So many memories coursed through the place, it was a wonder that you had time to remember them all. Sam and Dean were long behind you miles, moments, and years.

“Tis the last rose of summer.” You said to yourself, as you walked through the halls in your mind. Though it had been years, you knew that the halls you walked never changed. Sam and Dean’s rooms were miles apart so that one wouldn’t disturb the other and your old room was somewhere in between.

Opening your eyes, you saw that nothing had changed in your present life. You still sat on the park bench in the middle of the large green area, and you still felt alone despite all the warm bodies around you. Pushing yourself up from the bench, you moved forward, not fully knowing where you were going.

You shoved your hands in your pocket and found your keys still pressed tight against your leg. Fumbling around for a bit you felt every key. Slowly , your hand found the one that mattered. The one that opened your old home.

“Left blooming all alone.” You spoke silently, as you heard angel wings flapping behind you. Not sparing a glance over your shoulder, you walked the rest of the way to your car before unlocking it.

“Y/N.” The voice sounded like gravel, rough and course. Yet there was still something sweet in it that told you who it was.

“Cas.” You pulled open the door to your car, and finally looked back at the angel. His face was sadder than it had been the last time you saw him. The lines in his face more prominent and his eyes darker.

“You got my message, yes?” His tone wasn’t happy. Instead,  it was filled with pain.

“Yes… I’m on my way over to see Sam and Dean now… They shouldn’t have to do it themselves.” You looked at the ground as you clenched the handle of the door so hard your knuckles turned white and you began to lose feeling. You slowly let go.

“Thank you, Y/N… You know I wouldn’t have asked unless they didn’t ask me directly to tell you.” He took a few steps towards you and grasped your hand. “I’m sorry.”

You forced a smile on your lips and used your free hand to cup his face. “It’s fine, Cas. I know this is hard for you too. Come on… I’ll give you a ride.” You pulled your hand free and looked into his cold blue eyes. “I know you can just pop in anywhere you want, but I need someone by my side right now… Or I’ll never have the courage to go back in there.”

“Alright Y/N, I’ll go with you.”

He began walking to the other side but was stopped by your hand clutching his sleeve. He looked at your hand and back at you as tears welled up in your eyes. His brow knitted together as if he was in pain, and he wrapped you in a warm embrace that you wished would last forever. It didn’t take long before your hot tears were staining his coat and your shaking started.

“I never should have left them, Cas… They needed me and I got scared and now… now… “

Cas stroked your hair calming you down slightly. “It’s fine, Y/N… They’re fine.”

“I haven’t seen them in years… and to go back because of this doesn’t seem right.” He pulled away from you and you saw that it was now his turn to force a smile on his lips.

“They understand. You wanted a normal life and found a way to get it. They were happy for you.”

You used the heel of your hand to wipe the tears from your eyes knowing that the action would cause your eyes to puff up and become redder.

“I know.” With that, you turned and sat down in the car. “Come on, Cas,  we’re burning daylight.”

Cas smiled and made the long walk to the passenger side when you slammed your door. “All her lovely companions…” You said, as Cas opened the door and fell in beside you.

“What did you say?”

“I said hurry up, Cas.” You lied, as you pushed your key into the ignition and started your car. It didn’t take long before you were speeding down the road and making your way to the bunker that was only a few hours away. You began to reminisce with Cas about small little memories.

Each story did little to help your pain. Dean’s heroics. Sam’s deductions. A story or two about how you and Dean had that one night stand that lasted throughout the years and became something much more.

In no time, you were at the bunker doors parked and staring at the large looming door ahead of you. Scared and nervous.

“I’ll go in first.”

“No, Cas… I need to see them. Alone. Please just give me a few minutes and then come in.”

Cas hesitated before he answered you. You could tell that he wanted to go with you at least. He knew how much pain was behind that door and you knew that all he wanted was to protect you from that pain.

“It’s just Sam and Dean.” You said as you swallowed hard. “They can’t hurt me.”

He nodded, signaling for you to go ahead of him. You opened your door and pulled your keyring from the ignition, fumbling to find the single key that unlocked your past.

You walked to the door and shoved the key in slowly. Turning it so you could hear every noise that the inner lock made as you heard the last switch unlock. Your heart dropped as you opened the door and felt stale air hit you in the face and familiar smells danced in your nose.

It took every bit of strength you had to push the door open and walk inside. “Library.” You said as you walked into the room and around to see that nothing had changed. “I should have never left.”

You walked down the halls silently looking for Sam and Dean. It wasn’t until you smelled something foul that you knew you had found them.

Taking a deep breath and trying to swallow down the lump in your throat you rounded the corner to find them. They looked the same, despite some new scars, and even smelled the same under the foul smell that was coming from the room.

Tears started to well up in your eyes and you sank to the floor weeping hysterically. They looked the same. But that didn’t hide the fact that they both were lying dead in front of you. Blood pooled from their lips and noses. They were dead and gone.

“Tis the last rose of summer *sob* Left blooming all alone.” You sucked in cold air. “All her lovely companions… are dead and gone.”  

Fear Of The Dark (Michael AU)

I have a strange obsession with Michael in Iron Maiden shirts and me wanting to go to a Maiden concert with him (seriously). So I was listening to Fear of The Dark today while I studied for my exams and this idea struck me. Hope you like it and do tell me if there should be a second part or not!


Word Count: 1335

Part 2

The night was dark outside when you got off the bus. It was late already and the streets were almost dead, barely any cars driving by and the streetlights were the only source of light around you. A cold breezebrushed by and you held your jacket closer to your body in an attempt to warm yourself up.

You started walking home while thinking of the events of that day. Class had taken longer than other days and your teacher fought with one of your classmates while he was presenting. It was the guy’s fault for talking back and not shutting up when he should’ve. In the end, he would probably have to retake the class because of his stupidity, but at least everyone else in the class had a good laugh.

“I’m such a bitch sometimes,” you mumbled under your breath with a tiny chuckle.

As you continued to walk, you felt a presence next to you. You searched around, trying to figure out if anyone was following you. You gripped your cellphone tightly as you looked around, but nothing was there. Slowly, you continued on your way home, but you still felt like someone was following you home.

You checked your surroundings several times because you could’ve sworn someone was behind you. Once you were in front of your house, you checked one more time, staring directly at the dark patch of woods in front of your house. You could’ve sworn you saw a patch of bright red hair and pale skin, but after you shook your head, the image was gone.

“Get your shit together,” you told yourself before you unlocked the front door of your house.

You went up to your room and dropped off your stuff before going to your parents’ bedroom. You knocked on the door and opened it once you got a response from the inside. Your mom was lying down with the TV on and her laptop on her legs.

“How was school?” she asked as she glanced at you for a moment before returning her attention to her computer.

“It was okay,” you replied. You wanted to tell her about what happened that day since you enjoyed sharing those kinds of details with her, but she seemed pretty busy and you didn’t want to interrupt. “Where’s dad?”

“He said that he got stuck at work, but he should be home soon,” she replied. “There’s some food on the kitchen. I made your favorite,” she said with a smile, but never ripping her eyes away from the screen in front of her.

“Okay, thank you,” you replied before you walked out.

Downstairs, you plugged your ear buds in and played some music in your iPod. In the kitchen, you served yourself some food as you sang along to Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots. When the plate was on the microwave, you moved to open up the refrigerator, but stopped when you felt something brush your hand. You looked down, expecting to see an insect on your hand or something alike, but there was nothing there.

Gulping, you opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice. You served yourself a cup before putting the bottle away. As you moved to get the plate out of the microwave, the cup of orange juice fell off the counter. You jumped and held a hand over your chest as you stared at the chattered glass. You closed your eyes, remembering perfectly well that you left it far away from the edge, so it couldn’t possibly have fallen off all by itself.

“Maybe I did leave it there,” you told yourself, but deep inside you knew there was no way the cup fell all by itself like that.

Trying not to overthinking what just happened, you grabbed some newspaper and a broom. You pushed all the pieces of glass into a pile before placing them all on the newspaper. You threw that away and mopped the floor. Then, you served yourself more orange juice before grabbing your plate and going upstairs to your bedroom.

You turned on your TV and settled on watching American Horror Story while you dug into your food. You tried your best to concentrate on the show, but the feeling of being watched was really freaking you out. You knew someone was in that room with you, but you couldn’t see anyone and you were trying your best to tell your mind it was just your imagination. Ghosts couldn’t possibly be real. You’d been to haunted places with your friends before and never had you experienced anything like what you were going through at the moment. It had to be your imagination.

After finishing your dinner, you placed the empty plate on your side table and finished watching the episode. Once it was over, you headed downstairs and washed your plate. Then, you took a deep breath before going up to your bedroom.

You changed into your favorite pair of pajamas and cleaned up your bedroom a bit because it was getting messy. As you were putting your school books away, you heard something.

“Y/N,” someone called. You frowned because it sounded like a male voice, but your dad wasn’t home yet, so it couldn’t have been him. Maybe it was your mom and it sounded like a man for some reason, so you went over to your parents’ bedroom and knocked.

“Did you call me?” you asked your mother.

She looked up at you and shook her head. “No, honey, I didn’t.”

“Oh, okay,” you replied. “Goodnight.”

She returned your words before you walked away. You decided it was best to get ready for bed. Perhaps you were starting to imagine things because of how exhausted you were. Yeah, it definitely had to be that. There was no other explanation.

“A ghost?” you said and started to chuckle. “How absurd.”

You continued to chuckle on your way to the bathroom. You did your business first and then washed your hands thoroughly. You studied your features in the mirror for a moment, hoping to figure out if you were dreaming or not. Maybe you fell asleep in class or the bus and were starting to have a highly disturbing dream or a nightmare.

You washed your face then with as much care as you could. You didn’t want to get any more pimples. That part of your life was over if you had any say in it. Pimples were not something you wanted to have on your body ever again. If not having them meant taking extra good care of your skin, then so be it.

When you were done, you grabbed your toothbrush and placed a good amount of toothpaste on it. You brushed your teeth thoroughly as you hummed Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden under your breath. It was really ironic that you had that particular song stuck in your mind, but you didn’t care. It seemed fitting anyway.

“Sometimes when you’re scared to take a look at the corner of the room you’ve sensed that something’s watching you,” you heard a male voice sing into your ear, breath brushing against your ear and a hand caressing your arm. You jumped and closed your eyes, scared to check and see if someone was next to you.

When the feeling disappeared, you opened your eyes again and checked, but nothing was there. You spit the paste in your mouth onto the sink and finished cleaning your teeth before going back to your bedroom.

You opened your bedroom door and felt around the wall for the switch, your heart still racing from what happened in the bathroom. When you found it, you pressed the light switch and looked up from your feet up to your bedroom and jumped, suddenly startled by what you saw.

Standing a couple of inches away from you was a tall boy with red-dyed hair, pale translucent skin and the greenest eyes you’d ever seen. “Hey, Y/N. About time we meet,” he said before a cold, cruel smile spread across his lips.

A loud scream left your lips and you instantly knew your life would never be the same.