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Let me tell you why Yuri on Ice won’t have the standardised uke/seme bullshit

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If you look at these scenes, what do you feel? Do you think Yuri would perfectly fit the Uke role?

Let me tell you WHY that’s not the case.

One thing that always ruined the yaoi anime hype for me was that it has ALWAYS been obvious who will symbolise the feminine side. There has ALWAYS been a character that either looked rather feminine or just acted the obvious uke way. By that I mean:

- getting embarrassed or red cheeks very easily

- not taking the initiative in physical interactions (or doing it but getting overly flustered)

- usually symbolising the emotional side of the relationship

But guys, as much as we like that kind of yaoi, we know exactly that’s not how it works. In a real, healthy relationship, both sides are able to flip the switch. The uke isn’t always uke and seme isn’t always seme.


Remember the beach scene where Victor was Yuri’s emotional support? Remember Victor actually being most of Yuri’s emotional support as a coach every single time before he enters the rink?

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Look, don’t get me wrong. I agree that Victor is very dominant. I also agree that Yuri has this shy vibe on him. But you know one thing that this brilliant anime has? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. You could obviously label them at the first few episodes. Then the dynamic began to change and now you can no longer say who exactly is uke/seme. That’s because Yuri and Victor are able to take on BOTH of these roles.

 My point is, they keep surprising us as fans and each other exactly because THERE IS NO OBVIOUS UKE/SEME RELATIONSHIP HERE. 


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Nintendo just posted the price of the switch in the UK on twitter. It’s £280. Did a quick conversion and if we paid the same as the price in the US it would be £245

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I’m shipping Stella and India (already got some feels in episode 2 actually). Is it wrong ?

But is she supposed to be French or what ? Cause her accent is really not convincing, désolée… ^^

And what should the tag for the show be ? “Switch ITV2” “Switch UK” ?  Cause “Switch” is referring to sexual stuff…

Switch - Witches of Kensington (as of 1x06)

Alexa -She’s a bitch and obsessive… The show wouldn’t be the same without her, but she is beautiful and her actress is amazing. I love the scene near the end of ‘Summer Solstice Showdown’ where she’s behind the tree, she looks amazing in that scene and even though she didn’t say anything it was absolute perfection.

Remy - I believe she is the shorter of the two, she reminds me of someone I used to know and hate… that pretty much covers it really.

Romola - She looks a good degree older than the others but that may just be her height mixed in with her hairstyle choice, although she tends to have the voice of an infant.

Meanwhile half the time I can’t understand half the words they say, mainly their use of French I’m not used to the wording being bunched so close together. Surprisingly I don’t have any trouble interpreting their “posh” speak.

Switch - Hopes for future series

Below are some things I would like to see from future series:

More Gloria - An eccentric woman and a hardcore Witch - Lets face it, we love her and even though she was only in a third of the show it wouldn’t be the same without her. Caroline Quentin’s acting is superb and she really brings the role to life, I wouldn’t want anyone else playing Gloria. What I would love to see from Gloria is not only her comedy but I want to see her magic in action, sure we say her lift a hex but I have a feeling that she’s hiding some serious power under her squirrel suit.

Another Coven - Even if its for just one episode I would like to see another coven be introduced, but not necessarily cause trouble for the Camden Witches, maybe a possible team up against the witches of Kensington.

Male Witches - I know that throughout the series there have only been female witches but it hasn’t been defined as magic being an only female thing. I like the fact that it is female led, however I would like to see either an all male or partial male coven. If they are going by fact, and that is how they want the show to be premised on, a witch can be either male or female. Like I said in ‘Another Coven’ they wouldn’t have to stick around but to make an appearance at least.

I may add to this at some point in time.

What would you like to see in the shows future?