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Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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Every time its always Dean who ‘makes the call’ to Cas, how Sam knows this is the deal.

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Every time Dean moves away from Sam, or waits for him to go, then calls.

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How Dean was so confused in 10x21 when he picked up Sam’s phone and Cas was calling it. How when they do talk have clearly been on the phone for a while and right at the end, when in front of Sam, Dean switches to the case and ends with a perfunctory ‘ok let us know’ or ‘keep us posted’ (most recent example 12x13) …. 

It reminds me of how open Dean was on the phone with Cas when Sam wasn’t there in 12x02. 

How it’s been shown that they clearly call and text in between those that we see on camera.

It reminds me of his physical reactions, side glancing at Sam when they’re on speakerphone, straightening himself and the conversation out when it might digress because Sam is there…. 

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Exactly how he reacted when he was caught off guard and grinning over the idea of cute fluffy koalas and had to immediately pull his face back to neutral once he realised.

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Yeah, cos they’re like 3 brothers, sure.


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Please please please do demon Fruk!! Or demon x angel Fruk!

Okay, I’m too lazy to make a whole comic, so I’m just going to show you a few pictures and explain the plot I have in mind.

Arthur is the Lord of Wickedness and Francis is the Lord of Righteousness. Arthur meets up with Francis in the heavens and demands full rule over the Earth. Francis refuses, and Arthur threatens to end his existence. 

Instead of having a bloodbath, they agree to save their energy and have a dance across the galaxy instead. Whoever is leading by the end of the dance will decide the fate of the other. They are accustomed to having these dances, since Arthur frequently demands control over the Earth. Francis has always won, and every time, he decides to let Arthur live and have his share of control over the Earth. 

Just before the end of their dance, Arthur plants a kiss on Francis and it distracts him long enough for Arthur to switch their roles and end the dance leading.

Arthur turns Francis into a human child so that he will have to grow up and live in a world full of his torment and evil. Before Francis is transformed, he tells Arthur the reason why he always decided to keep him alive after their dance was because he knew he couldn’t live without Arthur, and he’s sad to know that Arthur can live without him.

As Arthur drops off Francis down on Earth, he looks at Francis’s face and begins developing sympathy. He thinks of the dances he and Francis had shared, and how he would never have another dance again. He realises he was foolish to make the decision he made.

He places France in water and decides instead that it will be up to humanity to decide how much good or evil is put into the world by their actions. He then turns himself into a human as well.

Neither have any recollection of their past life, but feel a deep connection.

Had a Gency soap opera tonight!

I was playing Mercy in quick play and my team could NOT get their shit together and attack properly, so in the last minute or so I gave up and used the sit emote in the middle ground between points. Enemy Genji and Mercy came up to us and said hello and we all just screwed around for a bit. Then the enemy team unleashed ALL of their ults on us at once - I was the first to die. The clock ran out just as I was running out of spawn and lo and behold the enemy Genji was there to meet me. But he killed me completely unnecessarily.

I called him out in all chat and he said, “You left me!” And at first I was confused and then I realized it was because I’d DIED and left him.


“You left me :’(”

“I left you for like 30 sec so you murder me??”

Neither of us switches our queue and we end up against each other again. Enemy Genji complains that we aren’t on the same team in all chat.

“No no no! We’re not together!”

“You murdered me.”

“Please baby I’m a changed man! Don’t leave me again!”

And so on and so forth lol. We stayed in the same queue and kept getting placed on opposite teams - much to his dismay. On Volskaya, he accidentally killed me twice and was very upset by it - I chastised him and told him I had a new Genji (one of my teammates just so happened to have switched to Genji at the time). He begged me not to leave him again.

He got potg at one point with his ult and all of us watched him run around murdering my teammates. During this time we could all clearly see him turn, see me, then turn away and go after someone else.

“See how I didn’t go after you there?”

“I saw”

One of his teammates: “Dude she got a rez after that you should have killed her.”

“Nah, I’d rather her rez.”

((Side note: I ended up getting 7 votes on my card at the end of that game because I was getting multiple triple and quad-rez))

Finally after several matches, we got put on the same team. 

“asdjf;asldkfja;dfljkasdf FINALLY!! THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED!”

We proceeded to kick butt - he was pretty good at surviving on his own, but when he needed heals he would always come back to me when asking (and he only asked twice and always said thank you). He also tried to protect me when he could and even killed people that had just killed me to avenge my death.

Overall, my best experience with a Genji yet - so much fun! And my shipper heart was soaring! <3


I saw someone describe this game as a huge Studio Ghibli world… an interesting comparison.

Note: I wish there was an option to have permanent “RIP” markers so that there are like 50 red Xs in one particular area

Second Note: The musical score in this game is so far not as epic and intense as the trailer made it out to be, but on the contrary is subtle and glorious in a totally different way 

03.02.2017 Brush Lettering

Practice for my bullet journal from a few days ago 📔🖌️ :) I can do it continuously, but i like the effect of switching brush ends more :D I’m thinking about getting another set of Tombows? They’re really good for brush lettering, though they’re a little difficult to blend, even with the blending brush included in the set. I got the Portrait set from Amazon :) 




I was commissioned for some flirty DaveKat and I turned it into an awful session of truth or dare + typical dirty joke I’m very professional.

.“Now, using the term matuirty in the scientific way, Leia and Rey aren’t mature. At age 19, the brain is still developing, and won’t reach maturity until age 25. Han and Kylo? Past date. That’s not taking into account their emotional maturity, which, let’s face it, the ladies excel at, while the men? Not so much.Now if you want to talk about why there are pedophilic undertones to Reylo and even HanLeia, we can look directly at the fact that Leia and Rey are both very young. Switch the ages slightly, you end up with a 15 year-old and a 25 year-old, which is the undertones we’re talking about.”- anti reylo 

So this is what I got from this bs.  Rey is not “developed” So basically Rey is stupid. The same woman who lived by herself ALONE, knows how to handle own,build and fix things from nothing but scraps of broken machines. But she’s not developed. Honestly do antis have some parental glasses on cause they act like Rey is 3 or still a baby. They stay treating her like this. 

Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. REY IS NOT A PREPUBESCENT CHILD SHE’S 19 AN ADULT. That goes for Leia too. God damn I’m tired of this discourse if your going to use pedophile use it right 

i don’t understand why so many people are angry that disney decided to use lefou as the gay character. just because he’s illiterate, doesn’t make him any less charming. he was definitely one of the best characters in the movie. yes he’s a villain, but the audience still loved him, and he switched sides at the end! regarding the gayness being represented in a millisecond, things take time! you have to realize disney’s demographic is full of the children of conservative parents. if they finally branch out and make a huge glorification of an lgbt character, the conservatives are probably going to lose their shit and possibly not contribute to disney anymore (their loss). disney is one of the biggest corporations on the planet and they don’t want to take that risk yet. by including an lgbt character at all, we know they are supportive! baby steps…

Bruh I just had the craziest Yuuri!!! On Ice dream and I am Shook. Alright, okay, let me try and remember this because you all are going to love it.

The dream starts out with me watching trailers at the movie theater and then I hear Stammi Vicino start to play over the speakers. Opens up with Victor and Yuuri either dancing to the routine or ice skating (it was vague as dreams tend to be). All I know is that they were doing one of them around the Russian Palace in the time frame of when one of the Tsar’s ruled. (Think Anastasia time frame.)

So music is playing in the background and we see the two strike a dramatic pose during their routine before we scene switch to show a flash of fire and people panicking as the castle is under attack (again think Anastasia) and then another switch of the ending routine before we see Yuuri losing his ring. Another scene switch to a shot of Yuuri’s ring dramatically falling down the steps as the fires and panic continue. 

Skip to a shot of Yuuri running to try and get his ring back before giving up and then panicking crowds separating Yuuri and Victor and the two trying to reach for each other. They can’t reach and we can hear them call each other’s name as the music swells. 

The music starts to slow to something softer and we see a scene of the castle now empty and abandoned, Yuri Plisetsky walking through the worn halls and looking around curiously. His foot almost steps on the ring that is old and coated in dust, the teen looking curious as he stops and looks down.

We see a title card of black (I think anyways) and then hear a woman voice over and her speaking in Japanese and I think the words were along something of ‘Love can transcend anything - war, death, and even time’. Something cheesy like that.

Cut to seeing Yuri’s face as he holds up the ring which glints in weak sunbeams. At this point the music is near faded as we hear a voice off screen of Yuuri saying ‘Victor?’

Cut to Stammi Vicino now playing music box notes as a title card shows ‘Yuri!!! On Ice OVA’ and then fades to an icy pond with a golden ring sitting at the bottom, words flashing over the bottom that says ‘Coming This Fall’.

If you don’t think I’m either going to make this fucking video or write this fucking story then you are wrONG.