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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap coming to Nintendo Switch

How to Love an Isle Boy

An Auradon girl who thinks she understands the Isle and an Isle boy who pretends he’s from Auradon.

They try to make it work. 

Warning: Life on the Isle is no good. Deals with serious content and mental trauma.

It’s sad that it took a dragon and nearly the destruction of Auradon to bring them closer, but Jane is grateful for it nonetheless. They have open talks and better communication, more love and trust between them. A real relationship. It’s fantastic.

Except for the tight smile her mother is giving her now.

“A date? With…Carlos de Vil?”

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Yugyeom Imagine - “Say it, once more”

Yugyeom’s arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer into his chest as you sat watching movies together. These were your favourite dates with him just relaxing and eating junk food while watching your favourite films. Tonight had been Yugyeom’s turn to choose and he went with Avengers, one you had both seen countless times. As the film continued to play, Yugyeom spoke, “(Y/N)-ah?”
“Yes, Yugyeommie?” You switched your focus from the screen to the boy sat beside you, wondering why he was distracted from one of his favourite movies.
“Well, we’ve been dating for a few months now and…” He stopped halfway through his sentence, nerves radiating from him.
“We have. And it’s been amazing, Yugyeom.” You tried to lower his nerves and gave him a warm smile which he gladly returning, blushing slightly.
“These have been the best few months, because of you, (Y/N) and well, I love you.” His cheeks had turned a bright crimson now and he was biting his lip gently, clearly worried about your response.
“I love you too, Yugyeommie.” His eyes lit up as you returned his feelings and a smile spread across his face.
“Of course I love you, how could I not?” You leaned in closer to kiss him and he returned the kiss. It was slow and passionate, filled with emotion and love and care.
“Just say it, once more,” Yugyeom mumbled against your lips. You broke the kiss for a short second, “I love you. So much. More than anything else.” As soon as the words left your lips, Yugyeom was kissing you again, harder and even more passionate than before. His tongue lightly grazed against your lip and you opened your mouth, letting his tongue slip in. You both moved in sync, his arms had moved to your waist and yours were tangled in his hair. He moaned into the kiss and you giggled, knowing where the night would be headed. Clearly Yugyeom had the same idea as he winked and said, “Shall we take this upstairs?”

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Why is Capcom so retarded, they put their retro ports like Mega Man, Disney, and Okami on everything but the Switch even though retro games like Wonder Boy and Oceanhorn have sold more on Switch than all other platforms combined. It's pretty amusing how Capcom misses the mark with this stuff though.

all of those ports began development before the switch was even out fam

Starbolt Five - 13

Adventures of a Tamaranian Boy Wonder. When Katarou’s power-switching gem sticks for Robin only, he is left to learn just what it means to be Tamaranian.

As imagined by Ya-ssui.


Kry’s note: Um. Hi. So. Um. Since it’s been so long, I totally forgot where I was going with the rage thing, so here’s a snapshotty thing of something which might occur. I’m sure the rage thing will come back into play, once I’ve figured out where I was.

Please note, I have been given permission to angst. Tempered though it may be by the wrath of Kater, I know I can appease her by the use of -Kry writes smut-. So angst ahoy.

Rumble. Purr. Bliss.

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap coming to Nintendo Switch