switch shiho


A welcome home warm-up set of facelifts for these two… I’m getting re-acclimated to my setup at home and Lenoire & Haerang haven’t had new faceups in over a year, so I redid them both today!

Lenny’s had a small eye mod to open up/even out her upper eyelids. I also completely changed her eyelid and eyebrow shapes to something closer to what I originally had in mind the last time I painted her. While I’m still not 100% happy with the body she’s on I do not think I will be able to sell her like I originally planned to :’) Haerang hasn’t changed too much besides darker lips, red eyeliner, and altered eyebrow shape (not pictured no thanks to the wig).

I’ll be working on clearing out all my trades and backlogged private commissions starting tomorrow and I’ll start taking in people from my “want to paint” list who’ve already reserved with me. Thanks for your continued patience!


While I’m at it, let’s have ourselves a proper Throwback Thursday :) Here’s all 5 of the current main gang, from their very first appearances to their current ones!

Lenoire - Asleep Eidolon 冬至/Solstice (December 2012 ➡ September 2016)

Her first faceup was done by Eludys, current one done by me after light eye modification. Current wig is from Nine9style while her first one was from Kaleido.

Polaire - Little Monica Sophia (March 2014 ➡ September 2016)

She’s gone through 7 8 faceups to date, more than Lenoire, even though the core elements of her appearance haven’t changed at all :) She’s also blazed through 3 different pairs of eyes and now has a pair of fancy DollBakery
Pancakes I haven’t managed to photograph yet. I play favorites.

Haerang - Switch Shiho x HD57 girl body (November 2014 ➡ June 2016)

Surprisingly Haerang “DJ” hasn’t changed much besides dark red eyeliner and a switched up manicure. Eyebrow shape is now shorter but you can’t see it under her melonbowlcut hair…

Estelle - Fairyland F60 Celine (October 2015 ➡ January 2017)

Biggest change award goes to Essie, everyone’s favorite bad girl! Not much difference between her 2nd and 3rd faceups, but the difference between the first and the latter two is gigantic (mostly because of a jump in technical skill). I also got rid of her #ruined Licht wig and replaced it with a nice clean custom wig by Mitsukeru :)

Tamako - Fairyland FLA60 x FM60 body (May 2016 ➡  January 2017)

Softened her look with an eye mod, replaced 14mm Oscars with 16mm MehiArt eyes, and gave her a little egg sticker under her right eye, but she’s going to be changing again this May once Cygne arrives! Signature wig made by Fansea ♡

Feel free to dig through your photo archives and tag me if you decide do the same, I’d love to see how many upgrades/image changes your collection’s gone through!


I took punch of random pictures of my crew today

At first I was just supposed to take better pictures of Nova’s faceup. Then I was supposed to take profile pictures.

Then I just felt like taking couple shots with Leia and Laeh.

Sigh. I need motivation that would actually make me sew again. All I’ve done is adding buttons or making curtains for relatives lately and both are parts of sewing that I absolutely hate…

Any ideas?