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please give us more batfam acting like a family

jdkdjd now i cant remember anything and im formatting on mobile chrome so sorry for the mess but ok listen

[Dick, via comms, sounding desperate] ROBIN, ARE YOU STILL NEAR MY HOUSE? 

[Damian, alarmed] YES


  • and when Damian arrives, bursts through the window, batarang in hand ready to kick ass, he finds Dick in bed, in a blanket burrito watching tv.

“Dami can you please turn off the lights and close the door.”

Damian sighs irritated. Throws the batarang at the light switch. Kicks closed the door.

“Thank you Dami my beautiful baby brother that i would die for, can you~”

“I am not getting you food from the kitchen, goodbye grayson”


  • they used to spit into a drink or lick food to stop a sibling from eating it.. (jason and Cass used to eat/drink that shit anyways while staring at you dead in the eye… Tim used to do it ONLY with Cass’ food and sometimes Dick’s…) but now they don’t even care.. all 6 of them share a lollipop while in the batplane (because cass found only one in her pocket and Bruce insisted they either share it or no one would eat it, to avoid fighting) (yes, even duke, who at first was also disgusted with them but now he’s like *shrug* pass me the licked food damian)




  • also

“Todd. I need a favor.”

 "Uh uh. “

 ”… Could you please help me with this videogame level..“

  • “That’s enough that’s enough give me back the-that’s ENOUGH LET ME PLAY TODD-FATHER!!!!”

“Cass are those my clothes”

 ”.. They fit”


 "will not!!! And you let Kon wear my shirt and now it’s too big for me!“ 

“First it’s not my fault he thought that was mine and you always let Stephanie wear my stuff I leave at your house too!!“ 

  • [everyone watching a movie together] [a character with a really ugly haircut appears] “DICK WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US YOU WERE IN A MOVIE" 

“Hey dick, Wally is on the phone" 

"ugh I’m not in the mood tell him I’m sleeping or someth-”

 ”[on phone] he’s right here I’ll pass him the phone" 

“I know where you live Timoth-hey Wally whatsup man!”

  • “I’m gonna shower!” [cass, thrown over the sofa playing with Tim’s laptop, clearly not intending to get up any time soon] “no wait I was gonna shower!!“ 


"it wasn’t me!!" 


  • everytime one of them is getting lectured by Bruce the others try to make them crack up.. please… 

“is there something funny about throwing a mug at your brother, Tim?" 


  • they steal each others stuff all the time just to be annoying and put the blame on each other…

“I left my phone right here where is it.." 

[everyone sniggering] 

"c'mon guys!! Who was it??”

[more sniggering] 












[screams, trying to wrestle the house phone from Dick’s hand, kicking, biting, spiting]

 [finally cass, who has been watching everything go down from afar, comes forwards a drops the phone in dicks chest] “here”

  • movie nights… are a mess…. they always complain about each other’s movie taste and end up watching a movie picked by bruce so they won’t fight… aka a boring ugly mess and they spend the whole movie glaring at each other like “this is your fault!!”

[bruce, in the batcave] “Jason would you call Damian, I need to verify-”

 “yeah sure… [not even looking up from phone] DAMIAN!!!!” 


[from afar] “WHAT DO YOU WANT TODD” 



  • and that’s all I have now.. let me think for a while and I might make a part 2..
The Average Intergalactic Cadet’s Field Guide to Understanding Their Human Classmates and Crewmates.

Written in Earth English
Current as of Earth Date 05-09-17

Understanding Their Competitive Nature and Occasional Aversion to Physical Activity or Friendly Sports

The Barbaric Practices of Young Human Physical Education.

Physical Education in many Human Schools

In the required Physical Education class, the students play all sorts of physically demanding games such as: Kickball/Matball, Dodgeball, Prisonball, or Linetag. These names may sound alarming and rightfully so. In our observations, the “games” they play are often humiliating for some and potentially injury inducing for others. Pardon our generalizations, but if your human is academically inclined, it is likely they do not have fond memories of their Physical Education classes and you will understand why after reading this breakdown of a typical class period (45 minutes to an hour long)

In Kickball and Matball, the small humans are divided into two “teams”. This may be done by the “coach” or by an outdated and socially cruel process of assigning “team captains” among the students who then alternate picking their fellow students to be on their teams. From this, the students who are either athletic or popular or both are easily determined from the shy, clumsy, or awkward students.

Once the teams are decided, the team that will be attempting to score points will line up; they are called the “visiting” team. The team trying to keep the opposing team from scoring points fan out across the gym; they are called the “home” team. The defending team will roll a spherical object called a “ball” at the line of students visiting team. One of the offensive students will then kick the ball as hard as they can and then run for a mat/base like a Idjwluge is chasing them.

Now this is the part where things get interesting. The home team students will attempt to catch the ball. If they catch the ball in the air before it hits the ground, the kicker is “out”. Three “outs” will cause the teams to switch roles. The kicking team doesn’t want out; the defending team wants to cause outs. If they don’t catch the ball, they can still grab the ball and throw it. We do not joke: the only way to get the kicker out after a non-catch is to THROW THE BALL AT THEIR BODY SO THAT IT HITS THEM. There is another option where the defensive team holds the ball and taps the running player with the ball, BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS; THEY ALWAYS RESORT TO THROWING THE BALL AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. BECAUSE HUMANS LOVE TO MAKE THEIR LIVES AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE WITH THE MOAT POTENTIAL FOR PAIN. However, if the runner gets to the base/mat before the ball hits them, they are “safe” and cannot get out as long as they are on the base.

This is one way where kickball and matball differ. In kickball, the runner on base is required to keep moving to allow room for the next kicker in line to get on base. In matball, there can be as many people on base as can fit on the mat. This routine will continue: kick, run, kick, run until you can run “home”. “Home” is the place where you kicked from. The bases form a diamond and there are four of them that form a circular running pattern. You kick from “home” base, and run towards “first” base. You then head for “second” base. Then “third” base and then back to where you started. If you safely make it home, you score your team a point. In kickball, you run the bases once. In matball you run them twice: first, second, third, back to first, second, third, then finally home. This probably to makeup for the advantage of choosing when you run to the next base rather than being obligated to.

The goal is to score as many points as possible before the other team gets any person on your team out three times.

If you thought that game was horrid prepare yourself again. After this description, the word “dodgeball” will strike fear in your heart. The entire goal of dodgeball is TO THROW A BALL AT THE OPPOSING TEAM WITH THE EXPLICIT INTENTION OF HITTING THEM WITH IT.


The humans are split into two teams similar to the kickball teams. They line up on opposite walls. Precisely in the middle of the “gymnasium” (which as near as we can tell is the official name of the torture chamber of public schooling) are a row of spherical balls lined up parallel to the lines of students on each side. When the “coach” blows a whistle the students sprint for the balls, grab them and retreat. What follows is a chaotic battleground the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Battle of Wakowwnoif. The “game” is simple. Throw the ball at a member of the opposing team. They avoid the ball. If they are unsuccessful at dodging the impact, they are “out” and move to the wall. If they do dodge, they are fine and nothing happens. If they catch the ball thrown at them, they can bring one of their teammates back into the game and the person who threw the ball is out. If the person gets hit in the head, the person who threw the ball is out (this is the closest we could find to any sort of safety precautions laid out in this game). The game continues until one team systematically hits every member of the other team out.


Prison ball is exactly the same as dodgeball, it just has a few more enhancements and opportunities for social humiliation. Teams are still split in two. However, each team has three figurines called “bowling pins”. They are placed on the gymnasium floor. The goal of prisonball is to knock down the other team’s figurines and get the other team out. So each team is guarding their figurines while still playing dodgeball. Another twist comes when you are hit with a ball. Instead of simply being out, you are in Prison. Prison is an area in enemy territory separate from your team.

There are two ways out of prison. One is statistically unlikely. On each side of the gymnasium, located high up on the wall is a hoop with a net hanging from it. If the opposing team manages to to throw a ball through that hoop from their side of the gymnasium, everyone on their team in prison gets to rejoin the game.

The other way out is if a teammate throws a ball from their side of the gym, over the enemy territory and the enemies heads and the comrade in prison catches the ball, then the prisoner is set free.
This method requires a few things. First it requires the prisoner to have a friend on their team willing to throw them a ball. Second, it requires the non-prisoner teammate to be able to throw a ball that great distance accurately. Third, it requires the prisoner to be able to catch the ball. Fourth, it also requires the non-prisoner to also get hit in the process of doing all this, and if the prisoner and would-be rescuer don’t have any other friends-they are simply out of luck. In other words: the human must be popular and athletically inclined or just very very lucky. This is where the social humiliation comes in. However, many of our reports have shown that this game is prefered to dodgeball because once the human is “in prison” they simply have to pretend that they are trying to get people to get them out but then can just fritter away the rest of the game not participating. These are the humans we want to recruit for strategic planning.

The game ends when all the figurines are knocked down-either by the opposing team throwing balls at them or by the guarding team’s clumsiness.

Linetag is the least strenuous “game” the humans play in Physical Education. In all honesty, it looks rather fun. The human game of “Tag” is usually characterized by chaotic running around and avoidance of the human that is “it”. If “it” touches another human, that human is now “it” and must “tag” another human. There are many variations of this game that we will detail below since they are the least barbaric of the human “games” and might be useful in certain training exercises.

Linetag is one of those variations. Linetag requires a floor with different sets of intersecting lines. For some reason, humans decorate their gymnasium floors with a design of lines. Further research is required to discover if these are sacred markings, if they have special meanings, or if they are just for aesthetics. Two to four humans are chosen to be “it”. They remain “it” for the remainder of the game. Their goal is to tag every one of the non “it” students. When the student is tagged, they must sit down right where they are-no matter what.

The trick to the this game, however, is that the humans are only allowed to walk on the lines. They cannot deviate from a set of prescribed routes. They cannot hop lines. They must find intersections to avoid “it”. When a player is tagged and they sit down, they become a “roadblock”. The fleeing humans cannot pass them-but the “it” humans can. The game continues until all students are sitting.

Other Tag Variations:
Freeze tag: chaotic running pattern, but when “tagged” the player freezes though touched by a Nxiebxwoie. Game continues until every player is frozen. Players can unfreeze friends by crawling through their legs. (We do not understand why this would work to unfreeze someone but we have discovered that humans have very vivid imaginations when it comes to recreational activities)

Amoeba tag: also known as “sticky tag” or “worm tag” one player is “it” until they tag another player and then they are “stuck” together and must hold hands while chasing the other humans. With each tag, the “it” group gets larger and larger continuing to hold hands, link elbows, etc. Great fun to watch.

Circle tag: humans pair up and link elbows in a circle. “It” and a “runner” will begin a pursuit. The “runner” can link elbows (the bendy bits of their upper limbs) with anyone of the pairs and the partner that didn’t get linked must then run away. If they are tagged they are now “it” and the former “it” is now the “runner” and must find a pair to break up.

For the athletically disinclined human, you could understand why these activities would be traumatizing. Oftentimes these games were treated as though they were the equivalent to our Yeqipguited Games by the more athletically inclined. The less talented humans may have been mocked. If the human you are working with seems less inclined to participate in a game of Bejbpoi, you now understand why.

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 3)...

Imagine the Egos when they’re sick. They don’t get sick often because they’re not entirely human, but every now and then, especially when Mark himself gets sick, one or more of the Egos will catch it, too.

Imagine Dark with a cold, even paler than his usual gray complexion. He’s got a fever and a stuffy nose, and he is ready to murder whatever gets in his way. He still attends the meeting because there’s no way he’s going to let Wilford have the floor all on his own again. That’s how Markiplier TV happened, after all. Imagine that every time he sneezes, his shell breaks and his gray aura floods the entire room with palpable anger and hatred. As a result, the meeting erupts into like six different fist fights, and Warfstache is on the table firing his gun at the other Egos’ feet.

Imagine Bim Trimmer, the soft boi, all wrapped up in bed, sniffling and coughing. He’s surrounded by wadded up tissues, and his favorite plants (which is all of ‘em). Google pokes his head in when Bim misses a meeting to find him sleeping fitfully. Since the droid can’t actually get sick, he sneaks in and sets up a few things before sneaking out quietly once again. Bim wakes up to find one of Google’s TV’s playing a Harry Potter movie marathon along with his favorite meal, chicken and dumplings, and the soft boi never forgets.

Imagine Dr. Iplier living in denial and still running around the clinic treating patients because he’s a doctor, and doctors don’t get sick. The Host and Google stage an intervention, and force him to lay down. There’s a lot of shouting involved between Google and the Doctor, and the Host has to leave the room, covering his ears because they’re too sensitive. Dr. Iplier immediately feels horrible and agrees to spend the rest of the day in bed.

Imagine the King of the Squirrels sneezing all over the place. Wilford reaches over, snatches Dark’s handkerchief from its pocket, and offers it to the King. It comes back covered in mucus and peanut butter, and Dark’s shell cracks. But he won’t kill Wilford. Not yet anyway…

Imagine Anti getting into Google’s systems and spreading viruses. The droid goes absolutely bonkers, smashing plates and shredding laundry—Dark quickly hides all of his freshly-pressed suits—and throwing the entire building into a panic. Everyone is certain he’s going to massacre them all, but Warfstache jumps on his back and hits the restart switch, kicking Anti out of Google’s software. The droid powers back up with no idea what’s happened.

Imagine the Host showing up to a meeting with tissues falling out of his pockets all over the place like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail through the forest. His fevered brain makes him narrate things like, “And then the entire building was full of BUBBLES, and rabid squirrels rained down from on high!” Needless to say, somebody—I’m not naming names but it was totally Dr. Iplier—slipped some sleeping pills into the Host’s tea, effectively knocking him for the rest of the day. It took them a week to clean up all the bubbles and convince the King that no, he can’t keep the squirrels. They have rabies!

Imagine Wilford Flipping Warfstache looking about as drunk as a skunk off all the cold medicine he’s chugged staggering around trying to tickle people with his knife. Dark considers putting him in a straight-jacket, but even Google refuses to get anywhere near him in this state. Instead they lure him into the studio’s recording booth with a trail of bubblegum and lock him inside until the colored strobe lights disappear and he stops turning all the furniture into cotton candy.

Needless to say, Dark informs Dr. Iplier that the Egos will all be getting their flu shots next year. No exceptions.

now that i think of it, i really don’t think i can complain much about the wonder girls disbanding. they probably have had the best run of all the girl groups that have disbanded/are rumored to disband recently. let’s review:

  1. been around for 10 years
  2. numerous iconic hits even as rookies, such as “tell me”, “so hot” and “nobody”
  3. let’s not forget wonderbang while we’re at it
  4. debuted in america
  5. opened for the jonas brothers on tour
  6. collaborated with the school gyrls and akon
  7. during the hiatus from 2013-2015, sunmi’s solo career was a huge success in korea despite that she hadn’t been an active member of the group since 2010
  8. had a movie on teennick
  9. came off hiatus in 2015 with a full album (reboot, which, by the way, kicks ass)
  10. switched from a dance group to a band
  11. second post-hiatus single “why so lonely” was very well received
  12. have written many of their own songs
  13. had some damn good concepts and choreos tbh
  14. has a lot of variety in their discography, they have at least one song for pretty much everyone
  15. are a big reason why jyp entertainment is such a big company today
  16. members have maintained one of the strongest bonds in kpop with one another, even after all these years and member changes

thank you, yubin, yeeun, sunye, sunmi, hyuna, sohee, and hyerim, for the past 10 years. ♡

prompt from @sanvers-cuddles “Idk I’m just so hurt, so maybe something about Maggie wanting to run but Alex being there for her and idk just something happy. I’m too broken for anything else” (it’s angsty, as per your prompt, but I promise it has a happy ending and is super, super soft!!!) and @obsessivesarcasticgayliving “Reassurance that it’s ok to take care of yourself first and that the world won’t end because you do, and the people that you didn’t help right away are still going to be ok.”

She’s on the drunk side of tipsy when Alex’s key scrapes her apartment door.

She’s on the drunk side of tipsy and the bottle of scotch is next to her like a water bottle and her wrists are wrapped and she’s slamming into her heavy bag with old school Linkin Park slamming in her eardrums, in her walls, in her bones.

Alex doesn’t ask, and she doesn’t interrupt.

But she does close the bottle of scotch and replace it with a glass of water. Maggie glances at her and maybe glares slightly, but she goes back to her punch combinations, her switch kicks, her keeping on her toes and cascading her emotional pain into physical pain.

Alex sits silently on the couch, and Alex watches.

“Rotate your hips more on that last combination, Sawyer,” she observes after a few long minutes, shouting slightly to be heard over the music.

“I don’t need DEO tips, Danvers,” Maggie parries before slamming everything she has into the bag for a solid thirty seconds, grunting in frustration and exertion and pent-up rage being let loose, her cool being let out of its carefully sealed container. She switches off the music and looks around for what Alex did with the scotch bottle futilely before shrugging and chugging the water.

“Good workout?” Alex asks, and Maggie grunts something unintelligible as she pants her way to the sink for more water.

“Tough day?”

“Doesn’t matter, Danvers. How was yours? Heard one of your old nemeses came back, one of the former Fort Rozz prisoners?”

Alex shrugs. “Wasn’t a bad fight. Kara handled him easily. What about you?”

“What about me, Alex?”

“Are you going to tell me – “

“No! You know what, no, I’m not, because you know what, Alex, it never changes anything. Telling you about my parents? They still hate me, but you know what it did do? Made me think about it more, made me feel it again. Telling you about Emily? I’m still an asshole, but you know what it did do? Make me remember what a runner I am, made me realize I haven’t changed all that much, that I still can’t trust people, I still can’t – “

“Did you cheat on me?” Alex stands, her voice low and soft and just this side of broken.

“What? No,” Maggie answers, her face so open, so apologetic, so surprised at the question, that Alex feels an odd stirring of pride in her gut. That it might occur to Maggie to be terrified, but it wouldn’t occur to her to implode them – implode herself – like that.

Or at least, that’s what Alex hopes it means.

“I just…” She heaves a sigh and she chugs more water and she roughly undoes her wrist wraps.

“I’m scared, Alex. And I hate telling anyone I’m scared. I just… I kissed you because I almost died, and I told you I want a lifetime of firsts with you because you almost died, and you asked me to marry you because the entire damn planet almost died, and I just… how many times can I almost lose you? Wouldn’t it be better to leave than to watch… because it’ll happen. Inevitably. One of us. Both of us. And I can’t… Alex, I can’t lose you.”

Alex stares at her, tears mixing with her sweat, now, and nods slowly as she walks around the couch to stand in front of her, tentative, like she’s approaching a wounded deer.

“You can’t lose me, so you’re tempted to… leave me?”

“Tempted? No, Alex, there’s… there’s nothing I want more than I want you, I just…”

“You’re scared.”

“I’m terrified.” Her voice cracks and Alex’s heart cracks along with it. She reaches for Maggie’s hands and Maggie barely hesitates before taking them and pulling Alex closer into her, sweat-soaked tank be damned.

“Then be terrified with me. Figure things out with me. You… Maggie, the world’s not going to end if you let yourself heal. If you let me help you heal. The world’s not gonna end if you take care of yourself, if you let someone – let me – take care of you. Together. You don’t have to run, Maggie, and we can take our time. Fuck marriage, screw all that, we can just… we can have our firsts, and we don’t have to call them anything, I just… Maggie, you’re in pain. You’re in pain and you think that if you shut it down, it’ll make it better, but that’s the opposite of what you always tell me to do. So now I’m telling you: you can take care of yourself instead of burying it. You can let me – and all our friends, they love you, too, Maggie – let us take care of you.”

Maggie chokes down a sob and she steps back – a big step back, and both of their bodies keen from the loss of contact, but if she stays that close to her, she’ll surrender, and god, she can’t, she can’t, she won’t. 

Because she can’t do that to her. Not to Alex.

“But that’s just the thing, Alex: I don’t want you to have to take care of me. You found your father again, and then you lost him in such an awful, awful way. You were kidnapped, you were tortured, you were seconds away from dying. Your sister almost got launched across the universe, you almost blew your sister up. You need to be taken care of right now, Alex, you need to be focused on. And if I make you focus on me, make the others take care of me – Winn and Kara are both just getting out of abusive relationships, James is just figuring out how to be himself and a superhero… it’s selfish, Alex, to ask all of you to drop all that and take care of… me.”

“But it’s not, Maggie. You deserve to be loved, you deserve to take care of yourself, and sometimes, that’s letting people in. The world won’t end, Maggie, and we’ll all be fine. There’s enough love between us all to go around, trust me. Can you do that? Can you trust me? Instead of leave me?”

Maggie stares up at her for a long, long moment, and Alex tentatively steps back into her space. 

“You know your pout is even more effective than Kara’s, right?”

“Well where do you think she got it from?”

Maggie smiles, and it lights up her entire tear-stained face as she pulls Alex down for a hard, desperate, loving, loving, loving, kiss.

“It figures that Supergirl learned how to be a hero from the best hero there is.”

Alex smiles and shakes her head through her own tears.

“That’s you, Maggie Sawyer. That’s you.”

She kisses her again, and they start to walk each other toward the bathroom, toward the shower, but Alex pauses and breaks the kiss, a grin forming on her slightly swollen lips.

“Did you just imply that Kara’s pouts are one of Supergirl’s assets as a hero?”

“Clearly no enemy’s ever pouted at you while you’re trying to arrest them. We need to expand your repertoire, Danvers.”

Alex laughs, and it’s breathy and heady and so, so relieved.

“I love you, Maggie. I’m always going to love you.”

“I’m always going to love you too, Alex Danvers.”

And she will. God, god, god, she will.


Summary: There are very few things anymore that surprise James Buchanan Barnes. That all changes however, when a mysterious cat appears in his fridge.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Refrigerator Cat, Reader

Warnings: teensy bit of angst after a nightmare

Word count: 2991

A/N: Thinking about maybe doing more parts for this story…let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading!


There were very few things in life that surprised James Buchanan Barnes anymore. Flying battleships? No problem. The existence of aliens? Bucky didn’t even blink an eye. Mutated humans that committed acts of pure evil? Just another Monday.

But today, Bucky got the shock of his life.

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for drunk prompts: yuuri has a secret talent for flirting his way out of traffic tickets.. also happy bday again!!

not quiiiiiiiiiite what you asked for but i love some oblivious heartbreaker katsuki yuuri. thank you!!!

“just lie back and think of england” 

Yuuri loves Victor. Yuuri is also sure that Victor can be a terrible person when he really puts his mind to it.

(And Victor Nikiforov does not do things halfway.)

There are at least three waiters following Yuuri around the Barcelona Grand Prix Final banquet, sliding trays of champagne flutes under his nose at every turn. Victor’s cat-post-canary grin assures Yuuri exactly who’s responsible.

(When had he even found time between the pairs skate and the banquet? It might be a bigger mystery than how the hell Victor’s going to pull two routines out of his (“extremely well formed, Yuuri!) ass before Russian Nationals. )

“Yuuuuuri, the champagne is even better this year,” Victor’s arms are wrapped around Yuuri’s waist, his head hooked over Yuuri’s shoulder.

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t remember last year.”

“So cruel.”

“Yes, honesty is a terrible thing to force on a fiancee.”

“I’m glad we agree.”


Yakov appears out of nowhere, claps Yuuri on the shoulder. Yuuri spills his champagne. Victor lets out a noise somewhere between a yelp and a moan.

(He might have just made Victor cry again.)

“You’re moving to Saint Petersburg.” It’s not a question.


“Do not let Victor drive you anywhere.”


(No one wants Yuuri to finish his sentences tonight. Only his champagne.)

“Yakov! I am an incredible driver. Rude.” Victor’s pouting.

“Incredibly awful. You conveniently left out the second half of that statement.” Where did Yurio come from?

“I’m suing for slander,” Victor presses the second button on his speed dial.

“You won’t have a case once they take a look at your insurance premiums,” Yakov says.

Phichit sidles up alongside Yuuri, entirely too amused. Terror instantly floods Yuuri’s body.

(This is the same look Phichit had when he convinced Yuuri to try LSD in Detroit. Yuuri’s never looked at mops the same again.)

“I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Everyone in the circle turns to look at him. Everyone except Yuuri who’s buried his face in his hands.

“Please don’t.”

Phichit ignores him.

“One of us never paid for a coffee in college. Guess who.” This is also not a question.

Victor raises his hand like he’s in class. Katsuki Yuuri is the only class Victor’s ever tried to ace.

(Yuuri refuses to say this out loud because Victor will make a terrible pun about the “ace of Japan”.)

“One of us,” Phichit points at himself and then at Yuuri, “also never had to pay a library fine. Or cover at a frat party. Or locker rental fees at the DSC.”

Victor is riveted.

(Strangely so is Yurio?)

“Yuuri’s also never paid a parking ticket.”

“I am the luckiest man alive.”

“Oh god my ears,” Victor’s head is still resting on Yuuri’s shoulder and no one’s ever convinced Victor to use his inside voice.

Detroit, three years earlier


It is.

Phichit pulls the car over to the side of the road and hisses, “Yuuri, switch with me.” Phichit has half a learner’s permit. Which means he’s taken three questions in the online DMV course.

(“Yuuri, I know enough about America to know I should never step foot in a DMV.”)

They switch. Phichit kicks Yuuri in the face. Yuuri elbows Phichit right in the balls.

“I’m so glad I’m already sitting down,” Phichit wheezes, “now push your hair back.”

“I don’t—“

Phichit grabs a tube of lube from the glove compartment and slicks Yuuri’s hair back.

“Oh my god.”

(Yuuri is taking six showers when they get back to the apartment.)

(He does not want to know why Phichit keeps that in his ( “our!”) car. They’ve already heard enough of each other’s noises through the entirely too thin walls of their apartment to last twelve lifetimes.)

“Phichit what the hell?”

“Just lie back and think of England, Yuuri.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just—pretend you’re on the ice. And when we get home I’m prioritizing your cultural education.” He plucks Yuuri’s glasses off his face.

“License and registration,” the officer stands at the side of the car. Yuuri turns around. The officer drops his notepad.

They escape with a warning. The officer—“please call me Liam”—escorts them back to their apartment. Please-call-me-Liam stays at their kitchen table for two hours, slides no less than eleven business cards across the table to Yuuri, and brushes his foot against Yuuri’s ankle five times before Yuuri apologizes again, scoots his chair back from the table,  and retreats to his room. Please-call-me-Liam stays another hour, shooting forlorn looks at Yuuri’s door.

Phichit can practically hear the commentator’s discussing Victor’s latest free skate through the closed door. Yuuri is so predictable.

Please-call-me-Liam leaves with an overzealous petition that Yuuri “call him any time. Day or night. Especially late at night.”


“I hate all of you.”

Marauders Headcanon #2

Marauders Headcanon #2

So I wrote a Headcanon about the marauders a few weeks ago. It involved a lot of fleas if you want to read it. And @itsthemothersfighter pointed out that it could be the reason students are only allowed one pet by the time Harry goes to school. So this got me thinking that they might well be the reason for a lot of school rules, such as; first years aren’t allowed to bring their brooms to school. So I give you The Marauder Rule #2

It happened the day before they were to have their first flying lesson and they are about 2 months into the school year so they already have a bit of a reputation. Remus had mentioned that he had never flown on a broom before and that started a chain reaction.

James was shocked. “You’ve never flown before Remus?!? Oh it’s the best, my parents just bought me the newest broom The Nimbus 1000! Let’s go flying when lessons finish!”

James and Sirius grabbed their brooms and they decided to switch off. So James kicks off for a quick fly around while Sirius shows Remus the basics. Soon Remus is up in the air and having the time of his life and this is the first time the other marauders have seen him let loose a little bit. They both come barreling to the ground to switch the first time and Remus, struck by sudden brilliance decides they should have a game. Peter points out they only have 2 brooms and they don’t have access to the school brooms.

“Gents I have an idea” Sirius blurts suddenly. “2 men to a broom.” And he grabs a spare quaffle then jumps on the back of his broom behind Remus while Peter clambers on behind James.

They fly up to the goal posts and Sirius climbs on to the middle one. James catches on immediately and launches himself at the one on the left.

“This is never gonna work, we only have one quaffle!” Remus points out.

After a bit of thought they decide Remus, Sirius and Peter are the keepers and James, being the most experienced, is the chaser. So James starts throwing the quaffle at each goal post in turn and gets a few through. Soon enough they have an audience and some of the other first years have joined in.

Between all of them they have enough brooms for each team to have 6 players on the field and another 3 each on the goals. Some of the older students have gotten wind of what’s going on and start to wander down to the quidditch chatting away.

Of course Dumbledore hears some of them talking and decides he needs to check it out. He watches for a while and is just about to put a stop to it when McGonnagall bursts on to the scene. Immediately she knows who is responsible so she calls everyone to the ground.

“Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew, explain yourselves this instant!”

Remus always being a quick thinker tries to explain. “Well Professor we were eagerly anticipating our first flying lesson tomorrow and couldn’t wait. So Sirius and James grabbed their brooms and we decided to have a bit of a game, then everyone else wanted to play and who are we to discriminate.”

“That does not explain why you were sitting on the goal posts!”

“Well we didn’t have enough brooms to go around for everyone,” Sirius chimes in.

“And did it not occur to you to have subs and take it in turns? No of course not. Detention for all four of you for a week.”

“But professor, which rule did we actually break?” Remus innocently asked.

After racking her brains, McGonnagall couldn’t actually think of a rule so she had to revoke the detentions and settle for a warning and taking away a few points from them.

This lead to McGonnagall going on a mission and convincing Dumbledore that first years can’t be trusted and shouldn’t be allowed their brooms at Hogwarts!

Dumbledore not wanting to argue, concedes and brings in the rule for the new school year.

What they failed to remember is the marauders were no longer first years……

Well I hope you all enjoyed! Please feel free to send me a Hogwarts rule (mentioned or made up) and I’ll write a marauders are to blame story.

i’m currently on a kick of switching from the new lorde to the new japanese breakfast to the new waxahatchee to the new haim it’s very feminist of me

@earlyjunes and i made up a bunch of overwatch headcanons for the gang

- connor mains tanks/offensive

- evan plays defensive/healing

- jared plays literally whichever is the hardest to kill / most annoying character and plays damn well at it

- they sometimes teamspeak/discord voice chat together to play

- jared once somehow got on the other team and was against connor and evan when he was McCree.

- jared laughs whenever his ult is ready

- whenever evan hears him laugh, even if its not because his ult is ready, he panicks and yells for connor to “SCATTER”

- evan picked mei once and accidentally kept blocking his teammates into corners and just constantly went into ice to heal

- evan accidentally blocked jared a lot [”EVAN WHAT THE FUCK”] [”IM SORRY”]

- connor plays a fucking badass pharah

??: dude, what the fuck? pharah sucks ass switch
connor, kicking the other team’s ass: what was that? i couldn’t hear you over pharah being a fucking beast

- whenever someone insults connor for playing pharah he just says “sUCK MY LADY DICK”

- jared can get really invested in these games and it terrifies evan sometimes because of how scarily good/aggressive jared gets to the enemy team

- jared “mlg callouts” kleinman

- evan “runs away from big fights” hansen

- connor “where the fuck are you going HEAL ME” murphy

- artist connor, but also video gamer connor

- connor draws the overwatch characters a lot

- evan admiring the graphics a bit too much

- evan accidentally scaring himself by running into an enemy hero

This is the most awful suggestion I’ve ever heard. This is how you get people not to take LGBT folks seriously! You’re encouraging people to “try it” just for kicks! And “switching back?” How many LGBT people do you think have heard that shit before, like “Oh, it’s just a phase, you’ll grow out of it?” Why do you want to validate the people who say that shit?

Bonus points for somehow feeling that “becoming a threat” will 1) work and 2) earn you actual respect.

EXTRA bonus points for discussing the “cis” population like there aren’t cis lesbians/gays/bisexuals.


"The Pleasure Trap"

Although Most Females Are Truly Unaware of It at the Conscious Level, Subconsciously Most Females Understand the Following Fact “Innately” when it’s Rationally Exposed to Them:  A Man is Much More Obedient, Kind, Nurturing, Loving & Generous with his Woman, When he is “Yearning” For Orgasm – Rather than After He’s had One. This is Due Primarily to the Unconscious, Involuntary Neurochemistry of His Male Mind.

Neurochemistry is Quite a Fascinating and Intriguing Science, But also quite simple to summarize to get that “Aha!” Feeling About Male Orgasm Mood Change “After” Orgasm/Ejaculation. To understand what is going on, You need to look into the Three Powerful Neurotransmitters - Oxytocin, Prolactin and Dopamine that all interplay while a Male is Visually as well as Sexually Aroused and Stimulated. Feminine Sexual Attention (Teasing & Edging) Serves to Naturally Heighten Male Dopamine Levels - The Powerful Reward Chemical that is at the Very Heart of All Human and Animal Behavior. Along with the Dopamine “Increase” when a Male is Highly (Hyper) Aroused is also Heightened Levels of Oxytocin flooding his bloodstream, often colloquially referred to as the “Cuddle Hormone” that is responsible for “Bonding” not only between couples but between siblings, children etc - and produces that warm wonderful afterglow after sex. Interestingly, (Both Genders Produce Oxytocin), But these levels Fall away Rapidly in Males after they have an Ejaculative Orgasm. Whereas A Woman’s Oxytocin Level Stay Naturally Elevated and Her Dopamine Levels Stay Elevated As Well, Which is Probably One of the Major Reasons Why Women are Naturally Multi-Orgasmic.

So What Is Dopamine You Ask:  It’s at the Very Core of ALL our Sexual Drives and Survival Needs, and it Motivates All Of Us to Do Just About Everything in Life. This mechanism within the Reward - Pleasure circuitry of the Human Brain has been around for millions of years and has not changed.

In the Male Brain, Dopamine is “Go & Get it!” and Prolactin is “Whoa!” Learn all you can about the Incredibly Addictive Pleasure Drug Dopamine. It’s Incredibly Strong and can Control a Guys Devotion, Veneration & Ultimate Subjugation (Mystically) if Properly Exploited. Think of the Subliminal Programming Possibilities here Ladies, as You Read the Rest of This Excerpt.

Few females Fully Understand or Appreciate the “POWER in their Hands, in that All Males have an “off switch”, which kicks in - right AFTER they Orgasm. It is Generally NOT Understood that Guys have the Rare, Basically Unknown “Potential” for on-going, Intense Dopamine-Driven Sexual Desire, If their Naturally Occurring Self-Regulating Production of Prolactin is Eliminated and/or Avoided. When The Male Orgasmic Nerves “FIRE”, The Explosive Male “Orgasm” produces a Sudden Massive Increased Wave of Both Chemicals (Dopamine and Oxytocin), But at the Same Time, Applies the Sexual “Brakes” by Producing Increased Prolactin Levels. Prolactin Functions to Effectively Shut Down Their Intense Sexual Desire and Prolactin Remains Enhanced / Elevated in the Male Brain for up to “Two Weeks’, as it takes a while for the levels of Oxytocin and Dopamine to Return to Previous Levels. Therefore Ladies…, Daily Tease, Denial and Firm Sexual Control of a Males Joystick, Means that a ”Trainable“ (Orgasm Managed) Male Will Be Operating Daily, on Heightened Levels of Both Oxytocin and Dopamine without the Undesired, Destructive and Unwanted rush of Prolactin into his bloodstream produced by Male Orgasm. Thus, Keeping in mind that A Man is Much More Obedient, Loving, Nurturing & Generous with his Woman, when he is Desperately “Yearning” For Orgasm (High on Dopamine)- Every Ladies Secret Programming Goal Should Be to Carefully and Meticulously “PREVENT” the Dopamine and Oxytocin Level Plunge from Occurring, and the Natural Easy way to do this is by Prolonging and Preserving his Raging Erection, While Restraining & Preventing him from having an Ejaculation. Precious Dopamine and Oxytocin (Again The Bonding Drug) Can be “Kept” at Peak Levels While You Easily and Secretly Influence his Vulnerable Psyche.

As for Easily and Covertly Influencing his Vulnerable Subconscious), The Best Time to Whisper your (Will), Desires into his (Ear), Subconscious Mind, is when he is Lost, Floating in Subspace, Blissed Out AND Ultra Rock Hard -Held” Totally Captive & Imprisoned, Deep up Inside the “Paradise” of Your Glorious Heavenly Womanhood. It Is At This Divine Moment, While His Eyes Are Rolled Back Into His Head and you are Skillfully Delaying & Denying Him Orgasm (Edging), that He is Most Naturally & Helplessly under The Intrinsic Power of Your Will/Suggestion. Imagine the Programming Possibilities Here Ladies - His Vulnerable Open Psyche Will Be Naturally Unprotected, Extremely Susceptible to Your Complete & Total Feminine Control !!!

When His Dopamine (Reward) and Oxytocin (Cuddle) Levels are Routinely and Habitually Maximized - Improved, More Affectionate & Loving Male Behavior, Naturally brings about an increased level of Reciprocal Behavior from his Sensual Nurturing Woman, Creating a Virtuous Subliminal Self-Perpetuating Feedback Loop Deep Within Both the Male/Female Mind & Psyche.

{Visualize or imagine the following scenario… A Man and Woman Laying in Bed, Both Watching The Movie 50 Shades of Grey. The Male on his Back , propped up by pillows (completely naked of course), While the female lays her head (resting it) on his lower abdomen, faced towards the TV screen. For the Entire Length of the Move, the Lady holds Captive and Still, in her Gently Nursing Mouth, the first 2 or 3 inches of the Males Raging Hard - Desperate Erection. She Knows That Not Only is he Feeling “Ultra Male” in this Extremely Rock Hard Condition, But that she is also Flooding his Helpless Brain with Steady and Consistent Levels of Dopamine and Oxytocin. As his Joyful Hyper-Sensitive Manhood Pulses with Each Heartbeat, She is Ingeniously Re-enforcing her Natural Feminine Dominion and Authority - Deep Into the Depths of Her Males Defenseless Psyche. By Tenderly & Carefully “Teasing” Him in This Powerful but Nurturing Way, She Can Make Comments and Plant Her Thoughts and Desires (about Certain Key aspects of the Movie) Easily into the Subconscious of Her Male}.

In Conclusion, A Males Orgasm / Ejaculation / Sexual Energy - Should Be Routinely and Habitually Managed, ”Saved“, Restricted & Preserved (Karezza); Causing Not Only His Healthy Libido / Yearning Desire to Naturally Explode, But His Loving Devotion & Bonding as Well. The whole point of Prolonging & Preventing his orgasm, is to “Accumulate” and Build the Sexual Energy or nervous Energy called “Ojas”, which is Wasted the moment the Nerves Fire During Male Ejaculation. It is not his semen loss that’s the problem, It’s actually the Firing of the Male Nervous System During Sexual Stimulation that Needs to be Avoided and Retained. The more you Conserve this Reservoir of ENERGY, (His Battery “Joystick” Fully Charged) The Stronger the two of you will Bond & His Desire to Pleasure “His Goddess” in Every Aspect of Life Develops Beautifully.

Nurture  What’s  Natural  -  Ladies Are Multi Orgasmic - Males Are Not !!!

While A Males Precious Sexual Energy (Ojas)Should Be Routinely And Habitually Conserved, Preserved and ”Saved“ (to Increase Dopamine / Oxytocin – While Minimizing Prolactin), A Lady on The Other Hand Should ”Fully & Freely” Bask in Feminine Orgasmic Bliss, As Often As She Desires !!!

Nature Intended it Like This Ladies - Don’t Fight Nature, Learn from it, Exploit It and Revel in It !!!

Thus, A Female Led Relationship (FLR)… Keeps “The Passion”  Alive in The Relationship, With The Seductive, Tantric “Femdom“ Art of Karezza

Secretly, Carefully & Strategically…. Take Him to the Dark Side (Femdom) - Show Him What His Male Body, Was Truly Made For (Karezza) !!!

His Entire Function and “Design" as a Male is Ultimately For Your Total Exploitation, Entertainment and Gratification, Not Just Your Sustenance and Sanctuary …

In Review, Routine & Habitual Karezza “Training” of the Male (Mind & Erection), Beautifully and Naturally Increase “HIS” Libido, Passion, Devotion, Desire and Virility as well as his Subjugation and Veneration. Creating Once Again, A Wonderful, Subliminal, Self-Perpetuating (Feedback Loop), Deep Within BOTH The Male & Female Psyche…

With this Powerful Femdom type of  “KAREZZA”, The Woman’s Love Life / Sex Life - Naturally Improves Exponentially…

Imagine the Connection, The Prolonged Bliss you Both Will Experience - Him Being Perched Everlastingly Right on the Very “Edge” of Orgasm, And You Perched Right “On Top of Him” Having Quivering Full Body Orgasmic Bliss to your Hearts Content. Take Breaks Frequently - Sexual Fulfillment, Is Most Assuredly Made “Sweeter”, By The Prolonging of Desire… In this Way, You Can Both RIDE The Exquisite “Edge” For as Long, and As Deeply as you Both Breathe Properly.

Although this Might Sound Torturous to Some (a Good Kind of Torture) Trust Me, it’s Pure “Euphoria”. By Harnessing, Channeling and Absorbing His Pulsating Sexual Energy Consciously Into and Through Your Consuming Womanhood; That Divine “Accumulated” Flow of Precious Sexual Energy will spread into Everything That You Do. You will Feel Revitalized, Connected and Tuned into the Rhythms of Life and He Will Absolutely and Utterly Worship You…

Note: Depriving a man of the use of his Erection while he is Utterly Helpless & Completely “CAPTIVE”, (Imprisoned) Deep up Inside of the Paradise of Your Heavenly Vagina, is a Most Wonderful Form of Obtaining Complete Sexual Dominance / Control over him, Especially If U Freely Orgasm - While Preventing Him from Doing So .

Having him sit upright and then wrapping your legs around his back is one of the Best Possible Positions for Prolonged Tantra & Karezza Lovemaking, Especially in the Hyper-Sensitive State He Will Undoubtedly Be in After Your Interminable Edging. The Wise Woman, Skilled in her “Art” Must Retain Control of “All” Movements, Thus Beautifully Controlling Herself & Her Male… Until Her Stud Has Not Only Attained Complete and Deepest Union With Her, But Also Become Acclimated to His Secure Enveloping Captivity.

Then….and Only Then….Slow, Rocking (Karezza) Style Intercourse – Will Lead to a Woman’s Complete Discharge of Her Nervous Surplus, Complete Relief from All of Her Sexual Tension Due to Intense Orgasmic Ecstasy, And More Prolonged BLISS and Satisfaction for Him than a 15 Second Ejaculation Could Ever Provide.

Remember, The Key to Teaching A Male ”NEW BEHAVIOR” (How Not To Cum) with the Hypnotic Powerful Neurotransmitter Dopamine, Requires Frequent Repetitive Training !!!!!   If You Learn To Exploit The Powerful Processes Neurochemistry (Dopamine and Oxytocin) Have on the Psychology of the Vulnerable Male Mind - You’ll Be Able to Easily “Train” Your Male To Respond To You, With Virtually Any “Conditioned” Behavior You Desire…

(Karezza)… Ladies Cum  - MALES DON’T (Tease & Denial)


Of all the things You can “Do” when You Tease, “Edge” & Torture a Man, The One Thing that will Ultimately give you the Greatest Dividend – Will Be - Ruining His Orgasm.

How many Ladies reading this are Familiar, Comfortable and/or Titillated with the Concept?

Ruining Your Males Orgasm is Always Done by Abruptly Abandoning the Stimulation of His Penis (Joystick) Just Prior to the Point of No Return, Thus Minimizing his Pleasure, But at the Same Time Magically Making Him Hornier & Hornier & Hornier; The Purpose Being, Driving his Libido, Dopamine and Desire for your Femininity Up to Absolutely Peak Levels.

Learn to Always Say, “Aww, Did I Ruin that Honey?” Many Ladies find that they get a Real Power Thrill when they See their Studmuffins Imminent Ejaculation, Utterly Stopped in it’s Tracks. Virtually All Women Become Absolutely Delighted In Just  How “Horny & Rock Hard" Their Males Stay Immediately Afterwards !!!

Once Again Ladies, Here’s the Paradoxical Secret of Habitually Ruining Your Guys Ejaculative Orgasm; His Libido & Desire for your Femininity Will Multiply Beyond Your Wildest Imagination, Such a Win-Win Situation for Systematically Subjugating Him!!!

Within Every Woman there is a “Domme” - Waiting to be Discovered, Nurtured, Worshiped and Served !!! 

I admit, it takes Practice to get Really Good at Ruining a Males Orgasm. Probably the Single Most Often Asked Question in a Woman’s Mind, Women who Really Want to Subliminally Dominate, Subjugate, as Well as Perpetually Tease and Deny Their Stud Muffin “Properly”, Want to know How to Ruin a Male Orgasm The Right Way. Here is a Quick and Sadistic Outline of How You can Learn to Habitually Ruin your Guy’s Orgasms & Make him your Totally Subservient, Subordinate, Lusting Sex Slave (As He Should Be). Remember, every Man is Different and You will have to Learn the Signs Your Man Unwittingly Gives when He is Reaching The Point of No Return. That is, the Point at Which He is Going to Erupt & Explode no Matter what You do. You Can Only Learn these Signs and Signals by Watching Him Closely and “Practicing” Daily. Watch his facial expressions, his body, his feet, his movements, which muscles tense and Watch His Breathing .

You Need to Get Him and “Keep” Him Ultra Aroused Obviously, and then You want to Bring him as Close to Orgasm as You possibly Can, Without Allowing Him to Actually Cum while You are touching him. I emphasize this because in order to ruin his orgasm Properly, You must stop All Physical Stimulation “Right Before” The Last Possible Second. Always Remember, It’s Better to Stop Stimulation 15 Seconds Too Early, Than 1 Second Too Late !!!

I recommend that you Stroke or if you Prefer - Nurse on his Erection Very Gently, and with a good amount of lubrication. Although You can do this without lubrication if your sucking on him, Males Last Longer when they are Well Lubricated, And the longer you KEEP Him Rock Hard in the Peaked “Edged” Phase, the Higher his Dopamine Levels Will Ultimately Be. Give him four or five strokes, fast or slow doesn’t matter. Alternate between fast and slow if You like. The Key Is In the Pause Between these “Elongated” Never Ending Sets of strokes. You Must Pause However  Long Enough to Allow Him to Relax and Recover Just a Little Bit, Before You give Him His Next “Set” of Blissful Hypnotic Programming Strokes. The Longer You want to Tease Him, and the More Dopamine/ Oxytocin You Want in His Brain (while you whisper your desires into his open ear), the Longer Your Torturous Teasing and “Pauses” Should Last. Remember, His Impressionable Mind is Quite Open in this Condition to Your Hypnotic Suggestions, So Be Sure To Exploit this Vulnerability Ladies …

Watch him Very Closely !!! When You see the signs of his Impending Imminent Orgasm, Remove your hand or mouth and Stop touching him Immediately!!! Wait at Least Ten Seconds Before You Touch his Hyper-Sensitive (Straining) Erection Again; Fifteen to Twenty Seconds Even Better. Any less time, and You may trigger a Full-on Orgasm the Instant You start Up Again. Many men unconsciously try to hold back their ejaculation, especially if You’ve Properly “Trained” them with Karezza Not to Cum without Your permission, or if they feel they might cum while You are not directly touching them. This a good thing, encourage this behavior & Exploit IT… Once You’ve reached that all important point of no return, they will most often trigger their own miniature ruined ejaculation by just trying not to Explode.

Many Men hold out, for as long as, eight seconds before they Finally Succumb to a Helpless Joyless Ruined Orgasm. That is, eight seconds after You stop touching, sucking & stimulating them. That is why I say, The Astute Lady Should Wait at Least Ten to Fifteen Seconds before she begins stroking her Stud Muffins Hypersensitive Joystick Again. The Longer the Breaks are between stroking stimulations, The Better!!!

What You Ultimately Want to See and Trigger Ladies, is your guys “Creaminess” begin to slowly flow out of the tip of their penis head “smoothly”, like a miniature oozing river - AFTER You’ve Stopped All Stimulation. The Cum will NOT Explode Out with Force as you “and they” are typically used to, Thus in this Way, You Ultimately will be Saving, Accumulating and Preserving Your Lovers Precious Sexual Energy from Being Wasted, and this Sexual Energy Once again Beautifully Builds Upon Itself. The sadistically fun part is, that no matter how hard they try, they will be unable to pump their own cum out with any pressure, But They can try. They can flex their “Kegel” muscles that usually make their cum squirt, spurt, or shoot out, but it will not work :))  Most Importantly, They’ll be Hornier and Harder than Ever…

In Review, Ruined Male Orgasms are Just That, Totally Unsatisfying!!! They involve stroking, sucking, stimulating & masterbating an erect penis, Right UP to the Point of No Return, “ALWAYS” After Interminable Edging. And Rather than Milking the Erection Through the Blissful, Cherished Orgasm, a Couple of Subjugating Femdom Techniques can be Used to Properly Ruin the Male Orgasm & Reinforce To His Unguarded Psyche, Your Ultimate (Feminine) Control.  A Quick Summary of the Most Effective, Femdom Techniques are Summarized Below.

Abandonment: Through extensive experience, the Mistress identifies the point of no return (PNR) for the Erection being Subjugated and Totally Ceases Any & All Stimulation, “Just Before” His Ejaculation Spasms Begin. Simply sit back and Delight in Watching the Silly, “Straining”, Pulsating Appendage Struggle to Expend the Unstoppable Pressurized Cream Inside of it, which is Gut Wrenching and Totally Unsatisfying. The Victimized & Totally Stunned Manhood will (Almost Always), Paradoxically Remain Fully Erect and Extremely Rock Hard Following The Ruined Orgasm & Immediately Feel the Oh So Desperate Need to Cum Again.

Keep in Mind Ladies, Your Routine & Habitual Goal is to “Prevent” his Orgasmic Nerves from Firing “Completely“…Thus Retaining Over 95% of His Precious & Priceless Sexual Energy from Being Wasted… A Small River of Cum Slowly “Oozing” Down His Bursting Hard, “Straining”, Vein Filled Cock Shaft is What You Want to See Happening Repeatedly…

Taking This Subliminal Programming & Subjugation A Step Further !!!

Bleeding: An advanced Technique With Extremely Wonderful Libido Building Effects.  Rather than bringing the Desperate, Throbbing Erect Penis Up To the Point of No Return (PNR), Stimulation is Abruptly Stopped JUST Prior to This Point, Causing “Your” Play Toy to Leak Out (Ooze) a Small Amount of Precum, but Still Remain, Right on the Verge (Edge) of Orgasm.

Due to The Wonderful Involuntary Neurochemistry of his Mind, A Males Dopamine Levels Will Again “Be Peaked” at This Point. It’s at this Exact Point in Time that His Mind & Psyche is Most Vulnerable to your Comments, Suggestions and Subliminal Programming, So Exploit This Omnipotent Gift….. Firmly “Command Him” Not To Cum, Tell Him He’s Never Allowed to Cum Without Your Permission and Praise Him What a Good Boy He Is for Obeying You.

After a Short Pause, Once “Control” is Again Regained over the Straining, Throbbing, Desperate, Hyper Sensitive Erection, This Procedure can be Repeated Over and Over and Over Again, Drawing Small Oozing amounts of Cum from the Screaming “Joystick” Each Time.

At Some Opportune Point of Your Choosing, His Vulnerable Bursting Hard Joystick Can Then Be Stimulated to a Maddening, Straining, Painful Dry Orgasm He Will Never Forget.  If the “Domme” is Feeling Particularly Sadistic, the Dry Orgasm Can Then Also Be Ruined, Most likely Leaving the Possessor of the Tortured Dominated Cock Sobbing and Writhing, But Advantageously Hornier and Harder Than Ever !!!

This is the Perfect Time – After “A Series” of Exquisite Ruined Orgasms (RO) – For The Astute Lady To Mount Her Guys Now Supersized, Traumatized, Totally Subjugated and ”Drained“ - BUT Extremely Horny Stud Muffin, in order to Delight in a Rock Solid “Ultimate” Multi-Orgasmic Ride of Whatever Duration She Chooses !!! – Which Normally He Would Be Unable To Endure For Any Extended Length of Time… The Beauty Of This Viagra Induced (Femdom) Subjugation Is, Even With His Raging Accumulated Sexual Energy Carefully Preserved, He Won’t Be Able to Cum, There Won’t Be ANY Cum Left Inside Him !!!

You Will Now Completely OWN Him, Physically & Psychologically !!!

In Review - Eventually the Males Balls can be Completely “Emptied” in this Most Advantageous “Bleeding” Type of Way, While Retaining & Harnessing All Of His Oh So Precious Sexual Energy. Some Very Smart, Liberated & Skilled Women Use Tease & Denial, Along With “EDGING”, Followed By A Series of Ruined Orgasms, as a Wonderfully Sadistic Method of Totally Draining Their Dominated Husbands / Boyfriends Balls, Before They Mount Their Insanely Horny Bull.

Remember, There is a Major Difference Between Male Ejaculation and Male Orgasm; While usually occurring simultaneously, they are NOT THE SAME THING … Male Orgasm is the Pleasurable Rhythmic Muscle Contractions that are the result of Prolonged Mental & Physical Arousing Stimuli (Thus the “Trainable” Multi Orgasmic Male). Ejaculation However refers to the “Out of Control” Firing of His Male Orgasmic Nerves and the Energy Draining Explosive Expulsion of His Pressurized Ejaculate Which Must Always Be Properly Managed, Controlled, Restricted and Purposely Avoided by the Dominant “Ruling” Female of Course !!!.

Remember Ladies, Practice Makes Perfect…

If he isn’t Totally Emptied/Drained of Semen Every 10-18 Days, Forbidden Accidents May Happen, And this is Definitely a No-No if your Properly Harnessing, Absorbing, Managing and Restricting All of his Sexual Energy and Ejaculated Orgasms As You Should Be !!!

Remember Ladies Your Orgasmic Bliss Will Become “Maximized” …The More Your Dominated / Subjugated Males Orgasms ARE Routinely “Minimized”…

Through a Man’s Passion & Libido, Nature Has “Given” Man INTO Woman’s Hands, and The Woman who Does Not Know How to Make Him Her Subject, Her Slave, Her TOY, and How to Thoroughly Control Him with Her Femininity in the End is Not Wise.

Reconnaissance (Gladiolus X Reader)

Originally posted by deez-nocts

Yay, One for Gladio! Gladiolus is so hot cool. I hope i gave him justice. 

You fidgeted in your Glaive uniform. These galas were never your type of scene; you would rather be with your friends, relaxing in your apartment, but No,you had to be here. There was a tip given to the glaives that there was going to be some Niflheim spies during the ball. The Glaives and the Crownsguard were stationed around the building in order to take out the spies without any harm towards the guests. It would have been an okay assignment if there wasn’t a bunch of sleazy men in the Crownsguard that were giving you googly eyes. You sighed, you were always underestimated by the Crownsguard; you were from Galahad, like most of the Glaives, which already put you at a disadvantage, but you also were small for your age, which they always pointed out. Although you were small, the Glaives had welcomed you with open arms; you were great in recon missions, and you had a great grasp on your magic.

A Crownsguard sauntered up to you, looking over you, clearly judging you, “What’s a kid like you in the Glaive for?”

“Doing my job, sir, and I would love it if you continued to do yours” You replied, your voice level. The guard scoffed and grabbed your wrist tightly.

“You better watch your tongue, brat” he hissed, “If it wasn’t for King Regis, you wouldn’t even-”

Charlie,” A gruff voice barked, “Get back to your post.” ‘Charlie’ stiffened, and let go of your wrist, before turning and leaving.

“Thank you sir,” you said, turning to the Crownsguard, “-I don’t believe we have met, My name is (Y/n). I’m a glaive.” you held out your hand. He took your hand gently and you got a good look at him. His hair was long, shaved at the sides, and he had a chiseled jawline with a minor stubble. His hair reminded you of Nyx’s but it seemed to be a bit more tousled. He was very strongly built, moreso than regular Crownsguard. You had seen his face around the palace, but you never knew who he was.

“My name is Gladiolus Amicitia, I’m a Crownsguard. Please, call me Gladio” you blinked in surprise.

The Gladiolus? The shield of the Prince? It’s an honor to meet you sir” you blurted, doing an awkward bow. He laughed, clearly used to the treatment.

“Don’t worry about it,” Gladio replied, then took a step forward and bent to your ear, “have you noticed the lady in the red mermaid dress?” you nodded, “She’s been talking on the phone sayin’ some weird stuff. If she leaves, I’m going to tail her; watch my back.” You nodded, and he smiled, patting you on the back.

The woman finally got off the phone, and then huffed a sigh. She gave a glance around, and you watched as she slipped into the hallway. Gladio calmly strode over, and spoke with a few glaives, before following into the hallway. You stuck to the shadows while the woman turned the corner, going up the stairs into a clearing. She paused, turning to the right, and an armored man walked from the shadows; it was General Glauca. How did he get in? You thought. He was well known by the glaives, and Captain Drautos always told us to never engage him.

“Sir, may i start the operation?” The woman said. Glauca nodded, then turned towards you.

“It seems we have unwanted eyes.” A pair of arms hooked underneath your shoulders, but you turned and flipped them over, slamming them into the ground. You pulled up your mask over your eyes, and stabbed the man in the chest. You got up and readied your blade toward the woman, who took a step back in shock. She growled and took out her hairpins, which were sharpened into small knives. She dashed forward towards you and slashed in an x formation. You jumped backwards before kicking a knife out of her hand. She grabbed your leg and pulled, trying to get you off-balance, but you slammed that foot down, switching feet and kicking her in the head. She dropped the other knife and you quickly kicked it away. She got up and lunged forward, and you threw your blade, so it hit the wall behind her.

“You missed!” she cried out, but then choked as you warped to your blade, grabbing her by the neck. You then turned towards Glauca, your blade at the woman’s neck.

“-General Glauca..!” The woman cried out, but the armored knight turned away, walking into the shadows.

“Since you are too unreliable to even check for people tailing you, I think I’ll just leave you to the wolves.” His voice echoed menacingly, and the woman slumped in your arms.

There was a loud bang and a person flew through one of the doors and hit the railing of the clearing. Gladio walked through the door, holding his great sword over his shoulder, Behind him was the young prince, who seemed to have been recently woken up. Another Kingsglaive ran through the hallway, turning towards you. Judging from the kukri at his side, it was Nyx.

“Thank goodness, did you find out what they were after?” Nyx asked.

“No, but I got one of the assailants. They were working with General Glauca.” Nyx nodded and took the woman to Questioning.

“You seem to have held your own. I’m glad I trusted you with this.” Gladio mused. You frowned.

“Mr. Amicitia, not that I mind, but why did you choose me for this?” You asked, “You barely met me.” Gladio scratched the back of his neck, and set down his great sword.

“I remember seeing you around the palace. You were always training with the glaives, so I never got to fully meet you.” He murmured sheepishly. You smiled softly, and placed a hand on your hip.

“How about we go and get a cup of coffee one day, so we can get to know each other, Amicitia?”

“S-sure!” He blurted, and then his face tinged red.

“(Y/n)!” you stood at attention as Captain Titus walked towards you two. “At ease. Great job on catching the assailants; You did a great job.”

“Thank you sir!”

“Since the party is dying down, you can head home. Stay safe” Titus turned and walked away. You waved to Gladio and started to head home, even though you had a pit in your stomach.

Captain Titus’ voice reminds me a lot like Glauca…

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Understanding Male Sexuality

A How to for Ladies - Create The Most “Responsive”/Devoted/Loyal/ Robust “Lover” of your Dreams.

There is not a Lady alive who wants her man to cheat on her. Unfortunately Feminism & Society has taught women from an early age the wrong Ideas about how to keep their men Faithful. For the most part, Males NEED Physical Contact To Thrive & STRENGTHEN their Love & Devotion; Ladies Need the Emotional Connection first. Learn to use Nature Ladies, If You already Have the Emotional Connection with your man, to TRULY Nurture & Deepen his (Love, Lust & Libido) for you beyond your Wildest Dreams. All Women should know, from early in their teenage years, All Males are Walking Hardons & Think of Girls & Sex Constantly. Nature intended it this way Ladies, Don’t fight Nature, Learn from it. Subliminally Program & Train your Man with his Erection. There is a reason Males are so Quickly Aroused Visually; They were created to Impregnate and can do so up into their 90’s. So to Keep a man “Faithful”& Happy, lean how to subconsciously Program AND control him with his Penis. I Will Explain How In the Following Paragraphs. 1St  of all, If the Sexual grass in your relationship is nurtured it will Never Compare to the grass on the other side of the fence; He will no longer have the desire to even LOOK, let alone the energy to go Astray.

Females have Evolved Sexually from the Dark Ages, and therefore must Share and Use all the scientific knowledge available to them to subconsciously train their Men & their Libidos. Shape & mold the men of your Dreams Ladies without them even realizing what’s ultimately happening.

Program & Subconsciously TRAIN his Mind, Libido and Ultimate Devotion When he is “Most Vulnerable” With The Science of Neurochemistry. I guarantee you, these are REAL “Truthful” things your mother never told you about, but should have, but she never knew them herself.  ”You Must Become His Goddess”,  Queen & MASTER.

True & Proper Feminine “Subjugation” of the Male Mind & Penis uses Praise & Encouragement, Effectively Increasing and Exploiting His Dopamine Brain Levels thru Prolonged Mental Suggestion/Pleasurable Sexual Simulation.

So What Is Dopamine You Ask:  It’s at the Very core of ALL our Sexual Drives and Survival Needs, and it Motivates “All Of Us” to do just about everything in life. This mechanism within the Reward - Pleasure circuitry of the Primitive Male Brain has been around for millions of years & has not changed. Thankfully, Guys have the Rare basically unknown “potential” for on-going, intense dopamine-driven sexual desire, despite their naturally occurring self-regulation. Few Females Fully Understand or Appreciate the “POWER in their Hands, in that All males have an “off switch”, which kicks in right after a Man Orgasms & Ejaculates.

Two events simultaneously happen after a male Ejaculates. Their Dopamine levels “Plummet” and Prolactin soars Destroying/Deflating their Healthy Erections and Vulnerable Mental State. He Naturally loses his interest in you and focuses on other different activities Due to Prolactin.

Therefore The Astute Womans Goal Should Be : To Prevent This from Happening !!!


Dopamine is “go & get it!” and prolactin is “whoa!” Learn all you can about the Incredibly Addictive Pleasure Drug Dopamine every chance you get, Its Incredibly Strong and can Control a Guys Devotion & His Erection Magnificently, If Properly Exploited. Think of the Programming Possibilities Here Ladies…

Therefore in Review, Every Ladies Secret Programming Goal should be to “PREVENT” this Dopamine level plunge from happening, and the Natural Easy way to do this is by Prolonging and Preserving his Raging Erection, While Restraining & Preventing him from having an Ejaculation.

Once Again Study the Red line in the Graph/Chart above; as a Male’s Erect Penis is Stimulated his Dopamine Levels Increase Massively. The Harder and More Aroused He Gets, the Higher the Red line gets. Unknowingly by Teasing, Torturing & Prolonging his Erection “Fully Charged” you are Secretly Programming his Mind and His Libido. Think Pavlovian Dog Training. There is a powerful truth in the statement some girls use early on in their life – I’ll Make Him fall in Love with me one Blowjob at a time.

Anyways, Without this natural, protective “prolactin” shutdown, Males would pursue you & sex to the exclusion of all other activities and their Libido and Craving Would Increase as each day passes.

In nature, we ALL Learn to repeat behaviors that lead to maximizing rewards and Dopamine provides (The Astute Lady) ”Teaching” signal to the Parts of the Male Brain Responsible for Acquiring New Behavior.

Realizing this Hidden Secret, it’s becomes more clearly understood, that Ladies “Need” to Keep their Males as Hard as Possible, as Long as Possible, as OFTEN as Possible; right on the Very EDGE of Orgasm & Insanity. This Mental State Naturally Preserves and Increases their Libido & Sexual Energy by raising their Dopamine Levels, Testosterone Levels & Oxytocin Levels Higher and Higher; The Bonus of this being heightened Cravings for Our Femininity & Affection. Males will Do Most Anything for Pleasurable Feminine Caresses / Stimulation.

Except for Teenage Boys, A Guys Penis Hardens in the Hope of “Pleasing His Woman, But Deflates or gets “Dysfunctional” with Fear of Failure. So Subliminally Program his Mind & Cock “Daily” with Dopamine, and Let him Know Verbally How Much his Rock Hard, Throbbing, Desperate Erection Pleases You !!!

Remember if Trained “Properly”, ALL Worthwhile Males Want  to PLEASE Their Woman! 

Remember, That it is Not a Mans Narcissism, or Even His Exhibitionism, That you are indulging Here, But Secretly His Ever Imminent Submission and Surrender to “Your” Total Sexual Control Over Him, through your Magical Secret of Dopamine!

To create An Addictive, Unconscious, Constant Desire for you, Daily “CBT” is a Girls BEST Subliminal Programing Choice!

So what is CBT, exactly? Of course, it varies from person to person, but the term is generally used, to refer to restricting of the cock and balls, while of course playing with and teasing them and his Hyper-Sensitive Head and Shaft. Think Cock Ring and/or Tying up of the Testicles. Obviously, this isn’t something you do with an un-consenting Male. If a Guy doesn’t want you to go there, then DON’T! But for Many men and women, cock and ball torture (it should really be called “Cock and Ball PLAY” or Training) CBT is a remarkable turn-on and an Empowering event for All Women. You really need to Experience it Ladies. It takes one hell of a Strong Loving man, to Fully Submit to a Loving Woman. It requires self confidence and trust in his partner. What greater demonstration of a Guys sincerity and Ultimate Devotion can there be! It’s time to put your energy Into thinking of ways in which to make this rare gift really flourish.

So, Be sure to Give him an “Intense” Erection Every Single Day, for Best Psychological Programming Results, and Remember it’s Not Necessary to Make Him Cum .

Habitually Train Him by Insisting Regularly that he Notify you Immediately, if he thinks he’s about to Lose control and cum. You want to continually KEEP him right on the Verge of Erupting. This is your most important goal, the pursuit and “Prolongation” of his Pre-Orgasmic Pleasure, thus building maximum Sexual Energy and Dopamine levels within his Brain. So have fun Teasing & Torturing Him & Keeping Him Right On The Edge of Orgasm, Knowing You are Secretly Programming The Behavioral Changes You Want in His Psyche as you Whisper “Your” Desires Sensuously in his ear.

He will Adore & Cherish you as his Sexual Goddess, Queen and Master!!! 

Feel and Enjoy your Developing Power and Dominion, Your Total Feminine Control over Him and his Bursting Hard Aching HELPLESS Erection. Treasure the Glazed Over, Out of It, Desperate Look on his Face, as you Take your “Breaks”, IT WILL BE PRICELESS. Be assured Ladies as you read this, It is Very Hot and Sadistically Delightful to have this kind of control over your guy. You’ll get so excited watching him Struggle when you tease him. Make sure He Fully recognizes his Surrender to your femininity, as you periodically take breaks to look deeply into his eyes & soul, and Take Pictures of Course! Sitting on his face or chest at this point and “Queening” him as he licks and nurses on your womanhood works even greater magic on his vulnerable mind, as he will Usually stay Screaming Hard due to your Intoxicating Aroma & Flavor.      You will Now OWN him, Heart & Mind, Body & Soul, Cock – Lock & Key!

SO Habitually & Routinely, Teach Him What His Male Body Was “Truly” Made For; Protect & Preserve Him Right at his “PEAK”; and He will Soon Learn to “Crave” the Prolonged, Intense Ecstasy you are Lavishing upon Him; and his Deepening Love and Sexual Desire for you will Surge beyond your Wildest Dreams.

During His Prolonged Ejaculation Training Sessions, Do Not worry if you see his Joystick Suddenly Oozing liquid like a Lava Flow, Right after you’ve Abruptly Ceased Stimulation. This is OK as long as no Pulsing, Squirting or Surging Has Taken Place. You haven’t caused his Orgasmic nerves to FIRE and that’s Your Concern & Mission Ladies! His Oozing “Lava Flow” is  Sadistically-Wonderfully / Fantastic for “Occasionally” Draining His Balls of Their Pressure without causing an Undesired Drop in his Dopamine or Testosterone Levels. If Done Properly, He will Stay Super Rock Hard Even Longer, with less chance of An Accidental Helpless Ejaculation. So Remember, the more you Practice the Ball Draining “LavaFlow” Technique, the Better you will get at it!!!

The Key to Teaching  ANYONE New Behavior, Requires Frequent Repetitive Training.

Just like a battery However, He needs to be Totally Drained or Milked Completely Dry at least     “Twice a Month”,  for Optimal Penis Performance  ( If your “Edging” Him DAILY as you Should Be ). Ejaculation is Extremely Healthy for a Male, So Be Sure to Rock his world after a prolonged Brewing.

With Practice over time, you will be able to Completely Drain his Balls Dry “The Lava Flow Way” If you keep Him “Super Rock Hard & Edged” Long Enough, Thus Avoiding His Orgasmic nerves from firing & Make him Anxiously wait until the next morning when you awaken to a Habitual, Rock Solid, Desperate, Robust Morning Wood for Your “Breakfast” Treat if you’re a Morning Girl.

Permanently or Continuously Draining a Guy Without an Orgasm and/or Depriving his Cock of its Natural Ejaculation Experience including the Surges and Spewing and Sublime Pleasure it Experiences, Will Eventually Emasculate Him Mentally However (Erectile Dysfunction), and you definitely don’t want this to Happen !!!

Now that you’ve TRAINED him How Not to Cum, on to the next (More Powerful) Femdom Programing Step. With Daily Karezza Intercourse TRAINING (Advanced Programing) you Encourage, Praise and Prolong his Powerful Erections, While at the Same Time, you Insist & Forbid him from Exploding Inside of You, Whenever YOU Have an Orgasm.  Karezza Style Intercourse, Leads to a Woman’s Complete Discharge of her Nervous Surplus, Complete Relief from ALL Sexual Tension, Due to Intense Orgasmic Ecstasy for Her, And More Prolonged BLISS and Satisfaction for Him, Than an Ejaculation Could Ever Provide.

By Learning to Use Karezza’s gentle slow intercourse, you will discover that you can have the most Incredible Sex with him, For As Long As You Want. Savor as many “Glorious” Rolling Orgasms as YOU can Handle, Until All of “Your” Sexual Tensions have Entirely Melted Away, All While Absorbing, Harnessing & Preserving your Males Important Sexual “Energy” from Erupting/Escaping. What More of a Win–Win Could You Ask For…

Again Ladies, Always Keep This Fundamental TRUTH In Mind

The More You “Train” & Pleasure Him with Dopamine & Oxytocin (the cuddle drug), The More Deeply He will Love & Adore You; His Desire to Please & Pleasure You In Every Way, (Every Hour of Every Day) will Also Magically Multiply beyond your wildest dreams.

Note: Depriving a man of the use of his Erection while he is Utterly Helpless & Completely “CAPTIVE”,  (Imprisoned) Deep up Inside of your Glorious Enveloping Vagina, is a Most Wonderful form of Obtaining Complete Sexual Dominance / Control Over Him, Especially If U Freely Orgasm While Preventing Him from Doing So .

Having him sit upright and then wrapping your legs around his Back is one of the Best Possible Positions for Prolonged Tantra / Karezza Lovemaking, Especially with the Hyper-Sensitive State he will Undoubtedly Be In after your Exquisite CBT. The Wise Woman, Skilled and Trained in her “Art” - Must Retain Control of “All” Movements, Thus Beautifully Controlling Herself & Her Male - Until her Stud has Attained Complete and Deepest Union with Her.

Your Praise, Loving Admiration and Verbal Satisfaction, as You Orgasm, will be like fine wine to Him as you Envelop Him, and he Hugs you; and you Deeply Stroke & Caress his “Hyper-Sensitive” Joystick to your hearts content, in a Rocking Sort of Motion. This position is called “THE COACH” in The Kama Sutra. Remember to take Frequent Breaks, with Him Always Remaining Deep Inside of You, Insisting again on NO movement from Him Whatsoever, So that YOU can “Acutely” Concentrate on the feelings of his Throbbing, Bursting, Desperate Manhood, Which you now Fully Control. Savor, Absorb and Cherish the Radiating Sexual Energy, From the “Subjugated”, Pulsating, Imprisoned, Helpless Erection, Deep Up Inside of Your Sacred Vagina. Thin Condoms may be used for slightly De-Sensitizing him as your Karezza Training Sessions First Begin.

Carefully Develop and Learn Introspectively, How to Feel & Apprehend with Exquisite Intuition, Every Mood of your Male & His Erection Within You,  Before He Even Knows it Himself, and To Meet it with Sympathy, Comprehension, Praise and Response – Relaxing, Reviving, Encouraging, Quieting or Squeezing Tightly as His or Your Need May Be. Feel and Savor the Intense Sexual Energy He is Radiating, as you verbally praise him for How Hard His Pulsating, Screaming, Desperate, Yearning Erection Is. Seductively and Sensuously, Whisper your Firm Desire for Him (NOT to CUM) Directly into his “Open Ear”. It will be Incredibly Hypnotic to Him, and Doing this will Naturally NURTURE his Obedience and Chronic Aching Desire, While Exquisitely Building his Testosterone & Dopamine Levels Higher & Higher. Continuously & Regularly Remind him to Breathe and Relax, as you Dominate Him Sexually, Because he will “Truly” Forget to, If You’re Keeping Him “Edged” Properly.

Once Again Cherish your Intimate Union & Your (1 in a Million) Ability of Keeping Him Right on the Very Edge of Orgasmic Insanity, Waiting upon (Your Will); Hoping for (Your Permission) to Erupt and Explode his Orgasm Deep inside of you, While you Lose it and Orgasm Yourself All Over his Powerful Joystick, Over and Over Again to your Hearts Content. Again Remember, Your Programming His Mind & Behavior with Habitual Repetition !!!

After a few months of Daily Cock Training Exercises Like This, He will Profoundly Realize and Submit to the Fact, That the Entire Purpose of his Raging Hard, Throbbing Joystick, is Ultimately for ”Your” Multi Orgasmic Pleasure!!! Not His Ejaculation. 

In Review, The whole point of Prolonging & Preventing his Orgasm, is to Accumulate and Exploit The Sexual Energy or Nervous Energy called “Ojas”, which is Wasted the Moment the Sexual Nerves Fire, During a Males Ejaculation. It is NOT his Semen Loss that’s the problem, It’s actually the Firing of the Male Nervous System during Sexual Stimulation that Needs to be Avoided and Retained. The more you Conserve this Reservoir of ENERGY, (His Battery “Joystick” Fully Charged) The Stronger the Two of You will Bond & His Desire to Pleasure “His Goddess” in Every Aspect of Life Develops Beautifully.

     Now that You’ve Trained Him with Dopamine How   NOT TO CUM, “Enjoy” yourselves Ladies !!!   Viagra/Cialis - Totally Unnecessary, Because your Femininity Will Be All the Male Enhancement He will Ever Need !