switch dad special

musicalkillerrobot  asked:

So what sweet loot did you get from your birthday?

i never got to answer this either, but my birthday presents are as follows

  • an extra, wireless switch controller from my dad
  • super mario odyssey for the switch from my dad
  • a special birthday dinner at a nice food place from my dad
  • art of my trollsona by @itsnojida
  • art of my trollsona by @snoteleks-milk
  • dave strider art by @marcyatoms
  • art of my trollsona by @liyuanne
  • 10 bucks from @sai-shou
  • 45 bucks from my grandpa & uncle
  • 30 bucks from @warfare4life 

i think that’s about it?

i cant remember if i got anything else

but im pretty thankful for what i got haha

even tho i didnt get the apocalypse like i’d hoped :(